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Why is Wriggle so cute?

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Wriggle is a disgusting insect with a penis!

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A very dangerous insect.

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Wriggle is a thing!

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That's rude.

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Is the wriggle vn fully translated?

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Prove it!

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Wriggle is a cute girl, please don't be mean to her.

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Just like me ;_;

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But insects are not disgusting anon, they are very strong and honest indeed! you should be a little proud of being insect

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Wriggle would be better at this size.

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Tiny Wriggle could still rape Shinmyoumaru!

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I still don't have any proof that Wriggle is a boy...

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Is this a deal breaker?

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I am sorry.

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It's fine, insects can live with a couple of missing limbs.

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Translate it, weebs.

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she is saying ``no bully’’

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Because you have a scat fetish.

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I'd rather have Wriggle piss on me

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Because Wriggle is a boy.

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Prove it

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Wriggle probably pisses shit.

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I like Wriggle best when she's not crossdressing.

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I like Wriggle best in a trash can.

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Is this the cover for a Touhou tango album?!
Please say yes

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I want to marry Wriggle!

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Why are you so cute anon?

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Wriggle is induced by diarrhea

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L-lewd Wriggle feet.

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Wriggle is a super cute sadist.

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I'd like to have her milk my perverted cock with kicks from her slender, beautiful legs.

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You corrupted me /jp/. I find wriggle totally plain as a girl but as a boy, the things I'd do to her...

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I was admiring a girl's hair on the bus, and then she turned to the side, and I saw that she was actually a boy, but that didn't at all stop the lewd thoughts I was having for him. His hair was very cute and sexy.

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>all this gay
it's like i'm on /fit/

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How cute?

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How did the Yuuka x Wriggle thing get started?

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Green hair.
Bugs and plants.
Super strong and super weak youkai.
MILF and shota.
Pick whichever one you like.

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Short hair is really cute. Wriggle is really cute.

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What's better than a cute girl? A girl that looks like a cute boy.

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why can't there be more boyish touhous

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What about a boy who looks like a cute girl?

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That would be gay as shit. Not unlike Wriggle.

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I can't see Wriggle as a girl, this is like Makoto from MuvLuv for me.
I'm sorry, Wriggle.

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I thought people seeing Wriggle as a boy was just an ongoing joke/meme. Do you actually mean it or are you joking around?

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There's a few things that lead people to believe that wriggle is a boy. The main one are the shorts. Only boys wore shorts during this era.

It's also the same reason why people call Mokou a boy with the pants.

you just decide on what they are, Zun is very progressive and doesn't assign gender roles on his characters :-)

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I thought he said in an interview that male character's would ruin the atmosphere of the show.

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>during this era.
2hu is set in a magical imaginary world, you know.

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Wriggle is a boy!

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It still coexists with real world timeline even if it is seperated in its own "realm" It was established in 1885. Zun puts a lot of detail into history and folklore.


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>all the games are set in the 2000's
>Only boys wore shorts during this era.
I don't think this supports your (or his) argument.

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gensokyo is stuck in 1885. Have you seen the human village? The fashion for everybody stayed the same. The hakurei barrier removes all connection from the main world, only Yukari can bring stuff from the main world.

This fact supports the theory very well.

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A boy literally made out of fecal matter.

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I like all the fanart with Yuuka x shota wriggle where she bullies him and makes him do many things...

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I like the part when she teases him and gives him a blowjob.

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I'd Wriggle her, if you know what I mean, and I hope you don't.

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Mokou and Wriggle aren't enough for you?

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i dont really like the artists choice of colors. they look washed out and faded. i do like his scat works and hoe he draws the touhous to look sweaty and stinky and hairy.

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Hello, Bizarro Me.

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How about a fun topic for this thread.

How can we make Wirggle less shitty and more likeable?

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We could keep her exactly as she is.

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I hate you for having the opposite opinion of mine.

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No, I hate YOU for having my opposite opinion

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I honestly mean it. First impressions and all that. Now when I see some fanart of Wriggle being flat, I think "See, even this guy agrees it's a boy!", when I see Wriggle with tits I just think "That's not her at all! This is wrong!"

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You are crazy.

Stop it.

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Please put that in the trash can where it belongs.

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Come on, buddy. I said please.

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I'm sorry.

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You're being crazy. So, no. Wriggle is a girl. Not always a girly girl, but a girl.

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That's better.

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Wriggle is a girl. She just stinks, is all!

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Probably because she lives in the shit compartment of an outhouse.

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This is even better

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How hard would I have to pull to rip out those antenna?

>> No.11779666

probably not that hard, bugs are pretty fragile.

>> No.11779687

How quickly do you think they grow back if they grow back at all?

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I dunno, how hard would it be to rip out the heart of a loved one, you monster?

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I'm not sure, you should do some experiments on her to find out

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Teary-eyed Wriggle is the best.

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Sauce pls
I sincerely hope this is from a rape doujin.

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Seconding this. As much as I hate Wriggle I think I could fap to her if it was something like that.

>> No.11780466

I'm sorry, it's non-h

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Oh well. Maybe there will be a brutal Wriggle rape doujin one day.

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This looks pretty hard, but it's not translated.

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This one is scary!

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She's very sensitive.

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wriggle looks like a little jew boy here

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That was only a guy who looked like Wriggle passing by!

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The bug's cute.

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That's not scary. This is scary. Even if I like the design.

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Teasing Wriggle's body is always fun!

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I hate insects.

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Why? They're neat.

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Highly depends on the insect in question. Are they harmless and tend to mind their own business? I'd love to have their company! I only ever kill bugs if they happen to be a really big nuisance or generally make life difficult.

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Size is important, true. Ticks, mosquitoes, and crap like that die, period. Otherwise, it's comparable to currency. Is it smaller than a quarter? It's cute.

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Ladybugs are cute.
Too bad Wriggle isn't a lady.

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I would let her cuddle my big cockroach, if you catch my drift.

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I do not.

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It's mass genocide whenever I even see ants near my desk. Last time I saw ants in my room I tracked them down to the crack in the floor they were coming from, sprayed bug spray all up in the hole, and taped it shut.

Spiders are cool though. They are just bros that want to hang out and make sure I'm not bothered by flies and mosquitoes. They even catch ants when their webs are close enough to the ground. One spider that hung out above my desk even dropped me a wrapped up fly once. I miss that spider.

Shame there are very few flattering pictures of Yamame. Then again I never bothered to look.

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Wriggle is the ladiest.

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FUCK ants, and mosquitos, and most spiders.
I'm really terrified of spiders, especially fast jumpy spiders, except for one fly spider I had.

There's a warm spot on my laptop near the power button, and I saw it hop there. I flipped the fuck out and was about to kill it and it hopped away. Couldn't find it.
Next day there it was on that spot again.
I left it alone to see what it'd do and it'd migrate between that spot and my window where I noticed there was a couple dead flies.. Guess it just really likes that spot.
It'd sit there too and watch me type. Wouldn't let me touch it or get close, and it didn't want much to do with me either, which is fine by me.
Didn't see it anymore after about 3 weeks.

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Fun fact, ladybugs are std ridden. The question is who would want to fuck Wriggle to give her stds in the first place?

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I would never fuck Wriggle. That is sick.
She's just a young girl. I'd hold her hand, give her a hug, and play with her and her friends for a while and that's it.

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They scare me.

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Man, control over insects is way better than most people give credit for.

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Every time I look through my SA folder to find one to post, I scroll past this and get a shock. Somehow I can't make myself delete it.

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It's probably because Wriggle herself is a shit that people don't give the power credit. If Wriggle as a better looking character with a less shitty personality then people would probably like it better.

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You are a bad person and I don't like you.

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How is she going to wriggle herself out of this situation?

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The bright coloration makes me believe that Yamame is quite poisonous.

>> No.11792226

What, I'm saying it could be a cool power in different hands.

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And I'm saying you are a mean-spirited person whose tastes I could never approve of.

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>> No.11792248


That's... that's actually true.
I learned something new today!

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Yes, you've learned to read.

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Being an insect sucks because 90% of the ways you can die are extremely painful.
At least Wriggle has control over them.

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Do insects feel pain?

>> No.11792266

Not likely.

>> No.11792267

So yanking out Wriggle's antennas would do nothing?

>> No.11792270


Probably not, but still. Having eggs laid on you and the larvae avoiding your vital organs so you stay alive longer, being grabbed by the ass by a praying mantis and have to sit there while he eats you while leaving your head for last, flying normally and then whoops spider net.
Kinda shitty.


Wriggle is a Youkai, she can feel pain.

>> No.11792271

I think there is something important you haven't leaned yet

>> No.11792274

Insects don't feel pain as we do because they lack a comparable nervous system. They can react to stimuli, it's just not the same way we consider "feelings."

Wriggle is humanoid and likely has a similar biology to us, or at least one close enough to cause pain.

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I want to bully Wriggle.

>> No.11792278

how long is wriggle's penis?

>> No.11792279

That some people who aren't me are in denial and like to pretend Wriggle is male?

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I remember seeing that exact same coloration on something I looked up, but I can't remember it now.
I do have argiopes hanging around the shed during the summer. Those things are gigantic.
Makes me glad its winter.

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I want to bully Wriggle to within an inch of her life.

>> No.11792287


I want to lightly bully Wriggle. Then kiss her on the forehead.

>> No.11792290

this post bugs me

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Girls have a clitoris, not a penis.

Unless you go to /d/, but that gets complicated.

>> No.11792298


Some bugs have sex penetrating the body of the female with their penis-spear. Shit's crazy.

>> No.11792301

>Girls have a clitoris, not a penis.
Heteronormative pls go

>> No.11792304

I'd love to ram my penis into Wriggle's uterus through her cute little stomach.

>> No.11792308

>Girls have a clitoris, not a penis.
I know, but I'm still curious about Wriggle's penis size.

>> No.11792309


It's true for certain values of girl.

>> No.11792310

enough for you

>> No.11792311


>> No.11792315

Enough for me to stomp on?

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Wriggle is by far one of the sweetest, most loving touhou.

Would you put up with her even if she stank?

>> No.11792318

You can't stomp on things that can't exist

>> No.11792331

The only thing I would put her in is a trash can.

>> No.11792336

did he cut it?

>> No.11792337

Anon, I'm worried about you.

>> No.11792339

Can I just bully Wriggle into growing out her hair and wearing different clothes?

>> No.11792340

No, because she's cute as she is.

>> No.11792342

"This one is for the gipper," said Wriggle as she saluted an image of President Ronald Reagan and chambered another round.

>> No.11792351


>> No.11792350

It's better for her in the long run since it would make people bully her less.

>> No.11792352

She's near Yuuka. So, bullshit.

>> No.11792375

Does Wriggle like to smoke the reefer and blaze?

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It really is quite good. I wouldn't mind having it myself, during warmer times. Though I can't think of any ways to help other people with it.

Of course. You'd get used to the smell eventually anyway.

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Is it really just a cape or is it a part of her?

>> No.11792808

In a heartbeat.

>> No.11792834

It's a cape. You can see it tie in front of her shirt

>> No.11792844

Perfect to strangle her with.

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Wriggle has boobies!

>> No.11793156

Wriggle would make a great wife!

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>> No.11793202

Zun confirmed that Wriggle was a girl way back in the days of full-version IN's release.

Sorry, futa-fans. You can still make up whatever shit you like, though. everyonehastheirowngensokyou and all that.

>> No.11793216

>Why is Wriggle so cute?
Lakes of sugary cheapo energy drinks.

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It's not like someone being a girl has ever stopped people from adding a dick anyway

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I don't think so.

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Wriggle is a dirty bug!

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Bugs are the original moe

Why do you think animu style so often referred to as "Bug-Eyed"

>> No.11800111

I'd like to crush her with a hard cover art history book.

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But then she wouldn't be cute anymore. Are you sure you still want to do that?

>> No.11800144

I'll turn her into modern art.

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That's not saying much.

>> No.11800189

Are you saying she is seen by most as shitty but enjoyed by a few strange individuals of questionable taste?