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Sweater mommies!

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/so soft~/

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how warm would they be?

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Yes please

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I want to be reincarnated as a sweater, so I can forever feel mamas soft skinship.

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That's my wife, so no. I won't be having any of that.

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Wait a minute... if she's my mama, and you're her husband, that means...

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A heartwarming tale where a father is reunited with his long-lost son.

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Only one of them is a mommy. Suwako has been the mother of countless children over the past 2000 years.

Kanako has never had children because she remains a virgin, which is attributed to the fact that she's too ugly to attract any males.

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Um... I plead the fifth.

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feelaroonie when caught using momma's make-ups..

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Delusional Byatard.

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Suwako was apart of a kingdom that involved deer sacrifices, I pretty sure it has more to do with getting whatever she wants.

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Wasn't Suwako a curse goddess? I am not sure what "curse goddess" stands for, but it sounds like a god that needs appeasing/sacrifice or she fucks your shit up.

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No, she was an Earth Goddess who had sole control over curse Gods, the Mishaguji.

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Big bouncy breasts! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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I just googled that, is it normal that i'm getting the penis-monster-on-a-cart from Persona?

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I would love to hug a girl with big soft breasts.

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Don't harass her because she has large breasts!

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I won't!

But I probably won't be able to resist staring at them, so I'll make sure she doesn't see me...

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Well, there are other very nice girls in Gensokyo as well.

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Actually, I'd never be able to interact with them anyway. Seeing those giant fatsacks would make my lewd area grow, and them seeing my erection would be embarrassing.

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There's more to mama than just her breasts! Jeeze, people.

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Yes, the personality is the MOST important! I wouldn't want to snuggle with a mean mama. I'd like her to be motherly (duh) and sweet. And it's be great if she wouldn't mind me resting my head on her big breasts.

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i was referring to her hips and butt and armpits and legs and unshaven crotch but you're right that is way more important

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As long as my mama has a good personality and nice feet, I'm happy.

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What about a mean mama that presses your head onto her big breasts and then goes ara ara and teases you when you get embarrassed?

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Yukari is 17.
She's a grandmother.

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I'd be VERY flustered if that happened. The softness of her breasts, and the smell of her body would be too much for me. Hopefully she wouldn't totally embrace me after that, or else she'd be poked by my unavoidable erection!

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She'll definitely embrace you and then she'll make fun of your erection and softly say mean and lewd things into your ear so you can feel her warm breath tingle you, all while affectionately petting your head.

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Well, then I'd the combination of embarrassment and arousal would make me turn totally red and give me goose skin. I'd definitely have to take a "bathroom break"!

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Yukari would laugh at your microdeath tell you to fuck off to Ran.

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>La petite mort, French for "the little death", is an idiom and euphemism for orgasm. This term has generally been interpreted to describe the post-orgasmic state of unconsciousness that some people have after having some sexual experiences.

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Whoa, Death Prophet is lewd as hell.

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>post-orgasmic state of unconsciousness

That's...real? Getting fucked so hard you black out? How lewd and barbaric.

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I can't imagine a woman being able to be a mommy if she didn't have huge breasts.

Not shaving her privates or armpits either is important too.

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I like slim, petite mothers, also, actually. They're really cute. Not shaving often is important, though. The hips are also important.

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>you will never make mommy pregnant so she's yours forever

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>thread slowed to a crawl

Kanako-sama is never going to grant your mazacon wishes if you have no faith, /jp/.

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none of you dorks answered!

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would she still do it if she knew that i liked it?

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Give it a few more days.

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hot and probably sweaty

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Nice sweaters, Kanako and Sanae.

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Suwako looks stylish as fuck though