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What do you think about this /jp/

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Stick your smartphone up your butt, normie.

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How can I get that on my Nexus 4?

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you cant stop the future.

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All you need is Eirin in the top 5, too.

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You really like old ladies, huh?

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a truly ara ara~ tier list

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Great tastes

Because Yuyuko and Yukari taste great!

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Why is Youmu not second place?

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A truly ara ara~ tier list must be


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Tell me about your mother.

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She's dead, dude.

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I see, I see.

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I spy team⑨ and Hags

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That's harsh dude, that's harsh...

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Hijirin in Top 3 yet Miko is not 1 or 2? Madness

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Old hags playing at ruling the world

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You must have a lot of images with that name.

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Yuuka best hag

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She's not a hag

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The proof?

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Hags: Yukari, Eirin, Yuyuko, Byakuren, Kanako

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old women, playing at running the world.

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Sometimes I think the creator of the dx recut posts in /jp/.

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Sometimes I think we shall rule again, but no.

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but the world left them far behind long ago, we are the future.

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Any reason why Kanako and Eirin are at the bottom?

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dunno why they havent added mamizou to the list

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My mistake


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Mamizou and Seiga are aunties.

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She's annoying

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Go back and do it properly kudasai~

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Get Seiga out of their and it's a good list

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why is #27 not #1?

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stop trying to force it. Seiga is #6 at best.


Ran is approximately tied with Meiling. She has the body but she's not dominant enough for ara ara~

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Dude, my favorite is Ran because she is caring.
I want to be spoiled.

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I'm not trying, I feel it, Seiga's ara ara~ is strong, maybe same as Yuyuko's level

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Komachi #10/11? I can agree with that. I've been training with her all weekend in Hisoutensoku.

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can anyone link me to that touhou list maker in the OP ?

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My favorite is Ran because when I think about her my heart starts beating really really fast and ohgoditshappeningagain

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outside of Meling,Yuuka, and Byakuren in your top 10 that's pretty damn good, you're on your way to being an important and respectable touhou fan

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Honestly now, what is it that makes Ran so attractive?

It's the tails and that she is a fox, isn't it?

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that you have shit taste

also, my mouse double clicks, so i probably didn't choose ooku the first time she appeared and didn't notice

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>talking about shit taste
lels were had

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Strong words from someone with so many of the worst touhous among the favorites they chose to show. Not even Hina can redeem you at this point.

Why did you even bother showing the ones at the bottom? None of them are popular except Okuu - did you just want to prove to us that your mouse double clicks?

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>None of them are popular except Okuu
Actually I didn't notice Koishi (heh). My question stands. Anyone who bothers to include the ones at the bottom of their list is just a faggot who wants to start shit.

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It's everything about her. She's intelligent, gentle, analytical and a hard worker. Not to mention, blue is a pretty great color.

There is also the kitsune factor, you are right. One of the aspects of kitsune lore is that they're basically ancient versions of waifus, they're devoted lovers who delight in simply living their lives happily with their partner. Of course there are far less benevolent kitsune, but Ran hardly strikes me as the malicious trickster type.

I could elaborate more I suppose, but I'd rather not project (my desired) features onto Ran that may not even exist in the first place. Really, I'm just head-over-heels.

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Let me show you some true taste.

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>Patchy #46
>Sunny Milk #24
>Yukari #57
>Ran #111
>Reimu PC-98 over current

What kind of shit list is this? This is the most horrible thing I have ever seen.

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Did you choose randomly?

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My top ones was Patchouli, Sakuya, Remilia, Utsuho, Sanae and Alice. Thanks, sadpanda.

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Op Here
>Reisen 2nd last
This list all together is shit

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Does anyone else like to just sit and sort Touhous for a while, by type, origin, hair color, power, and anything else y ou can think of?

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No but it sounds like fun.

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Sounds close to autism, but I hold my respect.

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I've been thinking of doing a database of Touhou characters with basic informations about them like species etc. But I'm too lazy and there's probably one already.