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Hey /jp/, have you ever read or watched anything Touhou related that made you bawl bitch tears?

Picture somewhat related

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2hu is so shit it makes me cry

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No bully pls

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pls respond

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is this one of those "tragedy of old age" things?

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the final spell card in Perfect Cherry Blossom.

And I think a scene made me cry in that Sengoku Rance-like fangame.

I cry easily, I am satisfied with a completeness of a story or scene, when it goes great with the music it's presented with.

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Is this the offboarding general?

Where we at /v/ros?

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I wish I was like you in that regard. I fucking love crying, but can't get into things that often and that hardcore. Sometimes my eyes fill with a bit of tears but its not straight up crying.
Alcohol helps get me in the mood though

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Same /v/ro, I cried bitch tears @ katawa shoujou.... fricken lily and haneko... sigh...

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Touhou Tearjerker Plots 101

1) X character loves Reimu more than Y character
2) X character is human and dies before Y character

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Not really.

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>2) X character is human and dies before Y character

Every. Fucking. Time.

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Feelbros unite... my feels.........

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Hello dear stranger, you may be speaking another tongue, be in another nation and believe in a different god.
But know that one thing will always unite us, and it'll be
>'dem feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels

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GET HIM >>>/vg/57521602

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Thanks /vab/ro, couldn't have missed that shitpost insulting /jp/ without you :*)

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Sakuya ain't dying, she's a cum fiend.

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I don't know how many of these stories I've read at this point. But they never cease to make me feel sad.

I guess it's because loss is such a common occurrence you can't help but relate and empathize.

Source: http://exhentai.org/g/207857/e2d614102e/

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I would never let this happen to me. I'd rather throw away my humanity like Byakuren did.

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Yes. A one video of >>11797778 #2. Also this thing: http://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/420164?pool_id=778

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Will I be spoiled if I ask you what the final spell card in Perfect Cherry Blossom is?

I suck so hard at shoot-em-ups
Yes,which is rather silly. It's a 5(actually 8) doujinshi series about Alice and Marisa's relationship. And as always, Marisa dies at the end but Alice comes to terms with it; she's happy with living a long life with Marisa.

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This and an animated music video with scenes from Memories of Phantasm to some of Senya's music

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Damn, this page was heart-rending.
That ending, every time.
Reminds me of that doujinshi where Meiling and Sayuka have a baby. Then when they walk about their future, Sayuka discusses how she's going to eventually going to die of old age and won't be able to see their daughter grow up. After like ten minutes of thought, she's like "fuck being human, I'll throw that away to spend eternity together with my family". Was cute.

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You're fucking closing /ghost/ so these retards can post garbage like this without fear of reproach? This is what you're trying to protect?

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This is why we can't have nice things.

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>liking weeb shit

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Why are you still fighting for /jp/? It's over, dude.

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This thread belongs on /u/. It's filled with nothing but pairings.

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Touhou shit isn't on-topic

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Video game crossshit isn't what actual /jp/ users come here to discuss.

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What do ``actual'' /jp/ users discuss?

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loli imouto time

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Trannies is /v/ territory.

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How would you know? Are you a crossie?

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You don't need to visit /v/ to know about Bridget from Guilty Gear and Poison from Final Fight.

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i'm a crossie so what

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Zorak of SA moderator fame once admitted on ADTRW that he cried watching Gurren Lagann. Let that sink in.

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Who the fuck is that and who gives a shit about SA?

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Some guy cried from a corny mecha show? Big deal?

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You didn't even tear up a little at Gurren Lagann?

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Gigs is too hardcore

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He only cries when getting banned on /jp/

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I guess you had to be there.

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I haven't banned since August. I pray to god that the day comes when the janitor grows a pair and has the courage to ban me.

Fuck current /jp/

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Wow some fag made a post on some irrelevant shithole sounds very familiar.

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Just post something without your trip, it will happen eventually.

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Or how about I just ignore /jp/ like the cancer-ridden shithole that it is and move on in life. As much as it pains me to say this, I can safely say their is no future for /jp/. General threads, Kancolle, Touhou, overly strict moderation and other redundant crap. This is what brings /jp/ down after six years.

It's over.

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Have you been drinking gigs?

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But gigs, you only make/contribute to useless image dump threads.

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>Before You Become Memories
I can't deal with thinking about this again.

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It's okay, just let the tears flow

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Holy crap,that was beautiful. I scrolled through the comments,and apparently this is from a fanime?

I've usually stuck to the games, doujinshi, music, and Grand Prix videos. Any idea where I can get a high quality compilation download of all the Touhou movies?

Well,I'm going to google it first. But it would be nice if I can a list of them together already nicely packed

Spoonfeed please

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Hold me...

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It's okay.. they got a happy ending..

But will we ever be that loved ;_;

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Well shit, since you asked so nicely.

Here's the first series, Osana Reimu

The second series, ReiReimu, isn't done yet, so I don't think there's a batch of all the episodes. Someone's translating them now though.

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Thanks a ton, yo.

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>Will I be spoiled if I ask you what the final spell card in Perfect Cherry Blossom is?

You have to experience it personally. The music changes into a different Border of Life, and the villainous tree begins to bloom.

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this is a PC-98 thread now.

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And you have to go on top of the screen to collect the items it drops. I always die to it so much that it makes me cry.

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