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>FSN Anime remake

If only ZUN!bar was here...

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Fate a shit, dear Freezing.

Let French Bread make Melty 2 and then die, TM.

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a turd
remake the turd a thousand times
still a turd turd

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Missed this one Janny.

Bump :)

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Bump for mah z-bar bros =]

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It's going to be Fate again isn't it? So dull.

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Bumping for dah !bar


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Page 1?

(...in bad fake italian accent...)

Notta so fast! Back you go!

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hahahaha mama miaaa!!!!

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FSN is a VN, and there /jp/ related, nerd

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Reported for animeposting, namefagging, and gay!bar glorification.

Enjoy your ban :^)

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This needs to be on the front page!

People need to know about ZUN!bar's struggle...

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>And no Tsukihime remake.
You're dead to me, Type-Moon.

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No one cares about your anime nerd shit, as per the OP this thread is for discussion about our fallen hero tripfag.

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It will happen because type-jew

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I am curious what will happen.

Will the thread be deleted, posts pruned and babysat, or will it fall into page 5 or something because no one cares?

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The last one won't happen because the knight of autism will keep bringing it back to the top.

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le bumping with funny meme