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I'm intrested in what you think would be the 3 most powerful characters in the touhouverse.

I think it's


what do you think?

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Reimu obviously.

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I just want to make this clear to everyone. This is a serious powerlevel thread. Please don't try to ruin it by shitposting.

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Okuu is shit (power level wise).
Yama should be up in those top three, she is transcendental law of the universe. Also, there's not much evidence for Yuuka actually being that strong (even though she's my favorite character).
Reimu isn't that strong, she just can "fly away from reality".

Arguably, Yuugi and Suika are the strongest because one can straight up control other people's powers (manipulation of supernatural phenomena) and the other can create black holes

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best 2hu

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Yuugi straight up nullifies Marisa's and Reimu's attacks and sits in constant streams of their bullets that do nothing against her.
Yuugi strongest Touhou

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This is now a Yuugi thread

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>Okuu is shit
What the fuck did you just said about my waifu?!

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Reimu could kill herself and everyone in Gensokyo if she wanted to. That makes her the most powerful

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Nofun Nofamily master race
fuck christ mass

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Yama is not part of Gensokyo. She could wreck her shit.

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thanks for making the new containment thread

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I think Suika is strongest because official manga says so. Impolite sage for secondaries shit.

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let's see if you can contain THIS! *unzips dan kim*

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>She's so strong, I could only get away with putting her in a comic, because you need to be able to defeat all of the bosses in the games and all. That't why I have to limit her appearances.

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Ex Rumia = Adolf Hitler = Hirohito = Advent Cirno = Erwin Rommel = Otto Skorzeny (with Chen fusion. See picutre) = Death Star > Shikieki = Douglas MacArthur (Pipe and Sunglasses Mega Prime) = Mussolini = Winston Churchill = Roosevelt (Mecha Wheelchair version) = Montgomery = Himmler (Crystal glasses mode) = Reimu > Stalin (1944 upgade) = Tojo = Yamamoto > Yuuka > Yukari > Flandre > Yuugi > Watasuki Sisters > Vegeto (SS4) > Letty (Full power) > Suwako = Kanako > Mokou = Kaguya > Suika > Eisenhower > Marisa > Remilia > Mima > Yuyuko > Ran > a SS soldier > Gogeta (SS4) > Komachi = Tenshi > Sanae > Eirin > Koishi > Satori > Utosho > Iku > Elly > Nue > Wing Gundam > EX Keine > Goku = Vegeta > Alice > Sakuya > Patcholi > Orin > Youmu > Lyrica = Merlin = Lunasa > Reisen > Medicine > Keine > Nitori > The Bible > Hong Meiling > "The Scientific Companion" > ZUN > Parsee > Hina > Mystia > Wriggle > Yamame > Starsapphire = Lunachild = Sunnymilk > Black People > Dirt > Poland > Jews > Type Mercury ORT = VIVIT = Demonbane

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Well as far as spell card battles go, it's anyone's game. If we're talking just a straight up deathmatch between all the denizens of Gensokyo...well, isn't Flandre's ability to be able to destroy "anything and everything"? I know there are others who are stronger in terms of pure power, but that doesn't really matter in the face of an ability to just destroy everything. That said, I don't truly understand how Flandre's power works, or if it has limits.

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I'm glad someone else enjoyed this as much as I did.

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Yuuka being stronger thatn Okuu doesn't make any sense whatsoever.
Reimu is canonically strongest resident of Gensokyo, but only because she uses the power of gods (Which is not her own). Since there are so many gods, there is literally no end to Reimus power, in sense of variety.

Reimu aside, I guess the list would look a little something like this:

Not so sure about Yukari, though.
But I guess the Yama and some Oni are pretty much inevitable.

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back to /a/, dweep

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I think you are the one that should go back to /a/, that kind of attitude reflects what kind of person you are. And you seem to be upset for some reason.

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dude, why are you so upset?

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You don't know /jp/ culture! Get out you crossboarder!

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Oh yeah, they kind of exist outside of reality itself. Good point.

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Mokou and Kaguya can't be destroyed by Flandre's power

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Reimu is not really that good at controlling her power over the gods though because she's lazy and never practices. Moonwhore can do it a lot better as was shown in that shitty manga.
Also there's the question of how strong the gods are and how many one can control at once.

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I'd imagine there's a range to it at least. Both distance and radius of destruction. Maybe a cooldown too.

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What about Keine ?

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What if we stripped away everyone's powers, including oni super strength, who wins a Gensokyo-wide fist fight? No weapons, fists only, final destination.

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Well yep, that's why I said she would be the strongest resident of Gensokyo, not the moon.
And while it's true she really slacks, she is apparently powerful enough to take on most enemies without any training, so if she would ever get serious and practice seriously, anyone opposing her would be in big trouble. At least that's how I imagine things.

I always thought Flandre's power would be great fuel for speculation.
She is supposed to be able to destroy anything, but before doing so, she has to grasp the "eye" of it (To recite the wiki, how accurate that is, I can not tell) - So in other words, she has to understand the thing she wants to destroy in order to actually do it.

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I don't really think the "super strength" of an oni counts as a "power". I think it's their raw physical force of body, the capability of their muscles.
Therefore, one either has to include an onis body strength or exclude them from the evaluation completely.

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Sakuya time stop rapes everyone

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Meiling beat the shit of everyone. She got technique.

The only one who might hold the ground longer is Byakuren or maybe Yuugi if she know more than just brute strength.

I know.
But whatever it do it can't kill Mokou and Kaguya, since their immortality is absolute.

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Good afternoon.

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If you're going to get all technical about this, then let me rephrase that. Everyone in Gensokyo now has the strength and limitations of a normal human being.

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Yeah, something immortal would just come back to life after being destroyed, or for that matter, "repair itself".
Furthermore, I don't even think Flandre could possibly understand "immortality".

Yuugi, too, could not be harmed by her, as she is the very definition of something that "cannot be grasped/understood".

Sorry, I tend to get semantic.

I would agree with >>11740303 for that matter.
Also, Yuugi - Someone who doesn't spill a drop of sake while dodging danmaku has to be in good shape, after all.

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Accelerator is better than Touma.

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Simple as that. Moonbitches are runner up.

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>Above Ryuujin

What are you smoking?

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Yamame can inflict any kind of disease.
Kokoro and (kinda) Parsee can control your emotions.
Koishi can make you see nightmarish shit, and probably make you go insane.
Then there's Medicine's poison power and Yuyuko's death infliction.
I think these 4 (5) tie as the most powerful ability-wise.

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Nothing at all. Now run along and worship your dragon god thing.

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Koishi can't do shit. She can't control her power, she can't control herself. She just aimlessly wanders

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>Being feared and hated because of her heritage
>Instead of dealing with it or trying to show she's not some kind of mindless monster she just lock up her mind and her capability of rational thought.

BEST! TRADE! EVER! Surely the top of her class in Economy 101

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It's probably Shikieiki, Yukari, and Yorihime or Reimu.

Not sure if we can include him, since he's never actually appeared.

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wriggle, bucket-tan, and youmoe

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I'm pretty sure she has to see the thing she wants to destroy, and she has to close her hand.
Remilia brought her outside to destroy that meteor in BHiJR.
So it's at least limited by her eyesight and she can''t use it if her hands are tied up or something.

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top fucking kek.

Ironic shitposting is STILL shitposting, you bloody sperg.

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stop it with those /a/ terms retard

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what about Miko, byakuren and shinmyoumaru?

they're no near strong as these 3?

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Cirno is clearly the strongest. This is canon stated by ZUN himself.
You can find proof in her dialogue.

"I am the strongest"

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Miko and Byakuren are some of the weakest final bosses, from the looks of it.
Shinmyoumaru has her mallet, but she can't use it for anything too big, and she's powerless without it.

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Why was she fighting Rinnosuke?

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Where is Kokoro in all this? She doesn't seem nearly as strong as Tenshi or Suika.

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Power ranking the stage 6 bosses of the normal danmaku games I would go
1. Kaguya
2. Kanako
3. Remilia
4. Oku
5. Yuyuko
6. Byakuren
7. Miko
8. Shinmyoumaru

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As far as Yukari goes, she most definitely has the *potential* to be the absolute strongest thing in the Touhou universe, as she can just lift her limits and vulnerabilities using Boundary Control.

However, she doesn't do that. Why? No clue, nobody understands that bitch anyways.

Similarly, Reimu has the *potential* of being the absolute most powerful character in the Touhou universe, however she's too fucking lazy to take advantage of that.

The Dragon is said to be Omnipotent, which if true makes him the absolute strongest. But there isn't enough info on him.

Shikieiki's power is Dependent on the Opponent's Number of Sins. Yeah, she can one-hit most of the Touhou Cast by now, but that doesn't ignore the fact her power is a dependent operation and can't accurately be measured.

So as of right now... ignoring Reality Hacks; Watatsuki is likely the strongest at the moment (there are Shinto gods that can most definitely show up some day and trump her). It's been confirmed multiple times that the Lunarians are OP beyond belief, so even then there is likely a god that is even stronger.


Absolute Weakest character is Shinmyoumaru Sukuna without the Miracle Mallet. Had her plans in Double Dealing Character finished she would have been literally unbeatable.

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It's said that Yuuka would rather go in and melee bitches rather than use magic but how would Yuuka's physical power compare to that of an oni or vampire?

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1. Shikieiki
2. Shinki
3. Yuyuko
4. Remilia
5. Kanako
6. Yuuka
7. Kanako
8. Utsuho
9. Miko
10. Byakuren
11. Mima
12. Yumemi
13. Sariel
14. Shinmyoumaru

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Miko seems incredibly weak compared to the other final/extra bosses, yet she's supposedly as powerful as Jesus Christ according to SoPM.
Is she really that strong, or is she just lying her fucking ass off? She seems nowhere near divine.

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I always though that the moon bitches were the strongest in Touhouverse?

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Im just going to leave this here for the sake of Yukaris' sake
The user can manipulate all boundaries - material, spiritual, conceptual, metaphysical, and so on. Since everything is physically and existentially defined by boundaries, the possibilities offered are limitless - for limits themselves are nothing more than the boundary Possible/Impossible, and the user can manipulate even that. Simply put, there is ultimately nothing the user cannot achieve.

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Google told me that you probably stole that from a Super Power Wikia, or /a/.

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maybe she is just a lazy boss

I remember SoPM saying something she likes to joke around

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Nobody escape death -- except the Hourai users

>> No.11742419

Remember that she just literally woke up when confronted by the heroine. miko's joints must've been extremely stiff during the fight. she must've been surprised as well what with shiny colorful orbs suddenly flying out of her body.

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What is the border of life

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This thread is bakas.

>> No.11742499

There are not "border of life"
You are live or you are dead. Pick one.
If you talk about the border of life it will be in a situation of risk, like being in an accident car

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Yukari has stated in the past that killing her wouldn't have any affect on her, so it's typically assumed that she could just manipulate the border between life and death.
Not to mention, she was able breach the barrier between the world of the living to the netherworld.

>> No.11742568

>she was able breach the barrier between the world of the living to the netherworld.

mmm... Do you mean that it was Yukari who let Reimu, Marisa and Sakuya enter that place? Everyday I learn something new!

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Okuu is da strongest.

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Kaguya is the single most powerful Touhou. This is an objective fact. she possess:
*Absolute immortality
*Instant ``I win'' button: with her power, EVERY battle with Kaguya is a game of rocket tag. And she gets to move first. Always. No exception
*Most 2hus have 1 magical toys to boost their powers. Kaguya have not 2 or 3, but at least 9 of those. She's like 2hu Gilgamesh or some shit
*Besides the treasures, who knows how many weapons/artifacts from the Moon she has with her
*From an in-game perspective, she has some of the toughest spell cards in the series
*Also the qtest 2hu. since danmaku is a beauty contest she wins instantly

As expected of our glorious genetically-superior Lunarian overlord

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Kaguya pls go

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Mokou > Kaguya

Kaguya cannot defeat her. She's been trying to for years, and she KNOWS Mokou is impossible to kill. Kaguya is obsessed with strong danmakuists, and she's been trying to kill Mokou all this time. Meanwhile, Mokou is scaring the deadlights out of Yuyuko, who normally keeps a carefree attitude.

>> No.11742788

As if a bumpkin could win against a pure-blooded Lunarian. their win rate has been said to be equal, and to kaguya, their competition is a game and a source of entertainment. she's just playing around, while mokou is all serious all the time

Mokou has to train and work hard to keep up with kaguya, and even then she loses half the time. I don't think mokou can stand a chance if Kaguya is serious and gets off her lazy ass. it's the kind of relationship like reimu and marisa's relationship

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Actually, Mokou stopped caring quite a long time ago. She's not serious at all anymore either, as she said in her chapter in CiaLR. She's quite bored of it. Annoyed by it, in fact (pic related) because this feud is actually Kaguya's persistence. Mokou worked hard to get strong long before she met Kaguya. What she uses to fight her is an accumulation of strength and experience she learned over the years and her possession of the Phoenix enables her to use legendary heroic power. The relationship between Kaguya and Mokou is also quite opposite of Marisa's with Reimu's. Marisa is envious, but Mokou initially hated her but now wants nothing to do with Kaguya anymore.
Your description of Mokou and Kaguya's relationship is actually Marisa's and Reimu's.

>> No.11742922

I was under the impression that Mokou was the one that pursued Kaguya. Kaguya has no beef with Mokou while Mokou is pissed about the fact that Kaguya isn't her step mom. I'll bet Mokou doesn't even remember why she wants to kill Kaguya at this point.

Kaguya just wants to live her life.

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How about the only touhou in a main shooter with a post-extra difficulty rating?

>> No.11742926

yukari's fucking-balls!

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More powerful than Christian God and Hitler combined.

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An atheist jew, I wager?

/pol/ warned me about your kind.

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Darn, you caught me.

Sacuya, be rid of this interloper.

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You never even been there.

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to be fair, Ran isn't really EX mode

>> No.11743040

Nuh-uh. They have shown me the truth: Girls don't have penises.

>> No.11743052

It takes both Yukari AND reimu to defeat Kaguya. also Kaguya was scrapped from the fighters for being broken, while Yukari made it in just fine

let that sink in for a moment

Kaguya is only continuing the ``feud'' because it's such a great source of entertainment for her. she keeps sending assassins because she loves seeing mokou or the assailant suffer
even if she's not training now, mokou had to work hard to get at Kaguya's level. whereas Kaguya just sort of had that kind of power from the start

>but now wants nothing to do with Kaguya anymore.
but cilr implies the opposite

>> No.11743068

Kaguya apologists are the worst.

>> No.11743078

>also Kaguya was scrapped from the fighters for being broken
Kaguya was cut very early in development because they wanted to focus on adding weaker Touhou characters, like Cirno and Meiling. It's the same reason they chose to cut Mokou.
Why would the cut a character for being broken in game? That's a waste of resources.

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Alice has six confirmed kills.

>> No.11743081

>six confirmed kills.

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Dolls in Pseudo Paradise.

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Wrong. Kaguya is just fucking with Mokou. She doesn't even care enough to actively engage her. That's what Mokou is doing.

>> No.11743093

Not enough time before release.

>> No.11743094

Is that even canon?

>> No.11743099

Why wouldn't it be?

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I always picture Kaguya losing being like Slayer from Guilty Gear losing. Beaten but not really. Just on the floor like "Well shit..."

>> No.11743146

Yukari is a youkai supremacist!

>> No.11743200

She can supremacize me any day...

>> No.11743306

It's canon in that it's official material, but it's completely isolated from the rest of canon. DiPP does not "confirm" that the killer is Alice, it's speculation based on voodoo, hair color and there being a mansion in the forest. The killer was among the eight honest men, who originated from the outside world, and they left Gensokyo after they were done. While the similarities drawn with Alice are fairly significant, the total discrepancy between its story and anything else written later is enough to sort of pack it away as an isolated thing written when ZUN just started.

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Alright, I'll give you that. It does feel really isolated.

But it really hints towards Alice a lot.

>> No.11743325

>one can straight up control other people's powers (manipulation of supernatural phenomena)
Holy fucking no. How many times do I have to say it.

The "eye" is just a point of tension said to hold the whole thing together. You break it and the whole falls apart.

>she most definitely has the *potential* to be the absolute strongest thing in the Touhou universe, as she can just lift her limits and vulnerabilities using Boundary Control.
no she doesn't, what
>The Dragon is said to be Omnipotent
no he isn't
>Shikieiki's power is Dependent on the Opponent's Number of Sins
no it isn't, that's the weight of the rod of remorse

>The user can manipulate all boundaries - material, spiritual, conceptual, metaphysical, and so on
Fucking. No. Did you get this from WMG or some shit.

>Yukari has stated in the past that killing her wouldn't have any affect on her
It's a goddamn anime joke

>Not to mention, she was able breach the barrier between the world of the living to the netherworld.
Everyone can breach the barrier because Yuyuko busted it for spring and nobody fixed it. You just jump right in.

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I think they're putting too much references in the fighting games, especially from that ArcSys HnK game.

They can't into subtlety

>> No.11743348

It's tough to pick the specific strongest. I'd say Yuuka is a good pick, and she also has the "ultimate magic." Flan is also a great choice. The third candidate should probably be Shikieiki. If Reimu was better trained, she would be in there. I also ruled out Dragon due to lack of actual appearances.

>> No.11743502

Judging solely from the games, the most powerful is definitely Kaguya. At least for Windows-era

>> No.11743537

You know, instead of denying everything anyone said straight up, you should actually come up with some arguments. Something to back up what you are saying.
Also, it is a discussion thread, so people will discuss what they don't know and think could be true for the sake of interest.

Also, the "eye", the point of tension, that what "holds the thing together", depends on the target. The driving or inner force varies from character to character, being to being, so she would most likely have to understand the creature in order to destroy it.

>> No.11743547

She seems not to have any trouble at all making her power go off. Why are you assuming it has to be so hard?

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All this shit and you didn't even as much as mention Eirin? Canonically she's stronger than Kaguya, she just limits herself out of respect and for the record she bloody hell is stonger than Kaguya because she fucking chucked earth in a pot. Who knows how many more hax toys she has at her disposal

>> No.11743586

Because she didn't use it against any living being in any official work at all yet.
Not even against Reimu or Marisa when they first met in the extra stage in EoSD, despite them being *just* human.

That's one of the points, at least.

>> No.11743589

They were technically playing a game that isn't supposed to be lethal. If she killed them outright, she couldn't play with them at all.

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>> No.11743598


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I'm including Eirin as part of Kaguya's toy.
>who knows how many weapons/artifacts from the Moon she has with her

also Kaguya is possibly stronger in danmaku play. Eirin requires Kaguya to activate her last words, while Kaguya doesn't have this restriction. The princess also is also the owner of the most difficult, most terrifying spell card in the entire series

and Eirin is a BBA while Kaguya is forever youthful beauty

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Ever read Stopman the Iron Fist of Justice?

>> No.11743614

I think I'd put Sakuya in the high tier, I mean, c'mon, who else do you that can stop time?

Also Okuu can make suns I reckon anyone that can do is pretty damn powerful

>> No.11743618

I don't understand these images

>> No.11743634

Couldn't Sanny achieve bullshit godmode by being able to make miracles happen? The extent of that power could be limitless.

>> No.11743642

There are a lot of powers that could have a limitless extent. Except Renkos. I can't think of anything particularly useful to do with her power.

>> No.11743646

She needs prep time. Depending on the time available, she can be as weak as a midboss (not even able to channel Suwako or Kanako) to limitless miracle (by praying for weeks or months to every single god out there, all 8000000+ of them).
She's like Batman like that.

>> No.11743657

I'd say she's like Goku. She needs all people praying to her and her goddesses so she can perform miracles, and it depends on how much people that's praying or believe in her.

>> No.11743662

Will she get stronger if she gets beaten half to death?

>> No.11743671

Actually by like Goku I mean only when he's about to release his spirit bomb, which is composed of people's hope. So Sanae's ability to perform miracles is similiar like that.

>> No.11743677

I don't know why she's naked there, but they're Before and After images of Dolls in Pseudo Paradise, various things have changed.

>> No.11743679

She still needs prep time for the recitation, though. The time itself is proportional to the size of the miracle. Even just channeling Kanako seems to take a few rounds of danmaku (Gray Thaumaturgy, etc). Which is where the Batman part comes from.

Anyway, this powerup through faith actually makes Sanae the weaker shrine maiden, right? Since Sanae can't channel gods due to being a half-god and already housing herself inside... herself.

No, but she'll cry and take out her anger on weak youkai.

>> No.11743720

I really don't think that Flandre really understands the limits of a game - Especially after being locked up for several centuries, considering her mental condition.

>> No.11743723

>locked up
No, she chooses to stay in. And you're sort of right; in the Grimoire of Marisa, Marisa mentions that Flan's danmaku might kill you if you aren't careful. But that's just because Flan is strong and a bit careless. It's more unreasonable to assume that Flan isn't capable of using her power than to assume that in the game, when they were playing a game, it was considered unfair to just instakill you.

>> No.11743741

Isn't being a god technically make you stronger?

>> No.11743778

>No, she chooses to stay in

For 495 years?
And she expressed multiple times the desire to go outside.
And she's not quite fond of her sister.

That smell fishy

>> No.11743835

I don't know if you can really say she's not fond of her - I think she just acts tsundere much.
After all, her profile itself says she at least respects her sister.

I take back the thing about being locked up, since it hasn't really been said.

>> No.11743847

No. Yes. Maybe. It depends a lot on what kind of god it is. On one end of the spectrum you have those that can literally move mountains, reshape the Earth, or split the Heavens. Yet there are also a myriad of whose sole domains are such mundane things as baking sweet potatoes or collecting poop and making sure people don't trip when taking a dump.

In Sanae's case, though, she'll probably manifest similar powers to Suwako or Kanako, so yes, she will be way stronger. She will also manifest the ability to give out blessings and curses.
But I'm not sure if it's possible to house two gods at the same time, or even for a god to house another god. Hence why Reimu will be more versatile, as she can just channel different gods as the situation sees fit. Plus, there's nothing stopping Reimu from invoking, say, Kanako herself, short of Kanako declining, meaning Reimu has access to most of Sanae's power source and more.

If you think about it, Reimu might even be able to channel Sanae in the future! What that entails is anyone's guess, but I bet it's going to be a very, very sexy situation.

>> No.11743852

She didn't exactly seem to respect her when we saw them talking with Aya, even if they did seem on good terms. Her profile also states that she doesn't particularly want to leave the mansion, and this was supported in one of the books, I think, talking about how when Remi throws parties, a lot of the time the closest she is seen to them is skulking about behind curtains.

>> No.11743857

Maybe she's just shy. Maybe she has anxiety and she's actually a recluse like /jp/.
Do you think Flan piss in bottles?

>> No.11743859

Well, we've confirmed that Flan is the most likely candidate behind Flanfly, so anything's possbiel.

>> No.11743978


>> No.11743975

You're all delusional. You know deep down Yukari is the strongest touhou. Nothing can beat gaps.

>> No.11743981

My penis can beat gaps all right.

>> No.11744010

All of what you said really only applies to danmaku duels.
And what the hell does beauty have to do with power?

>> No.11744036

Giorno Giovanna is the only acceptable answer.

>> No.11744037
File: 592 KB, 1100x1270, 1337465888879.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11744040

never gets old

>> No.11744095

Giorno could still beat Demonbane and since he doesn't actually fight for Justice, Demonbane cannot summon him either.

>> No.11744137

i wish i knew whats the fascibnation with the caracters from a simplistic bullet hell series.

>> No.11744154

She sleeps for all winter, that's like a four months opening for somenone prepared.

>> No.11744272

>Kaguya not in ex-tier

I think control over eternity and the instantaneous makes you the most OP motherfucker there ever will be.

>> No.11744284

The uninitiated perceive only darkness in night: the wise Perceive the golden stars in the vault of azure.

>> No.11744285

Why do people confuse power level with abilities?

It's like having having a lvl 99 pokemon with double slap versus a lvl 1 pokemon with mega punch. Who do you think is going to win? By /jp/ logic it is mega punch guy because mega punch sounds cool.

>> No.11744286

Yukari needs herself, the Hakurei maiden, and the power of an unknown number of ancient, powerful youkai to create and maintain a border than covers the span of a few ten kilometers squared.

Eirin was planning on sealing the entire Earth away from the Moon in one night.

>> No.11744720

Then Mokou-tan has to be in ex-tier too since they are both on-par (able to kill each others all the time).

>> No.11744742

Kaguya probably just toys with her. She knows she's immortal, why does she even have to bother? It's not like the two are losing ground on either side in the event of a win or loss.

>> No.11744823
File: 187 KB, 757x1000, 1388093587705.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Marisa is the strongest, anybody who says different is wrong.

Love is the strongest power their is.

>> No.11744897

Eirin, moon bitch 1, moon bitch 2

>> No.11744962
File: 666 KB, 686x936, 1386342368223.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is the right answer.

>> No.11745002
File: 29 KB, 240x179, 1334110143699.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


which route in Hopeless Masquerade is the canon one?

>> No.11745025

I think those two can still feel pain though so toying wouldn't be that entertaining.

>> No.11745026

Do they contradict each other?

>> No.11745028

Well they can.

But I think Kaguya doesn't care about pain as much as Mokou would.

>> No.11745034

all of them. Put together they represent a linear story.

>> No.11745221

>you should actually come up with some arguments
There are no arguments. Everything I said "no" to is outright completely unsupported bullshit, I shouldn't even have to explain this. Maybe you guys, making the claims that these things are actually true, should back up what you're saying.

Yuugi's ability is not "manipulation of supernatural phenomena", this is a total misunderstanding and then further misinterpretation of what her ability actually says. You even have to deliberately add "manipulation" in there.
Yukari has never been said to be able to lift all limits or vulnerabilities with "lol boundary". You can't just make shit up as to what constitutes a boundary. More than that, throughout the series she's displayed the limitations of her ability. Yukarifags know this. People who don't actually read shit make things up.
The Dragon is not said to be omnipotent. That's literally it there. He might as well be the most powerful but saying it's omnipotent is unsubstantiated regardless.
The Shikieiki thing was also totally misunderstood.

>The driving or inner force varies from character to character, being to being, so she would most likely have to understand the creature in order to destroy it.
She can see the eyes.

>> No.11745226

I lol when people here interpret the "9 million gods" part of Reimu's abilities as an actual number.

>> No.11745256

>Kaguya probably just toys with her
kaguya basically is toying with her life. i don't think she actually CAN get serious, so i believe the thing about her win/loss rate with moukou does say a lot about mokotans strength.

>> No.11745263

Having power over eternity and the instantaneous makes Kaguya literally invincible.

She's fucking with Mokou.

>> No.11745275

>Having power over eternity and the instantaneous
have you ever thought about what the hell that even means?

>> No.11745285

In CiLR, the eternity side is explained with Kaguya's manipulation of Eientei.

Food never spoiled, things never died, if you were to drop a vase it would not shatter.

She made them eternal, in otherwords, if she became serious against Mokou, she could just will herself effectively invincible and laugh at her.

As for the instantaneous? The most I think of is that it allows her to react before any time passes at all. She can speed up her motions and what-not.

She is the most OP because of that.

>> No.11745291

I believe it's CiLR.

Could be PMiSS too.

>> No.11745307

Don't misunderstand me here, I myself did not say any of those things, not Yuugi controlling supernatural phenomena, nor the thing about Yukari, the dragon or Shikieiki. I also do not believe those things, nor do I sincerely believe the things I said myself. If we'd know everything about the characters, there would be no need for a powerlevel discussion, which is why I, for myself, use the information actually give through the canon material as speculation fuel - Which is why I said this >>11740282 , for example.
Also, where does it say she can actually see the "eye"? That's kind of a new one for me, since I don't remember it being described that far into detail.
Plus, I don't think the "eye" of something like a Yama or Oni can be destroyed by Flandres power even if she manages to pour it into it.

>> No.11745321

if we go by that, wouldn't sakuya have similar strength?
why is she considered mid level?

>> No.11745326

Sakuya's power is derived through her watch (If I'm not mistaken) whilst Kaguya's is innate and compliments her own abilities.

Plus Kaguya has her treasures and Lunarian magic is always greater than Earth magic.

>> No.11745372

Marisa being above Sakuya, Youmu, Reisen, Sanae, and Alice is complete nonsense, she's not all that powerful. Who made this?

>> No.11745401

You should already know that it's complete bullshit by seeing Yuuka up there.

>> No.11745402


>> No.11745434

You are mistaken. She herself can manipulate time, the watch isn't needed.

>> No.11745496

Also the dumbest.

>> No.11745502
File: 643 KB, 470x353, 1387973983296.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>There are 8 Million gods in Shinto

I can't believe you people are autistic enough to interpret this as an actual number.

>> No.11745511

They do not. It's like SWR, where all the routes are canon. A few routes even mention each other.

>> No.11745513



>> No.11745523
File: 35 KB, 149x151, 1376174329219.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The princess also is also the owner of the most difficult, most terrifying spell card in the entire series

What the fucking are you saying?

>> No.11745536

"8 Million" in Shinto refers the infinite amount of deities in the universe, from the kami of a cowpie, to lord Indra who reigns niggerdeath on the lesser races. It's similar to the concept of "Ten Thousand" myriad of things in Chinese thought.

>> No.11745567

Was it really ever explained what Yuugi's power does?

>> No.11745592

Balance wine.

>> No.11745690


ITT people who have never encountered Border of Life and Death

>> No.11745699

Kinkaku-ji. by word of zun we know aya is much stronger than reimu and marisa. she's also seen most cards they've seen. guess which spell card is most traumatic for Aya then?

i just realized you might be on to something. I never realize Kaguya and mokou's ``games'' aren't danmaku games, but actual live-and-death combat. mokou is one persistent bitch. but I believe eternity manipulation will still win out in the end

for instantaneous part, she can also turn night into day in like 5 seconds. also making bamboos grow in an afternoon. that's making a few hours or years go in an instant, that's like Giorno/KC/MiH level bullshit there

of course she doesn't use it in danmaku, because it's instant win. incidentally, notice how the girls with the most broken powers (yuyu, remi, flan, kaguya, etc) never really use their power in danmaku, but yukari (who keeps on building rumors around herself) uses hers all the time? I think that says something about where yukari's actual strength really lies

the watch is her mental trigger. how I perceive it is she needs to press a watch dial, but any watch will do, to activate her power. it's like how some people need to smoke or drink to get into a suitable mental state to do something amazing

sakuya has space manipulation though, so there's an area she excels at

>> No.11745972

In BAiJR she describes that she holds the eye of everything in her hand, and squeezes it. She says that "everything" has an eye, in a way that even if she doesn't actually see it she does sense it; she knows that every object has such a point of tension, she pops it into her hand and knows that it comes from that object. Her name of "eye" for it is pretty telling that it's a visual of some sort.
The way she describes it is that it's basically effortless. It doesn't take any action for her, she just "has" the eyes of these objects in her hand, and can crush them.

Anyways, I didn't want to assume you in particular were saying those things. "You guys" was a poor choice in words.

No, and the point is that it cannot be explained. Yuugi is herself unexplainable (kai-ryoku-ran-shin). Her ability is unexplained, but is about possessing (/having/wielding) the unexplainable (herself). It's all somewhat of a joke.

ITT people who have never encountered Ceiling of Kinkakuji.

Although, to note, Kinkaku-ji itself is not a display of Kaguya's power; in fact, Marisa notes that she's just using the item itself, not actually shooting danmaku.

>> No.11746055

Yuugi seems like the type who would rather die using only her physical strength in a fight before falling back on her power to win. That is assuming that she knows how it works herself. It could just be a passive effect that even she can't explain.

>> No.11746057

>Although, to note, Kinkaku-ji itself is not a display of Kaguya's power; in fact, Marisa notes that she's just using the item itself, not actually shooting danmaku.
that's like saying Youmu's slashes aren't her own, or shinmyoumaru's enlargement is not a display of her power, or hell, Marisa's master spark is just her using an item.

>> No.11746081

Master Spark is Marisa using an item to help direct her magic. Youmu is a trained swordsman. It is different in this case, because you don't have to have any particular skill. You just use the object, and the effects occur. There's no real individual effort.

>> No.11746126

Sorry but Yuka is stronger than Yukari.

>> No.11746151

Can she punch a gap so hard that her fist goes all the way through and hits Yukari in the face?

>> No.11746164

>by word of zun we know aya is much stronger than reimu and marisa.
When does he say that?

>> No.11746197

>shinmyoumaru's enlargement is not a display of her power
>Marisa's master spark is just her using an item
Well, yes. Exactly. The topic they were talking about above is how Kaguya herself is stronger in danmaku play, and then they cited Kinkaku-ji as evidence for this. However, Kaguya is just using the tool, this is not her power. Marisa notes that she doesn't use her ability and perhaps isn't accustomed to spell card battles.
Marisa does not use any sort of personal magical power to use the Mini-Hakkero, and Shinmyoumaru does not use any sort of personal power with the Miracle Mallet. She's just able to use it. None of these are their power.

Rather, Yuugi being oni-powerful and fond of physical power is a reason ZUN could run wild with a silly meta-ability, since she doesn't need one.

>> No.11746219

Yorihime is canonically Reimu at her full potential. At some point all these theoretically powerful abilities get trumped by "nope, I'm a god, fuck you", and Yorihime has a whole deck of those trump cards.

>> No.11746230
File: 33 KB, 304x429, eirin1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


And is hard countered/rendered helpless by a bucket of mud.

>> No.11746232

Eirin still wins in the end for being a literal primordial god.

So like Yuuka?

>> No.11746301

It is a tool, but the important thing is it's a tool belonging to Kaguya. it's as much a part of her arsenal as reimu's yin-yang orb and amulets, Marisa's mini-hakkero and grenades, sakuya's knife, Alice's dolls, or any other weapon user's tool. the only difference is that Kaguya has a shitton of tools, and one of them is overpowered and easier to use, but it is still her ability nonetheless

anyways, don't you find it weird how a old piece of ceiling tile from a burnt temple can be so powerful?

>> No.11746312

>The ability to manipulate boundaries is a terrifying ability capable of fundamentally undermining reality.
>As far as we know, everything is built upon the existence of boundaries.
>If there was no water surface, there could be no lake.
>If there was no sky line, neither mountain nor sky could exist.
>Were it not for the Great Barrier, even Gensokyo itself wouldn't exist.
>If there were no boundaries, everything would probably exist as a single enormous object.
>Thus, the ability to manipulate boundaries is by logic an ability of creation and destruction.
>It essentially creates a new being, or rejects the existence of a being.
>Among the abilities youkai are known to possess, this is one of the most dangerous, being comparable even to the power of gods.
>She is also capable of moving to an entirely separate location between gaps in space, whether it be her entire body or only a part of her.
>It's said that this ability is not limited to physical space, but also applies to pictures, others' dreams, and even stories.

Yukari is fundamentally broken (or at least is meant to appear as such, you never know with ZUN and his merry band of unreliable narrators). Stop pretending she isn't.

>> No.11746319

I thought that Mokou and Kaguya could be killed or even completely obliterated and their immortality would just bring them back to full health within seconds. The only thing keeping them from fighting forever is that getting killed really, REALLY hurts.

>> No.11746345

She's also scared shitless of Toyohime's microfiber towel

>> No.11746352

Or Yukari is just lvl.82 and fairly potent, but has limits to her ability.

It's like saying a red mage who can cast a 6th lever fireball can set the world of fire because she can manipulate fire.

I think that describes the broadness and how prolific her ability is, not the actual amount of power or control she has to manipulate it.

>>If there was no water surface, there could be no lake.
For example a low level Yukari might be able to make a wave by manipulating the border, and a higher level Yukari might make a Kleine bottle out of the lake.

>> No.11746353

There's a cool sort of theory that Flan doesn't see a boundary/eye around Mokou or Kaguya.

>> No.11746354

Yukari can only pull long forgotten things through her gaps, hence the deactivated train and traffic signs.

Also, iirc the counter-argument went something like this, Yukari was about evenly matched with Tenshi in her SWR ending and then again every single character in the game overpowers Tenshi in their own ending, totally throwing the whole power level debate awry.

Also, she is definitely much weaker than the moonbitches, toyohime and yorihime.

>> No.11746367 [DELETED] 

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but the shrine gets destroyed in Yukari's SWR ending, then Reimu goes treasure hunting in space during UFO to build a new shrine, meaning that Yukari's SWR ending is most certainly cannon.

>> No.11746369

Every SWR ending is canon, right?

>> No.11746381

and Eirin is stronger than both Watatsuki so ???

>> No.11746386

Those are two completely different discussions, though. Saying Yukari has not developed her ability to the full potential is not the same as saying her ability is inherently limited.

And I'm inclined to agree, but note that the only time we've seen limits to Yukari's power is when she went against an entire powerful and advanced ancient civilization that likely has special countermeasures against her, as it's been attacked by her before.

>and then again every single character in the game overpowers Tenshi in their own ending

And then Tenshi totally outclasses everyone in her own storyline, because she wasn't trying the first time around - except Yukari, who's conveniently absent from Tenshi's route. I've only seen SWR used to demonstrate that Yukari is above everyone else, really.

She never actually fought Yorihime or Toyohime.

>> No.11746392

>everyone else
Isn't Suika at least on Yukari's level? And Tenshi is almost as strong as Suika?

>> No.11746409

Guys, I have the biggest evidence demonstrating the limit of Yukari's power:
If she can really manipulate the boundary of anything and everything, surely she can manipulate the boundary of fiction and non-fiction. So how come she hasn't manipulated that boundary to make herself real yet? That's right, she can't, otherwise she would've already done so and 2hus would've been real already.

Q.E.D. there ARE things that Yukari can't manipulate with her limited, miniscule powers.
Checkmate, athiest.

>> No.11746429

>surely she can manipulate the boundary of fiction and non-fiction

Yes, and she already demonstrated this ability beyond any reasonable doubt. See: creation of Gensokyo's boundary. Gensokyo used to be a real place in Japan until Yukari came and turned it into a myth.

>> No.11746436

Pretty sure that was Dragon, actually.

>> No.11746460

>Gensokyo is separated from the outside by a large magical barrier.
>This barrier could be seen as the boundary between inside and outside.
>However, the inside world and the outside world are still physically contiguous, so it may be logically said that the barrier created the place that we call Gensokyo.
>That also means that as long as the youkai of boundaries exists, she can create or destroy a place like Gensokyo whenever she desires.
>It can be claimed that the fact that a youkai of boundaries exists in somewhere Gensokyo, a land surrounded by an enormous boundary, implies that she must have some deep, vital connection to its formation.

>Youkai Expansion Project
>A story from over 500 years ago.
>The project refers to a plan designed and implemented by Yukari in order to restore power to the youkai of Gensokyo, who felt pressured by the increase in the human population.
>Until then Gensokyo was merely an isolated mountain town, but she planned to create the boundary of phantasm and substance around Gensokyo, thus logically creating a new world.
>By establishing Gensokyo as an illusionary world, and the outside as the real world, the youkai weakened by the outside world would naturally flock to Gensokyo; this was a truly epochal event.

>> No.11746466

But there are clear statements that ZUN designed and made her! Thus Yukari, at least the Yukari we know, was always a fictional character.

Until 2hus become real, then we have a clear evidence against Yukari's supposed omnipotence gap hax.

>> No.11746523

>manipulation of destiny
>manipulation of fate
the fuck is the difference?

>> No.11746525

>touhou powers
Thats what.

>> No.11746592

>but it is still her ability nonetheless
It might be a part of their arsenal, sure, but they aren't the ones who have that power. Reimu's amulets, Sakuya's knives, Alice's dolls, and to an extent Marisa's potion grenades are not the same, since it's them manipulating the items (and in Reimu's case, it's also her giving the amulets their power), so the users here are the ones showing what they can do. The Mini-Hakkero is an item with its own power that is just used by Marisa. It isn't a display of her power, it's a display of the item's power. Marisa can't copy Kaguya's spells as danmaku because it's the items that do things. She even outright says Kaguya rarely uses her own ability when fighting. It's like saying Toyohime herself is powerful because she happens to possess the cleansing fan; no, it isn't her that's being powerful.

The top-level description of what boundaries are and what she might be able to manipulate does not mean she actually is able to manipulate all of these things, instantly, without limits or strain.
>Saying Yukari has not developed her ability to the full potential is not the same as saying her ability is inherently limited
Well, exactly? You can't assume that just because something might fit as having a "boundary" that she is necessarily able to manipulate it to any extent imaginable. The claim that she can just lift any limitations and vulnerabilities she possesses is garbage.

>> No.11746916

Consider this, though. a branch, bowl, cowry, or roof tile isn't usually the kind of thing used as a weapon. even if they contain magical properties, it wouldn't automatically be offensive magic. I mean, can you imagine the Buddha enchanting his bowl and firing lasers at people, I certainly can't

and yet Kaguya is able to use them to produce danmaku. shouldn't this act of weaponizing magical artifacts as danmaku be considered her skill, at least?

besides, it's scary when she uses her ability as well, it seems like she forget she's playing danmaku and fight like a Lunarian instead (if yorihime's lack of self-control is typical of Lunarians)
her actual danmaku is inelegant and brute force compared to her toys, but at the same time her fundamentally broken ability forces her opponent to play a game of attrition instead.
even if they dodge all of Kaguya's attacks, their danmaku will never, ever hit Kaguya thanks to eternity hax. in fact, depending how you look at it, she either has the highest number of invulnerable cards, or one of the single longest contiguous invulnerable card in Gensokyo (I think only yukari's is longer?)

>> No.11746919

I think Remilia is generally very underrated.
She may not be one of the absolute top dogs, but depending on how strong her fate manipulation powers actually are she may be close. Shame that ZUN never really described it beyond it being able to change humans into half-youkai. Perfect Memento also says that she cannot be exterminated uner normal circumstances, even when exploiting her weaknesses. That seems to imply that simply destroying her body isn't enough to kill her. So you'd have to be someone with reality fucking powers to be a real threat to her.

>> No.11746944

Remi is pretty intense, but I imagine people might not take her very seriously because she doesn't take anything else very seriously.

>> No.11746959

She doesn't have that sort of power, even Flan said so

and Kaguya can kill her no problem. I mean, have you seen what the Red Stone can do to vampires?! it fucks their shit up. fucks their shit up real bad, man. you don't want to be anywhere near that thing if you're a vampire

>> No.11746962

>She doesn't have that sort of power, even Flan said so

She does and Flan just doesn't believe it, I thought that was made pretty clear. We even have confirmed uses of her power, like making other humans like Sakuya more.

>> No.11746965

>She doesn't have that sort of power

Bullshit. Canon says she has it, so she has it.
Flan not understanding her sister's power doesn't mean shit.

>> No.11746986

> I mean, have you seen what the Red Stone can do to vampires?! it fucks their shit up. fucks their shit up real bad, man.

Iirc Remilia's PMiSS article specifically states that "fucking her shit up real bad" by exploiting her weaknesses isn't enough to permanently get rid of her.

>> No.11747032

It depends on two things.
Firstly, if the stone is the real, perfect Red Stone of Aja and secondly, if putting Remilia out under the sun directly for a while will actually kill her for good.

If both condition stands, then I'm quite sure one can exterminate Remilia thoroughly in this way.
If it's good enough to destroy nigh-immortal pillar men, it's good enough to destroy our beloved loli mistress, I'd say.
Even so, we shouldn't think too much about a joke ZUN made in good fun.

>> No.11747053

>if putting Remilia out under the sun directly for a while will actually kill her for good.

Wasn't this already denied in canon?
I remember reading somewhere that Remilia won't die to sunlight, but don't ask me where. Her profile on the wiki also has it, but without directing to a source as well. It only says that Akyu stated it.

>> No.11747071

I don't remember where it was said either, but I do remember that in SSiB she flew all the way around the moon - and thus, through the sunlight and unprotected by the Earth's atmosphere - and also charged Yorihime straight up while she was glowing from some sun god or something.

>> No.11747075

This. So much. It's something people don't take into account.

For example, just because Yukari has the ability to manipulate boundaries, doesn't mean she can manipulate any and all boundaries. It depends on how strong she is with her ability. Same applies to others

>> No.11747088

I think I remember reading somewhere about how sunlight just weakens her, yeah.

Although, I'm under the impression that's only in the case of temporary exposure, and significantly prolonged exposure would weaken her to the point of death instead.
Or rather, she would be continuously weakened, until she becomes so weak it's impossible to even move a muscle or produce any meaningful thought. In such a condition she might as well be dead.

>> No.11747089

SSiB also showed the sunlight hurting her wings though. But on the other hand, it also showed her instantly regenerating her hand that was burned to ashes. Maybe it's just a case of regenerating faster than the sunlight can hurt her.
That 'she cannot be exterminated under usual circumstances' line in Perfect Memento also seems to imply sunlight not being enough, since I'd say that being killed by sunlight would fall under usual circumstances for a vampire's death..

>> No.11747118


There's no manipulation of destiny retard, unless you misread density

>> No.11747235

do you have any idea how powerful Red Stone of Aja is?

>> No.11747276

It can probably disintegrate her and I'd agree in a heartbeat if not for that 'cannot be exterminated under normal circumstances' statement in PMiSS.
What are normal circumstances when dying? When the body stops working? To me that sounds like Remilia can regenerate from scratch and doesn't die if you simply destroy her body. Like you need to erase her spirit altogether.

>> No.11747362

Remilia is difficult because we have no idea how far her fate manipulation powers go, only that they're there.
If she can manipulate fate to the degree of setting the time of her own death way into the future, then she can do whatever she wants to whoever she wants with no fear of dieing for it. That would make her ridiculous. But maybe she can't change fate consciously at all, which would still make her pretty high-tier by being a powerful vampire with subconscious fate changing I guess. Vampires are pretty powerful youkai.
But ZUN has never really stated how far her powers go, so it's kinda useless to discuss. There can't really be a result to the discussion.

>> No.11748916


wasn't that battle just a "welcome back to life party" for her according to the dialogue

>> No.11748919

That isn't convincing at all. The Aki sisters can throw sweet potatoes as danmaku. You might call this weaponizing sweet potatoes, but it doesn't mean anything either. That's all danmaku is. Just because you can't think of a reason the artifacts have inherent power doesn't mean they don't, and Marisa's comments on the matter tell us that Kaguya's just waving them around.

Additionally, you can't even suppose that Kaguya would be able to use her ability to its natural conclusion in danmaku fights. It would be illegal. It's like saying Sakuya could stop time and stab you to win, or Reimu could float out of physical space until you gave up. It simply isn't allowed. The spell card rules themselves are the very reason we don't have that sort of utter bullshit.

(also they're all individual spell cards, but having a lot of spell cards doesn't actually mean anything)

>> No.11748940

Pretty much. Investigating the greedy spirit incident was a big waste of time for everyone since it was never a problem and nothing actually happened.

>> No.11750800

cant really
some of the powers are so stupidly vague

if anything
sanae and keine are godmode
manipulation of history and creating miracles

>> No.11750846

Well you should stop being such an aspergers, there has been more Naruto powerlevels threads than what you would likely expect.

>> No.11750860

Why am I gay for accelerator?

>> No.11751713

>stop being such an aspergers
What do you even mean by this, the entire thread is what's ridiculous. This shouldn't even be a discussion, ever. Touhou is a universe that explicitly tries to ignore and work around powerlevels as much as possible, yet for whatever reason people still have to just fucking try and categorize characters anyways with such little information that's actually useable when trying to actually determine "power", whatever the fuck that even means in Touhou.

>> No.11752063

not counting moonbitches-
Reimu's canonically said to be unable to be beaten unless she puts timers on her spellcards (「夢想天生」)
The Yama is said to be undefeatable as well.
Eirin supposedly helped found the lunar city, so I think that'd put her a notch above the 'tsuki sisters.

Honorable mentions though,
Yukari is incredibly powerful, but not the strongest. she's been defeated canonically outside of spellcard rules. Her power is probably the most broken of all though, she just needs a little bit of fine tuning.
Suika and Yuugi have both been said to be extremely powerful,but I dont feel like they're the strongest overall.
Mokou and Kaguya have infinity and being unkillable, so they could just keep throwing themselves at the problem over and over, and maybe with a thousand or a million years, they'd be the last surviving and thus the strongest. But right now, they arent.

>> No.11755071

why I haven't seen anything about Alice and her Grimoire? c'mon people!

>> No.11755076

Probably because Yuuka is stronger than her.

>> No.11755088
File: 190 KB, 800x1000, 33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Actually Cool question, guys, if you had to guess the most powerful character based on just one of her titles which one would you say, it doesn't even have to make sense, c'mon.

Reimu as "Advocate for the Eight Million Gods" sounds pretty boss to me.

>> No.11755104

the path of the strongest is filled with non-sensical battles with no real reason or purpose.

kinda like touhou itself.

>> No.11755135

That would just mean that OD would WRECK her with his ultimate though

>> No.11755137

I watched Welcome to the NHK too.

>> No.11755514

I still think it should be counted part of her power, or at least arsenal. but it seems we have a fundamental disagreement in this issue so let's just leave it at that

>Additionally, you can't even suppose that Kaguya would be able to use her ability to its natural conclusion in danmaku fights.
she's shown the extent of her ability in-game though, and here's where I think her GoM profile can be reinterpreted. she's not used to danmaku play in the sense that she doesn't know the subtlety, limitations, and extent of rule of danmaku. and so she doesn't (can't?) hold back when using her own powers to play

for most survival cards, they are the ones where the user's ability is truly shown in the context of danmaku play. Koishi disappear from the conscious mind, nue conceals herself, Aya moves so fast its impossible to hit her, etc
hence it's not exaggerating to say Kaguya's cards are also her using her power, through making the heroine's danmaku's position remain eternal in place, or making her state of being unhit eternal such that nothing will ever hit her, or something else. point is, by that time, she'll never be hit. you can even see the danmaku stopping before they reach her

>It would be illegal.
but that's the whole point. she's unaccustomed to the rules of danmaku play, so she doesn't know what's illegal or what's not. or she doesn't care. since she has practically noone to play with, as her duel with mokou isn't danmaku duel
besides, since when has something as fickle as ``rules'' or ``law'' ever stopped the eternal sinner?

>It's like saying Sakuya could stop time and stab you to win
is what she basically do in the fighters. except stabbing someone doesn't seem to do them much harm in Gensokyo, and from what we've seen sakuya has a time limit to her time stop

Kaguya on the other hand could maintain her eternity manipulation for at least 5 spellcards' worth of time, longer than what most non-stage 6 bosses could fight for

>> No.11755526

>through making the heroine's danmaku's position remain eternal in place,
Shit that actually makes a lot of sense. The shots do just kind of not go anywhere.

>> No.11755946

That's the path of the most retarded. The strongest ones manage to be genuinely useful and rational regardless of their absolute paranoia.

>> No.11755948

If I may add, aggression is self-feeding behavior and completely unnecessary.

>> No.11755951

The strongest ones are also able to figure this out themselves by the time they hit 5-7 years.

>> No.11759226

Almighty Taoist who Controls the Cosmos.
If that isn't badass I don't know what is!

>> No.11759433
File: 37 KB, 384x592, Gold_-_Gemini_Kanon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So Miko is a Gold Saint?

>> No.11759886

Funny, that's also exactly what I was thinking.
It would've been perfect if she was a Buddhist instead.

>> No.11759937
File: 774 KB, 848x1200, Byakuren the Virgo Saint.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11759949

Can Shikieiki kill Shikigami?

>> No.11759972


>> No.11759973

Imagine if Byakuren was as OP as Shaka.

>> No.11759993

No, I'm pretty sure Flan could destroy them.
They'd simply reconstitute within seconds, just like Mokou does in battle.

>> No.11760054
File: 1.09 MB, 471x262, tenbu horin.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She doesn't even have to try anymore.
She can go to several planes outside of reality just like Reimu.

>> No.11761452


instant replies

>> No.11761488


>Kisume not even on it

Shittest 2hu confirmed?

>> No.11761520

which 2hu is the most skilled

>> No.11761522


>> No.11761746

Point is Shaka is OP as fuck. Dude took on 3 of the most powerful former gold saints at the same time and would have wrecked them if he didn't throw the fight so he could go to the underworld while making them feel like dicks for killing him.

>> No.11762564

Neil Armstrong

>> No.11763055

Oh, I thought you're talking about Hijirin.

>> No.11763066

Would she have a greater reality hack than Reimu at that point?

>> No.11763221

well then, to end all is the strongest character in touhou is the mighty ZUN

>> No.11763269


Reimu's not there

>> No.11763277

ZUN doesn't even play on lunatic.

Look closer.

>> No.11763302

they do now, a dildo

>> No.11763318

who cares! they're their maker of all

>> No.11763325

God Almighty made ZUN, so His Son Jesus Christ is the strongest 2hu
Checkmate, athiest

>> No.11763357
File: 38 KB, 649x681, kirisutochan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11763502

Actually it's theorized that dying feels really fucking good because the brain just dumps all of it's sensation substances before shutting down.

That would explain Mokou and Kaguya's bullshit.

>> No.11763507

They are just perverts that get off on dying?

>> No.11763553

Holy shit so they've actually been having immortalsex romp all these times. TeruMoko is OTP.

>> No.11764004

having immortal sex and mokou will inject herself with dirty blood to have AIDS and sex kaguya and both of them got HIV

>> No.11764117

Hourai beings can't get sick, you baka.

>> No.11764161


uhh they do you know did'nt you read the mokou page

>> No.11766101

im telling you guys that ZUN has the ultimate power level here

>> No.11766121

I'm convinced Sakuya is a moonbitch and thus equivalent if not superior to the other moonbitches.

>> No.11766127

Canonically, the most powerful are Yukari, Suika and Kanako. Yukari, because she's the speculated oldest in Gensokyo and all that jazz, has the manipulative mind of a sociopath, and can control dimensions. Nigga, that shit's cool.
Suika, because she's the strongest oni in all of Gensokyo, even though she's so tiny.
Kanako, a god, and a powerful and persuasive one at that. She persuaded Okuu into nearly destroying a ton of shit.

>> No.11766135


Eirin and Kaguya.

Yukari needed to enlist the powers of several of the most powerful, ancient youkai alongside her own powers to make a barrier that would seal off a few ten kilometers squared of land.

And it still has several holes in it.

Eirin has one charm (That she confirmed to not even be her most powerful) that had the ability to seal the entire Earth away from the Moon. This is just one person doing it, mind you.

>> No.11766134

Nigga, the fuck are you smoking? Kaguya was weak as shit.

>> No.11766136

Also adding on that Kaguya managed to break this spell.

>> No.11766137

kaguyafag pls

>> No.11766139

Power over eternity and the instantaneous alone makes her possibly one of the most broken characters.

There is no argument against it.

>> No.11766152
File: 187 KB, 500x323, 1361765425117.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ignoring all the fags in this thread:

Plot armor, ability to us gods
At least at the level of Reimu (small margin of error)
Shitton of powers, measurably stronger than Superman and Goku (the former barely being able to pull Earth), we all know this shit
At least on the level of Suika, being 2nd of the 4 devas
Ridiculously powerful ability, stronger than Kokoro at the very least (and Mamizou)
She's probably at or around the same power as Marisa, being an extremely knowledgeable magician and being playable in several games.
Gaps and borders
Yukari-lite with the added addition of immortality and high-leveled magic (necromancy). Not going to say she's stronger than Yukari, but she's near her in power, considering she hasn't been caught yet despite being trapped in rock-vaporizing water spouts
Strongest person in Gensokyo, most likely. No idea what extent her power reaches to.
Ability to read minds AND bring out memories.
>Mokou, Kaguya
Immortals, extremely powerful magic
>Moon bitches

That about sums it up. No one else could stack up. Maybe Tenshi and Eirin could be thrown in, too.

>> No.11766155

this is a touhouverse power level arguement right? and ZUN is in the touhouverse cause he created touhou and can remove any characters there, he can make Yukari loses her power so, he is the ultimate character in the touhou universe

>> No.11766174

i agree with this dude in the ZUN part

>> No.11766187

Eirin deserves to be in.

She probably invented magic.

>> No.11766190

Shiki > or than x but never < x because EVERYTHING must be judged and there can't be any greater power than a judge him/herself

Yukari > or = Lunar fags
Reimu > or = Lunar fags
Lunar fags > or = Yukari
Lunar fags > or = Reimu

Tenshi = or possibly > Yukari more than likely = she however can not defeat Reimu
Yuyko = Yukari

make of that what you will that's more or less what actual "lore" canon or whatever has basically taught this includes the games themselves but only if the play is Reimu of course as Reimu's endings should be the only canon ones

much like other powers with other fictional characters if we don't see a defined upper limit we can then state that technically every other touhou is unlimited and thus put them on even grounds but not above those listed above since they themselves have been approved by each other and stated as or near as such

>> No.11766195

Shiki can't judge Kaguya, Mokou, or Eirin.

They can't die. They are out of her power.

>> No.11766204

What about Yuyuko? Her power lets her insta kill anyone who isn't immortal.

>> No.11766208


lel comparing their rivalry is like comparing that of Kuririn and Goku during DB ( PC-98 ) it's a whole different story if you seriously think Marisa is on the same level as Reimu post EsoD

you mentioned Yukari but you didn't mention her shikigami Ran who technically should be as powerful as her master

>> No.11766218


They can't 'die' of old age there's not one thing that says they can't die in any other form, their "immortality" has only been proven to protect their ages Moku having something similar to rapid healing from attack from Kaguya other than that i'm pretty sure all three can be killed

>> No.11766219

i've very carefully read every single word that i can see in this thread, and thought about every little thing that could be implied before even trying to type out a reply.

>> No.11766225

Yuyuko attempts to poison Eirin in the ghost-team good ending of IN yet she does not die.

Alice confirms that the souls of immortals are made 'invincible', they cannot die. It is also noted in CiLR that the first sip of the hourai elixir makes the drinker immortal to age, whilst the full 3 sips makes them completely unable to die whatsoever.

>> No.11766237

yuyuko also says her power doesnt work on mokou in IN extra

>> No.11766238

Man, beneath her kindly exterior Yuyuko is a malicious asshole. I love it.

>> No.11766260


She's more of a "force of nature" you can't really hate her more than you could a hurricane it's just like in PCB

She can't be that malign since people do get along with her most noteably Yukari but she herself is kinda like a necessarry evil so that could be argued that's the reason

>> No.11766296
File: 307 KB, 845x1200, oriental_sacred_place_04_04.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yuyuko is totally evil

>> No.11766662
File: 55 KB, 537x758, 1388639193594.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guys, the most powerful 2hu is definitely Shimakaze. Just think about it, she practically killed Touhou singlehandedly!

>> No.11767073

Dude what, everything points to them being absolutely immortal to everything and not just old age, what are you talking about.

>> No.11767496

Well this looks tangentially related and I didn't really want to start a thread.

I started playing one of the fangames, Blizzard of Faith and Revenge, and I got this nifty drop from Suwako, Angel Wings or something. I just wanted to know if there was anything I was supposed to keep it for or if it was okay to just sell it.

>> No.11768537

"Power Levels" can be pretty much misleading, because as >>11744285 said, there's a difference between having a skill that sounds awesome on paper and the eventual limitations to use said skill.

Case in point: Yukari. When you read her profile in PMiSS you end up with the impression she's essentially an omnipotent goddess, since she could, in theory, manipulate the border between "the world as it is" and "the world as she wants" and be done with it.

But then you read CiLR and then you notice that to travel to the Moon, she needs:
1) to wait for a special time frame within a month.
2) perform a ritual on a lake
3) arrive on the moon and then fly towards her destination.

Seen like that, Yukari's powers end up working exactly as what call "magic" in a fantasy series. She wishes to do X, but there are a series of rules and limitations she has to follow.

So, unless ZUN explains these limits, talking about power levels is pointless wankery.

>> No.11769423

Think this:
Magic in the moon > magic in the earth
they have different level
I saw some years ago in an anime one character that used some giant mirror to look into another dimension and another character used a glass of wine to do the same.

>> No.11769673


Are you referring to her attack on The Moon during Silent Sinner in Blue? If so, then her retreat at the threat of being obliterated was not out of fear. She knew that her goal was being accomplished elsewhere and felt no need to fight moonbitch. That paper fan also could have killed Ran, given that Yukari couldn't stop it. However, she most likely could have. Another reason could be that she wanted them to think that they had a trump card against her for next time (if she wanted there to be a next time).