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What would your younger self think of your present self now that you're a weeaboo faggot?

My younger self would slap me a high five because I get to watch cartoons and play computer games all day.

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I'm not a weeaboo.

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This, speak for yourself nerd.

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my younger self would report this thread

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So you admit to being faggots?

Fell right into my trap, queers.

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I would hope he would be understanding of my shitposting.

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I would force my younger self to take hormones and stuff to be a cute chick in the present.

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that image is just too spooky

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I would force my younger self to eat healthy and study harder in school and keep playing the violin and stop sucking his thumb and stop drinking dark soda.

This thread makes me remember my regrets.

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Meh, since I was a child I always admired turbo nerds of all fields.
The little shit that I was would get exited of my fig, fumo and book collection.

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I'm pretty much the same as when I was a kid, only more bitter.

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Would you have sex with your younger self?

Willing or unwilling?

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Not a girl, so no.

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That's pretty gay, dude.

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Why don't you become a girl now? You still have a chance to not be a hon!

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but im not a weeaboo faggot.

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Disappointed by my failures, most likely.

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Shit I used to fantasize about my older self coming back through time to fuck me

I even wrote notes of exact times and places to go back to and kept them in safe places so I'd know when to go back to. I still have these notes.

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I'm sulking them too...;
My shy old sel would cry at how bad I turned out. How hairy and ugly I am now. Knowing myself he would puke. However I would advise him how to not become like me: keep playing piano, stop drawing little girl being coerced (bad habit from middle school); take hormone and continue sport. Oh, also, learning how to work, and work hard, how to have force of will, something I regret so much now.

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Younger me would be sad that I'm not having an awesome adventure in a far away land but he would also be happy that I'm taking it easy and enjoying myself. Maybe he will even be motivated to do better in school so he can take it easy a secure future but I highly doubt it. I know him well enough to know that he doesn't have the drive. We will look at each other and just shrug, knowing that it can't be helped.

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Why are you slandering Sanae?

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Would be disappointed by how much I'll coward. The thing is that I still retain almost all of the problems I had 10 years ago and I remember promising myself that I'd be completely different by this age. Indifference to being a weeaboo, I've always been that way.

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You should start smoking crack.

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"So what's sex like?"

"...good question."

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I don't know. But this reminded me of Omoide ha Okkusenman. ;_;

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I'm not much different than my 10 year old self.

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