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I bet you think you're pretty funny, don't you?

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Well this is the most MOE picture i've seen of her and the best she finally looks normal.

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I do not agree with your visions of moe.

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Where's my amputee porn of her?

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At least they fixed her elbows before putting her in a wheelchair.

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hey, I've just now noticed, but why the fuck are her arms so tiny?

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We don't know. Some say radiation.

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She's a cripple psychic.

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Comiket 75.

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Satori is my favourite SA touhou: her theme, her character, everything about her

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Same with me. Then Yuugi, then Parsee, then Orin.

The rest don't matter.

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Hello there

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Satori seems like the kind of crazy cat lady that has no friends, so she doesn't give a shit about her appearance or regular bathing.

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Yuyuko's such a nice friend, helping out Youmu like that.

In before "she's the reason she has no limbs in the first place."

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>Satori seems like the kind of crazy cat lady

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Her pastel wardrobe just adds to that.

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Actually, she is. Her profile says normal people are freaked out by her, but animals like her

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Well, I supposed they were freaked out because of her ability, not because she's insane.

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oh wow, that's perfect.

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I like her sister more.

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おやすみのうた started playing when I saw this. WAT.

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I like to think of her as a recluse that usually doesn't talk much to other humans/youkai. But when she does, she thinks things through in her head before speaking, but just says the wrong things because she doesn't think about how others think about her ability since she's used to talking to animals.

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Thalidomide-tan is moe.

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So is she wearing a long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt?

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Have you noticed Marisa's arms in the game? Almost all of SA's characters' hands are attached directly to their elbows.

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I think short. I'm not sure.

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ZUN can't draw arms now.

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He traded arms for ears.

What a trade.

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I think she is very cute.

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Koishi: So, Satori, I was wondering ...
Koishi: Why are you always wearing long-sleeved shirts?

Koishi: ... ... what's the matter?


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Ecks dee.

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Well, I'm pretty sure it's based off Calvin and Hobbes.

It's just not very funny in this context.