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>"Who he fuck invited /jp/?"
>"Literally ruined my day"

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I-I'll do the washing up...if you let me stay...

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"Who he fuck"

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trevor at /jp/ meet up party

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I went to a party once. It was my childhood friend's brother's party and he wanted me to bring my Wii so we could play games. I brought the Wii and expected to play, but instead ended up sitting in the corner for about three hours before I decided to leave. Some girl who kept looking at me from across the room asked me for a hug before I left. It was weird.

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I took board games to a party once and a flamboyant gay guy laughed at me, in that way only flamboyant gay guys are socially allowed to. At least everyone else tried to be polite.

*slays all the gays*

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Someone should shoop them all into 2hus

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In the good old days, someone would have just done this, posted it, and we'd all have a good laugh.

Now everyone is lazy, and you wouldn't have that much time before the thread gets deleted anyway.

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>Who he fuck invited

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Not as lame as that guy in the wheelchair.

*steals someone's beer and takes a seat*

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One time I went to a family party and one of my little cousins ended up drinking something and became drunk. She was passed out on the couch in the TV room while I was glued to the couch in the front room.

I kind of wish I had comforted her.

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One time I went to a party at a place and I didn't know how to ask the barman for a Diet Coke (or if they even did Diet Coke) so I got my dad to do it. He asked if I wanted alcohol instead and I said no, just a Diet Coke. After about five glasses of Diet Coke I said dad this tastes funny, and he said yeah I got you Diet Coke with vodka in it instead. I cried and demanded to be taken home early.

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I went to a new year's eve party once but I passed out while everyone else was celebrating the new year.

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>"Hey, is that /jp/!"
>"Oh my, would you like to join us for a trip to the beach, /jp/?"
>"Yeah, come with us, nerd!"

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*tries to hide her erection*

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I stopped attending NYE gatherings and now spend them alone. NYE for some reason to me seems very personal when spent alone. I enjoy it.

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We're ready to go to the mall, /jp/. Are you going to come inside with us this time?

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Thanks, I always like seeing this picture.

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I did this once. I missed midnight AND when the cocaine was handed out for party goers to enjoy. I'm kind of glad I snoozed through it that year.

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I'm ready to come inside.

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>Ok class, one by one we're going to have you stand up and talk about what you did over the summer
>Lets start with you /jp/...

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I just made up some shit. It's not like anyone could prove me wrong

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Did he rape you after you passed out?

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Pls n blly me or mewfrieds.

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I used to pump out a lot of OC
Now I don't even bother because my 30 minutes of work will be deleted in 30 seconds for no reason.

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Blame warosu for turning any even mildly off-topic thread into a disgusting circlejerk.

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Check out this OC