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Which Yakumo would you fuck?

This is important.

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worst family with a house pet

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Ran is definitely not for fucking, and I don't really get the right vibe from Chen, so I'd go with Yukari.

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Violently rape Yukari

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I would have cuddly lovesex with her.

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Ran is for tender loving or being, Yukari is for fucking.
Chen is for petting.

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I would sic vicious tentacle monsters on her and have them impregnate her against her will with more tentacle monster babies so they can impregnate her too. It would be an endless cycle.

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Yukari and Chen

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I'd get close to Yukari so that i can meet her friend Yuyuko who is the best Touhou. Sex with no Yakumo.

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If you fuck Yukari, you'd probably get to fuck Ran too.

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Chen, I guess. I don't really care for her that way, but I respect the other two as characters too much to want to stick it in.

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Reminder that Chen does not have the Yakumo name.

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>Ran is definitely not for fucking
I disagree.

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None, they're pretty boring as far as Touhou character designs go.

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sexy pose Yukari

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i'd like to smell yukari's armpits

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I'd say Yukari because I think she is the best looking of the three but at the same time I feel like she would put a portal inside of her vagina that leads to my asshole for fun.

So I guess Ran even though the tails will probably get in the way.

Or just decline the offer and go home.

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How is that a bad thing? That would literally be THE BEST thing that you could ever do.

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If I wanted to fuck myself in the ass, I would go back to school.

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Can I just cuddle with Ran instead? I want to touch fluffy tail.

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what about chen?

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This guy's got the right idea.

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pls don't rape the Yukari...

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Tossup between Yukari and Ran. Sorry Chen, but you look a little young for this. Maybe in another couple decades

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Ran if I have to pick one and only if I have to pick one.

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I'd fug Yukari because she can gap me a sandwich from Sakuya's kitchen.

This is so true. It's finals week at my Uni and holy fuck I feel like I am going to die. Why do I forget shit that I learned two weeks ago?

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No opinion on her either way.

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I want to marry Ran.