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I haven't seen any Marisa threads in a while.

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Marisa is such a dynamic girl.

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She's the most dynamic.

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She's certainly AEROdynamic, if you know what I mean.

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Marisa a murrica!

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No bullying please.

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I want Marisa to lovingly embrace me as I gently impregnate her. I believe she would be a good mother.

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She's fast?

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Yeah, they shouldn't fight, they should definitely stick together

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This is very silly.
How do you even get that much bubble gum?

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*we did it*

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Those bricks are tasofro quality

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A spatula, a ticket for any american city and back, a map of restaurants, schools and public places and some time.

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I like this.

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Seeing Marisa with that look in her eyes is wonderful. Twinkle~

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I wanna protect that smile!

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Isn't it great?

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Fucking thief. Why don't they institute floggings in Gensokyo?

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I used to steal and shoplift a whole lot. I was always afraid that the store would catch on and switch up their security system of post an undercover LPO to follow me around. I always said a prayer as I left the store, even though I didn't believe in a god per se.

I like to think that Marisa was watching over me all those days and protected me during my unfortunate near-misses with the pigs. I still can't believe that I wasn't hauled in or shot by someone - nothing else other than divine intervention or dumb luck can really explain it, since I was a pretty shitty thief.

Oh, and please no bully. Us petty thieves are a mixed bag, and we're generally nice and cuddly guys if you get to know us!

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As expected of Marisa.

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I want to be by Marisa's side on a cold winter night.

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M-me too.

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I want to be by Marisa's side at all times.

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I want to rape Marisa!

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Get in line buddy.

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Please do not bully Marisa

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That's forbidden.


Keep fighting the good fight.

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Marisa isn't the sort of person that needs someone to support her and help her. But still, agreed.

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I just want to rape her a bit.
I'm sure she wouldn't mind. I'm a nice person afterall

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If you're that nice of a person she would let you have consensual sex with her and there would be no rape, you liar.

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I'm not sure if rape is a thing nice people do?

I know, I just want to be there by her side.

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Fuck you dude. I'll fight you.

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What kind of music would Marisa listen to? I'm curious what people think on this point.

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Don't forget that she lives in a place more or less unaffected by our modern stuff. I'm assuming music in Gensokyo is folk stuff, both eastern and western with overlaps.

Also, they all like parties and booze. Thus:


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I swear I'm a nice person, but I'm also ugly and boring. The only way I could be with Marisa is raping her and taking responsibility.

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If we assume she's had exposure to modern music, then?

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She's Japanese, though. Probably folk music and drinking songs.

Or mid-00's street punk, good hooligan music. Marisa's in her early-mid 20's, right? She would have grown up around then. It's always bugged me that ZUN doesn't age his daughters at all.

You're assuming that you're strong enough to overpower a magician. It's okay to fantasize though. Maybe you can even pay her to roleplay! Remember your safe word.

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I don't think Marisa would love you if you raped her.
I find that things like that don't work like my Chinese comics would suggest they do.

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Sorry, I just can't see it. Think about it. The absence of electricity, computers and a fuckload of gadgets and appliances as well as a semi-preindustrial mindset/lifestyle just doesn't make me wonder about it. Things 2hus do for fun are more akin to stuff people did in the 18th and 19th century.

Marisa would probably dislike everything we consider music. Maybe Elvis, jazz and Bo Diddley might be her thing. It would all be intolerable noise for Reimu though.

More importantly I doubt they'd be into music at any comparable rate as modern people are.

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She'll hook up with Kyouko and Mystia after hours for a late nite cider session. Maybe they'll tp Alice's house.

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Are there any doujinshi of Marisa doing nothing but running around and committing crimes? It would be like a slice of life, but with a cute burglar magician doing cute break-ins and fencing cute stolen goods.

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>The only way I could be with Marisa is raping her and taking responsibility.

I'm so tired of this. Not due to any feminist crap or because I think people who say these things are creepy but because it's silly.

You, me, and more than 99% of people here couldn't do fuck all against Marisa (and she's human) yet alone rape her. Consider that she lives alone. Consider that she most likely has to chop her own wood for the winter, cook, clean, do repairs on her house and so on. And she does it daily. She must also have some sort of vegetable garden as well if we're gonna be realistic.

She's physically stronger than you, has a keener intellect and a fuckload of practical skills you never even knew existed. And then there's magic. It's better to just die than piss her off.

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And she would get away successfully each and every time, of course. None of that "getting caught be faceless men" bullcrap.

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Wish I could buy her love with money.

If she gets pregnant I'd spend my whole life making up for that, trying my best to make her happy. I'm sure during that time she will forgive me and fall for me.

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W-what if I wanted to worship her as a god?

Didn't you think of that, huh?

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Well that's a different matter. Dunno. Also canon states that the humans of Gensokyo are a tough folk.

The 2hu girls probably get wet for guys like Guts

At best she'd use you for absurdly humiliating and non-penetrative sexual practices.

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But my worship would be that of a two-bit hustler worshiping and revering the skill and elegant grace of a superior criminal. There wouldn't be anything sexual about it.

She would probably laugh at my pathetic efforts to enrich myself, though.

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Marisa is a lying thief.

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Nonsense. Marisa is an ordinary girl; she likes ordinary things.

I want to see the witch of love beside herself with her specialty.

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You say that like it's a bad thing.

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She sewed an "M" on her apron so that people would remember her name.

Do you think it worked? I doubt that Alice or Patchouli remembered.

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I'm sure Alice would remember. Marisa stole her precious thing, after all.

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- "Marisa, have you just stolen my fucking hat???"
- "Yes, and..?"
- "..."
- "..."

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Marisa is scary when angry.

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The M is for Masochist.

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Pardon the chinese. I didn't realize there was an alternative.

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So wait, is Sanae excited because she herself is S or to find a fellow M?

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She's just borrowing it, is all.

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Why would she take your hat when her's is the best in Gensokyo.

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Cannibalization. Her hat is the biggest for a reason.

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burn the witch! lol

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I guess that explains why she has the best hat.

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It's survival of the fittest! That's why there are only fancy hats in Gensokyo.

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What happens if you lose your hat?

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Nothing good.

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I like Marisa's smooth legs

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I like Marisa's legs, regardless of how smooth they may be.

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How is Marisa so cool?

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She's been hanging out with Cirno too much.

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I hope Marisa comes to my house on Christmas.

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That'd be like the opposite of a good Christmas. Instead of giving presents, you get your stuff stolen from you and your dog dies.

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I wish Marisa would rob me blind.

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Hey! It's Marisa!

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Something looks off about Marisa, but I can't quite put my finger on what.

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She's even cuter like this.

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It'd be cute if it were realistic, but I can't find characters drawn in a way not becoming of their character to be cute.

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Is that Ran under there?

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It's just Marisa and another Marisa.
But which one is the real one?

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No need to sweat the details.

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Would you play danmaku with Marisa?

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TWO brooms?!

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i like cute witches

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Cute witches are alright.

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sauce? can't find shit on this

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why is she crying

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Tears of joy, anon.

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She's embarrassed.

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Why is she so happy?

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She's happy about having such a great thread on /jp/.

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So THIS is the source of autism.

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Marisa is blond and cute

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Marisa can be very sexy, you know?

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Is she not ugly japanes, right?

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>Her motivation in life is developing uses for magic that are not beneficial to society. Also eco-friendly, too.
Perfect Cherry Blossom - Manual

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marisa is a prude.

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No. Marisa is crude and straightforward. There is no canon evidence of her being a prude.

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You're going to live a very sad life if you always insist on canon.

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Those who walk the true path live a life of suffering.

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Canon is better than most of the shitty fan interpretations.

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I'm picturing her doing this and running right into a tree. Thunk.

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It's pretty fun to knock her off the broom when she appears.

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I had that app too.
I kind of wish there was more to it.

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Purple outfit marisa is so much better

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Purple does look good.

>> No.11736314

They talked about adding a lot more. But then nothing happened. Maybe they have real lives.

>> No.11736355

There's also a special second animation if you knock her off her broom when she's already down.

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What if app making is their job?

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