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Merry Christmas, /jp/. Open your present.

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With pleasure!

*unzips dick*

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Can I return it?

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You got a zipped dick as a present? How cute.

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Sure, but you might catch a severe case of death by doing so.

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Wow, what a surprise!
I won't return it, then!

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If you said that, Yuuka would try to keep a straight face, but then run away and start crying. Please don't upset Yuuka!

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Uhh... is my present bees? Or spiders? Or bees riding spiders? Or bees carrying spiders then throwing them at you?

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I'll give you a hint: it's big, bouncy, soft, and you get 2 of them!

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There's also a gift card good for one act of intercourse.

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She's gonna give me boobs? She better turn me into a girl too.

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No, silly! She's giving you her boobs, for a session of, well, whatever you want. You can snuggle them, squeeze them, suck them, etc.

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Well then I choose to breastfeed from them!

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I get to have her boobs? Do I get the rest of her body as well? Do we swap bodies for one night or something?

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Paizuri with Hikage?

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I hope her milk tastes like eggnog!

I'm sure she'd let you play with her, within reason. She'd probably let you slap her fat butt, and touch her feet, etc

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No, that's lewd.

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Would she let me smell and lick her butt?

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Hello ninja Yuuka.

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Okay, where is it?

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Under her shirt.

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Why would she hide it from me if its a present?

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But I don't see a box.

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It's supposed to be a surprise!

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I don't like surprises.

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What if it's a nice surprise?

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Santa Yuuka is best.

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I don't like the surprise part of it, doesn't matter what it is.

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I'd give her a present, if you know what I mean.

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Dora e really needs to finish that Eirin comic.

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Woah, that's sad, dude

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I just don't like them.

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I wonder if something bad involvin a surprise happened to you

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I do. Can't you just give her something normal?

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But a hug is pretty normal.

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Nope, I just don't like surprises.

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Oh. Well nevermind, that's ok.

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Id give her some Christmas sausage!

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Id like to give her a warm snuggle session by the fire.

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I've never heard of that.
What does it taste like?

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The best present of /jp would be a different janitor because holy shit, this one is so bad.

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A date with Yuuka would be the best present of all.

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Driving Yuuka to town for a nice, brisk Christmasy walk around.

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Why is that car the wrong way around?

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>I'm driving Yuuka!

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Well, after a date with Yuuka, she may want to have sex with you.

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What a shit present, Why Santa hates me?

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But big squishy Yuuka meatfat to fondle and play with sounds like like an awesome present to me...

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That's a wonderful present!
Now if it was Yukari, it'd literally be the best present in existence for me!

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Well you're right, it could be worse.

At least isn't the green-haired slut.

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If I take off the bow, I might accidentally touch Yuukas breasts...

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But I don't want to!

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What if I'm not into casual sex?

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Its hardly casual if its a strictly regulated service requiring access cards.

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It is still outside the context of a loving relationship.

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Is it?

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What if your present is a loving relationship with Yuuka?

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I think that would work... as long as this isn't the scary Yuuka that turns me into a sunflower.

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It's the kind and loving Yuuka that would only be dangerous to you if you'd do something really bad first.

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Please do not sexualize Yuuka.

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But she's literally asking to be sexualized by wrapping her breasts up in such a lewd manner.

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What's so bad about being a sunflower?

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She can't help that she has breasts there!

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Normally I wouldn't like it but being Yuuka's precious sunflower that she lovingly cares for every day sounds strangely appealing.

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Yeah, I mean, she's a female girl. She has a vagina too, even.

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That means she has a clitoris, womb, and maybe even a hymen!

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Isn't she supposed to be a plant? Why does she have mammalian features?

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Because she's not a plant or suppose to be, she's a girl/woman/lady/youkai.

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Does she have a pistil or stamen? Or both?

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plant youkai are still plants.
the "human" appearance is just a pleasant abstraction ZUN chose

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Yuuka is a lady.

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curse youkai are not curses
gap youkai is not a gap
darkness youkai is not dark

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Yuuka isn't a plant, she just has powers over them.

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Is this the degeneracy thread?

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I heard she's an overgrown fairy, like what Cirno is going to turn into if she keeps being the strongest

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can the present be the cleaned out backend instead??

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I want to smoke a blunt with Yuuka

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If Yuuka is a plant, does she grow if I water her?

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where's the present

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Me too!
In a nice and warm sunflower field together as we watch the sun set.

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I think you're supposed to undo the bow and open the buttons. It's some fancy wrapping

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I swear they keep making this child-proof packaging more and more complex.

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I always tear my presents open

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But you''d tear Yuuka's beautiful outfit if you did that!
I don't think she would be very happy about it...

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Make sure you water her everyday!

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Does sprinkling her with semen count?

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Probably, but I don't think Yuuka will be happy about that.

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I wouldn't even think about doing anything that would displease her.

Despite the fact that I just asked about something that would probably displease her.

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You're a good person, I think.

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Thanks, I think.

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can i please get a Christmas holo?

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No, it's either Yuuka or charcoal. Your choice.

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Well, then i really hope she doesn't get psycho on me during the stay.

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I'll take the charcoal, Yuuka a shit

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Nice one dude.

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You mean I can pick Mokou instead? Sign me up!

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Her tits aren't normally that size so she has to be hiding something big in there. I'd ask her why she chose to put them in her shirt instead of a box or something.

>> No.11711589

She watered them every day just for you.

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She knew I liked big tits?
That's pretty dedicated of her to do!

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She really loves you, Anon. You better return that love.

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I'd snuggle with her and rub her feet.

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If she loves me so much, will she buy me a house?

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Please do not misuse the spoiler function.

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I do! I do!

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No, but she'll let you stay at her place!
She's got a cool mansion to sleep in.

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Will she let me wear that hat?
This is a very important question.

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Sure. But only because it's you!
Yuuka's so powerful that she doesn't need her hat to survive.

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I do not feel worthy of her love...

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Sex with Yuuka!

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I want to cuddle with Yuuka on a cold winter night.

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Why are tongue out pictures so arousing?


Would be the worst student so I could stay after every calss and sniff Yuuka sensei's seat every time she got up and wasn't looking

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But if you are the best student then she will let you sniff her directly and have tender loving intercourse with her.

>> No.11712418

Why not just be average and beg Yuuka sensei for sexual experience.

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If I was Yuuka, I'd have sex with all my students, regardless of grades.

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Months later.

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Would she let me smell her feet?

>> No.11714009

She would let you smell any part of her you want to.

Is it weird to want to be Yuuka and get tenderly loved and end up pregnant with the child of my beloved?

>> No.11714131

That depends, are you gay?

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Then it probably is weird, but who wouldn't want to be Yuuka, she's great.

>> No.11714345

I guess the better question would be "is it bad?" rather than "is it weird?"

Though to me not wanting to be Yuuka comes across as weird.

>> No.11714351

shut up fag, just because you've got the stomach of a pregnant woman doesn't mean you know what it's like to be one

>> No.11714368

I'm not even that guy, and I'm just talking about wanting to be Yuuka in general.

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What would you do if you were Yuuka?
I would first make a clone of myself and begin having sex with my clone.
Then after cleaning up, I'd go bully Reimu or Marisa and end the day with watering all my flowers.

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I'd give Wriggle a footjob.

>> No.11714764

But Wriggle is a girl.

>> No.11714769

You can give girls footjobs too!

>> No.11714771

I'd lock Wriggle in a porta potty.

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What does ❤ sound like /jp/?

>> No.11714782

A sexual moan.

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I love Yuuka~

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There should be more touhous in suits. Preferably accompanied by gritty stories about the seedy underbelly of Gensokyo and the cheapness of (human) life.

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Yuuka needs to shave.

>> No.11717738

It's nice like that. Not too much, just perfekt

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no she don't

>> No.11717806

I'm not a fan of this, but I'll allow it if it's Yuuka.

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Show us your big bouncy bare breasts!

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I want Yuuka to show me her smile!

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Why are there no doujinshi of Yuuka using her clone during sex?
Think of all the possibilities!

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It's been done. Well, her getting dominated by a genderswap of her.

>> No.11719340

>Yuuka getting dominated.
I can't like this.

>> No.11719344

It's her (well, him) dominating herself, what's not to like?

>> No.11719364

The female (normal) Yuuka should dominate the male one.

>> No.11719395

Doujin artists don't play games.

>> No.11719597

Some of them do, but usually not ones that draw porn. Even less so for the PC-98 games where that ability appeared.

>> No.11719767

I don't think I've seen more than 2 H-doujinshi that have Flandre using four of a kind, so it's probably the former.