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Does anyone have experience with a realdoll? I was thinking that if I could somehow get a custom Horo realdoll including some sort of a warming up system what would give it some body warmth, it could be amazing.

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Killeth thyself.

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Where do you find videos of these in action? I know xhamster have a few of very small kinds of human sizes, but what about this particulary size in OP?

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Here you go, m8

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But I don't have a username and password.

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I'll eat my silly hat if this thread's going to stay.

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ID : dopyuu
pass : dopyuu

For protected files on mediafire, the password is either "dopyuu" or "bukkake"
Also please do not post in english there like those assholes, or they might ban foreign IP again.

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>settling for a cold emotionless doll instead of a warm alive body

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hahahah u guys need to get laid

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This is great! Thanks for posting!

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Stop linking it and the extremely easily discoverable passes, then.

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>settling for a cold emotionless soul instead of a warm fantasy

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jokes on you i run mine through some warm water first


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That place is already full of /gif/ shitstains anyway, a couple of horny /jp/sies won't make much difference

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>cleaning all that shit instead of a girl licking it off

>cold emotionless soul
>fucking you

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Who are you quoting?
And why would I clean it, I'm the only one using it anyway.

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even if you have a real woman, cumming on her butt and other areas inaccessible to her mouth is going to require some clean up. i really don't see the point you are trying to make here with all of this greening.

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you're starting to lose your brain

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you're starting to lose the argument

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yeah you lost your reading comprehension

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you can't make me leave. idiot...

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Enjoy your silly hat, faggot.

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dat overt buttdevastation.

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those legs are really unaesthetic

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those legs are fuckin ugly. chop them off >:)