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How can people fap to JAV? Ugly bushes, annoying whining and undynamic movement.

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What AV has "dynamic movement?" and don't post that gif of the guy doing that front roll with the girl.

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Bushes are awesome. The whining I can agree on though.

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That shit's real, unlike your choreographed American porns.

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I think jav suffers from low production values even more than most porn. they must spend all their yakuza money on making the cover look good.

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Western porn is more dynamic. And most of hentai too.

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>watching 3DPD fap material

Get a load of this buffon

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western porn is all the same, for real.
Same shit, same girl body with a different face and name.

JAV is so stuffed with fetishes i can never get bored.

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Thats not really a problem, the censorship and the inferior looks of asian women are.

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>undynamic movement

Undynamic? Do you mean static? This is an oxymoron.

JAV is not all the same by the way.

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Your shit taste is inferior.

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>This is an oxymoron.

You're an oxymoron.

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I got the joke but static movemement is an oxymoron since movement is dynamic by definition mate.

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I suppose it's not unlike an oxymoron, but I think it's more redundant, superfluous, and unnecessary.

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>ugly bushes
I watch JAV for tits.
>annoying whining
Mute button. Who watches porn with sound on?
>undynamic movement
I have no idea what the fuck this means.

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Good pegginv JAV is so hard to find.

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You watch Japanese, the permanently prepubescent pettanko race's, AV for the tits?

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I think op means poor mise-en-scene

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>all Japanese are completely flatchested
>there has never been a big-bust JAV star

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maria ozawa is as japanese as moogy

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That's because men getting fucked looks disgusting.
I like the idea of pegging but I can't watch it because they just look like auschwitz-skinny pigs that squeal and grimace when they get fucked. It's repulsive.

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not to mention that most of them are well in their fifties

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Nope. They're all just fake tits. Unless they're fatties. I can just go look at fake tits in American porn.

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If you aren't fapping to 14 year old Ukraine sluts getting ASSFUCKED you are doing it wrong

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Buttsex is gross dude.

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are they 14 or do they just look 14

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Fake tits don't sway, jiggle, and aren't acted upon by gravity when the girl is on her back.
But, hey, "BAGS OF SAND LOL XD *tips fedora*"

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They look about 9 or 10 so I assume they are 14. Malnourishment tends to stunt growth

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Except this is a plain stupid bullshit, pic related.


She is 50/50, I posted her since she's my fav but here is a full Japanese beauty s'il vous plaît.

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I know, right? The starving kids in former Soviet territories are a riot lmaooooo

I wonder if I went there with a sack of burgers I would become a Santa Clause type legend that would endure for 1,000 years

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stop watching shit JAv

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Sorry Janitor, let me fix this.


Except this is a plain stupid bullshit, pic related.


She is 50/50, I posted her since she's my fav but here is a full Japanese beauty s'il vous plaît.

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>Fake tits don't sway, jiggle, and aren't acted upon by gravity when the girl is on her back.
They do if the inserts aren't filled to fucking bursting. They're still fake. Live your imagination though.

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>Ugly bushes
That's why I watch censored ones.

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but i love pubic and armpit hair

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tanaka is definately natural

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Woah, dressing up like Miko and doing lewd poses is not ok!

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>Live your imagination
No shit, they're all fantasy women no matter what, as I will never sleep with them or get to touch them.

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This guy isn't taking it very easy.

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Bushes are gross man.

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Yeah, most homosexual things like that are really gross in 3D
I keep all my gay/fedom type stuff in 2D, its way better. Its clean.

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Japanese men have quite small dicks so it hard for them to do "dynamic"-like porn unlike westerners with their mega dongs. Japanese porn is basically just dipping a shrimp in a pussy and bitch fake whining like a pig.

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cosplayporn is disgusting

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I'm not a fan of bushes either. I'm okay with a little bit of hair, but it's always like a forest in JAV's for some reason. And I don't really like the moaning either. I know the stuff in western porn is super-fabricated, but at least it looks like they're enjoying themselves. In JAV's, the women just look like they're in pain all the time, what gives?

Neither of these are a general rule, but they're really prominent nonetheless. Oh well, maybe it's just a culture thing!

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I really wish it were easier to find Touhou JAV's because that's my fetish.

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Myself I been looking download links for http://dl.getchu.com/index.php?action=gd&gcd=D0025053&liTUB=9&cp=&c= because 4k yen is way too much of digital download.

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its dumb.
Its just boring sluts but they have a bonnet and they call it touhou.

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You'll never understand those normies

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Sadly, JAVs will probably be closer to reality as you will probably not find a non slut who shaves.

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>as you will probably not find a non slut who shaves

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Why watch normal porn? Why read ero-doujinshi? Why get off to CD recordings? Why masturbate to ponies? Why go out to the club and catch a million STD's?

It's different fetishes. You find it boring, I find it hot, we're both perverts. Can we agree to disagree?

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No, you're not allowed to like it.

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Okay, I won't allow myself to like it. I'm still going to like it though.

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>we're both perverts.
Talk about yourself 変態

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I don't really care about pubic hair. As long as it isn't a huge mess it's fine with me. I don't like the shaved look since it doesn't look right. Some hair makes the girl look human, and not some sort of alien.

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cosplay is not a fetish

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>annoying whining
Does anyone know why Japanese women do this? It's really unattractive. I can't watch JAV when it has women making those squealing noises all the way through, it's a total boner kill.

Then again, the same can be said for Western porn where the women screams "OH FUCK" like a harpy all the way through.

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Then I don't masturbate to a fetish. Have it your way.

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Please do not cosplay as the Crown Prince!

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I don't think it's uploaded yet, but here's sales page http://dl.getchu.com//index.php?action=gd&gcd=D0025156&idl_idxcos_h=&liTUB=9&cp=&c=

Their twitter got interesting stuff too https://twitter.com/pinkyweb_tw

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I'm a virgin male and I shave

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I agree, aside from the fact is just wrong and an insult for the original 2D chara, the cosplayers are as dumb as Western porn actors.

>> No.11576029

Actually interesting thing is that in hentai screams are more similar to screams in Western porn than in Japanese porn.

>> No.11576032

Are they supposed to be geniuses? It's fucking sex.

Unless you're talking about them being unbeknownst to any sense of image and roleplaying, in which case, nothing's perfect. If you think your precious waifu is being disrespected, well, tough.

>> No.11576034


Merciful mother of god, this. JAV where the girl isn't whining like a dog with a broken leg is heavenly

>> No.11576039

But they're ridiculous, if you asked them in the middle of the scene which character are them again they'd just smile showing they mouth full of cum.

>> No.11576041

What we need is plot in our porn. With actual goals and aspirations, actors would be able to focus on the bigger picture instead of being told to squeal incessantly, AND you would develop a real connection to characters, excusing minor slip-ups that would undoubtedly happen during the act. Imagine the plight of a JAV actor, caught in a plot that would force her to whore herself out, slowly getting addicted to the pleasure and most dramatic of all: being forced to shave! Gasp!

Come on, it's a perfect idea. Don't laugh.

>> No.11576049

I'm not saying it's perfect. A more involved cosplay JAV would be great and it would probably shed the whole thing in a brighter light, but that would require more resources and commitment, and so the costs probably outweight the pros.

It's cheaper to just dress up someone as a character and have them get raped or let them whore themselves out in front of a camera, is what I'm trying to say. Still, what's there is okay, it could be worse, and it sells like that since it's popular so there's no reason to change it.

Well I like it.

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I told you guys before to not steal Aida Nana mai javfu.

>> No.11576053

I'm one of the blasphemous few that likes cowtits.

Don't judge me ;_;

>> No.11576055

Same here. Even my girl friend in high school used to shave because apparently when she has her period, the smell gets bad if she isn't shaven.

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You're not alone. I have loved big, jiggly oppai for as long as I can remember.

>> No.11576060

How can you stop them from squaling if the vast majority of JAV is rape-centered?

I like some JAV where the girl is literally crying while trying her hardest to pry off from the attacker. It makes me turned on harder than usual.

>> No.11576065

big tits on small ladies
im a minority?

>> No.11576070

Not really.

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pls don't steal

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File: 101 KB, 480x640, nana aida is my waifu pls dont steal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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How people cannot fap to JAV? Small, cute girls, they're centered more on the girl than on how big the dude's dick is, and kimochi.

But the censoring is evil.

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Girls look great but porn they do is shit.

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File: 89 KB, 768x1024, nana aida no makeup pls dont steal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pls don't steal muh javfu that is afraid of lizards and the dark.

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Both are shit

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Can someone who has watched javs for a long time answer how long they have been fake squeling? Did the earliest japanese javs have to fake squeling?

It isn't purely a cultural thing, since ero-anime and eroge doesn't usually have that squeling. Also, they don't have lower hairs either.

Maybe the jav-companies are just really stupid and always follow a certain script, because the girls are easier to manage that way?

>> No.11576165

very inaccurate portrayal of jav
there's a better one in the same style out there but I don't save shit like this

>> No.11576170

draw a picture in my mind then

>> No.11576173

Porn in general is lame.

>> No.11576176

it was something along the lines of much more censoring, then suddenly dicks out of nowhere and a cum tsunami
also those retarded round vibrators

>> No.11576187

Early JAV from the 80s did have squaling. I still got a few that I watch, but most of them really sounded like that since then.

Also, watching older JAV would only make you sad because if you think that the bushy pubic hairs of the current actresses are bad enough. Wait till you see what they got before.

And yes, all of it are scripted. You'd see the same thing over and over again, just with different actresses. Especially HUNTER and almost all of Soft on Demand titles/labels.

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>those retarded round vibrators

Why do they use those? They are disgusting! As is also more than one man per woman.

>> No.11576197

Watching porn with the sound off makes me feel like a psychopath : - x

>> No.11576206

this is coming from a guy who wanks 80 times a day.

>> No.11576220

Why are they making JAV with old men.
It's so disgusting. Is self-insertion really so popular in Japan?

>> No.11576231

there isnt much hard fucking in jav porn so its really boring

>> No.11576235

Apparently the men in a lot of JAV videos pay to be in them.

>> No.11576239

If it isn't amateur, it is generally shit.

A lot of amateur is shit too, as they're trying too hard to make it like professional porn.

3D images are boring. 2D images are only good if it is an art style you like, which excludes 90% of them.

H games are the only truly interesting thing, and even they get boring after a few days (at best).

Pornography is terrible.

>> No.11576243

Opinions differ. Your mileage may vary.

>> No.11576248

I agree, old people shouldnt even be having sex.

>> No.11576258

If you don't like squealing pigs, try watching DANDY chikan porn, it's pretty good.

>> No.11576260

I don't watch any of that filth nor do I "wank" m8. Didn't you see Ted Bundy's final interview?

>> No.11576261

That Goro must be one hell of a rich motherfucker then

>> No.11576262

What's the peer program that people use in the comiket threads? The one where you have to upload a certain amount before you can begin searching and downloading?

A little bit unrelated, sorry.

>> No.11576268

please go back to your home board crossie

>> No.11576281

Wow, what an idiot this guy is.

>> No.11576309


I doubt what he says.

I don't know about historic pornography laws in America, but here, it was outright illegal. It was much more difficult to obtain than now, usually involving smuggling it in from Germany. The average person would either never see it, or maybe get a small amount every so often from a friend involved in the trade.

In the 90s, the internet made it much easier to obtain, and in the millennium, the average person could get it with ease. The average person can get extreme pornography without a problem.

There hasn't been an influx of psychopaths.

I am fairly certain he was predisposed toward it. Porn may have been a catalyst, for him, but I don't think it could be the sole cause. I don't think porn can turn a non-psychopath into one.

>> No.11576406

I'm just asking for a name; I'm even saging like a good boy!


>> No.11576413

perfect dark/share

>> No.11576417


Thank you!

>> No.11576721

>There are still people who don't understand kimochi and ii are two different words.

What do you mean the little bullet ones or the wand ones? What's your problem with either?

Speaking of JAV, what I can't stand is even when you have solo masturbation videos, there's still a large chance that some guy will pop in near the and and start fucking her, even though it was supposed to be about her masturbating. I also cannot stand Japan's obsession with piss and enemas.

I can't stand when they quickly run up and ejaculate on the girls face while the girl lies around making noises and twitching and pretending she actually came either. That's the one thing the west does better. They just cut to the face shot instead of having the actor make a mad dash.

My biggest peeve is the same as western porn: They they keep taking breaks and zooming into someone's face instead of showing any action. Is there really any appeal to having some closeup of someone's face for 10 seconds in the middle of porn? At the least Japan is smart enough to never have it on the guy's face.

>> No.11576726

Oh yeah, and is there some rule that anyone in the western porn industry has to have at least one prominent tattoo or non-ear piercing? Is that some kind of whore mark to let people know they're property of the porno mafia or what? Japanese girls' unmarred* bodies is the best aspect of JAV.

*Japs do seem to have bad/marked up skin sometimes though

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File: 27 KB, 720x406, Dream Cosplay Touhou Tag Battle 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not liking cosplay JAV

>> No.11576739

She looks fat.

>> No.11576747

I liked one JAV with... I forget her name, but a supposed "wrestler" girl, and some athletic looking short dork fooling around in what appeared to be a gym. The girl had such a nice, strong, willowy body, and obviously enjoyed herself at some parts without the typical whiny SHAMEFUR DISPRAY appearance, in a fashion that even a gringo like me could understand it, despite having the typical JAV appearance of being at the edge of committing sudoku from embarrassment and having some sort of stick figure space mutant boning her.

I have to confess that I don't think much of JAV girls, apart from the very few athletic and genuinely assertive ones. Most JAV girls look like they're either kidnap victims or some degree of retards.

>> No.11576761

Professional porn is always gross

>> No.11576771

Yes. I really find tattoos as gross. Belly piercings are pretty fine for me provided that it's just a hole, without anything dangling on it.

>10 seconds in the middle of porn
Yeah, most of the JAV you see are done in only one take. Rarely do they get to have do-overs since the actors have very limited time in-between shots.

>> No.11576772

Just like her usual representation in fanon.

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File: 30 KB, 400x357, grin with a mouthful of shit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11576792

>How can people fap to JAV? Ugly bushes, annoying whining and undynamic movement.

While JAVs are a million times shittier than drawn hentai for the reasons you listed, it sometimes lucks out and deals with a fetish that sidesteps these weaknesses, such as ryona, and it turns out hot.

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File: 296 KB, 800x3600, 1285680537925.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why are japs almost never shaved, when in art, they're usually shaved, or only have a little pubic hair as opposed to the massive bushes? it seems like the men prefer shaved or minimal pubic hair.

Still, JAVs are hotter than western porn.

>> No.11576799

It makes me upset when they zoom in on the guy's dangling balls. We're not talking about the balls you see in your 2D pictures, we're talking about raisins with hair on them.

>> No.11576840

Bushes are great, whining is awful. American porn just has "fuck my cunt" and "aw yeah gurl" in its place, though. Most porn seems pretty awful, really. The camera angles are usually bad, like those extreme closeups, especially in western porn. Some amateur stuff manages to pull everything off really well, but searching for anything on a porn streaming site is fucking impossible.

I saw a really good one with Sakuya on xhamster. It had a great footjob scene. The quality was awful, though.

>> No.11577087

I like JAV because they have setups where the girls seem extra lewd. There's something about Japan and female perverts even in manga. Makes you wonder how many exhibitionists, rape fetishists, wanted to fuck oniichan/sensei type females there really are there since it seems such a common theme.


I'm not sure if these are good examples, but there's something about the way it's directed or something that makes them seem like ultra perverts unlike fake-feeling western porn. Maybe it's the excessive acting working well.

Of course there's also this old thing. Something it seems like the west would never do or at least pull off as well.

When I want to see women being the absolute lewdest possible, I'll look to the Japanese.

>> No.11577114

>better looking women on avg
>better opening few minutes
>better scenes and angles
>more variety

JAV is great no other AV can compare

>> No.11577122



>> No.11577148

your mom, sorry I forgot where I was for a moment forgive me autist allow me to run /jp/ mode
tradition or some shit, only sluts are supposed to be shaved which is ironic, it's some form of taboo you can actually get into real trouble if you're caught making videos shaved, they look okay in those bathing scenes though when they're dripping water and smoothed down a bit

>> No.11577154

1st 11 secs in, this weird feeling and ping down there

that outfit...

sir your taste how did they become so impeccable?

>> No.11577157

Shit so biased

>> No.11577158

They do it because men like it? I like it, keep your shit tastes to yourself.

>> No.11577162

I like the ones where they don't show you their pussies or have sex to avoid pixelation, but they show uncensored butthole. Everytime I see uncensored butthole in a JAV I cum buckets.

>> No.11577163

You're the first person in this entire thread to say something positive about the squealing in JAV. You might want to re-think which of us has the shit taste.

>> No.11577175

Haven't seen anyone who actually enjoys it. Everyone is always put off by it.

>> No.11577183

it's hard to draw pubic hair

>> No.11577230

I like it too. You're not alone. I just usually don't watch 3D things. Although sound is okay, it makes me feel bad knowing that people do that sort of thing with their life. I get that its usually what they what they want to do with their lives, but it still seems like a pretty bad life to me.

>> No.11577439

The only JAV I really watch is gyaru. A lot of it is large groups of girls teaching a "virgin" about sex and being extremely lewd, which appeals to most of my fetishes.

>> No.11577770

I like the squealing too. Voices getting high-pitched is kind of a turn-on for me.

That said, I don't consume that much JAV because I generally prefer stills regardless of where my porn is sourced.

>> No.11577785

I really like squaling noises. It makes me feel (on a self insert) that I am raping them.

>> No.11577795

And lesbian (rape or nonrape) JAV > western lesbian porn.

>> No.11577815

I really don't know why so many Japanese women whine and cry out so much. It's not arousing at all, and the fact that professional actresses do it is a poor reflection of the producers, in my opinion.

It's such a common stereotype among foreigners, but there's been no effort at all to stop it. There's no way it's that painful, or that unfamiliar to them that they need to literally scream at the top of their lungs when some gook sticks his little 4 inch prick inside them. Same thing with the はずかし!!!You're being paid to expose yourself on camera, the least you could do is shut the fuck up about how embarassing it is to have a finger in your vagina.

I enjoy JAV, but the more I watch it, the angrier I get at it, and the less I like pornography in general.

>> No.11577824

Damn, this is the exact shit I find hot about JAV.

>> No.11577874

Let me answer you with regards to some of your points.

>Gook sticks
Average Japanese penises range from 5 to 5.2inches, an average Japanese girl's height ranges from 4'10 to 5'4. Another thing is that their pussy is usually tighter because of all the walking/biking that they do.

It's fine to get paid for sex. It's really embarassing to have people shove a camera in front of your pussy even though they are paid. They still have shame even though they work in the sex industry.

>Whining and crying out so much
It turns the Japanese men more. It makes them feel empowered, I know I am.

>> No.11577878

it is okay sometimes i just don't like the scat stuff which is sometimes done totally out of the blue and it makes me sad that i have to stop watching it

>> No.11577881

In almost more than a decade of collecting JAV, I'd rarely get scat stuff just because I look at the covers properly so I don't get bummed out after downloading it.

I'm okay with golden showers and puking though since those are really hot.

>> No.11577891

Pretty sure a japanese anon already explained about this on /int/, shame i can't find his post, but i remember he said that "if you can't make your women moan then you fail as man" and "if you don't moan during sex means you are frigid". Just ask them directly if you have time.

>> No.11577893

i like when they salivate a lot before they puke and it is slimy

>> No.11577901

I like it too. Although I really love salivating whenever they are gagged with that ball with holes on their mouth.

So hot.

>> No.11577905

But it isn't moaning. It's not erotic at all.

Some people in this thread have been saying it sounds like the girl is being raped and makes them feel empowered or something, but they don't sound even remotely like realistic cries of pain/fear/whatever. It just feels so forced and awkward whenever I hear it, and it totally kills the video for me. I can't get aroused at all when the video has that horrible squealing shit in it.

>> No.11577920

It's like the nsound 11 year olds make, when you fondle their pussy (I guess)

so hot

>> No.11577934

I agree. For me it would feel more empowering if the girl is actually feeling good and moaning in pleasure rather than crying out in pain or discomfort. It's especially annoying when they have videos where the girl comes on to the guy or is supposed to be taking charge or whatever and they still squeal like a fake rape victim pig.

>> No.11577949

5-5.2 is microscopic compared to the average american pornstar's penis, which are often over seven or eight inches. A smaller size means shorter strokes, which means little to no pain for the woman.

No, it shouldn't be. Being embarrassed makes them a shitty actress, unless it's their first time on camera. Girls who act embarrassed should be fired for not getting into the role. it isn't cute or charming for a woman who's getting paid thousands of dollars to fuck to have shame.

Crying out is one thing, but the artificial screaming moans are another. There is nothing empowering about fucking a woman who won't shut up long enough for you to get into it, or who you have to be delicate with just to make her stop crying so loud.

Rape fantasy is retarded. Only stupid people actually get off watching girls pretending to be raped or choked, or whatever they pretend to do in rape porn.

>> No.11577966

>5-5.2 is microscopic
Why are you comparing an American pornstar's penis against a Japanese person's penis? Are you watching porn for the penises? You should just watch gay porn instead. Penises of even 4 inches can and will pleasure a woman, not hurt them. Another thing is that dudes watch JAV for the chicks.

>Being embarrased makes them a shitty actress
Have you seen a storyline of JAV where the girl is a true whore? If you want to see them not get embarrased. Are you watching nanpa porn only? There are quite a lot of different kinds of JAV, and if you want a girl to say "FUCK ME FUCK ME" then you should just stay watching American porn where females dominate the dudes.

>artificial screaming moans are another
If you actually read the thread, it turns people on. Not everyone has your taste and majority of Japanese dudes like it, that's why it's still there even if it's been overused since 20 years ago.

>rape fantasy is retarded
Watching porn is retarded. That's it.

>> No.11577967

>Are you watching nanpa porn only?
Okay that wasn't supposed to be there, it should have been after the first sentence.

>> No.11577975

I watched a few Hitomi Tanaka videos where she isn't whining in pain.

>> No.11578021

If a small American girl can take a seven inch cock, then there's no reason a similarly sized and proportioned japanese girl can't take a five inch cock without screaming bloody murder. I like all the assumptions you're making. Try to stay on-topic, 'kudasai' !

I watched a JAV last night where a girl shows up to a guy's house with the cameraman 'unannounced', and invites herself in to be fucked by the person who lives there, only to start whining and wiggling around uncomfortably the second he touches her panties. When he attempted to give her fellatio, she started crying and putting her hands on her head in frustration and crying about how embarrassing it was. She gave him a disappointingly unenthusiastic blowjob, and got into the laziest positions possible while he tipped it for about ten minutes. I could tell just by her body that she wasn't interested at all, and that she was just waiting for him to finish.

I don't expect the girls to be cock-hungry whores, but a bit of passion or initiative on their part wouldn't hurt. If they could at least attempt to genuinely pleasure the actor, instead of just being embarrassed and holding their breath until it's over, I would be more aroused.

I can't understand that, but that is the truth. People obviously get off on it, or else they wouldn't do it.

I agree. More than anything, I just watch female orgasm compilations

>> No.11578026

>5-5.2 is microscopic
Not really I have seen some porn stars who only look 5.5 inches. Camera angles help alot.

>> No.11578081

I was just pointing out that you seem to be really into dicks as a joke. Although yes, I have friends who have small dicks that had sex with Asians and Americans and there is quite a lot of difference in it apparently. He hurt his dick because Asians are just too tight that after pulling the skin, and jamming it in, there were tearing underneath the glans of his penis.

>Guys house unannounced.
Yeah, that's actually what I don't watch since it's very weird. Apparently the guys there really were random fans and it would be naturally awkward to have sex/give blowjobs to people you really don't know.

>passion or initiative on their part
You're watching the wrong girls probably. Nana Ogura takes a lot of pleasure on being fucked, you'd only hear her squealing on her rape JAV a month ago, but you can almost always be sure that she's enjoying it. Akari Hoshino takes a lot of pleasure raping other ladies and she turns me on that way.

I really like watching lesbian rape JAV.

>> No.11578085

Another thing is that you'd notice who's doing JAV for the money and those who are really enjoying their craft.

Hibiki Otsuki seems to really like having sex and giving blowjobs although she squeals most of the time.

Akiho Yoshizawa seems to be really dominant and yet enjoys being fucked as well.

I could probably go on and on about the actresses that I really like to watch but that would be pretty stupid.

>> No.11578101

I have all professional porn. I hardly look at porn at all anymore because it's mostly just acting.

>> No.11578194

>tfw watching cosplay porn and before they get to the pointless sex they act out an entire chapter of the light novel

>> No.11578225

I haven't watched much JAV but all the ones I've seen look like the girls are being drugged, fugged, and having a terrible time.

...and then there's that 1970s hip-to-hip bush. GORSS.

>> No.11578243

They don't look as good as picture on the cover. ;_;

>> No.11578269

This must be miracle. After a day, Janny still hasn't deleted my thread.

>> No.11578269,1 [INTERNAL] 

But now he did delete it!

>> No.11578269,2 [INTERNAL] 

He's in a rotten mood now and has to take it out on everyone.

Kill yourself, janigger.

>> No.11578269,3 [INTERNAL] 

ntihd please unignore...

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