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How many of you are serious about loli girlfriends? You can't all be joking, right? How do you plan to get one? What kinds of things would you like to do together?

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Go to the beach. Eat watermelon together. Watch the world die.

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Fri, 26 Aug 2005 20:28:52 GMT


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I'm serious about wanting one, but not serious about getting one.

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You're going to go through your whole life without even attempting?

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There won't be any lolis in prison.

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i have a little girlfriend, she's picture perfect! flash!

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Fuck no, I like me a mature woman.

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Is it really illegal to just become close friends with a loli? Surely friendships aren't restricted by the law. Even if I could somehow get a loli to think of me as a loli, I think things would be good.

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>get a loli to think of me as a loli

Is something like this even possible?

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Nanoha is good, but discerning tastes choose Vita.

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I imagine the "loli's" parents wouldn't approve very warmly of a grown man trying to get close to their daughter.

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Surely there have to be ways around this.

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OP are you the guy who asks if lolis masturbate or get aroused?

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It'll happen. With enough time, patience and a positive outlook on life everything is possible.

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Also most people of that age don't want adult friends, they want friends of their own age.

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I think a lot of people on /jp/ wonder those things. It can't be one guy, probably.

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I don't even think I want a girlfriend be it loli or a "normal" girl.
>in local news, man in his 30's tried to convince local girl that he was in fact a little girl, more at 11'

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is this the pedo thread

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Is this the pedo/b/ro thread?

where my pedo/b/ros at

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I want to brush a loli's hair.

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>mfw my loli gf asked me to meet her parents

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what anime is this sermon demon from

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If I had a loli friend I'd go to the arcade with her and eat ice cream with her and go swimming with her and watch movies and cuddle with her and do other silly things.

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do the nyanpassu thing

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My affection is purely paternal.

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nice one

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le feelio when your loli girlfriend breaks up with you and starts dating another loli

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>You can't all be joking, right?

All I do is laugh at these threads, so I guess it's funny regardless.

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Hey I'm a pedo, let's be friends: the thread

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mail me DarkNightInCognito@google.com

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My sister brought her l*** friend to hang out with us during Christmas eve because her parents were fighting. Her family is very poor and she only got a spiral notebook and some colored pens so I gave her some of my anime DVDs and a ToHeart figurine I never unboxed. I know these are weird gifts, but I didn't have anything else to give. She was so happy she started jumping around like a bunny and hugged me.

Today her parents called our house and demanded to speak to me. They were very upset and accused me of giving her porn. They also told me the toy was highly inappropriate because the skirt came off (I had no idea)

My sister is not allowed to hang out with her friend anymore.

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You are a bad person

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Why's he bad?

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If he drives away all his sister's friends, then she'll get lonely. This will make her more receptive to the dick.

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Is she an actual loli or one of those "loli-type" people you /a/s talk about?

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Be honest with me /jp/, I'm your friend.
Did you ever touched in the "parts" of an underage girl?

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what is "loli-type"?

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Hey, what's up /jp/olice? Catch any criminals?

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And of course you probably fucking wilted like the beta you are. If you didn't laugh at them and proceed to dole out verbal rape until they hung up, you're not a man.

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"Loli in everything besides age," whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean.

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She was unreceptive to my nonsexual touching so I gave up.

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thats sherlock from tantei opera milky holmes.

as for lolis, no thanks. i'd like a younger sister type.

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Any loli otaku here?

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>touching another human

I think you're confused.

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Is that where you're in a tiny apartment surrounded by lolis piled to the ceiling?

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tell me more

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I've slapped and pinched loli's butt numerous times before, but she did the same to me, and with her family members. She also squeezed my penis once and touched it with her foot a few times (pretending to stomp on it, then slowing down and pressing on it softly) and slapped my crotch area once (similar to what she did with her feet). She would also squeeze my nipples very often.

Would it have been okay to do any of the stuff to her that she did to me? She didn't mind when I did things with her butt (she'd laugh and try to get revenge on my butt) but I drew the line there.

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Will playing grabass with a loli get someone thrown in prison?

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I made "casual" physical contact with her. She moved away. I declined to make further attempts after a few more such events.

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>try to get revenge on my butt

I wish a /jp/er would try to get revenge on my butt as I squeal and try to crawl away. It's my fetish.

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I wonder if that means I'm gay for /jp/.... hmm.

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What is having a loli girlfriend even like?

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You make it sound so creepy

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Please respond.

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Would it be weird to work at a candy store just so I can see lolis?

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I'd only enjoy working in a candy shop if they made the candies there. Making things like caramel, hard candies, and chocolates in-house would be really neat.