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Press X to kyan.

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when will he make a touhou doujin?

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Rude cleavage. Rude woman.

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What is wrong with her mouth?

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Hopefully never. I can only withstand so much misogyny.

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Nothing about Komachi is right in that picture.

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That woman should wear more appropriate clothes. I mean, all that inappropriate skin is showing!

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Shinigami don't need clothes.

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Komachi threads are best threads

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Press X to Paizuri.

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More like the "breast" threads

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My mom put dirty silverware in with the clean stuff so I smacked her in the tits and made her wash everything again.

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I like big breasts, because they're arousing.

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The hell is kyan

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Something like pan!

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Did that guy ever write the paizuri fanfic?

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That sounds like it would be fucking heaven, especially coming from Komachi.

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The X! It do nothing!

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>You will never fuck Komachi's tits

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i dont fuck whores

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If you're talking about the one that was paid for in a similar Komachi thread, yes. As a matter of fact, I was the one that paid for it.
It was quite enjoyable.

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Watch your mouth.

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i would laugh at her, wearing such an embarassing hair style

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Commissioner's rights means you can share it if you ever desire to.

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I'm aware but I ain't just going to start posting it in a thread if nobody cared.

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Better than yers

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I'm sure many people care about Komachi in a Komachi thread, but as you will.

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Well that I get. I just don't want to just start posting a fanfic if nobody wanted to read it. It's pretty long it was like 8 to 9 pages in word.

But I'll post it if you want, I can at least do that before I go to bed.

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I would appreciate it deeply.

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This is his work, not mine. I think he did a really good job with it.

"Hello there? Can you hear me?" comes a sweet, angelic sounding voice.
You look around the gloomy, dead looking trees that now surround you but your eyes cannot penetrate the thick fog that blots out the sun much like the hazy cloud that surrounds your mind. You scratch your head and try to seek out the owner of the voice but shiver at the sheer sense of oppressive loneliness boiling within your heart.
This desolate place looks devoid of all life, almost as if the mere concept doesn't even exist here. The earth beneath your feet looks cracked and barren and the air flowing into your lungs tastes stale like old bread. You are standing on a rugged looking patch of sickly, withered looking grass and your only company in sight are the endless rows upon rows of black decrepit trees. A deep, foreboding sense of dread fills the pit of your stomach like deadly poison and almost drives you to your knees, such is the intensity.
"Hey, I'm talking to you," came that lovely, feminine tone again, this time tinged with a little air of impatience. "Can you not hear me?"
You flinch and almost cry out in terror as something taps lightly against your back. You spin around in a blind panic while raising your arms in a pathetic gesture of defense but instead of some monstrous horror ready to tear you limb from limb, you find yourself staring into the curious deep red eyes of a beautiful woman. She smiles at your obvious sense of discomfort.

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Goodness I need to make sure to space it properly before I post. Excuse me...

"What's the matter, wayward soul? Were you expecting some kind of abomination to leap out and devour you?"

Utterly stupefied and with your heart beating against your chest as hard as a marching band, you just stare at her in total shock and surprise. Shock at having someone sneak up on you out of the shadows like that and surprise that that person had turned out to be one of the most breathtaking beautiful women you have ever laid eyes upon.

Her hair was a striking shade of crimson that boasted two bushy pigtails on either side of her head. They were tied with innocent looking beads that looked somewhat like freshly picked cherries. Her face was warm and cheerful looking while her moist full lips and immaculate looking skin oozed sexiness. She wore an oriental, practical looking blue and white low cut dress that proudly displayed her impressively shapely figure for all the world to see.

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Her legs were slender and athletic, the kind of legs that beckoned you to follow their majestic beauty. The most striking thing about her however was of course her incredible pair of breasts that were barely held in place by her loose fitting garments.

A black belt with a strange hollow golden coin tied around it with rope was wrapped around her waist, which only served to push up her remarkable rack even further as if she was actively tempting onlookers to ogle her stunning pair of tits. She wore no bra that you could see, her breasts free to jiggle about unhindered.

At any moment you expected those mouthwatering globes of flesh to fall out of their protective clothing at the slightest stiff breeze. They both looked incredibly firm and were both perfectly formed like masterworks of perfection. Perfectly round, perfectly proportioned. Simply perfect.

Her cleavage looked so warm and inviting that you couldn't help but stare into that magnificent valley. You wondered what it would feel like to explore those wondrous depths, to plunder those superb breasts to your hearts content and lose yourself completely in their crushingly tight embrace. You couldn't imagine a more pleasurable way to die.

A sweet tear of perspiration rolled down her creamy neck. You follow it with baited breath as it dribbles down her left breast before disappearing from sight within that delightful crevasse, leaving a glistening watermark stretching across that exquisite large mound of flesh.

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It seemed almost impossible that her stunning pair of tits didn't just topple right out of her top as she lent forward to regard you with more scrutiny. As she did so, you breathed in her wonderful perfumed scent that reminded you of wild strawberries.

"What's wrong, wayward soul? You seem a little confused, staring off into space like that." She scratched her head absentmindedly and shrugged. "Well, I guess that's to be expected, considering the circumstances and all that. Can you tell me your name?"

Now it was your turn to look confused. "My name is-" you begin to say but stop as you mind reaches for words in the screaming jumble of darkness that is your mind. You grasp for the words desperately but they always seem just out of your reach like some malevolent force is toying with you, taunting you at your inability to remember. You remember a flash of light, a white blinding pain and then the relaxing kiss of nothingness.

You begin to shake with the effort of forming your name. Bitter tears of regret begin to well up in the corner of your eyes but you cannot recall for the life of you why you are suddenly on the verge of crying. "Now, now," the beautiful women tells you, her soft spoken words soothing the pain like bewitching magic. "It's perfectly fine if you cannot remember. Don't try and force it."

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She wraps her arms behind your head and lovingly pulls you into her bottomless cleavage, like a mother comforting a child. Snuggled up in between those delicious boobs you cannot help but whimper pathetically as you hungrily rub your face in the generously provided banquet of titty flesh that now surrounds you. Her large gigantic breasts swallow you up completely, smothering you up with her naughty mounds.

You can hear her calming heartbeat as you rub up affectionately against her chest. As you do so, you feel your worries disappear and wash away like bad dreams. You are vaguely aware of how childish and pampered you must look but you find it hard to care about such petty concerns when you are resting in such a heavenly bosom.

"My name is Komachi Onozuka," she says as she runs an understanding hand tenderly through your hair. "I'm a Shinigami that helps wayward souls who find themselves lost on the horizon of life and death. I'm here to guide you, lost soul. Just release your worries and place yourself in my care and I will ease your suffering. I promise."

Lost soul? You couldn't understand half of what she had just said. Shinigami? Wayward soul? You are you, not some restless spirit. You've never believed in the supernatural before and wasn't about to start now. You wrack your brain for a plausible explanation for all this nonsense but your mind couldn't help but come up empty handed. Besides, it was far easier to simply bask in the brilliant and simulating sensation of being sandwiched between Komachi's soft and relaxing bust.

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Her smell was everywhere, her alluring scent filling your nostrils with her exciting aroma. Every touch of her fingers as they combed through your hair sent electrical signals of pleasure coursing throughout your body. You feel yourself stiffen and feel a little guilty as you stare up into Komachi's red eyes, her gaze caring and thoughtful. But you cannot help but feel lustful as her titanic love pillows press up against you and jiggle slightly with every single breath the lovely Shinagami takes.

"Are you feeling better now?" she asks, her deep red lips forming each word in a most delicious way. You nod at her, the simple gesture a shameless excuse for you to nestle yourself even deeper into her deep cleavage. She smiles at your response, her expression as beautiful as a painting "We should get going now. Let me guide you out of this cold, desolate place. Come, it's time to get up, wayward soul."

"W-wait," you stutter as Komachi begins to move you away from her warm and comforting pair of breasts. However, before your entwined bodies can become fully untangled your erect member brushes up against her silky thigh. She pauses and looks down at you, the beginnings of a rosy blush forming on her otherwise unblemished cheeks. "What is that thing poking up against me?" she asks, the corners of her mouth twisting into a slight smirk.

"It's just..ahhh..well you see," you fumble, a knot forming in the pit of your stomach. Did you just offended your only friend in this wretched, inhospitable place?

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"Don't worry," she tells you, "I understand exactly what you're after. Don't think that I didn't notice you shamelessly staring at my breasts earlier. You naughty little boy. I come here to guide you and all you can think about is undressing me with your eyes? Well? What do you have to say for yourself?"

She giggles playfully at your feeble attempts to come up with an excuse and silences you by pressing a simple finger up against your mouth. You look up at her with a wired mixture of apprehension and excitement. "I may be a Shikigami but I still have urges and desires of my own. Most humans are fearful of me, you're not afraid of me, are you?"

You shake your head. Komachi's smile widens with mischievous intent. "I'm so glad. You can be pretty cute when you choose to be, you know." Her tongue flickers out to moisten those scandalous lips of hers. "Now, I'm in a generous mood and since you're acting so adorable I feel like pampering you a little. If you ask me nicely, I might just indulge your little lurid fantasy."

Your mind was sent racing with an endless deluge of sordid possibilities, each more lecherous than the last. You couldn't believe that such a goddess was offering herself to you on a silver platter!

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"You want to see my magnificent breasts, don't you?" Komachi teases while grasping the undersides of both of her well developed knockers and jiggling them so that her naughty flesh shakes around like creamy jelly. "Well, do you?" she asks. You swallow in anticipation. "Yes," you say earnestly. "Yes, please! I want to see them! Those enormous tits of yours! Show me, please!"

She giggles again, her soft voice music to your ears. She gestures for you to stand in front of her and you obey wholeheartedly, completely under her spell. Her slender hand reaches inside her ample cleavage before being swallowed up completely by her massive milkbags. All the while she is doing this, her sharp red eyes are watching you with barely restrained lust, her eyes dancing with mischief as she enjoys the dreamy look on your face. Your own breathing becomes more strained and heavy.

You see her hand rummaging around inside her dress as she slowly pulls it back inch by inch, exposing her smooth, warm looking flesh. Those heavenly globes wiggle seductively as the blue fabric of her clothing passes over them.

Every second more and more of her perfectly round tits are released from their prison to bask in the open air and your hungry gaze. A mouthwatering pink nipple slides out and Komachi moans lewdly as it brushes up against her retraining clothing. She winks at you naughtily and yanks down the rest of her top, her massive breasts flopping outwards and jiggling in a most delicious way.

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"Well," she asks. "Do you like what you see?" Your eyes widen and blood rushes to your head as you drink in the marvelous feast for the eyes provided for you. Her heavy, well sculptured mammarys wiggle and gyrate as gravity struggles to reign in her overwhelming sex-appeal. Her pink nipples appear hard and erect.

Her skin has a healthy glow to it that radiates warmth and love. You wonder what it must be like to walk around with such massive but well proportioned boobs. Your mouth sucks empty air as you imagine running your tongue across her sexy melons. The taste would surely be exquisite.

Komachi runs a probing finger across her erotic chest and looks at you with a playful looking grin. "I'll take your silence as a yes. Well? Are you just going to leave this poor woman unattended? Look, these lewd looking boobs that attract so much unwanted attention, they are yours for the taking. Many men lust over them but I'm letting you alone do whatever you want with them." She waves you over. "Come on, don't keep me waiting."

Like a dam breaking under a torrent of water you surge forwards and slam your head face first into her lovely, meaty pillows. The sensation softer than a luxury bed of feathers. Komachi yelps as you grasp her firm tits and manhandle them roughly, overtaken by carnal desire. Your mouth seeks out her nipple and you suck on it fiercely, like a hungry baby seeking out it's mother's milk.

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Buckle in, we still got quite a bit to go.

The sweet taste of Komachi fills your mouth, the alluring scent of her perfumed breasts drives you crazy. You smother yourself in her endless titty flesh, practically suffocating yourself in pleasure.

Your grasping hands knead her breasts like an expert baker, her velvety skin flowing around your fingers like supple dough. Her boobs devour your hands and face like a ravenous predator. You lightly twist her nipples, not hard enough to hurt them but firmly enough to cause Komachi to moan in delight. You look up at her face, buried as you are in her warm floppy udders.

Her eyes are squinted close but flicker every now and then in rhythm with her heaving chest. Her whimpering voice as you fervently suckle on her milk organs and violate her beautiful breasts makes you harder than granite rock.

Komachi notices your erect cock pushing up against her once again and with a surprising amount of strength that belies her superbly feminine figure, she grasps your shoulders and violently pushes you downwards onto her lap.

You find your head resting on her soft thigh cushion, with her huge, shapely knockers looming over you. She looks down at your pulsing budge and chuckles lightly as she rubs it gently beneath your trousers. "My, you certainly look happy with yourself. Did you enjoy treating my breasts as your personal playthings? They still feel a little tender from your savage assault, you know."

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You mouth a simple one word apology, still feeling a little overwhelmed by the whole situation. "Don't worry about it," Komachi laughs as gazes into your eyes tenderly. "I'd glad you seem so enamored with this rude body of mine."

"You looked like a kid in a candy store. Now it's your turn to be pampered. Let me spoil you like the naughty boy that you are." She lets out a deep breath and then utters a few words that set your blood aflame.

"Unfasten your trousers and let me see that big hard cock of yours," she moans. You move quickly to comply and fumble at your zipper, all the while wishing that your shacking hands would work more quickly. Having finally overcome that challenge, you eagerly pull down your underwear. Komachi gasps as she takes her first look at your large penis which is standing at attention with promises of things to come.

She giggles, apparently happy at your loins obvious display of approval and shoves one of her gigantic breasts into your mouth. "Come on," she urges as the heavenly weight of her boob presses down on you, the springy flesh rolling across your forehead. You close your eyes and begin to suck on her nipple like someone possessed.

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You swallow her nipple whole and roll it steadily around in your wet mouth as you lavishly gave it a thorough tongue lashing. You feel content and clearheaded as you lay atop Komachi's soft, comfy thighs as she showers you with attention.

You mumble as you feel Komachi grab your cock but the sound is muffled by your full mouth of succulent titty flesh. You jerk suddenly as she begins to work your shaft with her delicate hand. Slowly at first but picking up speed as your own sucking on her breasts intensifies. You feel like your brain is melting from fulfillment at this nursing handjob. So sexy and yet caring at the same time.

Komachi lets out a lustful moan, her crimson red pigtails bobbing from side to side as her silky hand strokes your cock up and down in rapid succession. You release her now moist nipple from your mouth and now attack her tits with your diligent tongue, bathing her pleasurable flesh in your own saliva. Her great, soft mounds glisten with a fine coating of your spittle. You feel like you've marked them, that they belong only to you.

Her hand is slick with your juices as she works your cock furiously like a jackhammer. You moan loudly into her heaving breast valley as your climax approaches.

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Hope I haven't fucked up and missed something. Or posted the same thing twice.

"Are you going to come for me?" Komachi asks, her alluring voice thick strained with effort. You cannot see her sexy expression from beneath her fleshy canopy, especially with one of her milky tits inside your mouth but you imagine her perfect features caught up in utter ecstasy. "Yes, I'm almost there!" you yell out blissfully, simulated to the point of near insanity.

"No, no," Komachi chuckles, tauntingly. "We cannot have that. You're still not fully satisfied. I can feel your soul. You still haven't experienced your deepest desire." You feel the skillful Shinigami cruelly release your throbbing penis at the point of release. It flops down against your leg pitifully along with your long awaited orgasm. "Why," you begin to ask, disappointed beyond belief.

Komachi grins cheerfully like a prankster but her voice still has a level and caring quality to it. "You want my breasts. It would be a shame to deny you, wayward soul. Now, rest yourself down on that grass over there, with your back against the ground. Come now, there is no need to be worried. Trust me and I'll guide you to heaven." You hurry to comply, eager for her promised reward. You cannot think of anything else, other than your own sexual gratification.

The cold grass feels chilly and lifeless but you quickly forget such pretty concerns as the incredibly sexy sight of Komachi fills your eyes with her openly hanging, bare breasts standing proudly before you. She looks like a tempting crimsoned haired succubus with it's doting toy.

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Komachi slowly unstraps her belt and lets it fall to the ground. You watch opened mouthed as she playfully sticks her tongue out at you before seductively pulling her dress down around her midriff. Finally unhindered, her round breasts bounce about freely, her rippling mass swaying hypnotically. Your lips quiver as you behold her completely naked body from the waist up.

She keels down between your legs, her striking red eyes never leaving yours. You enjoy the electrifying touch of her skin as she pulls your legs up to rest on either side of her. Your bare bottom is now resting on her welcoming, warm lap. She smiles confidently. You gulp with excitement as you realize what this little vixen has planned for you.

Komachi lets her firm breasts flop down onto your cock. She shakes her waist, causing her sensitive nipples to brush up against your exposed tip. Each stroke of her plentiful bust is bittersweet torture. The luscious kiss of her nipples feels amazing, out of this world even but you desperately want her to crush those giant titties around your restless shaft.

Her impressively beautiful bust is still slick with your saliva and shines in all the right places but Komachi adds to her perfect breast pussy by opening her mouth and dribbling a thin river of spit right in between her tits.

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They make a obscene squelching sound as she rubs them together, lathering them up for your own personal use. You thrust upwards impatiently and squirm on Komachi's thigh pillow.

She grins at your feisty display and rewards you by slamming her tits together around your cock with such force that you almost come from the pleasurable shock of it. You groan with sweet release as she gives you the massage of a lifetime.

Gripped tightly between her orbs of love, your cock is squeezed tightly in her vice like embrace. The delightful pressure of her huge boobs is mind numbing as they completely gobble up your erect member from sight.

Komachi's tits make a wet smacking sound as she jerks you off furiously, the friction of her sleek feeling skin caressing you from every conceivable angle. It feels so warm between those swinging fun bags. Her bust is a blur of movement, her fleshy cavern slick with a mixture of your pre-cum and Komachi's own delicious juices.

"Well, how does my breast pussy feel?" she asks you, her voice trembling in sync with her own racing heartbeat. "I-it feels g-great," you manage to say through gritted teeth as you struggle to control the intense urge to orgasm building within your loins. You want to prolong this wonderful feeling for as long as humanly possible.

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Like a taste of heaven watering within your mouth. You don't want it to end for anything! Your most precious and sensitive part is trapped and you couldn't be happier!

You hear her cute voice panting as she does everything within her power to make you cum. You feel her pleasant embrace shifting speeds which only serves to constantly send you spiraling into new heights of pleasure. Her massive round tits begin by slowly teasing you with short, soft strokes. Her cuddling love cushions tenderly glazing your pulsing member with her own saliva based lubricant.

However she isn't quite through with you yet and grins dreamily at you as she abruptly and without warning increases the pace of her titty massage by beating your cock mercilessly like a force of nature. The intense vibrations feel like your cock is caught up in a monumental earthquake of sexual energy. The air is heavy with sweat and you enjoy Komachi's arousing fragrance, like sweet ambrosia. Her vibrant red hair shakes wildly as she pumps her arms up and down, like a woman lost to her own desires.

"Go on. Come, come for me," she pants as she increases her marvelous smothering of your cock, squeezing it even tighter. Beads of sweat are flung all over the place from her jiggling tits. You want to enjoy her naughty sounding slapping onslaught forever but she is simply too skilled with her breasts for you to last another second. You groan as your balls begin to swell under the stain. "I-I'm coming!" you scream.

>> No.11662026

"It's alright! Let it all out between my tits! Smear them with your semen!" Komachi leans down to lick the tip of your penis with her dripping wet tongue. The slick feeling of her mouth combined with the tickling sensation of her nipples running along your length is enough to send you hurtling over the edge.

Feeling your cock as it begins to spasm and jerk from within the strong press of her boobs, Komachi cries out blissfully and pushes them tightly together as you release your stored up cum deeply into the waiting cradle of her breasts.

"Wow," Komachi exclaims, seemingly delighted at the amount of white sticky cum that is staining her beautiful body. "Such an amount, it's overflowing!" Your climax floods out of you with the force of a powerful piston, spraying your seed directly between the Shinigami's breasts. You gasp and rip out handfuls of cold grass between your clutching fingers.

White fluid oozes out as it tries to escape from the extreme pressure of her tits. Like a river of thick milk, it flows down her godly bust to pool on the earth beneath you.
You feel strangely light-headed as you stare into Komachi's crimson gaze. You feel butterflies in your stomach. You feel contented. You feel at peace, that a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders. You try to raise your arms throw them around Komachi and kiss her full on those caring red lips of hers but they feel so heavy all of a sudden.

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"Well, that made me feel really good. I'm tingling all over. Thank you for helping me unwind. I'm constantly working and rarely get the time to enjoy myself. It looks like it felt good for you as well. I'm glad that I was able to brighten your day, wayward soul. Don't forget me when you reach the other side and say hello to Shiki-sama for me."
She smiles for the final time and waves you a sorrowful looking farewell. You try to thank the caring Komachi for everything that she has done but by that point you have already began to fade away.


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Oh. Actually. He adds this right at the end.
A bit of cute flavoring in my opinion.

From within her mighty imposing looking courthouse, Sikieiki Yamaxanadu observed her servant's immoral antics from behind her expertly carved oaken desk. Her breathing was ragged and her dark, black lace panties were slick with her own juices. She lay slumped over her desk full of papers, completely exhausted. "Damn that Komachi," she breathed. "Always slacking off when it suits her. I'll have to punish her when she eventually returns."

"Still," she wondered aloud, her wistful voice echoing around the empty courtroom. "Perhaps when that young man is standing before me, I'll make him endure my own personal punishment. I'll make him answer for Komachi's crimes." She glanced at her precious Rod of Remorse, laying on her table as it glistened with her sticky fluids.

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Absolutely fantastic!
(I read this story from the perspective of a young boy, because おねショタ is best)
Saved & archived.

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I forgot how much I ended up paying him. 25 bucks I think? I don't know.

I was hoping to have him do another but he didn't seem too interested. But I would certainly pay for work like that again. Seriously the only information I gave him was "Komachi and paizuri" and he gives me all of that. Well worth my money.

>> No.11662048
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A noble investment.

>> No.11662058
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I'd like to think so. I need to find another person with writing talent like him to pay for work. I want more Komachi paizuri. And other stuff of course.

>> No.11662205
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back to regularly scheduled KYAN

>> No.11662219
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>> No.11662409
File: 531 KB, 900x1200, chyaramu @ onozuka komachi from touhou (rating undefined, breasts+cleavage+curvy+dress+female+hair bobbles+head tilt+highres+huge breasts+red eyes+red hair+short hair+solo+standing+twintails).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11662779
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>> No.11663000
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Amazing read.
Gungnir at full power.

>> No.11663402


>> No.11663408
File: 66 KB, 320x563, 3ac7b383f84361f73afd09d05c30af04[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No boobies!

>> No.11663419

I want to put it in

>> No.11663655


>> No.11663700
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>> No.11663821
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>> No.11663895
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>> No.11664525


>> No.11664543
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save a picture post a picture

>> No.11664545

I have them all

>> No.11664588


well don't hold out on us man

>> No.11664596

They are like all paizuri pictures. Or just have her huge knockers hanging out fully!

>> No.11664676

Cute post dude

>> No.11664875
File: 1.01 MB, 2400x1700, 9312170c2f247e44a8848d766c1c5abc1b5ea5cd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

incalculably rude

>> No.11664950
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>> No.11667232
File: 1.01 MB, 837x1200, a13609562e3738ab27bf0fba41b8942ab0107c03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Komachi is elegance, from top to bottom

>> No.11667275


that breast is defying gravity

>> No.11667289
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Manipulation of Distance

Komachi cannot and will not sag

>> No.11669067
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I don't know what it is with Komachi, but this year she just sort of snuck all the way up to (almost) the top of my Tohosort.

I guess I simply acquired good taste.

>> No.11669116

Komachi is a slut.

>> No.11669151 [DELETED] 
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Sanae pls

>> No.11669178 [DELETED] 
File: 82 KB, 800x412, 1734533443.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sakuslut pls

>> No.11669181
File: 244 KB, 464x360, Komachi_Stand.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11669194
File: 1.49 MB, 1400x1400, 1342952129890.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a cute

>> No.11669216
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>> No.11669237

Please, dooooooooon't...!

>> No.11669264

Isn't that Makako?

This artist invented yukkuri abuse, you know.

>> No.11669425
File: 108 KB, 244x361, shikieiki you're pretty gutsy_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11669462 [DELETED] 
File: 1.26 MB, 994x1220, 1300224033610.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You like that, huh?

>> No.11669471
File: 835 KB, 1200x1600, 46820d3acf7915053b4989ad92a1858b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's growing on me, not gonna lie.

>> No.11669475


theres several things growing up about her, if you know what i mean.

>> No.11669565
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You don't need to joke about that. Komachi gives everyone boners.

>> No.11673136
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>> No.11673140
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>> No.11673147

I-I can see her ribcage!!

>> No.11673151
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>> No.11673152
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>> No.11673153
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>> No.11673156
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>> No.11673163
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>> No.11673166
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