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best girl never wins

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what's a good anime guys

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boku no pico xDD

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>we are weaponized /a/

>the cake is yuri

>Is /u/ is the cake?

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I can't even pretend to act as carefree as /a/. /jp/ has sucked all the life out of me.


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I'd recommend Infinite Stratos ^__^

I want to come in his belly button and do semen body shots off of his abdomen

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Oooh, look at me, I'm /a/, I'm soooo cool, your best girl a shit post this everyday till you like it

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Your waifu a shit

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Why is she so perfect?

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Boku no pico
now get >>>/out/

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Top 3 /m/echa anime thread! Go!

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You guys are such normalfags!! xD

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There's really no difference between /jp/ and /a/. I went over there, because /jp/ hates it so much, and I thought I was just on /jp/ at night.

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Saten's a slut! lmaoooo

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/a/ is /jp/ except half the board doesn't get deleted.

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grids. Post em

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Don't have one. Gomen.

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saten a best your waifu a shit

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The mods over there are a lot more lenient. At least when I went there. I successfully made a gachimuchi thread on /a/ that lasted quite a while.

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/a/ redirect is always to

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I can't stand how fast the board is, and how long threads are. It's enough to spook a country fella!

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There is less greentext and random memeing on /jp/.

They also redirect to /jp/, every time I go there it happens.

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/jp/ is a huge pile of general threads and /a/ isn't.

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Why do you have a trip?

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Is this part of the /a/ act or are you actually asking this?

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Because anonymous is legion, right /b/ro?

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>no janni
>can post strike witches
>good anime discussion
>no high level irony to confuse people
>the best ass threads on the internet
>can be openly gay without being persecuted
>learn about anime before it even airs on TV
>tripfriends are welcome
>has its own mod, i.e. VIP treatment

>shit janni who hates fun
>can't greentext without someone angrily putting sage in email field
>shit tripfags
>the best posters already left
>/ota/ is better
>too much irony, hurts my head sometimes
>flanfly is deleted
>other board culture is deleted
>only reason to stick around is cuteposting and cute 2hu

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I'm actually asking. Why does he have a trip. It's totally unnecessary.

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Don't say unnecessary things!

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Well depending on your post. If it total shit /v/ it is, if weeb then /jp/

Then >>>/pol/ and >>>/out/

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He gets perverse sexual pleasure from being identifiable online.

It's not necessary for you to know, so why do you ask?

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Any /jp/ros want to raid /a/ with me? >>>/a/97849959

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I'm surprised there aren't more trips on /jp/. Every other board I've ever stumbled on is flooded with trips, especially /a/ and /k/. I guess the few that we have are alright.

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The irony thing is just sad, have you seen warosu? I wonder if the people who post on there actually have something in their lives that they genuinely enjoy.

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It's three dude, I'm checking

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Trips leave /jp/ because janni/mods delete all their posts if they're not just shitty 2hu image dumpers.

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Who are you quoting?

When you put it in easy to understand greentext like that, it makes me question my loyalty to this board.

I really do hate greentext, memes and screendump threads though. I also don't particularly care about anime.

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I'm so sick of all these shitty deconstructions of DEEP pretentious edgy grimdark forced drama shounen uguu fanpandering moeshit shows we get every season.

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The english language is a meme.

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boku no pico is shit

Evangelion is best anime because
The characters for me were very interesting and felt really human as oppose a lot of other anime these days. They react as normal people would to situations that would traumatize anybody, their motives and ideals can be questionable and they themselves realize this at times their pasts properly influence who they are presently with out exaggerating it to a stupid extent.

For me, I don't think the hate for Shinji is warranted, he is one of the best and most courageous characters I've ever seen. He admits he's a coward, he admits that he's week and at times feels useless, and despite the hate for his father he stays and fights because for him, that's the right thing to do.

Other people enjoy EVA for other underlying themes like the messages it conveys or just how the story and the world work together as a whole. I'm not the biggest fan of the show nor the most knowledgeable, but is easy to understand the immense following behind it.

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Hi /jp/,

Please stop raiding us - we're not worth it.



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You just fucked yourself over with your anime reaction image faggot.

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And you most to know THAT !
Evangelion is widely considered one of the most influential anime created in the 1990's, if not of all time. It is extremely well known for it's brave attempts to turn the mecha genre on it's head, it's deep character development, and it's unorthodox storyline. Created by acclaimed studio Gainax, and written by both praised (and sometimes hated) writer Hideaki Anno, Evangelion has been called a masterpiece by anime fans. Does it deserve this praise.

Simply, yes.

Story: One of the most well known aspects of Evangelion is it's story; it is simply unorthodox, as it does the process of not feeding all of the story the viewer; it drip-feeds it, giving the viewer only half the story, or sometimes giving scenes without any context. For some anime, this would be a disaster waiting to happen, but in the case of Evangelion, this is done almost consistently masterfully, holding back information on such subjects such as SELEE or The Angels. Many have critisized the holding of frames later in the series, but taken into the context of the fact they were running out of money to make the show, is is understandable.

For many fans, their major criticism of the anime is the handling of the ending, which many consider far too 'out there' and simply crap. I too, am not a huge fan of the ending, but taking the ending to the TV series, inside the context of the 'true' ending movie, The End of Evangelion, the ending can make a lot more sense, and thus I enjoy it far, far more. To stop me from ranting on for ages, Evangelion's story is a master stroke in writing, one which has been a hard feat to replicate.


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That was spooky good

I agree. Don't listen to me and watch evangelion.

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No, Chihiro is cuter

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/a/ fuck /jp/ you lose

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Evangelion black and white and blue and white and the other hand I am not sure if you can see the light of the most part of my favorite things

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/jp will always lost because too manye faggots

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sup faggets

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would you your little sister?

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i dont understund your question onii san

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damn i am jealous now

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No, that's really like extremely creepy. Only people who don't have a sister are interested in that kind of thing. It's pretty epic as a meme though, but that's totally and completely all the incest thing was ever meant to be bro. Trust me, I'm an oldfag all the way back from 2011.

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I was going to say take your shitty meme back to /a/ but I noticed the thread.

Continue then.

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Awww, they think they a better than their onee-chan.

That's cute.

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Both /a/ and /jp/ has been junk since last year. /a/ reached eternal september with snk/sao and /jp/ posters just left after invisible sage.

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Nah that's bullshit, generalising in the first place is just bullshit. It depends on the individuals not some arbitrary decision you guys made up. I have a sister and neither of us are interested in the least but if I had a cute sister who was attached to me then I wouldn't mind.

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So the year that /a/ and /jp/ became shit was 2013? Really?

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why this pic is so kawhy

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Yes, the board turned to shit just last year, I have to agree with that objective, truthful and thorough assessment

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Yeah, /a/ used to be good before, now it really is just newfags, seriously. And /jp/ was at least actually elitist, now it's just people shitposting.

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/jp/ definitely became shit this year. /a/ has been really shitty for a while though.

・Weaponized /a/
・Invisible sage
Yeah, this year was the apocalypse.

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Probably the only thing worth salvaging from this thread.

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Sure thing, whatever you say you creepy degenerate. Please kill yourself, 3DPD-lover.

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Who's Ben?

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someone give me a god VN to play

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I'm pretty sure /jp/ has been shit for years now but it's hard to tell.

>Weaponized /a/
Barely noticeable.
>Invisible sage
Nobody actually saged shit contributions anyway.
Been around for more than a year.
Most ignorable new poster.

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Shut up nerd.

>> No.11680483

>Nobody actually saged shit contributions anyway.
I don't think you understand the point.

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When you realize that /jp/ is really just seven or eight people bumping the same threads, you'd understand how meaningless it is to hate trips.

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please enlighten me

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I don't know what you're talking about. I don't see "Ben" anywhere in my post or image. Not "ban" either. I don't know moonrunes since I'm not a weaboo faggot. Kill yourself, weaboo.

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What the fuck did you just said about my waifu?!

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Is that racoon OK?

>> No.11680500

It's a tanuki, retard

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>Evangelion's story is a master stroke in writing

There a problem here you see.The author decided to use that story as a dildo and then somehow lost that dildo in his own ass.He still can't find that dildo up until this day,poor fella.

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I keep trying to like /a/ but I fit it even less on there.

I want to like /a/. It's just I can't. I feel like I want to discuss anime and manga, but just, not like this.

Do you want to know why they quit/leave?

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oreimu is my favorite pokemans

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The ones who aren't shitposters leave because /jp/ is shit and the ones who are shitposters get banned out of /jp/.

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The point of sage isn't shitposting or irony or whatever, that's against the rules anyways, there'd be no point to have it implemented in the system would it. Sage is for posts that aren't directly related to the OP's topic. No other board than /jp/ ever used it like that though, but that's what it is. And /jp/ was very autistic about it, if a post was slightly off topic then it was saged. Sage isn't an insult or something it's for maintaining a quality of posts, discussions and the main page. After it went invisible though it became meaningless and the gate that held a big role on /jp/ vanished and everything just went into the incoherent mess of shitposting.

>> No.11680517

Katakana are hardly moonrunes, pleb.

>> No.11680518

>Sage is for posts that aren't directly related to the OP's topic

Nope. Try again.

>> No.11680521

What do you think sage is for then?

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I used to have this image but don't know what happened to it.

>> No.11680529

It's used to keep active threads off the front page

>> No.11680525

Traps aren't gay.

I'd suck a feminine dick.

>> No.11680526

Good arguments you've got there.

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>> No.11680528

>The point of sage isn't shitposting or irony or whatever, that's against the rules anyways, there'd be no point to have it implemented in the system would it.
It's not the point of it but it was one of its major uses.

>And /jp/ was very autistic about it, if a post was slightly off topic then it was saged.
In theory, but in practice retards always bump the threads so it stopped mattering.

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File: 221 KB, 1600x1200, yotsubawithagun!epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!withanepicvector!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!killlenewfags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't fucking care, weaboo. Please kill yourself. Go back to your anime club and kill yourself.

>> No.11680535

How does it feel knowing Suigin left you guys for /a/ because you got boring?

>> No.11680542

You could try killing yourself.

>> No.11680538

Talk about outdated humor.

I keep reaching for higher levels or irony each day. Lately I'm finding that even /jp/ is not enough. I want to lose myself in something so ironic that I never come back to reality again. Is this possible? I'd like to believe so.

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/a/ doesn't argue about sage as much you people seem to think.

This thread is silly.

>> No.11680540

Bad, but only because if a board is too shitty for Suigin it must be fucking horrid.

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Not that much on /jp/, people used it out of courtesy rather than insulting like /v/ does.

There weren't that many non /jp/ posters for it to matter.

>> No.11680544


I made a spelling error. My mistake. I'm pretty sure you can figure out what I was trying to say.

>> No.11680545

Why did people in this thread try to comedically exaggerate the memetic /a/ posting habits instead of just doing like the image said and acting as /a/ as possible? Are you just shitty method actors?

>> No.11680546


Sage was falling out of use when it went invisible anyway. Too many crossies would just bump threads that were just too irresistible for them and ruin the whole thing. It only worked if everyone was autistic about it, which it was for a while.

>> No.11680554


>Too many crossies would just bump threads that were just too irresistible for them and ruin the whole thing.

Actually, it was mostly I'm-too-much-of-a-unique-flower-for-your-board's-habits-please-pay-attention-to-me tripscum who did this. How many times did you see ZUN!bar on one of his tripcodes bumping a thread because he had arrived with his important opinion?

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rate mai waifu

>> No.11680552

>Not that much on /jp/, people used it out of courtesy rather than insulting like /v/ does.
People insulted each other with sage all the time. If you wrote a huge post calling someone a faggot you were supposed to sage it, or you were just as bad.

>There weren't that many non /jp/ posters for it to matter.
What is a "non-/jp/ poster"?

>> No.11680555

I'm sure death will deal out massive irony, but I'd like to see what is possible in this configuration.

>> No.11680556

Because if I don't attack strawmen and don't actually try to be realistic, I'll never feel like a happy and satisfied elite poster.

>> No.11680561


It's not about 'strawmen', these are actually the things /a/ does, just exaggerated.

Holy fuck, don't ever think I'm on your side, crossboarder.

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making fun of others isn't nice yo.

>> No.11680565

I don't even remember ZUN!Bar posting. I was on /jp/ around the same time that he was here, but I just regarded him as another shitty trip.

/jp/ only acknowledges trips when they leave or get permbanned

>> No.11680566

Keep up the good work NSJ.

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>> No.11680568


Do they really use 'NSJ' now?

>> No.11680573

You're confused on the issue, insults are generally off topic shitposting so if you had any anon etiquette then you saged it, saying that yeah this post isn't worthy of discussion therefore it is an act of courtesy, it's not like adding a sage to your post means DOWNVOTE xD like /v/ thinks. That's the difference between how a board like /jp/ used it compared to /v/. Not like it matters nowdays but still.

What it sounds like, people from other boards or sites who didn't know how sage works or had misconceptions about it.

>> No.11680575

Nice thread I'm proud of all of you as usual.

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Can girls love other girls?

>> No.11680579


Without the /a/ image and filename, this would actually be an acceptable /jp/ post (maybe featuring kuroko and electric retard girl)

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>> No.11680584

Using memes? Yeah that's a very /a/ thing, /jp/ would never do something like using memes.

>> No.11680585

PSA: this thread is to make fun of /a/, not for /a/ offboarders and crossboarders to try to make their presence known.

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>> No.11680587

>You're confused on the issue, insults are generally off topic shitposting so if you had any anon etiquette then you saged it, saying that yeah this post isn't worthy of discussion therefore it is an act of courtesy, it's not like adding a sage to your post means DOWNVOTE xD like /v/ thinks.
I know all of this. If you're derailing an on-topic thread, posting in a retarded off-topic thread, or posting some long stupid flame, you sage your shit contribution. All of this is perfectly compatible with my first post, that you got mad at me for.

>Not like it matters nowdays but still.
It hasn't mattered in years.

>> No.11680589


This thread just got a lot more /a/. Are you doing the method acting I mentioned? Good job.

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>tfw KyK is shit
>tfw this season is shit

>> No.11680591

/a/ and /jp/ are pretty much the same thing anyways, and /jp/ has gone way too shit at this point to try and make fun of other boards for anything.

>> No.11680592



Kill ya Kill? Kyokai yo Kanata?

I don't understand


>/a/ and /jp/ are pretty much the same thing anyways,

Cool. Well, you should definitely be using /a/ then, because it has a lot more users for you to talk with.

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>> No.11680596

I'm not the guy you were talking with, just saying that every bulletin board type site uses memes all the time, and /jp/ isn't exception. If nothing else just parrot 2ch memes, since japs are just as bad when it comes to memes as western sites.

>> No.11680597


Why did you save this on your hard drive? It's yours, right?


Wow, this thread practically IS /a/ now. You are a fucking good actor. Is this Robin Williams? I know he likes weab shit.

>> No.11680599

>Why did you save this on your hard drive?
probably because he thought it was funny

>> No.11680601


I just ask because I couldn't fathom why 'he' would save something which is clearly unfunny despite trying really hard.

>> No.11680602

gtfo bully

>> No.11680605

So /jp/, you tried to act as /a/ as possible and in the way you started met arguing about the fucking newfags, sage, trips and shitposting while an occassional retard posts something about waifus

You silly imouto board, you ARE like /a/

>> No.11680605,1 [INTERNAL] 

can't wait for another worthless 500 posts of meta

>> No.11680605,2 [INTERNAL] 

Thanks, asshole. This was the only reason I was staying awake.

>> No.11680605,3 [INTERNAL] 

>something which is clearly unfunny
there's no accounting for taste

>> No.11680605,4 [INTERNAL] 

I fucking hate warosu so fucking much
so fucking much

>> No.11680605,5 [INTERNAL] 

i meta'd ur moms ass with my dick lmaoo

>> No.11680605,6 [INTERNAL] 

> you ARE like /a/

Yeah the only real difference is that /a/ has much more dumb weeaboos (actual ones) and dumb meme/catch phrase spouters. /a/ is too fast. /jp/ is too slow.

Both have a good number of resident shitposters, probably cross-posters actually. Both boards are full of whiny fuckers. Both have their share of complete and utter dumbfucks (like me). Both are shitty.

this is fact, kthnxbai

>> No.11680605,7 [INTERNAL] 

               ,.  ´ ̄ ̄´ ̄ ̄`
          __  /: : : :/: : : : : : : : : : : : : \  __
        r‐(___):' : : :/:./ : : : : : : : : | : : ', : : : `(___)、
      ,,-ゝ(___) ′:,′: : : :,.イ : : : : : : : : , : : :(___)┴ 、
      /: :/: : : } /: : / / : : : / | : : : : : :! : : l : : : /: : :\: ヽ
      :,.:/: : : :ノ:′:,':ハ:.ハ∧/ l:.ハハ.,ト、ハハ.,,|: : : :{: : : : : }: :j
       ゞ--イ / :..:|レ ´ ̄`  `’ ´ ̄`ヽ. | : : : :ゝ---’イ
         ノ.;′:..:|    `     ´     |: : : : :|: :|
        /: :i : : : |ィ笊汽     '笊汽㍉: : : : :, 八
      / : : /|: : :..:| 弋;;;;ツ       弋;;;;ツ |: :/: :,′: ヽ
        {: : : ; :|ハ: : ハ      、      /: /: :/: : : : :ハ
       乂:..:.:.:!:.乂j:.ミ           〃/ノイ.:.:.:. : : : :}
        ):.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.、    ー ‐    /:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. /
        ´八乂:.:.:.:.:.:.:.> .,      ,. イ:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.;ィ、(_
           `ヽ八ぃr:、|` - ´ |ィハ/レj八i´'"´
         _,.   イ   .... ___      ヾ‐┐
         /        ー-- /    | |`ー 、
       /                  __|_|__r‐‐ァf
        /    '.         、ー‐ 、ノ ,...... ーy'、ノス
.      /       '.          ゝ`ー〈 (ュ l7 〉 / }│
     ,ノ     '. Υ    ,. -‐  `ー‐ヽ `ー'´γ' |
   /        '. |二ア彡'"       /ゝ--r<ヽ  :,
.  /         '. ! /          /:./|:.:| |ゝ-、!  :,

>> No.11680605,8 [INTERNAL] 

doing the self-hate bit is a bit tired.

like that new banner with the guy jumping out of the office building yelling "i am the cancer"

i mean, i don't want to act like i'm above you, i want to be right next to you, giving you warmth as another human being, but i really don't want to be labeled as a worthless person even if i am one. i will never admit it and always speak about myself through ideals.

>> No.11680605,9 [INTERNAL] 

        ───   /
        ー──   |/\_/

              l      _l_
              | ──   |    | .|/⌒ヽ   ./ /
       \     | __      ̄ヽ  |/|  /  / /     /
       \\              /   l  /  / /    //
       \\                    ・ ・  //
                        __            /
                  __ /: : :` < ̄ : . ,
              . : ´: : ' : : : : : : : : `: : : : :\
            ,.∠ : : : : : i \: : :、: : :ヽ: : :、 : : : : .
              ,:':::::::::}: : : :、/: i: } ヽ:.l: : : :ハ:/i: : : : : '.
          /:::::::/⌒): : /`メ|:ノ  }ハ: : :,.ィi´:ハノ: : : i:|
        ,. ィ´:::::::,': : : : :./イ,x=≧、  ̄ィテ示ミ、: : : ル\
      /:/::::::::::::{: : : :, '/〃んィ:ハ    {ノ:::ハ V:.く::::::::::`::....
    ,イ:::::::::::::::::::::::::::`7´:.:lヾ 弋辷ツ     ー ′ ヽ: : Y::::::::::::::::`:Z
    |::::::::::::::::::::::::::::/: : : : ハ.////rv--‐ーvヘ /// }: : l::::::::::::::::::::::ノ
    |:::::::::::::::::::::::::/: : : : : : :.|   |       ;′   ハ: ーノ::::::::r ´
    `^ヽ、:::::::::ノイ: : : : i: : :.:ーィ 弋__,. ' ,. イ: : :, くrー‐'´
         八: : : : : : :ー:ニ>'=‐r _tr─<: : : :ノ`´
             `ヽー}イ、:ハ\  \/   / V´
                |  l  ー/ イ  | |

>> No.11680605,10 [INTERNAL] 

I will always hate her. And you as well.

>> No.11680605,11 [INTERNAL] 

I want to cuddle with someone and share warmth with them.

>> No.11680605,12 [INTERNAL] 

Is it true that Warosu is the cool hip place for kids to hang out, like a skating ring?

>> No.11680605,13 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.11680605,14 [INTERNAL] 

me too but nobody wants to come close to me

do people still do the thing with the indoor skating stuff like in the 80s? actually that is a pointless question since i remember seeing a photo of a girl i sort of liked at one of those places a few years ago. i found out that she had a boyfriend for 6 months so then i stopped liking her forever. you can sense when a girl has lot her purity so easily. that's probably why i don't get along with my mother.

>> No.11680605,15 [INTERNAL] 


I really want to eat her okonomiyaki

>> No.11680605,16 [INTERNAL] 

who /a/ here

who are you quoting

kancolle is otaku culture

the janitor only deletes shitposts

waifu waifu waifu waifu waifu (am i fitting in yet)

/a/ is a good board and still relevant in 2013

IRC did everything IRC IRC boogeyman IRC

i never ignore shitposting the only way to combat it is to reply and argue

>> No.11680605,17 [INTERNAL] 

◘imbly shichan has been relevance past 06


>> No.11680605,18 [INTERNAL] 

Holy shit why did Janny let the discusdion run for 100+ replies before deleting it?

He really wants us to welcome warmly our /a/ brethren

>> No.11680605,19 [INTERNAL] 

``who are you quoting'' is /jp/

>> No.11680605,20 [INTERNAL] 

check out my ``jp quotes'' i know all of the old and busted memes from 12 months ago and I still use them because I'm a tru jper

>> No.11680605,21 [INTERNAL] 


Quoting properly isn't a meme, it's how intelligent people quote.

I can imagine you sitting there with your fat fucking face all satisfied and thinking you're cleverly unraveling the dirty habits of warosu posters when you have no clue what you're talking about. Kill yourself.

>> No.11680605,22 [INTERNAL] 

It's how eminent middle-aged computer scientists and retarded posers quote. Which are you?

>> No.11680605,23 [INTERNAL] 

>from 12 months ago

More like literally 50 years, ``pleb''.

>> No.11680605,24 [INTERNAL] 

all the jp memes suck
the best thing is when you read unexpected posts
that's why you come here. you stupid idiots

>> No.11680605,25 [INTERNAL] 


Actually just seeing you get upset is all I wanted

>> No.11680605,26 [INTERNAL] 

It's ironic because trolling is also retro now.

>> No.11680605,27 [INTERNAL] 

Kilel le kilel is the best animu ever!!!!

>> No.11680605,28 [INTERNAL] 

So many normalfags. I'm just trying to watch Madoka with my gf during anime club in peace.

>> No.11680605,29 [INTERNAL] 

(Actual discussion about a subject instead of shitposting about whether it belongs on the board or not)

>> No.11680605,30 [INTERNAL] 

Does /a/ really still discuss things? Every time I go there it just seems like it's filled with people who want to flame anyone who is watching an anime they're not watching.

>> No.11680605,31 [INTERNAL] 

does /jp/ really still discuss things? every time i go there it just seems like it's filled with people who want to flame anyone

>> No.11680605,32 [INTERNAL] 

/jp/ discusses the two ``M's'': Memes and Meta.

>> No.11680605,33 [INTERNAL] 

Secret shitposting crew
irc irc irc irc irc irc irc
Tripfags tripfags
Fucking tripfags
cancer cancer cancer

>> No.11680605,34 [INTERNAL] 

Le b8ing fish face

>> No.11680605,35 [INTERNAL] 

Who's acting? (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

>> No.11680605,36 [INTERNAL] 

             /::/ ̄ ̄ヽ::::::::,
              {:r‐' ,ィ=  ミ::/ヽ
             |ッ ´ へ'″ i::! _ノ
             ヽ^l     i::! リ
              l└  、   j:::〉l___r‐<⌒ヽ
                :, 冫  ,.ィツ´ ト、 ハ. `ヽ\  \
                 ゝ-f:::::ィ´   jへ.ヘ. . .\ヽ|   \
               ,.二W、  ̄ |ヽ_|  { .!. . . .ヾ!  /  〉
              ∠...、\ \ |~ゝ、  { .!. . . . . 、/==={
        _     /__   ヽ. \ `′\ゝ、ノ |. . . 爻 ∨   `i
       / {      {  `  、v ハ. . . . . .\. /. . . . 爻. ∨  \
     _} ヽ    /      }. .}. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .爻 ∨   \
⊂ニニニ.,_     :,   ,′__,,--- {. .|. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .爻 ∨  _ノ
    〈 ―'、    \ ゝィ三ア¨¨¨ヾ. |. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ∨´ ̄ ̄ヽ
     ヾ二ィ_,.  \j_     ∨. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ∨-=   .ハ
           ヽ    ヽ ゝ、  .!\ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ∨´ ̄`レ'
           \  │   }  !  \. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ‘.   |
           ト \ !   |   |    丶. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .i . .‘.    ,
           |__ `¨   レ'   |    /. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..}. . .‘.   ′
             `ヽ_,ノ  ,ノ    /. . .、 . . . 、 . . . . . . _,.、_,.‘.   :,
                 `¨¨¨¨´    ゝ..,, . .\__ノー'^ー'´ _  __,__r.、
                          У_,.> ― ¨¨ r===イ:ィ7⌒ヾ;
                             /__,ノ   l    |:i:i:i:i:i:i{込;;;;;;ク
                         /     |    |:i:i:i:i:i:iミ 、とノ

>> No.11680605,37 [INTERNAL] 


omg madoka is the best animU in da world ROFL

what is 2hu? LEL

>> No.11680605,38 [INTERNAL] 

I love the bait fish

Someone force something similar on the jay