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why would someone choose this lifestyle if it makes them unhappy

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So I have a thing for lolis, especially lolis who are just discovering sex and lewd things, so I typed in "sex" into YouTube to see what would come up if I were a loli. The "Girls Guide to 21st Centure Sex" came up in its entirety. It's a four hour long series all about sex, and it even shows an internal view of a penis ejaculating in a vagina.

If I were a loli I don't even know how I would respond to watching this, but knowing that somewhere at some time a loli did probably actually watch this is a gigantic turnon for me.

It's very similar to how videos of animals masturbating and ejaculating (especially at a zoo) are a turn on. They're not hot because of the ejaculation or animal erections or anything, but rather because a loli has a very high chance of witnessing something like that in real life.

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