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>Eirin is exceptionally intelligent. She is much smarter than humans, which makes her rarely understood.

Is Eirin on the spectrum?

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People on the spectrum are not necessarily intelligent.

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On the what?

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Why Eirin isn't popular in /jp/?

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Most people here are dumb so they prefer dumb 2hus like Youmu or Cirno

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the spectro-autismal

the higher you are the more intelligent you are

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it's depressing how true this is.

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Cirno is pretty much the least favorite 2hu of /jp/. But what you've said about Youmu is right, she's pretty stupid.
Eirin is a milf class 2hu, but Yukari beats her in milfness and intelligence probably too. So i stick to my Yukari-sama.

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Eirin, misunderstood genius.

To be honest, I always thought she comes off as very book-smart and intelligent, but I don't think she's very witty. As opposed to say Yuyuko, who's very wise and witty, but not too book-smart or educated.

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Witty people are overrated anyway.

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Eirin butt

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inb4 witty reply

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I guess not everyone can be both.

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That fucking Eirin. Why is that a japanese meme?

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Why not?

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people who are ont he spectrum should have like a hand signal or code word or clothing accessory by which to identify each other.

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What about a porkpie?

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fuck off, bitch

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>When talking to a person with autism:
>avoid irony


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They can sense each other like some sort of highlander shit

I wish I was actually autistic instead of being a shitty socially awkward dork

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O-Oh my....

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It's pretty shit. You're born with a condition that puts you at a disadvantage for the rest of your life and you can never get rid of it.

At least you can get rid of being social awkward through self-improvement.

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you can blame everything on being autistic while everyone writes off social anxiety as just being shy

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It's just a fear that you can get rid of. It can be pretty annoying but it's nothing like autism

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See even you're able to discredit it easily enough. Nobody gets disability for being unable to talk to people because just man up pussy.

Mild autists are the luckiest people in the world. A lot of them are even starting to get gfs because of how popular the big bang theory is.

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You are an annoying, bitchy self-absorbed faggot.

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I just want you to check your privilege

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and he doesn't get any sympathy for it!

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I love Eirin!

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i only like flat eirin

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I like all Eirins, but I prefer busty Eirin.
Eirin having a nice, big butt is crucial though.

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Better than being a lolifag

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You got that right.

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who new autistic people were such elitist about their autism

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Her full name literally means "Intelligence of eternally clear brightness over infinitely extended area"

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how pretentious

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I look to Eirin for inspiration, being a chemistry major.

It takes a moment to appreciate someone beyond overt physical attraction, hence why the most popular ones are the cuties.

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> http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Eirin_Yagokoro
> The characters for Yagokoro (八意) literally mean "Eight minds", and Eirin (永琳) "Eternal jewel".

Terrible. More Anki reps for you.

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you can't possibly be trying to tell me that Eirin is not a cutie.

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I literally copied it from that exact page. Scroll down and you'll see. Please go to the link you provided and scroll down to the name section.

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Eirin's a complete qtπ though.

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most boring had. wud not be son

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if she is so enlightened why isn't she wearing a fedora?

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She could probably hook you up with some sweet drugs though.

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all kinds of amazing medicine

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Can she cure autism and depression?

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Of course. She can cure you of that with just a touch of her boobs!

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i am so JEALOUS!

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Does boobs really cure autism!

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Did you know? Children who aren't breastfed are more likely to have autism.

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Makes sense. My mom didn't breastfeed me because she thought it was a barbaric practice.

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illegal imigrant
moon bitch ( technically )
tortures Reisen ( fanon but you know how stupid secondaries are)

Didn't stand out in IN

Personally she doesn't seem special, she'll help most people in need sure but she's lazy about it they have to come to her

She's pretty beta, I didn't like her SSiB either she's a fucking hypocrate

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Somehow I don't think many share your stance as to why she isn't popular

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probably not but it doesn't matter, the fact she's not popular is good enough
Okay i'm sure this happens in ever Erin thread now

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Youmu is a conniving cunt, pardon my french. The whole "Lol I'm bored I'm gonna eat you!" thing is just a cover.

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or okuu

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I want Eirin to give me a digital rectal exam

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She also gets frustrated when people don't understand her, which is a massive sperg thing.

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She isn't popular enough because silver hair is too big a step for most people. They associate it with age and it makes them uncomfortable. You have to have high power levels to like Eirin so you aren't fettered by society's prejudices about being a grandmafucker.

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Considering that vaccinations place you on the specturm, I wouldn't surprised if she accidentally gave herself it at a young age.

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But autism wasn't invented thousands of years ag-- I mean, uh, autism occurs naturally, so maybe...! (汗)

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Silver hair is sex. Absolute sex.

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>Not knowing Modern vaccinations cause autism or aspergers

Injecting fucking mercury into your child does not prevent him from getting smallpox.

It damages his brain and developing organs, just like a mass concentration of sodium flouride would.

Eiren is ahead for her time, so she'd probably do something like that as a minor project.

Well, this was all before she got her rabbits to fuck about with.

God knows what Reisen was like before Eiren walked into her life, poor girl.

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Autism doesn't exist on the Moon because there are no chemtrails.

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Autists are actually quite dumb. They focus their entire thought process to one activity, but neglect all the others. In practical situations and in nature, an autist would not survive.

tl;dr: Sperglords are imbeciles.

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Yeah but everyone likes Sakuya.

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Sakuya lives on borrowed time, and most likely has her hair gray because of it.

She's possibly the missing belmont from the 1800's also.

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touhou x baki crossovers are pretty hilarious

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Bet you didn't know this existed.

(There's a trial!)

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Eirin is just a gook mispronunciation of alien

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... Oh.

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To be fair, everything crossed with baki is hilarious.

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Eirin is one of my favourite characters.

Right beside Udonge and Kaguya.

They are my number 1s. I love them.

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Eirin MUST HAVE a huge ass. It is essential.

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Eirin feets

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Amen to that my friend. Eientei has got it going on.

Worldly, intelligent, sexy: 10/10 majordomo material right there.

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I'd study the history of her moon, if you get what I am trying to convey.