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mommy!! jp is bullying me!

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Good, you probably deserved it. Now be a good boy and come rub your Goddess mothers tired feet~

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Thanks, mom.

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Does /jp/ ever have any detailed fantasies about mommy Touhous in their sleep?

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this is important

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Thanks home-slice.

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-diverts eyes to floor quickly-

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I would just keep staring at her butt!

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Someone really needs to take care of this guy

If I pay one of those hitmen on tor could they find him or do you need to have their name?

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Woah this totally opened my eyes to the truth!!!! Thanks I'll stop now!!!!!!

Nah fuck you. Any mommies here want a hot dicking?

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The only Touhou dreams I have are about dodging danmaku.

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But that artist tends depict women with hairy armpits and brown, roast-beef vaginas.

Is that the sort of thing you folks are into?

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You bet I am.

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The thought of otherwise perfect, elegant, and beautiful women secretly having things like hairy pussies and armpits or obscene and lewd looking vaginas is an extremely erotic one.

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the most uncomfortable touhou picture in existence

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What's wrong with it?

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I've fapped to that image set dozens of times.

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when will kaigun draw another picture

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I tend to consider women automatically disqualified from any notion of elegance if the whole thing falls apart as soon as they get naked.
That and fat women, fat women are never elegant.

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When's the last time you hugged your mom?

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Mom stop being so lewd.

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But she'll only be lewd with you! Nobody else.

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Please fuck off.

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Please don't bully mom.

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I love mommy

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How do you say ♥ in real life?

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By smooching your mommy

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big fat tats

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Burying your face in a huge pair of soft fatty breasts!

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What's /jp/'s preferred mom-proportions?

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Sign of purity.

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Young and flat.

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Similar to pic related

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Too lewd

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Then why are her legs and arms shaved?

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some people genetically cant grow a lot of hair, asians being one of them

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Yes, Asian women seem to have little or no leg and arm hair. But calves and forearms aren't sexual. Vaginas and armpits are, and in case you doubt that about armpits, here is undeniable proof that armpits are ero.

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What does mom's pussy smell like?

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Why don't find out?

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Unnaturally large thighs and tiny head.

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Sarashi is my waifu.

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I wonder if the main attraction behind her is out of incest fantasies, or just wanting a strong motherly figure to take care of you.

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For me its a bit of both.

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Why not both?

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What does mom's dick smell like?

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How big is mom's dick?

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Its both, I want to fall asleep in mom's chest while she strokes my hair.

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10 inches.

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If hairy armpits are a sign of purity then why is Kanako having sex with someone in that picture? I know for a fact she isn't married or even in a steady relationship!

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She could be in that Doujin.
Maybe it's a honeymoon comic.

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I wonder what it would be like to kiss mommy's lips.

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What a stupid question anon, kissing mommy lips would like kissing mommy lips, mommy feels like mommy

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Good thing kissing mommy lips would be like kissing mommy lips, i would not want to kiss mommy lips and feel daddy lips.

Also, i am appaled how people can make ZUN's art into something like this.

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What do you mean

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Which lips?

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Mature woman with hairy armpits is my fetish.

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I would not want to kiss a woman with a mouth of a man.

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Yeah, what a crime against nature.

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Why is Kanako always depicted holding a Sake cup in fanart?

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The movie"その男凶暴につき" directed by Takeshi Kitano seems translated to Violent Cop.
So "この臭い、凶暴につき" should be "Violent Smell"

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Mom is pregnant!

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Kanako's not a mother, anons. That's Suwako.

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don't be silly. Suwacko is the irresponsible father.

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Then I'll make her a mother, if you know what i mean

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Now you're the one being silly. Suwako is much more responsible than Kanako.

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You'll do no such thing.

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She actually wants that

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Kanako is a sky goddess!

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Mommy butt!

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big fat something something

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I want to cook momma a breakfast in bed

>> No.11616215

What kind of breakfast?

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Purposely cook her way too much
12 egg omelet on bed of scrambled eggs
English muffins slathered in butter
Corn beef hash

Hopefully she won't realize you're trying to fatten her up

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Sausage and eggs with cream!

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Why would you want your mother to live an unhealthy lifestyle?

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Are you trying to eat Kanako?

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Her weight goes to all the right places


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Breast, butt, hips, thighs, and belly?

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>hips, thighs, and belly?

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Snake eyes

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Who in their right mind would enslave a snake-eyes loli kanakp?

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Cruel people. Suwako-sama hates people like that.

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Kanakp a backstabbing bitch

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Tickle her pudgy belly!

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I'd like to fatten up Kanako, just so she develops only a bit of a pudgy belly and her thighs and hips noticeably thicken or plump up as well.

So I can tickle and poke and grab it to make mommy self-conscious!

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I want to be filled with my mommy's milk!

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w-which kind of milk...?

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make sure you post this EVERY role play thread, you'll get blamed for autism but the word needs to go out /jp/ needs to wake up and grow up

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breast, where else would milk come from idiot?

>> No.11618813

the fattening kind

>> No.11618842

Soy, oats, rice, etc.

>> No.11618848

None of that is actual milk though

>> No.11618850

You could call it milk, though.

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please don't reply to yourself

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please don't reply to yourself

>> No.11619367

You can call lettuce a head, but it doesn't make it a disembodied head.

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Mine too.

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please don't reply to yourself

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Mom is beautiful!

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I love you mommy!

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Massaging mom's feet!

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I just thought of a joke.

What's Kanako's favorite kind of music?

Hebi metal.

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Okay, I laughed.

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And here I thought the older generations all had Boa-ing tastes.

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why are mom's tits so big

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That fucking doujin.

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that way she can feed all of /jp/

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What a soft and plump form!

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I agree with this jaypee.
Preferred proportions

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cute shirt, mom

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Who do you choose

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"Pretty girl character".

>> No.11633706

What does /jp/ think of large, intimidating breasts?

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Not entirely sure what you mean. A chest is not supposed to be intimidating, unless it is something out of La Blue Girl, but I was grossed out and turned off rather than intimidated. Too large, and they become unattractive like >>11632836 , but it is nearly comical in size.

Intimidating comes with the woman. For example, Sachiko Ogasawara from Marimite is quite intimidating, but she seems to have a below average chest.

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Fat legs

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I don't think he meant literally intimidating, but figuratively intimidating.

Like large breasts that demand your attention, or are so big and distracting that they make you nervous.
Or maybe if you were a flat girl, you would probably be intimidated by someone with very large breasts.

Big breasts are a sign of power and authority. They're right at home on, say, a woman in uniform or in a position of power. Perhaps there's a freudian element to it.

>> No.11635636

>Big breasts are a sign of power and authority


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canon tits

>> No.11637844

I want to suck them dry.

>> No.11637848

looks disproportional, probably the cancer

>> No.11637850

It's not just women and breasts either. Men with muscles everywhere is intimidating, too.

>> No.11638114

Yeah, but that's because those are a threat of violence and roid rage.

>> No.11638167

I wish I knew my mother.

>> No.11638215

owned idiot

>> No.11638220

Fk u

>> No.11638441

Has more to do with the artstyle than anything.

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I had dream where sanae was swallowed whole by a crocodile, is this bad?

>> No.11638820


>> No.11638954

Why would you have such dreams?

>> No.11638967 [DELETED] 

well at least she's safe and in one piece until someone can get her out.

i always have dreams about shitposting on /jp/, and then i get really frustrated by janny or something else and wake up in a bad mood. i can't remember the last time i had a good dream.

>> No.11638977 [DELETED] 

holy SHIT, I dreamed about shit posting too!

I even had a dream where I browsed pixiv

>> No.11638978

That's...weird. Tell me more.

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Kanako is a healthy lady.

>> No.11639026

there is a deeper meaning you have yet to discover

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>> No.11639445

Have you ever felt your mom's breasts before?

>> No.11639446 [DELETED] 
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Vore fetishism?

>> No.11639492

No, but I've felt your moms.

>> No.11639836
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>> No.11640284

Only thing you felt was your own asshole

>> No.11640316

I've brushed against them before

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>> No.11640622

That's no way to treat your mom. Apologize.

>> No.11640693

>having a dream
>this looks nice
>oh wait touhous
>i think there is entire playable command
>not sure if my subcoinsious is trying to make them do lewd thing
>focus on sanae
>she is naked but some sort of green goo or paint somehow covers herladyparts
>suddenly wild crocodile appears
>crocodile is BIG
>my subconsious performs Attack on Titan homage with Sanae reaching out with her hand as she is being swallowed
>I need to mention that to swallow human whole, crocodile had to be sized like dinosaur-eating giant crocodile from age of dinosaurs

>> No.11641298

shitty crossie style story telling, did not read

>> No.11642107

Who are you even quoting?

>> No.11642150

All blogging should be greentexted.

>> No.11642463

My subconsious.