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Have you been arrested?


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I don't have a credit card nor do I know how to obtain one, I use my mom's.
I also don't have an ID

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You don't even have a few hundred to your name?

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I don't know what your talking about

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This probably represents a problem I have but:
If you had a few hundred units of currency, why wouldn't you spend them?

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I bought a Vita on Black Friday

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You just walk in the bank and they will love to get all over your cock to get you to sign the papers. You will be in and out in seconds.

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If something comes out I really want, I'd want to have a little money left over to buy that

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How is it?

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They give me one that I can receive my scholarship. Too bad that I couldn't choose these cuteness.

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I got in a fight with a nigger and they took me to "jail" but I was able to immediately sign myself out because of no prior history and I was fighting off a nigger.

As the cop was taking my prints and stuff he was like "you know I'm doing you a favor right? I know you stabbed him"
I didn't say anything because I didn't know if I was being recorded or what.

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lel nice FREEDOM amerifats

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Does /jp/ know how I can get a Japanese credit card with cute 2D girls on it?

I already have normal credit cards if that makes a difference, so credit shouldn't be an issue.

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Well, did you stab him?

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You are always being recorded. Just gently deny everything without making any concrete statements.

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Please someone watch >>11678103 and type a post about it.

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Yeah, but that will require me to
1. get out
2. talk to people
so no.

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Your decision is for the best if you have no income since they take out money for maintenance.

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