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I was watching the replay of my 1CC on SA and on stage 4 Reimu goes all retarded and dies against Satori's last spellcard ... Game Over.

What the shit?

I can start on stage 5 and if I fast forward through the Satori battle things go as they should as well.

tl;dr Anybody experience any replay bugs with SA?

(pic not related)

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Yeah, there's some desync issues.

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there's serious replay bugs, although I thought it only happened in stage 6. Starting from the beginning is supposed to avoid them, although I've also heard that it doesn't work even then

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Yeah, my epic fight with nuclearloli when i 1cc'd on easy was fucked up. I had no lives left when she had 4 or 5 spellcards left and i managed to win.

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Oops, posted the wrong pic

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Same here...

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Patch where

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