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Holding Patchouli's hand!

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Enough fucking Patchouli threads.

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I agree. condense your shit. I like patchy, but I'm tired of these dumb little threads that reuse the same stale images.

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Patchy is a mouse!!!!

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there are currently no other patchy threads.

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please treat pocket patchy kindly

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I get horny when someone touches my ears.

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Let go. You're hurting her.

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Patchy can't gamble...

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no bully!

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I just smelt a bar of patchouli soap at the grocery store today.
I nearly gagged. I sure hope patchy doesn't smell like that. Don't stoners use that to cover up the smell?

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Wrong 2hu

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I don't like that picture.
Her forehead is too fucking big.
And why is she having an orgasm from someone squeezing her hand? Does she have the downs?

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It smells weird. I thought it'd smell nice. I was wrong.

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You don't see where the other hand is

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She is either very pure or very slutty depending on your interpretation of the pic.

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anime girls must be the most volatile creatures imaginable

if you poked her in the stomach she'd probably have a heart attack

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shes a pure slut.

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Why does she look like she shat herself?

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Why is Patchy such a slut?

I bet she'd do unspeakable things if you bought her books.

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>Mind control
>Title: The only reason of Patchouli's OOOOO was that her hand was clenched.
Hypnotism of late is very advanced.

You people are so fucking judgemental nowadays. But the idea itself is mind-blowingly hot~.

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>if you poked her in the stomach

details, man, details

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Pure girls don't blush when touching someone's hand.
She must be slutty

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That face is solid proof of how lewd hald-holding is. Please don't hold hands /jp/, stay pure

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I think she's having an asthma attack

You should probably take her to the vet.

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The vet?

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Well you can't take a Youkai to a human docter, so take her to a vet.

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...right. No. Take her to Eirin.

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She'll be fine, she's a youkai.

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Isn't Patchy's deal that she devoted all her study to magically curing her athsma, but ended up just making herself immortal instead?

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I think she was born a Youkai, so she didn't need to transform herself like Alice did.

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I've held hands before and most of the times were fairly uneventful, save for a few chance encounters. The first time it was my hand that was grabbed. It was almost like I was raped. Still, my body became aroused. The feeling of her small soft hand trying to force my palm open so she could grab onto it is what turned me on the most. Once my palm was worked open she only held onto it for no longer than five seconds before running away. Not my finest moment by a long shot.

The second, more memorable and enjoyable encounter happened I was watching a movie on the couch with the same girl who a few months prior had forced her hand into my own. Even though I should have been satisfied with the warmth she was sharing with me by leaning against me, I still wanted more. I placed my open hand palm-up on her soft thigh, not really sure if she'd understand what I was hoping for. Somehow, despite no words being said, she placed her palm against mine and put each one of her fingers between my own. Compared to the normal-style of handholding we had been doing with eachother, holding hands like this felt completely different; I felt much closer to her than I ever had in the past. We let our hands touch eachothers like that for roughly 20 minutes or so before she told me her hand hurt because her fingers were spread so far. I just wrapped my arms around her and we continued watching the movie like that.

Hand holding may seem harmless, but by the time you've held hands with someone it's already too late. If human contact were a drug, hand holding would without a doubt be the action that gets you addicted to the feeling of sharing the warmth and comfort of another person. It's best to not involve yourself with such things, /jp/. I did and now I feel like I've lost my purity and on top of that I long to hold hands and cuddle. This desire is so strong that it even invades my dreams more often than not.

Don't ever hold hands even once. This is a written warning for you all.

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Stop staring at...

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Patchy isn't immortal as far as we know, she just has a long lifespan like other youkai because she was born a magician. In order to become immortal she would need to use magic to stop her aging, which she hasn't been said to have done.
The asthma thing is completely different though. Magicians often use elements and substances that are toxic when performing various spells and this affects their health. It's implied that her anemia and asthma are from repeatedly using toxic materials for spells.

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But it sounds so nice.

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Feeling a girl's pulse in her hand is really intense. You could have an attack like Patchy. Please be careful.

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You could hold her smelly foot instead and avoid the issue.

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Patchouli, what is "sex"?

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putting the patch in the chouli

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Why does touching feet to feet seem so lewd?

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Because it can be. To me it is. Especially if you're touching them with your dick.

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She's one of the very few touhous that actually work well with balloon tits.

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No Touhou works well with balloon tits.

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She's lazy, stays indoors all the time and don't even walk most of the time.

Giant mana tanks fit her perfectly.

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It is very nice, while it lasts. You become very accustomed to it and come to expect it regularly. When it's suddenly stopped, when you can no longer hold hands and cuddle with someone, you're left feeling cold and uncomfortable.

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Such is life though.

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It's best if you just never do it, honestly.

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NOt really. It's best you don't get too caught up in having or not having.

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Not really, with time you'll forget.

The last time I did this was around 16 or 18 years ago, I forgot the exact date. When you're being isolated from everyone you tend to forget all those kind of human contacts you might had in the past. Even going out to the grocery is a pain to be honest, I can't go out during the day because the sun hurts my eyes so I usually go at night, when there's barely anyone outside.

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She's a bookworm, there are two important aspects of a good bookworm. Tits and glasses.

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can you cosplay patchouli and let me touch your ears?

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I'm a bookworm and I don't have tits.

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>It's implied that her anemia and asthma are from repeatedly using toxic materials for spells.

Why didn't she invest a pair of days into studying some Restoration magic? Or even some basic protective equipment?

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According to Marisa, the countermeasures that magicians take doesn't prevent 100% of all toxins. They slowly seep into the body, and the magician must keep herself alive through magic

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Patchouli isn't a youkai, she's just a magician!

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magicians, the species, are a youkai

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Patchy feet.

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Hello Purple yuuka!

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Patchy feet are cute!

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Patchouli has a nice belly button!

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Yes they are!

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Voile > Locked Girl

This is my opinion
I will respect differing opinions

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>tfw being the only one that wants to lick patchoulis belly button ;_;

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Who are you quoting?

Also, that's wrong. I also want to lick and do lewd things to pache's belly button (navel)

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That's gross. It's probably full of fermented dusty lint.


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Patchouli is a librarian.

She isn't a lewd girl.

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Even ironic shit posting is shit posting
I love this image. It would only be funnier if she said it weird like "the hip-hop and stuff" instead.
Those feet sure look lewd.

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She can be lewd sometimes, but normally you're right.

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>When it comes to knowledge I won't lose to you.
>...I memorized a lot of things.

>Patchouli found the books hidden under the bed
>Books found: hardcore fetishes
>For some reason I felt like drawing a sweet version of Patchi-san too. By the way, she sucks when it come to the real thing.

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The more I look at that picture, the more the terrible proportions bother me

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Everypart about patchouli is lewd, even her face when shes calm.
I bet she would be willing to satisfy any fetish, which would be the best.