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Happy Thanksgiving /jp/!

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Obama let one turkey live

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Have my thanks, dork.

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Fuck American

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wow wat a great guy

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Don't you mean Black Thursday?

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I feel sorry for all the turkeys you amerifats have to kill. Silly protestants.

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Don't forget the blood of indians that I put in my wine, you brown non-american scum.

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who's your thanksgiving fap

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Gonna get Pokemon Y for $30 later today

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indian genocide best day of my life

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pleas buy me a nintendo ds too, so i can play pokemon too

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wow nice

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X is better

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Gay reindeer

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Exactly. You'd have to be some sort of heteronerd to want some bird thing

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I'm a /jp/, it's only natural to be interested in birds!

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This is why you always lose

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I find your lack of faith disturbing...

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6v6 me nerd

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Make me

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You're going down...

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Prove it

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Why do you fags even care about the legendaries? Aren't some of the mega-forms version specific? Should pick based on that.

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Only 2 pokemon (Mewtwo and Charizard) have version exclusive megas.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone

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Dude, that's really fucking cute

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Some stones are also per version. Whichever game has Aggronite is automatically the best game.

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It's today? I'm not American, so I had no clue, but I hope everyone who observe it have a great time with their family, or playing Pokemon, or whatever /jp/ers usually do on this day.

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Turkey is Kurisumasu bird in my country.

I thought the US was one of, if not the most, brown western countries?

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I'm thankful for our forefathers for helping to eliminate the scourge from the earth.

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I always thought the Plain Indians had a pretty nice lifestyle until the American pushed things like capitalism, abstinence, formal work, and western religion onto them. Are the Native American gods in Gensokyo now?

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Balloons confirmed to fly in the parade despite high winds.

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homu is a bird

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I just want some pumpkin pie, is it too much to ask?

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ey niggas i made some turkey n shit you want some of this shit, i'll come to you.
where you live, you got alarms an shit around yo house?
gimme yo address nigga

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The native american gods are the earth, land, sea and sky. And animals.

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I really don't see how the eradication of the Native Americans could have been avoided. It really sounds cute to say that it was unnecessary, or that we were too extreme about it, but I think things ended up just right, really. A country of mulattoes is doomed to fail. Just look at Mexico, or any South American country.

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May your dinner of Mystia taste great.

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Why are they having cake? Fatties.

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Two actually this year.

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Why are you not having Thanksgiving sex with a qt 3.14 trap with the parade on TV for background noise?

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girls like cake

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I have to find a trap first
And I'd sex him up with no background noise, I want him to hear everything, especially the noise my dick makes as it fills his ass

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They haven't even touched broiled Mystia. That's how disgusting she is. A cake is much better.

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Hating America too!

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They haven't touched the cake either.

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Are you blind? There is a big piece of cake missing, and it's not all on the plate. Even the little 2hu is currently eating the cake, you fucking bastard.

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That's a slice of ham.

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