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Mother hangs love pillow covers outside

what do?

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Is this an accurate translation of that text?

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#The moment when your mother’s kindness shows its fangs

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I'd rape her for being so dumb

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Jeeze mom, quit being so heteronormative and cissexist.

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Ha ha. That's a mom with a sense of humor.

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I wonder if it's the same person

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Reading futa manga with mommy!

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I just remembered I forgot to hide my dakimakura before I left today.

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We're gonna need to have a talk when you get home, Jason.

- Dad

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since mom thinks they're boys, she probably wants to get f*ked by them too.

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We have maid service today, that's what I'm more worried about.

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Fuck the maid.

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C-cuute... I imagine his mom being an ara-ara type of woman.

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Its not that easy, Josh.

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imagine his mom having a huge thick futa cock she has been keeping a secret.

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Are you rich?

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Is this an accurate translation? Shouldn't it be "women" or "boys"?

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>Don't you know any Japanese?

Is this a rhetorical question?

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Don't you know any Japanese?

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On /jp/, it always is. Because everyone on /jp/ knows dat Japanese like his mother's tongue.

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me as a mommy~!

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Mommy is UGLY!

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lmfao did he actually get his hrt

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i know it like your mother's tongue

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Is she a /jp/?

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>Is she a /jp/?

Are you rocking my horse right now, Anon?

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Im rolling in otakubux, nigga.

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Does anyone know how to get a Japanese mom? Please respond.

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1. Find Japanese man and woman.
2. Breed them until the woman is pregnant with a girl (if it's a boy, wait 9+ months and try again).
3. Wait until girl is born and hits puberty (might take 12 years or more).
4. Breed girl with man (he doesn't have to be Japanese) until she gets pregnant.

Congratulations, you now have a Japanese mom!

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dat feelio when your 母さん asks you how much your 美少女フィギュア collection cost

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Why not just cut out the 13 years waiting time and find a random Japanese mom? And what's wrong with having a boy in point 2?

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I dont get it. Which one of them is supposed to be my mom?

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what did you tell her

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Because the daughter becomes the mom. This is how you get a Japanese mom. You can't make an apple pie from scratch without first inventing the universe.

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>You can't make an apple pie from scratch without first inventing the universe.

RIP sagan-kun...

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They're remaking Cosmos with this guy. Sagan lives on through him.

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Hopefully not. The last thing I need is half informed, half baked opinions on history and how the evil theocracy eats babies.

Let the man do his own thing.

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Why not Bill Nye?

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No dude, now it's an action series:

Too white.

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Bill Nye looks really old now
Like, nearing grandpa old

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What the hell dude, he doesn't look that old. Also, Bill Nye would be perfect for cosmos, but I'm sure ndt will do just fine.

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How Can Cosmos Be Real if Our Eyes Aren't Real ?

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Jaden please go.

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Shiki pls

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Kill yourself.