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Guys, my mom just died.

Does anyone know where I can contact Trevor? I need someone to talk to.

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I'm sorry mate. Cute picture of Haruhi though, I hope everything will get better.

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That's not even Haruhi. Just tell me where Trevor is.

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kill yourself

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Shit, man.
That's a cute picture!

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I'm sorry, my friend.

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Look at her headband. It is.

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Try his shitty site. It looks like he's fucking around with it right now.


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At da bar.

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Please don't bully him

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Mine died a few years ago, I'll talk to you about it if you want someone to relate to.

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Why is he the go-to guy for dead moms? Surely he's not the only person on /jp/ whose mom has died.

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How did you stop crying?

At first I felt nothing but after a couple hours the realization suddenly hit me like a truck that my mom is dead and I'll never see or talk to her again. She doesn't exist anymore.

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So that 1000 man gang-bang was too much for her, eh OP?

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stop bullying me!

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Wow. Rude.

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Haruhi thread?

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His mom story is the most tragic, if we are to believe everything he's said. Supposedly his mom kicked him to the street when he was 15 and hated him for most of his life.

I guess he got his revenge by making her into a meme.

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I hope she's dead!

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Do the world a favor and kill yourself as well. People from /jp/ will be very grateful if you die and stop shitting up the board with threads like this.

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>suddenly hit me like a truck
At what speed?

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Maybe his mother was an otaku too? You never know.

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Typical highway speed, I suppose.

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Haruhi a cute.

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A real cute.

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Wow that was uncalled for. Do you need someone to talk to as well?

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Did she got money?

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Excuse me but who the fuck is Trevor?

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I want to have sex with her butt

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Im lonely /jp/
I need a cute /jp/sie to talk with me!

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where are you from?

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I think it was his way of immortalizing her. She'll never be forgotten.

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Nobody even knows her name.

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The official story says it's Gretchen.

However, Gretchen Richardson was born in 1959. In this post >>https://fuuka.warosu.org/jp/thread/S8881894#p8882365 , Trevor says his mom died at the age of 49 -- and this was supposed to have happened in March 2012.

Add' em up.

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He probably didn't remember his own mother's age and was ballparking. I say that only because I'm not even sure of my mom's age, either. I think she's around 50 but I'm not sure.

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Yeah, it's possible. I find things like that weird because I'm a date/birthyear otaku.

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