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Touhous with berry jam on their faces.

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Will you cut it out with the guro/ryona? You have been doing this for weeks now.

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Pictures of characters getting beaten up can be great if they're tasteful.

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It's so good that it brings tears to their eyes!

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Threads where one guy just dumps his own pictures are retarded, though.

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image dumps alone are retarded

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They can be decent when a bunch of people get together to share and discuss things that they like but I think this is just one guy farming his thread.

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Stop it.

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Cherrypicker please go away they're a hide button you know

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Has anyone besides you posted a picture in this thread?

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Yes, of course. Im not the only one posting here

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Oh right, you're not OP.

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post some momoji

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Leave the thread if you don't want to contribute

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Whatever helps you sleep at night, dude, not gonna let you spoil this thread for me

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Sup voile.

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I'm helping improve the thread by encouraging it away from being one person's mindless textless picture dump.

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I'd say this is raspberry jam.

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Stop it. Just go

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Who could take a beating the most?

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You go yourself if you're unwilling to put a minimal amount of effort into your thread.

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Stop it. Just go.

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Please go back your QUALITY Momiji image dump

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No one is getting beaten up in this thread and I'd like to keep it that way.

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I'm not in the QUALITY Momiji dump but you're a joke if you think this is remotely any better.

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Who could eat the most berry jam?

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Looks like she spilled some down the front of her shirt. What a messy bird.

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No I just though you'd feel better there

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Another quality thread from The Trevor.

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Okuu obviously.

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What evidence do you have to back that up?

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It's just one of five he made in the last hour. Lots to choose from.

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It just makes me want to rescue her, y'know?

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I don't understand how they get it in they're eyes so much.

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More like this.

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What a mess!

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Guro is against the rules.

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These threads aren't against the rules and are on the same level of "A has/is a B" touhou dumps. So, why are they deleted?

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Because Trevor makes them and he's banned.

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Prove it

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Make me.

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I asked one of the mods through email.

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That's my phrase

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OP is not "Trevor", whoever that is.

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>whoever that is

Get a load of this noob

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I don't keep track of post-2011 tripfags.

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Is this guy serious?

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If you see a whole bunch of dumb threads appear at the same time, Trevor made them all.

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Does he have a gimmick or anything? There's always somebody posting something stupid

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This guy can't be serious

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I like you a lot but please don't post that picture.

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post the one of marisa getting stapled in her cheek please

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2hu with cream and strawberry jam!

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What's that yellow stuff? It looks really tasty.

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It's creme brulee! It's creamy and light, oishii desu!

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that picture is fucking stupid >:(

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Very few "tasteful" ones exist. It's almost all done to sexually arouse people. People would realize this if they got the stuff directly from the artists instead of danbooru, land of the people who convince themselves fetish art is super deep and artsy. I'm not complaining though, I actually prefer edgy fetish porn to edgy *deep & meaningful art*

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>MFW I'll never get banned for this because I already reset my IP for an unrelated ban


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