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It's soon the 1st of November!

If your first words when you wake up on the first day of the month are "rabbit rabbit", you'll have blessed luck for the entire month!


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Thank you for thinking about the yuro timezone for once.

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top lel

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What does she have hidden in her hands? What is she plotting again?

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But what if first day of month comes without me going to sleep? Will it work if I wake up at 9pm?

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I always, always forget about this.

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Of course it won't, you dumb nerd.

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The thread should be made early on the last day of the month to raise awareness!

How cynical!

As long as you don't sleep past the first day, it doesn't matter when you go to sleep!
But it won't hurt to say it before going to sleep as well.

Leave this thread open so it'll be the first thing you'll see in the morning!

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Why do you post this every month when it's not even Japanese? It's some dumb britfag thing.

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Don't do it it's a trap!
You'll be cursed with bad luck for a whole month!

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It's about rabbits and good luck!
It's a Tewi thread!

Nuh uh! It's super legit!
If you had bad luck on a month you did this, imagine how bad it would have been if you hadn't!

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You will be visited by the Tewi of fortune. Good luck and prosperity will come to you, but only if the first thing you say in the morning is 'rabbit rabbit'

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Is there any comparison of specific 2ho fans? I know everyone hates flan-fans the most, and I know chirno fags have never recovered from the 9ball fiasco, but what about the others?

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Reimu fans = normal, rational people
Marisa fans = a bit quirky, but still ok

Everyone else = brain problems

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>reimu fans

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I don't think Tewi's boobs are that big. Or that she's a virgin. What a misleading image.

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A misleading image of a misleading bunny.

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Because a girl can't bleed *down there* unless she's a virgin, right?

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That's a lot better, but I don't think her butt's that hairy either.

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me taking the picture

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I'm pretty sure that's the guy's pubic hair.

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That is ome awful pubic hair

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I did it! I finally did it!

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last time i tried this i had the worst luck ever that month. and they call reisen useless. tewi a shit.

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rabbit rabbit

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Inaba-do...no INABA-SAMA!

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the 1st Eientei
the BEST

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I want all the luck! No-one else do it this month.

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I had bad luck for a week and nothing after that fuck this bullshit

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I said it! Thanks /jp/.

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fuck!!!!!! I just noticed it was 00:01 and I said rabbit rabbit but I can't remember if I said anything else out loud

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Please fuck off.

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Thank you for reminding me anon, I will be sure to do so!
I hope everyone has a good month!

I think I am going to need a lot of luck, because my boss has given me work almost everyday, and it has been very stressful. I don't know how to approach him, I do not like this!

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It's 4am but I don't think I have said a single word these past four hours so I guess it's okay.

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I feel you man, I feel like I can't keep up with the all the work they give me and the pay is shitty as hell so it doesn't help for motivation.

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Is it "rabbit rabbit" or "rabbit rabbit rabbit"?

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Whatever form of rabbit you want. I say rabbit rabbit white rabbit.

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You must be a very hard worker!
I have no job now, but usually I would only get less and less work days over time...

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Ribbit ribbit!

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Cute post, dude.

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I used to have that happen to me too anon, I was troubled for quite some time.
Though it may be difficult, you have to see your supervisor or boss, and show them that you want to work more! Unfortunately, it is very hard to find a balance between "too much" and "too little", and there will be hard times.

But it all goes towards something you can look forward too.

I think you mean, "Gero Gero"!

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>"Gero Gero"!

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Do I have to say it when I wake up, or can I say it after midnight?

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When you first wake up.

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I have trouble remembering things and I often mumble gibberish when I wake up.

If I talk while I'm not conscious does it still count?

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Who would know?

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How can one little bunny be so lewd?

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do you have to say usagi or rabbit?

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It's almost here


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I want to kiss Tewi on the forehead, she is adorable.

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Please treat her with respect, she is over 1,000 years old! Just think of her as an energetic grandmother or great grandmother.

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this is it all the happiness and lucky I need for a month thanks to Inaba-san

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I saw this thread yesterday and still forgot!

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A great grandmother I'd like to make sweet, sweet love to.

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Fucking damnit everytime I forget

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This is why our lives are miserable.

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I think I said "nigger nigger" when I wake up on the first day.

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Thanks OP

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I want to shove my thick negro dick and shoot my horse-sized cumblast inside Tewi-chan's petite mouth.

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please don't sexualize Tewi.

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Marisa shlicks on Tewi?! Nonsense!

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It was the first thing I said, even if I said it 25 minutes after I woke up... Does that count?

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Marisa has a WEINER

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I am sorry Tewi, I have failed you...
I tried to remember to say rabbit rabbit when I woke up, but the first thing I heard was my mom yelling at me to go to work, so the first thing I said was "I'm sorry!".

Please forgive me.

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I forgot again, even though I was awake up to almost 6 am...

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too late, you're doomed