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Eirin makes my penis so hard it actually hurts.

The only way to fix it is to fap to imagining her being my mom and living in Eientei with my adopted sister Reisen.

I know I can't be the only one who feels this way.

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I want Eirin to inject aphrodisiacs into my penis.

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But Eirin herself is an aphrodisiac, Anon.

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That's pretty weird dude.

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Welp insta-boner.

Please keep going, anon.

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If Eirin was your mom, things would be different around there.


Sometimes Sakuya comes over, and the plot advances until the day when I find out the secret, that Sakuya is really my half-sister. Of course, by the time mom tells us, onee-san will already be pregnant with my child.

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Eirin has a big butt.

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She looks like one of those 'rap guy's girlfriends, yes.

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that thumbnail

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Yeah the real one is like 10,000x10,000 or something crazy.

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Sometimes when one of mom's patients comes over to get treated, this nice blonde lady plays with me. Since she has a long time to wait because mom is usually busy, we go outside and play. She touches me in places that feel funny, but I don't mind.

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I want to tease her about her big butt. It'd be a compliment, though.

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I can already feel myself arguing with her about how I don't want to go to medical school and follow in her foot steps. After an hour of yelling I slam and door and run off into the bamboo forest where I find Mokou and tell her about how this is bullshit. Mokou is all "Yeah nigga, fuck school. Let's open a chicken stand." And so I open a chicken stand with Mokou. The pay isn't that great but it's an enjoyable job where I get free chicken at the end of the day.

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Just pinch her sides and say 'jelly rolls'.

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mochi makes you fat

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Mokou more like Mobro

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Eirin bullying Reisen is one of my fetishes.

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She's actually really, really cool.

>She is not overly concerned with payment for the medicines.

>Her medicines are not only very effective, but carry a fair price. And even if you can't pay immediately, she will wait however long it takes for the payment.

>Even if you show up for an examination at a bad time, she will kindly examine you.

It's true that she makes people uneasy, because she doesn't seem to have much of a motive for what she does. That doesn't really bother me. I believe she's a genuinely good soul.

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PMiSS, by the way.

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Even better if I can bum a hourai elixer off of mom and run that chicken stand with Mokou forever.

Or would I already be immortal in this hypothetical situation? I don't imagine Eirin would want a mortal kid.

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I'd rather buy her an outfit that barely fits her.

"You won't even try it on, after I went and got this just for you?"

Huh. I'm kind of an asshole.

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Might have something to do with being immortal too. What's a year or two of waiting for someone who has forever? She would hardly even notice that you're a year late with paying for something.

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then she'd have to squeeze her fat butt into it.

It'd be great.

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Those don't go in the butt


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I never understood that image. Why?

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I don't even care. Eirin is being bent over and is acting submissively, that's the most important thing

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Am I wrong for liking normally S Eirin that is submissive to Reisen and Reisen only?

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How strange.

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Reisen's nails are pretty.

Why are Eienteiers so good looking, /jp/?

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The thought of massaging Yukari-samas' voluptuous body makes me crazy.

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I bet she's so soft you could just sink your fingers in like a marshmellow.

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Your hand would get trapped in her butt!

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Mommy thread?

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Please stop. You are driving me crazy!

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Ararara~ That artist's Yukari is amazing

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That artist's Yukari is driving me crazy, too!

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I think that's the perfect size, shape and hang of tits. They just look so soft and mommyish.

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I love his scat material the best.

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his kanakp is better

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see >>11723017