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This is a collection of images I post, or have in the past posted, on /jp/ regularly. They are divided into several folders that were created arbitrarily over time, but otherwise are not organized in any particular way.

Please use them, if you like.

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Here is the link.


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It's something decent?

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this is weird dude
like using someone's onahole

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You might find something interesting.

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Nice Collection Photos d00d totally appreciate it.

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I like using my friend's onahole right after he cums in it.

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No virus! :D

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why don't you fuck each other in the butt

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Because he's not gay and just agreed to let me do this.

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if he's agreed to this he might just be gay
and you seem to be gay as well

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You're right, gonna go ask him if I can stick it in his pooper.

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Thanks, Derek.

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happy to help

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Lewd as hell images, dude. At least I got a tenchi muyo reaction image out of it.

Oh, and you got 3D shit all in it too.

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There was a bit in the first folder, now that I think about it. I had almost forgotten about it.

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Thank you.

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>Alpha Centauri


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Funny, I just downloaded that game recently. First time I ever played it.

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Welcome to the machine.

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OP again. If you've had a chance to look through everything, feel free to post your favorites or let me know what you think.

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Why are you doing this? Are you dying?

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Oh god.

Thank you OP.

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Parts of me are in these bytes... Be sure to treasure them..

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It's not possible to do an image dump with so many pictures, so I thought I could share my collection this way, and that people might find something they like.

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I like all the Yuuka ones and this one.

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I could never do this. I covet my images too much.

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I thought about doing the same thing, if only so people would start using more /jp/ related reaction images. I spent a lot of time on them.

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By all means, feel free to upload your collection as well. I'd be interested in seeing it.

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Yuuka is the cutest.

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>I could never do this. I covet my images too much.
Me too.
I'll post one of the images I never repost, because I don't want people using it, in good faith that you'll all just watch it and not save it.

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And this.
>original waifu DO NOT STEAL!

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What a mysterious waifu.

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you need to sort your images dude

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now you can sort them!

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Because you're a trip.
You should be happy about sharing stuff.

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>feel free to post your favorites or let me know what you think
>and that people might find something they like
>my collection
>I covet my images too much.
Why? Your collection is nothing more than a some pictures commonly used on imageboard or found in booru/pixiv.
Nothing special, and nothing anyone has not already seen.

t-that's bullshit guys

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get a load of this faggot

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You're quoting, like, three different people. It really doesn't form a coherent narrative.

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It seems like you keep some masturbation material in the same folders as safe epicmeme pictures and the like.

That's pretty bad form. What I like to do is decide what character to masturbate to, go to their folder, and into the subfolder where all the naughty pictures are kept. Then I can browse through the folder and not one of them is unarousing.

right now I might be trying to masturbate and then you have captain barbossa's face coming on the screen.

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to think that this is 179mb of images...! I would be too scared to post my image folders ever, because people would look up the filenames and then find out all the things I posted.

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OP again. I keep my masturbation material in another place. The ero stuff in the collection I posted is there because I liked the composition of the picture, or something like that.

Sometimes I'll open one just before I shut my laptop and go to bed, so the last thing I see for the night is something pleasant.

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I post a lot more images than I did when I was anonymous.

I don't mind posting my images, but dumping them like the OP is doing is kind of strange. The way I organize my images is what makes them mine, really. It's true that we all have the same images, but what we choose to save creates a picture of us, and I'm not sure I would want to share that with anyone who wants it.

That's really cute.

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ugh 170mb thats like forever on my internet

can you make a preview or something?

i just want to see if a recognize a few of the images without downloading it

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i remember 1998

it wasn't that great

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I know who you are.

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This is the lion's share of the first folder.

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i know where he lives

and all the bad posts he's made!

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Something like that... there's no way you would know.

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︶‿ ︶

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Keep your windows closed at night and pray.

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i already had this image saved with the same filename

i am not comfortable with this coincidence!

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Sorry 56k guy. I tried to make a passable preview and failed. The new version of paint included with Windows 7 is not terribly easy to use.

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The filename is a unix timestamp. We probably saved it from the same thread.

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well yeah, obviously

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We're connected by the red string of fate, don't you think?

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We'll bang, okay?

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i thought i was the only /jp/er who liked those...

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I like lots of things.

In fact, I'm liking things right now.

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Wow, get a room.

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i'm not even posting any more, it's some new faggot

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Maybe another day, still need to sort through it.

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So in the archive when anybody posted anything that's wound up in this zip file of images somebody saved off of here or wherever, we're supposed to assume that he's this same horrible gaywad role-playing ITT? Really? Do people really think we're going to fall for that shit?

Grow up.

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Nazrin is a mouse.

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>I keep my masturbation material in another place.

post it

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No, it's scattered all the way through.

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It's 10 gigs in size. You can't host that sort of thing on Mediafire.

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H-how big are your picture folders, /jp/?

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600MB, give or take.

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I haven't saved pictures in a while though because I get to caught up in it.

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oh oh I like that video too!

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You could if you wanted to, by splitting it into parts. Or you could use Mega.

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I DBAN my disk every other weekend, too much malware floating around. Who knows you could even get a keylogger just from expanding a picture on 4chan

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also there's no point in keeping old images unless you want people to look up the hashes and filenames in the archive

there are of course extensions that will take care of this but the setup would be too elaborate

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stop using os x/windows.

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Newlord detected.

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14,2 GB, ~35k images

i'm relatively picky about what i save but i've been at it for a while

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Your collection is pretty shit m8.
And how it looks you are pretty new.

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are you going to kill yourself dude,.....

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I enjoyed this a lot OP, thank you. You've done a brave thing.