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Hey Jaypee

I want an onahole but I have no idea what kind or what site to buy it from.

I did some minor research and I found that en-nls.com would probably be my best bet, but I want to know if there are any other(better) options.

I also have no idea what kind to buy.

I really want a vibrating onahole but those don't seem to be very popular for some reason. Why is that?

I would like an onahole that can lost an extremely long time and won't deteriorate, I can spend up to $125 on the Onalone and would prefer a vibrating one

Please help

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You can't just get a gf, you know?

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Let's help him, mates.

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Are these better than onaholes?


Your right! I can't!

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I could be your onahole if you wanted, Komachi

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Get an anal vibrator.

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They're much more solidly build than Jappo onaholes, and can be customized to your liking. They cost like, 80bux?

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Actually, the reason I want a vibrating onahole is so that I can ram myself as I usually do; but instead of using my hands I can just leave the vibrating onahole/fleshlight there

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Why ram yourself when I can ram you?

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Because I just like shoving things up my butt; I don't want the hassle of human contact when I am doing it

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y del, jan?

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Masturbation threads are /jp/ realted.

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Jan is a homophobe.

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I think he's just sad that no one will ever ask him to fuck his ass. He will die alone.

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i want to be someone's onahole

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Are you a girl?

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I'm a dude benching 115kg.

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im a straight white male

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I like this instant shitposter confirmation feature.

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Why are you saging the top thread, newfag?

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it's new fag not newfag new fag

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Fleshlights are crap. Look at the various onahole threads in the archive for infos, although I don't know much about vibrating ones. Seems gimmicky.

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Komachi a breast grill

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If America: queen cat toys (?)

Suggest: Evo 17, somethinesomething XYZ ($90)

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can i be your onahole

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Sure. Meet me on the town green of Guilford, Connecicut in 15 minutes. I'll be wearing a fireman's helmet.

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>>11561107 >>11561131
Get out fleshlight devs.

Not even 3500JPY on amazon.co.jp

It depends on various things.
Do you want loli? Is the lengh a problem? strong or mild stimulation? tight or not tight? vacuum or not? soft material or hard material?

>would prefer a vibrating one
Vibrating onahole are gimmickey and generally bad because cheaply made.

If no vibration is OK, then go for venus clone or venus real in normal or soft. You can buy it brom queencat if you're in the US, or you can buy it on https://daimaoh.co.jp/list_cat332.html using a proxy if you're not a unitedstatesarian.

I'd also recommend the Aliceだよっ from http://alice-stage.com/shop/index.php.. It's available in three different materials, and which one you should pick largely depends on your preferences.

There's also the "kashin" ones from NLS that last a very long time, but they're not as good.

Now, as for vibrating products, there are a lot of products that are basically stuff to hold a vibrating bullet on your penis, they're quite popular and cheap.
eg: http://www.en-nls.com/pict1-33678
Then there's aslo the other type of machines like cobra libre, A-10 & A-10 piston, and quite recently http://www.en-nls.com/pict1-37849 reviewed here: http://www.onaho.net/dendou/rising_black.html

Vibrating onahole don't really make sense, if you want vibration you buy a denma, and if you want onahole you buy an onahole; it's too different in nature to combine.

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>Then there's aslo the other type of machines like cobra libre, A-10 & A-10 piston, and quite recently http://www.en-nls.com/pict1-37849 reviewed here: http://www.onaho.net/dendou/rising_black.html
that cup scares me, will it rip my dick off?

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Has anyone used a Magic Wand? Is it worth the $50?

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Sorry, you don't vibrate.

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Why not get a vice or something, to affix the onahole to the front of your desk?

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>sticking your penis into a vice

Sorry for the memetext.

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I'm into loli. anything you can suggest?

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What's the #1 most stimulating onahole I can get for around $50? I want something that will make me feel so good I'll never want to stop.

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stimulation =/= feeling amazing. for example, an onahole with subtle texture that you plow into for a long time will erupt into a majestic orgasm.
stimulating ones are mostly good if you just want a quick session.

My recommendations for entry-level, great onaholes (you could buy several + jap lube + economy shipping at around $60. look for lube advice at last onahole thread, or just buy whatever)

#soft, great for price. gets better more you use it. v1 is noticeably more durable, v2 feels better
alternatively get Lilith in Normal/Soft/Very Soft at queencatadulttoys

#stimulating, durable. good onaho. get with proxy (or you could get it from toydemon at x2 price)

otherwise follow RDC's recommendations

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to buy from jap stores: good proxy = http://japanshoppingservice.jp/onlinestore/
if you don't understand how it works, look at the archive
western stores = less hasle but way more expensive

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How expensive is the fee from japanshoppingservice compared to tenso? The last time I used tenso they charged me about the same price as the item. Living in Asia btw.

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I'm not sure about how to feel about those china made onaholes.

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they are all made in china
everything is made in china

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N-no please don't tell me that that's true, aren't some onaholes advertised as made in jp? Will my dick melt now?

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Using it as proxy? or getting to buy an item for you?

This was my breakdown for using their proxy service (amazon.jp ->jss -> me)

Acquisition cost: 0 yen
Commission fee: 300 yen
Shipping cost: Depends
Packing fee: 0 yen
Transaction cost: 289 yen

This was the breakdown then I got them to buy me a couple of venus holes and alice dayo

Acquisition cost: 710 yen
Commission fee: 2200 yen
Shipping cost: Depends
Packing fee: 0 yen
Transaction cost: 1123 yen

Hope it helps

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>stimulation =/= feeling amazing. for example, an onahole with subtle texture that you plow into for a long time will erupt into a majestic orgasm.
>stimulating ones are mostly good if you just want a quick session.
Wouldn't have said it better.

Some makers advertise as made in japan.
If it really bothers you, anything eXe is made in china and virtually any shop original is made in japan, TH and tamatoys also advertise as made in japan. NPG is also made in japan iirc.
Though I don't know about the japanese legal system so it might only be the box/sticker, or the assembly that's made in japan.

With 50$, you won't be able to afford the best if you include shipping.
A good one that recently came out is the "女子校生のフェラホール" by tamatoys; it's surprisingly good. I haven't tried a lot of fellatio onahole (only 4) but this one is the best by far.
(https://www.e-nls.com/pict1-35065 ; not available on en-nls (yet?) ; available on http://www.hotpowers.jp/goods/a13-130.html for 200JPY cheaper, they ship INTL so no proxy, but only via EMS)

Look into : ubu virgin / puni virgin , girl in the box, tsurupetta girls (soft).
While secret twins tail sana/kana & mina/nina feel good, they break way too easily.
Also loli hole are really short by nature.

Actually using japanshopingservice to get them to buy for you is even less of a hassle than using any webshop.

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Is there anything special about the loliholes other than what they are modeled after?

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Yes and no.

The thing that TEND TO define a lolihole: small, tight, soft, shaped like a body.
Of course they don't all follow that paradigm but most tend to.
In the end it's just a loli themed onahole.

But past that, what can exactly be "something special" about an onahole?
I think lolihole as a subcategory makes sense; most of the time it's trying to replicate what the designers think of what a loli should be like, so it's more than just the picture on the box.

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I'll be using this as the onahole thread I guess.

Recent interesting releases:
More or less tsurupeta 4 from gproject; informations on it are scarce; only "softy soft type of melting-like stimulation" on the official website. No info on how soft it is, nor even an estimation of its lifespan to be deduced, will have to wait for pictures (or even better, movies) of it.

Also, from the new maker kiterukiteru (succubus pink, which was a great hit):https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WBA0oN4M28
So love-live inspired onaholes, but to go as far as to make a pv is a rare thing.

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they feel better imo. especially the double material ones.

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Only tsurupetta I've had is the idol cadet, and its life was pretty short. Not durable.
I wonder about the new one. I'd expect their G-Project line would have products that last, somewhat.

And wow, onaho PV. The seiyuus actually sounded enthusiastic, hah.

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I-I can if I try hard enough.

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Are there any onaholes that don't look conspicuous?

My house is small and there's not much privacy, so I'm scared that my mother could walk in and see a vagina in my room.

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The Tenga 3D line is pretty innocent looking.

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Is the Zen model the best one?

I watched the video showing the different models and some of those looked terrifying. Seems like it would be similar to putting my penis into a hollowed out rubik's cube or a triangle, but the Zen one seemed the smoothest of them all.

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I have no idea, sorry. But the Zen model looks like the best one to me too.

Yeah, some look weird, but Tenga makes some good stuff. They wouldn't sell an onahole that didn't feel good.

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>They wouldn't sell an onahole that didn't feel good.
Uh, as far as I know Tenga is considered 'overpriced shit', for what it is per $
A $15 actual jap onahole would feel miles better.
But a good feeling inconspicuous onahole, huh. Nothing comes to mind.
Maybe just find something small and hide it well >>11569899

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Uuuh just ordered JULIA+ to replace my old and busted R20 wich still works, but need something new.

Anyone here who has experience on using Magic Eyes new onahole Melt, i got it from amazon some time ago but managed to make hole in less than a week of usage. Gonna order another one at some point.

Also amazon one had these plastic rings inside of it but dont see them in NLS version.

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Because the NLS one is the old melt, amazon one is it's newer version.
I have the newer version, I don't think it's amazing but it's not bad.
There's better out there.

Pic: isn't this Wink Campus Box a rip-off from alice-stage's heaven?

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There's better out there.

Please enlighten me.

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General top holes: Alice stage dayo, hotpowers zero spiral(to be refreshed with new version), tomax venus real/clone in very soft/soft.
Otherwise you'll have to ask for specific recommendations or look around at what is said in this and older thread.

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More info on that "tsurupeta"
First version is "soft", second version will be hard. Third and fourth vertion are announced to be released next year.

But it's not Melt though, it's "欲情ギミック"; let's just call it gimmick.
Melt is already several months old.

Best I can recommend is to get a small one that's easy to conceal. However, small ones almost always look super lewd.
You could try to give http://www.hotpowers.jp/goods/1-1062.html a shot.
Most of the ones that aren't shaped like a pussy are still plastic things with a hole at the end.

Tenga egg would be easy to hide, and they're very tame-looking.
They're not expensive and you can re-use them ~25 times.

A company that makes onahole that don't totally look like onahole is Ride; like that one for example: http://www.e-nls.com/pict1-34392

The Zen is meh at best. Most of the price is from its design. Tenga is macintosh of onahole.

Depends what you like. There's one that got released recently that I'd recommend indiscriminately:女子校生のフェラホール (www.hotpowers.jp/goods/a13-130.html).
I haven't tested milk kudasai ES yet, but this one is twice better than any other fella onaho I tried before.

They don't seem to be related either, code source is different and both companies are based in different districts of tokyo.
To be fair that inner structure is nothing amazing, and it isn't the first face of an inner structure being ripped-off. But yeah, that's not very deontological.
Material looks like really soft, but is apparently oily as fuck.
Also it looks like a blunder commercially.

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>You could try to give http://www.hotpowers.jp/goods/1-1062.html a shot.
how is this supposed to feel? if it's so soft how are you supposed to feel any textures? or is it just supposed to feel like you're fucking jelly?

>女子校生のフェラホール (www.hotpowers.jp/goods/a13-130.html).
Damn the internal structure looks like something from Aliens

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just threw this one away. came off-center/misaligned, and it was... unstimulating
embedded tightening rings don't work well/are gimmicky

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to add, I think the original melt was actually better feeling

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How many holes do you own?

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He just showed them last thread

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>How is this supposed to feel? if it's so soft how are you supposed to feel any textures? or is it just supposed to feel like you're fucking jelly?

Like fucking a flan (the pudding-like thing, not the touhou). There are no textures. The stimulation is astonishingly light, but the way it wraps softly and sticks to yout dick is good.

On other news, hoppa pillow 2: http://www.hotpowers.jp/goods/1-1072.html
Hip model with two holes, the front hole being big enough to fit a zero spiral.
And you can order the new zero spiral via the "2穴楽しむ" set; it goes without saying that I already did so a couple of hours ago.