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Who is the sexiest Touhou, and why is it Aya?

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Literally who?

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Don't you just love it when people start threads with memes?

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Nothing memey about Aya being the sexiest thing ever.

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But there is with "Who is the Xiest Y, and why is it Z".

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Is there?

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Aya is sick! You must nurse her back to health.

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This will do.

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Gladly. I'll have her back in the air post-haste.

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Here lies Shameimaru Aya...

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Oh I'll nurse her alright.

With my dick.

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No, I fucking hate it.

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Only a horrible person would take advantage of Aya in her weakened state. You're not a horrible person, right?

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Where the hell do you think you are? Everyone here is a wretched subhuman

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Let's get this shit started.

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No, but my dick most certainly is.

Choo choo mutha fuckah, the d-train is headed for black-bird station with a full load.

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Aya is only good for one thing.

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You can be a wretched subhuman and still not be a bad person.

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Look, don't touch.

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Her behavior says differently.

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Looking is iffy too.

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What the hell is this crowslut doing?

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Oh, please. At most she's a tease, not a whore.

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I want to put it in

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Put what in where?

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How would you rape a tengu?

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I think Aya is more cute than lewd-looking.

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She's good at both.

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Use drugs to make her sleep.

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She's already sleeping. Then what?

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Begin raping her.

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...that's it? How boring.

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I mean what else would you do?

You could slowly remove her clothes and stare at her unconscious body. You could also touch and lick every inch of her body. I don't know I suppose you could even tie her up and leave her in some sort of saw-esq deathtrap after you rape her. The possibilities are endless here.

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Yeah. Lot more you could do than just rape and be done with it. I don't think a lot of people carry around deathtraps, though.

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I struggle to think of any reason you would go to the trouble of drugging her that doesn't involve her naughty bits.

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Of course, but it's so dull to just rape her and be done with it. Be more creative.

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Perhaps cuddling afterwards? I suppose I am a dull person then.

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Seems that way.
Cuddle the person you just raped?

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Well she would still be asleep so why not.

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Because it's all tender and stuff, and you just raped her.

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Are you done yet? You could at least try to prove me right, /jp/.

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It doesn't matter, she would be warm and soft.

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How hard would it be to lure Aya into consensual sex?

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If it were me, I would make sure she's properly restrained and gagged. I'd have her sitting up in a position where she could see everything I'm doing. I'd imagine she'd be proud and defiant so I'd want to slowly break her and enjoy her facial expressions while doing so. I'd touch, kiss, and lick her everywhere but her breasts or between the legs for the first few minutes until she grows quiet, then cut off her shirt and play with her breasts. After I get my fill of the softness I'd touch her crow pussy through her panties. By this point I'd be insulting her and calling her a whore, especially if she's wet. I'd pretend to be angry and rip off her panties with my hands and force my fingers inside. I'd continue to do it until it seems like she's going to climax and stop, then continue to edge her until she looks like she's in pain. I'd take out my dick and bring it close to her to make sure she gets a good eye and nose-full of it, occasionally slapping it against her face.

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You're a strange rapist.

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It's not that I want to rape her, merely that I wouldn't get to have sex with her any other way.

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This is more like it.

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I won't go any further because it's embarrassing even if I'm anonymous and I'm not a very good writer but have another image.

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I would speak softly to Aya and try to soothe her. Kindly give her a choice to submit or die. She would obviously choose submit and I would make love to her sure she has at least a few orgasms.

Then I would turn her over and have her spread her legs so I can examine her asshole. I would gently play for it a bit until she relaxed. Then I would surprise her by introducing a very sharp and long knife into her anus that I had hidden under the mattress. Holding her tight around the waist, I would then cut up through her pussy. Then through her guts and up to her ribcage. It would be exactly like slicing through so much raw meat.

I would stop then to spare her heart. She would be in shock but still alive as she is so young and healthy. Quickly I would pull her head back and force her to look at me. Then I would savour that look of betrayal she would undoubtedly have. Using the knife I would gouge out both of those pretty weeping eyes.

Then finally I would use the knife to give her a very slow and long drawn out beheading. Wrenching her head back by her pretty black hair to give space for my knife from the front of her throat. Enjoying the sounds of her choking to death on her own blood as her guts spread out over the bedspread. After the head is removed I would fuck the eye sockets, the mouth and the neck stump.

Then finished with her I would gather all mess up in a black garbage bag. Then toss it all into the nearest dumpster. For all she is to me is just pure trash. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Hard. Crows mate for life and all that, and Aya's not the type to lie down with any random guy. To busy, to proud, you know?

>If it were me, I would make sure she's properly restrained and gagged.
And this is where it falls apart. Tengu fast, tengu strong.

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Don't be like that. You can do it.

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Oh look it's the guy who thinks Aya is immune to the human penis.
Aya WANTS to fuck as many guys as she can.

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So if I rape her, she'll be my wife? I like this idea.

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Leave the slander to the professionals.
She's immune to human ropes and human capturing. Can't give her the dick if you can't catch her.

I'm pretty sure it doesn't work like that.

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Then how do I make her my wife? Promise not to rape her if she marries me?

This is all assuming I'm in a position where I could somehow rape her, of course.

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Aya's not likely to honor a marriage under threat of rape, tradition be damned. I don't think any Touhou would.

I guess the best way would be to romance her and do it the old fashioned way. No idea how you would do that, though.

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How would you romance a tengu?

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That's the question, isn't it? I've given it much thought and yet never come up with a good answer.

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Have a very large wart on your nose, this is apparently considered extremely attractive in tengu society. So attractive, in fact, that other tengu may try to use their magic to steal your wart.

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You gotta go fast man.

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what does crow tengu smell like

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Though I may turn old and grey
of her I'll never tire
The thought of being in her arms
has set my heart afire

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Literally the worst fucking 2hu.

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Lewdly cute, or cutely lewd?

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My god.

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Everyone is annoyed by Aya because they're jealous of her beauty.

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Isn't she a little plain compared to the other girls?

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Perhaps. But that's part of her appeal! She doesn't need a ton of bells and whistles to look good.

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A little bit of "bells and whistles" is nice though. Like wings. I really like wings. I wish ZUN would draw her with wings himself.

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Like... pointy ears?

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And her thighs.

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Jury's still out on those.

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I dont believe you.

maybe when i go to gensokyo i will become a better person.

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Nope, you'll still be a bad person, Prayers.

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Hatate is so cute!

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Would Aya like a footrub?

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She flies around a lot, I don't think she really needs one. Though if she flies around a lot, her feet are probably really soft...

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So...are they ticklish?

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I can't imagine them not being ticklish.

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How wonderful...

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How would you go about initiating the tickling of Aya's feet?

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Well...to tickle them as much as I'd like too, she'd need to be restrained first. For reasons already stated, this is a difficult thing to do.

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nuclear fusion no contest

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7th best Touhou.

I want to drink from that water.

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Well first I'd tie her down and blindfold her!

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How would you go about licking them?

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Um, I wouldn't??

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Why not?

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Aya strikes me as someone who would be much more distressed by restraint than other people. She's gotta be able to move around, you know?

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Feet are gross, dude. I'm not some weirdo.

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But they're perfect.

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That picture.

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Why exactly is this a thing?

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Who cares? It's cute.

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I care, duh. That's why I asked.
Agreed on the cuteness, though.

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Blame stickisweetie or whatever her name is. Plus Aya in distress. Pretty hot.

>> No.11720608

I guess it would be interesting to know. I like these.

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>Plus Aya in distress.
Oh, I can understand that. Less so the glue and goop fetish.

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It's more being unable to move. It's more a foot fetish thing too. Gooey feet and stuff on them and the like rather than the goo itself.

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Ah. All right, fair enough.

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I like it because aya is a source of irritation and reimu is very pretty when she's annoyed.

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She's pretty pretty often.

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File: 1.02 MB, 840x469, 1380070529907.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No bare feet. Awe.
She's mostly always pretty.

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I'm not a foot person.

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You should become one.

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Eh, I don't think so. Besides, there's already plenty arousing about Aya.

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>Uaaah... What is this? I can't move...
>So... Somebody... Please, help... me...

>> No.11720716

tasukete ;-;

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It makes me feel so warm inside.

>> No.11720738

I'd clumsily help and get stuck next on top of her, but that's nice too.

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That's enough of that.

>> No.11720741

I want to get stuck with her and just feel her warm body forever until we both die a horrible, helpless death.

>> No.11720745

>I want to get stuck with her and just feel her warm body forever
>until we both die a horrible, helpless death.
No! What the hell, anon?

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I always thought she looked kind of plain but I guess that's part of the appeal. Anyways, my favorite picture of her for this thread.

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I'd restrain her like in this picture, and then some. Full tub, wrists at the head, ankles at the foot. Nothing too tight, and nothing pressing her to the bottom of the tub, plenty of room to squirm. For a girl like Aya, it'd be easy to flex and lift most of her body out of the water.
Then I'd reveal this big ol' jar of aphrodisiac; a strong type I'm sure she'd recognize. I'd pour the whole thing into the tub, which she'd freak out about, but don't worry. This stuff's special it'll settle atop the surface of the water. If touched it'll be absorbed faster than it washes off, but as long as she stays bellow the surface she'll be fine.
And then, of course, comes the tickling.

>> No.11720850

Only a true fan if you do all of the tickling with the tongue.

>> No.11720851

All? Pah. Variety is the spice of life.

>> No.11720857


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Tengu is sleeping, and so am I.

>> No.11720905

Should I cover her up..?

>> No.11720909

It would be a gentlemanly thing to do.

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File: 156 KB, 700x875, 34839949_big_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You wouldn't take a peek?

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File: 112 KB, 860x1214, 40321897_big_p7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11721460

It's obviously a trap.

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What's the worst that could happen?

>> No.11721483

Having to pay child support?

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I'm not sure if a system like that exists in Gensokyo.

>> No.11721494

Can they prove fathership in Gensokyo?

>> No.11721516

Can't pay child support if I have no job.

>> No.11721520

IT EXISTS. Just think about it, just fucking think about it !

If Gensokyo was populated only by women then they wouldn't need genitals in the first place. Yet, they have the ability to feel, do lewd things, cum and even get pregnant.

Let me tell you the real truth behind this : Men exists in Gensokyo, but they have been enslaved by the girls. Think about it, with such tremendous power and magic, no man can possibly go against their will. They must obey, they must compel, they cannot escape from this reality.
It's the same as the amazon system. The men are imprisoned somewhere, and from time to time the girl just pick one, fulfill all their fantasies using them as sex toy and get pregnant to ensure that the race won't die.

They're all laughing at you, and I'm laughing at you too, wanting to go to Gensokyo. Enjoy being an imprisoned sex-slave for the rest of your life !

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Or ZUN makes only girl characters so people would buy his game.

What if you go to Gensokyo and your favorite Touhou was a male?

>> No.11721540

>Or ZUN makes only girl characters so people would buy his game.
You're naive anon. You're sooo naive anon. It sort of makes you cute.

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cause subterranean animism.

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G'morning, /jp/.

Love this sequence.

>> No.11724585

What did he pull them off of her?

>> No.11724608
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It's obviously Yukari dwerps

>> No.11726967

Aya is love.

>> No.11726981

Please provide a more useful post.

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Loving Aya is pretty useful.

>> No.11726991

>Enjoy being an imprisoned sex-slave for the rest of your life !

I most certainly will.