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Why has the best not made her grand return yet?

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Why would you bring out things from old scrapbook when you have a whole new world to work with?

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Because ZUN enjoys breaking everyone's bones.

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Implying Sariel isn't the best and won't return to finish the job.

Right...? ;_;

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Yumemi just got her own PV while TD haven't yet.

Checkmate, Taohus

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She'll come back one day, don't worry about it.

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Where was science team in HM, /jp/? You said it would be there.

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And there was.

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That's the one-woman jew team.

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And Yumemi is a scientist whose danmaku has the Star of David on it.
Another Jewish scientist would be redundant.

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Sariel had one of the best PC98 themes, seriously. To this day I can listen to it

Also, really fun boss to fight, way more fun than Konngara. One minute you're in some kind of weird celestial realm, the next moment you're in hell or something, and all the while she's spraying assloads of bullets at you. Konngara just sat there and swish-swashed her sword

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Poor Yumemi.

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ZUN will never make any christian 2hu again

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But she already did.

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I never was able to 1CC that choice. The background in Hell was such that I could never keep track of the bullets, so I couldn't do more than a half-hearted attempt to keep the yin-yang orb in play (and I ended up getting run over by it far too often).

Ironically, when I gave up and switched to the other choice at stage 5 for the first time, I cleared it losing something like 1 life total. That side's music wasn't quite as good, though.

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Hell route's music is fucking baller. The original Blade of Banishment is honestly one of my favorite PC98 songs


I dunno why ZUN messed with it in Akyu's #5, but I honestly think it sounds worse overall. The original had this upbeat but oddly dark and somber tone to it, but the new one lost that bit subtlety. The old one was this music I could picture myself playing Castlevania to, the new one just doesn't have that same "dungeon" quality to it. I don't know how to explain it

Also, as a general rule of thumb, I found that the Hell stages (and bosses) were harder than the Heaven stages, but Sariel was harder than Konngara

As for Heaven's music, I liked Magic Mirror, but there was a version of that in one of the Hell route bosses too as I recall. It's all worth it for Sariel, though

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Science Touhous are best Touhous

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Is that top drawing a set of stable danmaku patterns?

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... Maybe? I never thought to hard about it beyond "Picture of Yumemi doing her job teaching".

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Renko, where is your hat? If I had a hat as awesome as yours I would never take it off.

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Maybe it's just the lack of PC-98 in general, but I'm unable to find any art with Yumemi and Nitori in it that isn't a whole cast pic.

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Why can't she be real?

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Hello Christian yuuka

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Why is Yumemi Christian Yuuka when Yumemi came first?
Shouldn't Yuuka be Youkai Yumemi?

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Fanmade shit

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Yuuka is real, Yumemi is not.

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Yumemi was fake real where Yukka wasn't, but then Yumemi became double fake fake, while Yukka was only single fake fake in the first place, so Yumemi is objectively more real than Yukka no matter how you look at it.

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But Yuuka is much more fake than Yumemi because of her many appearances.
Yuuka has been both fake and real since the beginning while Yumemi is just double fake fake.
She also took Alice's book and became more real than Jesus Christ.

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I'm sorry, Can you repeat that? I don't speak Orwellian.

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Her moment will arrive, someday.

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That huge-ass spaceship she bought with her? Could have been abandoned when supplies started running out. Yumemi, her assistant, and the robot maid are probably living a quiet life somewhere. Wouldn't be surprised if they're all in the Human Village keeping a low profile.

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They can come back after Mima faggot

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Why do most artist forget to draw Yumemi's braid unless they've also chosen not to draw her capelet?

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Cutest couple.

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The theory that Yumemi and Chiyuri work at the university Renko and Mary go to may be one of my favorites

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what is this evangelion shit

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Evangelion doesn't have a monopoly on cross shpaed attacks. Yumemi spams the fuck out of them in her boss attack

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I know, I know... That particular image just really reminded me of EoE.

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No this is Eva

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I hate capelets.

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I hate YOU!

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That is unacceptable.

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This might be more of a Mima pic than a Yumemi pic, but Mima's almost as cool as Yumemi so I figure it's okay.

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Cutest 2hu

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Isn't she the most adorable thing

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Yumemi is very happy you bumped her thread!

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I am happy too!

she needs a lot more attention!

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she's prit-T cool

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P2 Yumemi

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Nah, Christianity is an important part of Japanese history, and since it's died out more it fits into Gensokyo better than Buddhism does. St Xavier will definitely become a 2hu, leading the Kakure Kirishitan against the Buddhists.

Also Mima < Sariel
With her knowledge of debt and accrual, she is the best touhou accountant.

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Will there be another official touhou game sets in Makai?

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Idk dude, lets go like ask ZUN because he's totally planned out all the games and doesn't just come up with stuff on the fly.

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Whether or not Sariel is better than Mima is irrelevant because both are inferior to Yumemi, who is the best, and Chiyuri, who is the best's assistant

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best girl in best game

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Yumemi supports nuclear power

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Even PC98 Touhous want to hug Okuu!

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Red Touhous are best touhous

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Could Sariel kill Kaguya and other immortals, being the Angel of Death and all?

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If Yuyuko cannot, there's no point trying. Unless she brings Shiki with her

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scientist touhous are best touhous.

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>Why has the best not made her grand return yet?
Because she is not canon haha

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Whoo boy, another victim of misinformation.

> Q: Is PC-98 canon?
> A: The world they’re set in is the same. However, when I first started making Touhou, I didn’t think I would keep making new games as long as I did, so I’m aware there may be some contradictions. In those cases, please take the latest games as more correct.

From AWA 2013 ZUN Panel Q&A. Also, ZUN never really stated that PC-98 games are not canon. Just sayin'.

As much as I like Yumemi, I'd rather ZUN introduce new characters. Yumemi already was the final boss, one of the hardest bosses in the series.

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