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Do 2hu's like ice cream?

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I'm a 2hu and I like ice cream.

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At first I thought you had written, ``I'm 26 and I like ice cream.''

What kind of adult likes ice cream?

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One who hasn't gave up on life.

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Everyone likes ice cream.

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I never liked ice cream and never found the appeal of it.

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I don't, it hurts my teeth!

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I don't want to be mean or anything, but are you autistic? You're supposed to lick ice cream not bite on it.

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I think he means he has sensitive teeth

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What if it's not on a cone or a stick? Do you lick the spoon until the ice cream melts? What if it's very frosted and hard to eat unless you bite it? What if you have sensitive teeth? At what point does it become too bothersome to navigate the ice cream through your mouth according to a meticulously crafted tooth-avoidance route?

Please respond.

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I prefer milkshakes and malts over regular ice cram or popsicles.

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How big of a spoon do you use? You just put the ice cream on your tongue then swallow it, not start chewing on it like some autist. It's not that meticulous as long as you're not an idiot, there's no reason for ice cream to touch your teeth, ever. If it's frosted then it's not ice cream anymore is it, just a piece of ice, and if you're biting into a solid piece of ice then you've got some brain problems.

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>You just put the ice cream on your tongue then swallow it

So you just slide it down your throat? Sounds pretty gay, dude.

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Eating ice cream is already gay enough

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What if you're eating it together with your girlfriend or little sister? Doing stuff with girls isn't gay.

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Yes it is, gay people always go and do girly stuff with girls. Like shopping and eating ice cream.

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They do.

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I used to think 99s were called 99s because they were £0.99. But they go back to the early 20th century and 99 pence was a lot of money then. Also now they're usually something like £1.60 because of inflation.

I want a 99.

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Is it gay to have sex with girls?

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What about boys in skirts?

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Manly as fuck

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Only if it's girly sex. Stuff like foreplay and cunnilingus is pretty gay.

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>>11646859 here, thanks for responding.

I purchased some ice cream today, so I will be following your advice soon. I hope you were not trolling me.

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What is best flavour of ice cream?

I think it's mint chocolate chip.

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Vanilla chocolate chip

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Why do you put only one flavour on your cone?

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Wait, jannie came in and decided that these posts were too off-topic for an otherwise otaku culture related thread?

This sort of moderation is new to me.

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why is there a stick in your ice cream, you tree hugging hippy

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whalecum to /jo :----DDDDDDD

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What kind of plebe has never heard of cinnamon sticks?
Oh, right. You.

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I love ice cream but I'm lactose intolerant.

I wish I were a Touhou and lactose-tolerant. That is my dream.

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I hope your dreams come true Anon.

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Most Touhous are Japanese, so you're more likely to be lactose intolerant

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It's a chocolate flake.

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Biting ice cream/popsicle are the only right way to eat them

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Maybe they have non-dairy ice cream.

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They can't afford it

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