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Which 2hu is a threat to humanity? I would say Yukari because she likes to toy with out lives. She also modified the boundary between genders, resulting in what we know as "traps". What the fuck.

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>She also modified the boundary between genders, resulting in what we know as "traps". What the fuck.
Really grasping at straws there, aren't ya?

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She also made purple curry. Curry is supposed to be any color except purple. What the fuck.

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The more important question is : Would you let Yukari toy with your life?

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Don't accuse Yukari of such misdeeds! Those aren't even canon. What's wrong with you, man. What the fuck.

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Yuuka. All it takes is for man made industry and pollutants to threaten her garden.

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It's indisputable that Yukari has at least once made purple curry just to see what it would be like.

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>letting an old hag toy with your life
I can't believe anyone would want that. What the fuck.

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>old hag
You sure want her to play with your life..

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This is now a Yukari thread. Does anyone have more Yukari pics? Mine are all lewds, so I figure that it'll be nice to have some non-lewds as well.

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I'd use her to get closer to Ran.

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I think Kaguya is the biggest threat to humanity because she's a sleepy NEET who likes to stay up all night playing video games, and she's ruining the economy.

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What a slut.

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Nice hat, Yukari!

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but traphous are the best

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All of them excluding the humans?

I'd say the vampires and Yukari. Yukari opens up a gap to bait regular humans in to become vampire food.

I wonder how many humans Remilia+Flandre eat each day

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A walking nuclear weapon that sometimes doesn't know what she's doing and has tiny brain.
She's more dangerous than hax youkai with intelligent mind and ambiguous moral.

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But thats completely fucking wrong

Also, I hate that picture and I hate you

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Agreed. Okuu isn't some mindless savant bent on destruction like some people think she is.

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Well, she is canonically dumb.

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She learned how to manage and operate a fusion reactor over night.

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Not to mention her threat level and human friendship level are still labeled as unknowns, even after the incident from SA.

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What's wrong?
You don't like it when Okuu isn't a softie, men-craving moeblob?

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i wonder if humanity can fight back...

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hmm... ace pilots?

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None of them, they aren't even real.

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what if

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How Can Touhou Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real

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>None of them, they aren't even real.

What is reality?



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You are actually a made up virtual entity programmed to decline fictional characters by posting in /jp/ courtesy of my mind.

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Big deal when you have absolute control over fusion and fission.

Reactor going to blow? Just tell the reaction in there to slow down, then you have all the time in the world to figure out the proper parameters for the safety devices.

Ad for the OP: Every single one of them

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Aya, because she's a flying journalist who shoots magic bullets

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None of those worlds will have Touhou. You will never go to Gensokyo. The portal is a scam by the government to rid the world of NEETs.

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I'm going to agree with OP's choice of Yukari. Isn't it implied at a point in WaHH that Yukari's ultimate goal is for Youkai to come back to the outside world? This was in the hobgoblin chapter I think.

Think about that for a moment though. Due to Yukari we'd have every single Touhou that could present a threat in our lives running amok in our world. Some of them might ally with us, but they will not be able to prevent all the death and destruction the youkais' reign of terror would cause.

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Journalists are the scourge of the world.

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I'd say Flandre, since her power is destroying things and she's locked up for being so powerful
she could just destroy the sun and cause the apocalypse

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Bring it.

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Yukari is eternally full of bullshit, you should never trust what she may imply or hint towards. You should only really take note of her actions.
I don't think Yukari ultimately has ill intent towards humans. Any action she takes against humans is probably just to maintain the status quo of Youkai-Human relation. Or MAYBE food.

I doubt Yukari wants Youkai going around in the outside world eating humans. Or else Reimu and human heroes that rounded up Youkai into Gensokyo in the first place would slap her shit. Yukari is very tricky, she only wants you to think she's on the Youkai's side. And all the Youkai that believed that got fucked up.
If Reimu tolerates Yukari, then she isn't a huge threat to humans.

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>If Reimu tolerates Yukari, then she isn't a huge threat to humans.

Or maybe Yukari is fooling Reimu into believing that.

In other words, Yukari is Tzeench minus the bird.
Or maybe Tzeench is Yukari after she decided to become a bird.

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False. The government doesn't want to get rid of NEETs, it wants them to get a fucking job and boost the economy. That's not gonna happen if they off themselves.

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>>11771683 humanity will need a stake launcher for that

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Tzeentch is whatever seems like it'd be cool to be at the given moment, before the given moment is sucked into the Warp and turned into a teacup.

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Ehh, I guess I'll take a shot at this. *ahem*

Yuyuko can manipulate death, but she's too smart to abuse her powers.

Yukari's manipulation of borders is very ambiguous and potentially reality-breaking, but she wouldn't risk the existence of Gensokyo over becoming humanity's greatest threat.

Kaguya can manipulate eternity and the instantaneous and has detested humans prior to her exile from the moon, but has grown to love living on our planet.

Remilia Scarlet can manipulate fate, which means she can control what can happen to you later on in life, and effectively dictate how you will die. Throw in the fact that she is also a vampire whose behaviour matches her appearance and you have a being that is a threat to humanity. Then again, Remilia is probably smart enough to not let her source of food die out.

Her sister Flandre, on the other hand, is a whole different story. She is an emotionally-unstable shut-in (she stays inside out of respect for her older sister) who can destroy anything she wants. That is absolutely terrifying if you sit and think about it.

And speaking of scary thoughts, Utsuho has dominion over nuclear fusion and with it attempted to conquer Gensokyo. The reason: she was given her powers and misunderstood what to do with them. To give someone whose not the sharpest tool in the shed that much power is arguably foolish. Fortunately, Utsuho is the pet of the Komeiji sisters, and it would be safe to assume that Satori does not want her beloved hell raven to cause any problems.

Kanako, by proxy, could be a threat to humanity by having Utsuho eat the Sun God Yatagarasu, but she is not a threat to anyone unless an individual draws her ire on their person by being disrespectful.

tl;dr version: I'd say it's a toss-up between Flan and Okuu.

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ZUN for turning a whole generation into a nonbreeding bunch of bitter loners dreaming about an utopia.

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Good, we need a population decline.

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this dude is the greatest threat to humanity.
he is the creator of them all and can create something that is insanely powerful.
[Touhou boss name here]
manipulate death borders of eternity and fate and destroy space time continuum with nuclear fusion with a log made of snakes.

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ZUN is our lord and savior.

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