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Post in this thread if you are a fan of both Touhou Project and Kancolle.

I half expect to be the only one here but I'll see what happens.

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man this is going to be such a shitty thread
2kan bro reporting in

the best 2kans are iku and iku.

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The fact that there's at least one other has already exceeded my expectations.

>man this is going to be such a shitty thread
I wasn't really expecting otherwise.

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I don't play either but I masturbate to both groups of characters a lot.

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Personally, learning about the characters made fapping to them easier.

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I've already wasted enougn money on some other shitty netoge to play Kancore.

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Murasa has joined KanColle

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I don't like how kantai players keep calling themselves "admirals".

You guys are alienating yourselves, making it look like you're in some sort of special secret club after winning a lottery, further increasing the popularity and slot demand of the game. Also, you're not really a navy officer and it's kinda creepy, so stop it!


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I'm a proud admiral :) Fight me

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When all of your favourite 2hu artists are drawing kancolle, you can't possibly say no, can you? It's a better time sink then MMOs for me at any rate, I can quit anytime I want r-right?

This argument is so ridiculously flawed I don't even know what to say.

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Is it true that the Kancolle devs are paying off artists to make Kancolle fanart?

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A proud Touhou fan.

Tried to get into Kancolle, but from what little info I put together there's next to no way for a gaijin to enjoy the source material, so if I'm to be left with nothing but some arts and fap material, then fuck it. There's no contest.

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Kankolle is only focused on moe and it doesn't have any story.
And personally I don't like the Kankolle official are too close to the fun-fiction.
Look at ZUN, he doesn't fucking care of those popular doujin-settings.

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You're not alone. In fact, there are probably a fair number of Japanese users who're in the same position as you.

Even if you're a Japanese user who doesn't have to use proxies to access the game, if you haven't jumped onto the bandwagon earlier, you probably don't have much of a chance getting to play it due to the riduculous lottery system they've got going on.

And here I thought EA's handling of their recent release of Simcity was bad. DMM and KG can't even maintain a half-decent online service for shit, even if their staff members' lives depended on it.

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Why it's so popular then? It should remain obscure by definition.

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The canon and fan on are both based on historical events thus the similarities. If you're into military/navy shit its pretty easy to get into.

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I never disputed the fact that it's popular. I'm just saying that I'm pretty sure there are lots of Japanese users who would love to play but can't because they were late to join in and now have to deal with a bullshit lottery system.

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Touhou world is more chaotic and has more freedom for doujin artists to draw their original stories.

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It's got historical objects turned into little girls fighting aliens. Of course it's popular in Japan

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You can use use a Japanese proxy to make an account and sign up for the game, after which you can extract the API link and play on your regular internet. The lottery times are announced on the Kancolle twitter.

Then again, if you're hoping for the game to draw you in, the voices are charming but the gameplay... isn't great.

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I'd liken the gameplay to playing a slot machine. It's not great, but it's addicting.

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A slot machine that regularly announces that you're out of quarters and come back six hours later to get some more, yeah.

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I remember that Touhou had once got criticized about having no story as well.
But kancolle is even worse, it doesn't have any background setting, character's motive to fight and enemy's intention.

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Well, it technically does have a story, it's just really shitty, almost non-existent, and has no effect on gameplay.

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Hello OP. I like both.

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Oh I don't know, everything from the ships calling you admiral to admiral pvp rankings. Not so different from 2hu 1cc brah club.

Apparently from all the dannychoo fags who got in, it's not that hard. They usually hold lotteries daily, and the most I ever hear is it taking a week to get in. If people actually tried instead of giving up, they would get in.

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I used to be a big Touhou fan but interest has kinda died off in the past couple years and I've moved on to other stuff. I still listen to some of the musics though.

>If people actually tried instead of giving up, they would get in.
True story. Although I received my account from a friend after I failed lottery that same morning, that friend of mine has gotten at least 3 different accounts in only one try. Another friend got in on his second try. A lot of these people who complain about the lottery probably have never even tried or they give up after one or two failed attempts.

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Lottery system in KanColle is like a test to see how prepared you are to brace all the RNG they'll throw at you in game.

I used to be a huge Touhou fan up to 12.3, now a KanColle fan.

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Kancolle is a just a passing fad, Touhou is forever!

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Kancore's characters are nice, but the game is shit.
Touhou's games are good (except for the fighting games), but the characters are underwhelming.

Can't say I'm a fan of either.

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>Touhou's games are good

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The game ain't shit, it's just too RNG-based which makes it unenjoyable for some.

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I didn't mind the RNG, but after all is said and done and you've obtained everything that's obtainable there is nothing to do. It felt like a full-time job having to keep an eye on expeditions constantly, doing dailies, running subs through 2-3.

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If anything, the ufo and trance mechanics zun is trying to pull with his newer games is shit. 1cc clear and I'm done. Kancolle is decent for what it is, a flash browser game with a lot of updates and support. Besides, it's the community who made 2hu what it is, not the games themselves.

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Isn't that how every game is like?...

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Most games that I know of that have events as the main end-game appeal don't slave drive you to be able to do anything is my problem with it, this would be less of a game breaker if the resource caps weren't so low.

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You can easily gain 15k resources a week by just doing dailies and a few long sparkling expeditions. Takes an average of 15k resources to clear each map. Seems legit to me.

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>by just doing dailies
They're called dailies because they take an entire day to complete.

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Touhou is a dojin game you don't need to have an account on a site to play, kancolloid or whatever is a web game where you pay for "digital" (make-believe online) cards or something.
I'm not ever going to give you money, you keep showing up here asking people to give you money but I never ever will. Quit soliciting and get off our doorstep please.

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Maybe you are confusing dailies with weeklies.
Maybe you should know what you are talking about before talking shit hmm? There is no gacha system or ship buying.

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Whatever, don't plug your shit here, I'm not buying anything or giving clicks or upvotes or subscriptions to anything or doing anything for you. We've seen it all before. Just get lost.

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Seems like you are in the wrong thread.

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>There is no gacha system or ship buying.
They will add it. Screencap this post. They will. Why do you think they're stealth marketing this shit all over 2ch?

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Because they already have things to sell you (faster repairs, cosmetic upgrades, more ship storage). The in-game "gacha" system only takes in-game resources, which are so freely available that nobody buys them.

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They're both shit so fuck off.