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* Sob *

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this douj' was pretty hot

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>finds doujin
>crop panel
>best thread on /jp/

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I think you mean "hilarious"

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Don't you mean both?

Like how comically sized futa-cock 'n balls can be arousing?

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the dialogue is dumb but it caters to a bunch of fetishes of mine so i still jerked off to it a bunch. i think ill go do it again soon.

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how can I fap when im laughing so hard?

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Which part are you laughing at?

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Through pretty much the entire thing. All three of them.

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yukari d**k

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Yukari's fucking BALLS

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Yukarin is the most erotic 2hu.

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Please teach me, Yakumo-sensei!

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old hag

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A fetishistic goldmine, but the ending was bad.

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Reminds me of that manga crop where Reimu makes fun of Yukari's tits with eggplants.

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I want to put my dick in those eggplants

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The best Yukari stories are the ones where she gets raped in crazy ways.

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That makes no sense, and I don't care what twisted logic you want to apply to it.

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does anyone else want to be bullied by Yukarin?

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I want to be cuddled by Yukari

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I'd like it if she tried to seduce me with her bare bouncy breasts and then teased me for having a swollen wiener.

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i want to be cuddled by her fist.

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I want to cuddle and bully Yukarin sexually

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>bulling Yukari
Id like to see you try, nerd.

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It wouldn't be any fun if it was easy.

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How about cuddleteased? Like, she playfully teases you about how her breasts, which are being pressed against you, are the first you've ever felt.

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I would feel bad because Yukari's breast aren't the first I've ever felt.

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Bad idea unless she wants cum all over the front of her dress

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Haah haah...!
Why is Yukarin so damn fucking perfect?

So, first I need to get on cuddle and teasing terms with her.
Then I can carefully and lightly start with my sexual bullying...

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i want Yukarin to stomp on my genitals

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took me awhile realize was happening in that pic but...
how lewd...

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Then she'd tease you by calling you a naughty little pervert!

Also, did you cum through your pants? What the hell, anon.

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Yes, but you're still feeling them. That's a good thing! They're comfortable pressed against your face! You can even feel her pokey nipples as she rolls your head around in her bouncy bosom. You'd be able to smell her strongly too.

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fuck that is bad, if she not release me soon I'll die...
but, even if she release me I'll look her inside her beatiful eyes and maybe I unconsciously will offer my life to her...

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I was going to make a joke about how the kid's parents are going to shit themselves when he describes the nice lady that "cuddled" with him, but then I realized he has a blindfold on.

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translate it weebs

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not really

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*Hey kid you wanna fug an ancient 2hu?*

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Don't worry. Yukari will not take your life...but you better be careful she doesn't take your virginity!

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best hag/10

would fuck

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thanks friend.

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Yakumo-sama isn't like that at all, i'm tired of you degenerates disrespecting her good name, I will not allow such slander of my master

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Ran pls.

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ran pls go

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i want to put my face in Ran's tails and inhale deeply.

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don't bully Ran she's special to me.

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How special?

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Yukarin a cute and sexy.

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That aspie Ran sure is desperate for some hot Yukari dick

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Yukari is NG

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i would give up being neet and get a job for her.

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enjoy your fleas, dude

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Yukari seems rather strict in canon.
Do the Yakumos ever do stuff like cuddle each other?

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the cutest and sexiest

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With Chen and Ran it's possible/likely. As for Yukari, I don't see it.

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Chen and Ran are both extremely cuddeable so the probability that Yukari never did it even once when she was feeling kinda down is an absolute zero.

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someone as perfect as Ran would never have fleas.

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Ran likes to cuddle with Chen.

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Someone suddenly and uninvitedly gropes Yakumo Yukari's chest.
What's her likely reaction?

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She maybe will kill you

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That poor cat.

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She kills you and I use the distraction to get a whiff of her feet and fondle them with my tongue.

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She blows up at the person, but deep down she secretly enjoys it because she's an old lonely hag.

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An intense fucking session.

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link? Saucenao, tineye, iqdb all came up with nothing

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Not sure how it didn't turn up. I found it that way.

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Thank you

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No problem.

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Damn should have stated my doge thread with a doge toubou

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>doge 2hus
truly the worst

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How is Yakumo-sama then?

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someone post the Yucurri one