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Why does everyone use the abbreviation "2hu"?

Touhou is pronounced "Toe-Hoe", so saying 2hu makes no sense.

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it used to be ironic

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>Touhou is pronounced "Toe-Hoe"
no it's not also >>11676595

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Yes it is, learn to Japanese

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it's not you retarded weeaboo faggot
tōhō, not touhou

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Properly romanized, you use "touhou" you ignorant mongoloid.

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How do they pronounce Shippō (ō in romaji equals ou) in InuYasha? They pronounce it "Ship-Oh". And if you hadn't noticed, you are on /jp/ so calling someone a weeaboo is hypocritical, and makes you seem like an asshole who can't take being wrong

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w 2 f?

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Is this ultra-irony??!

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Teh-wii sounds adorable and I don't care if it is wrong.

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Tay-E feels weird to say anyway.
I prefer 2E even if it's wrong.

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weebs slang it's pretty common

kantai collection is the new touhou
just sayin'

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>the amount of wrong in this thread

top kek 9/10

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to hoe

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Just because nips forgot how to pronounce ゐ doesn't mean we can't say it correctly.

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10gu best 2hu

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moot didn't want foot fetishists turning every thread into a hoes with toes jizzfest, so he filtered terms like touhou and toe-hoe to 2hu. The filter was removed but the tradition continued in honor of moots hatred for foot fetishists

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he clearly meant toehoe

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Why are you quoting a thread from 2008?

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2011 shitposter term. Just use it as an early warning who to ignore.


Here's another. It's their way of saying "I was only pretending to be retarded".

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Kancolle this, Kancolle that.
How bout you Kancolle fags
shut the fuck up when there
isn't even a Kancolle festival.

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Are you trying to write a poem?

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Games like Kancolle
come and go
but Touhou September
stays forever

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My 24-hour project was ruined.

What a pain.

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No it's not.

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Animu, vidya, mango, 2hu… if we keep corrupting and abbreviating and ironing words like this imagine what we'll sound like in twenty years it'll be real "bleeg blarg bloog" communion-with-the-mothership type shit. You feel me, Jive Penguins?

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You sunk my frigate!

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It's fun to watch language evolve! I can't wait!!

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A better question is why we no longer weaponized?

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its like, a JOKE LMAO

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>2011 shitposter term
Wait, really? Oh no! I've been using '2hu' whentever I wanted to actually talk about Touhou, have people been filtering it and stuff?

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Weebs after all. lel.

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Because Toe-hoe is used by tumbrl and deviantart.
Also even ZUN pronounces it Toho, in a world where people call Tewi Tei there's not reason to butthurt over Toho.

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/jp/ is too slow to warrant filtering, you just get -10 to reputation.

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If ō = ou, how come we don't romanize 幻想郷 as Gensoukyou? And if you say, "Well, ZUN-sama has officially romanized it as Gensokyo!" then why don't you nerds don't pay attention to his other romanizations? e.g.

And why isn't Tokyo called Toukyou? Get it together, Japan devs.

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You're welcome to start. Actually, I think I'll join.

Remember when everyone was calling Eiki "Shikieiki"? Then people realized that, wait, it's fucking retarded and just stopped, one by one. We can always do the same for any other (im)proper name we use.

Please also remember to call Minamitsu and Shinmyoumaru with their given names while you're at it.

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2Who and Two-WEE! just sound cuter
fuck the proper pronunciations

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Wait, what are the actual pronunciations?
I've always said 'toe-hoe', 'two-E', and 'Ray-moo'
Is that the wrong way?

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Why don't you use the IPA when discussing things like this?

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I call Shinmyoumaru by her given name, but she's CAPTAIN Murasa. I'd no more call her Minamitsu than I would call ZUN Jun'ya.

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Why would you? More people on this board will know the pronunciation of とうほう than some weird IPA string.

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2hu are you quoting?™

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Touhou is pronounced tou-how you dumbass

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