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Which one of you guys was this?

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I discovered Touhou because of Pettan Pettan Tsurupettan.

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Marisa Stole the Precious Thing.

And now I only like the music and don't care much for the community otherwise. I'm worse than an grade schooler and can't beat any of the SHMUPS on Easy Modo.

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I discovered touhou because people were posting chinise communist girl on /a/ back in 2007.

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I discovered Touhou because TOUHOU HIJACK LOL on the old /a/. One day I got curious and decided to find out more about it.

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I first became aware of touhou when someone explained how Reimu popularized armpit fetish. I was impressed, both physically and intellectually.

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Alice's Unbelievable Assaults was what brought me to Touhou.

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I had a threesome with ZUN and his wife.

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This may sound awful but i discovered touhou thanks to /jp/

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i only recall the first touhou game. i do feel like im missing out but i loved the ost of that one so much.

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Back in high school someone in my class knew something about it, but had never played it. Then looked up the wikipedia article and then downloaded some of the games.
I soon realised /jp/ existed and here I am.

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btw im girl

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I saw Overdrive on youtube, forgot about it, read some 2hu doujins, forgot about them.
Years later when I finally caved in and downloaded the games and tried them out, it all clicked with me. It was a weird moment of realization.

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Like converting to islam.

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Touhou fandom is similar to islam.

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So who do we jihad?

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I played it because a grill bullied me into it.

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who cares about the worst 2hu

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I discovered Touhou through a custom map on StarCraft: Brood War using Invisible Full Moon as one of its songs.

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I haven't received an invitation to join the guerrilla training camps in Gensokyo, so not really.

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Confession: I have never made it to the Extra stage in EOSD

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I first heard about Touhou by hearing Sleepless Night of the Eastern Country referenced in a Naruto fanfiction.

Top that, losers.

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I discovered touhou thanks to yukkuris

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I discovered Touhou when someone spammed this on /b/

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How unfortunate.

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I discovered Gensokyo by yuri doujins.

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I learned about Touhou from exhentai

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my bf told me about it

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I don't regret it. It was a good fanfic.

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I discovered touhou the first time I went on /jp/, but at the time, I didn't know that all the characters that were posted on /jp/ were inter-related. I left, and then came back a couple months later and tried to understand why there was a whole board of posters who were in love with 2D characters from a cheap indie game.

I never found an answer, but here I am, three years later... I think you have to hate touhou to understand why others love it,

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I started posting Cirno ironically just to annoy everyone.

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I got into Touhou through Cirno and Bad Apple!!.

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So then what's Haram?

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I found a video of Nitori on youtube with a catchy song, and looked for the source of the character.
I still don't remember the name of the video though.

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Sexualizing 2hus

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We aren't very good muslims (´・ω・)

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Not playing the games.
Those secondary infidels.

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Was it this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3quTc2-GyM

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Yes, thank you.

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My friend in highschool loved touhou so he made me play EoSD on his computer. Later that day I downloaded every touhou game I could find.

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Oh god, I wish I had friends ;_;

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I played Phantasmagoria of Flower View's VS mode with somebody in school once and they told me I should go check out the other games.

My first full game experience was Perfect Cherry Blossom.

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When I first watched McRoll I thought it was some final fantasy song that was being synched in.

Right afterwards I saw a PCB run on the related videos and that's how I got into Touhou, didn't get to hear U.N Owen till weeks later when I finally got to her after downloading all the games to date (SA was the latest one at that point).

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I'd seen some videos and stuff before obviously but I didn't really give a shit until a friend on Steam told me to download and play Hisouten with him. Later I downloaded the rest of the games and really got into it.

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We stopped talking when he went to college. I miss having a friend.

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Via a Let's Play done by Cloud8745. He played EOSD and PCB. Looked interesting so i got the games and tried them out myself.

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bad apple!, Mcroll, and some derpy's perfect math class
Confirmed faggot reporting in.

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I had just played through Earthbound, and was looking up fan remixes of Porky Means Business.
I ended up finding a mix of Japanese Ronald Mcdonald and Porky Means Business.
From there, I found Mcroll, assumed it was from an RPG, and looked up the source.
I then spent 5 years listening to the music, but refusing to touch the games or other materials.
The fandom kind of annoyed me.

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I got into Touhou from SSBM MAD videos, specifically http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9hjHUT0cX8

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I wonder who the truest primary is. Probably some huge STG otaku who had been a fan of shmups since the 70s and was intentionally looking for a breakout/danmaku hybrid, so he visited C52 where he met his old pal ZUN who had demoed it to him when they were in college together, and then bought 50 of the 53 copies sold.

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File: 1.37 MB, 2560x1440, brunettes_video_games_touhou_wings_aircraft_guns_gloves_dress_money_maids_skirts_long_hair_weapons_i_High Resolution Wallpaper_2560x1440_www.wallpaperhi.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Years ago I stumbled upon Flowering Night on youtube

Did some lurking, gradually learned more about the series,
came to love the music, tried out the games and got really into them,
realized how dedicated the fan works are, and before long became a huge fan.

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Probably dead.

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oh also I was a big fan of Raiden and Gradius beforehand

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What's going on in this picture?

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what is going on in inin this photograph

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Sakuya is about to engage in some TOTALLY naked, sweaty and smelly gay sex with Remilia and Koakuma while Patchouli, Flan, and Meiling are about to drop out of that plane totally STYLISHLY to join in.

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I found Touhou through what I guess was a huge nonstop song compilation thing on Nico Douga. I really liked one of the songs on it, so I looked it up and discovered Touhou and doujin music from that. This is the song.

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I knew about touhou from 4chan. But all I knew was that it has a giant fandom and I assumed that all female anime chars I don't recognise were touhous and that touhou music is all IOSYS and that the original games are unbeatable hard shooters.
Then I saw a let's play of megamari.
Played megamari, then downloaded all original games and played them. I love them but didn't think so because I'm not a big shooter fan and trying something like danmaku seemed silly to me. Now ~90% of the music I listen to is touhou and I can't get enough of the games and fan games. Also I lost all social contacts and am now a neet and a regular on /jp/.

And my only worries are that I haven't beat an extra stage yet.

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I discovered Touhou thanks to an ex-gf of mine. Flandre was my first contact with Touhou, but I'm proud to say that it wasn't due to McRoll or anything stupid like that. it was just because of her actual theme song from EoSD. I eventually decided to play EoSD and I liked it. Thus, a new Touhou fan was born.

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I never learned about touhou. What the fuck is a touhou?

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I want Flan to abuse my penis.

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Learned about Touhou back when people were doing Touhou hijacks on /a/. Didn't get into it until like a month after /jp/ was made.

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I discovered touhou through comiket and started playing esod around 2005

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I discovered Touhou thanks to some necrofantasy remixes by U-gen.

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This video was how I discovered Touhou: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tVYAxZzieU

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>not knowing that hiragana ち can be transliterated as TI as well as CI and CHI.

Also, who am I quoting?

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my mammy?

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I discovered 2hu because of the Koumajou Densetsus, branched out from there really.

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I've known about Touhou for a while, but never fully got into it until about 2 years ago.

Then I discovered /jp/ even later, and I was sad that it took me so long because you people are wonderful.
Thank you for being great /jp/!

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My memory from then is a bit hazy, I think it was a Cirno thread in 2011 /a/. I can say that it affected my life a lot.

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I found 2hu because of 4chan in 2005.
not much has changed since then, I'll never leave.

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I first discovered Touhou through Immaterial and Missing Power in 2006, since back then I was really into fighting games. Nowadays I'm not into fgs as much, but iamp still remains my favorite from the genre. My interest in Touhou has never waned since then, either. I fucking love the series.

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Why would hyperventilating help?

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I discovered Touhou from hijacks.

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been seeing some stuff on youtube as well as 4chan for years, but never really got particularly interested until something over a year ago when i downloaded the games

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>found 2hu because of 4chan in 2005
I'm pretty sure touhou wasn't on 4chan till after 2008

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I discovered Touhou from New Super Marisa Land. It was lots of fun, so I decided to try to the series proper.

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I was searching for Etrian Odyssey videos and found IOSYS's FOE PV, which then led me to their 2hu PVs and songs.

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I came in from McRoll and I have a lot of respect for Flan, but she isn't exactly my favorite. I was initially a Kirbyfag and was hyping over KSSU. Bumped into Ronald x Marx while listening to remixes of Marx's theme, then I checked out McMario out of curiosity and went to McRoll from there. The rest is history.

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How'd touhou get introduced outside of asia?

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Feels good.

Try it.

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Not him, but I also met touhou due to 4chan, and I also came originally in 2005.

It doesn't make sense for touhou to have been introduced on 4chan till after 2008, because the split that created /jp/ happened during 2007, and it was caused after several years of touhou threads in /a/ that culminated in hijacks.

So the 2005 number sounds completely possible. 2006 at the worst.

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I knew Touhou from the early touhoumon 4 years ago, because i'm also a pokemon fan for over 12 years
What a shame ! I've never got a proper start of being a Touhou fan

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No way, I remember touhou threads on /a/ for as long as I've been coming here.

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Me too, but I saw it on synthesia. I actually looked into touhou after seeing bad apple.

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McRoll was my first exposure to Touhou at all, then I started listening to remixes, then I started coming to /jp/ (forgot exactly why), then I finally caved when I got tired of seeing all the 2hu without knowing anything about it.

I actually posted that I was finally going to learn about it in a thread here. I was told it would take about 3 months.

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i found touhou when i went to that doujinstyle site or whatever its called and downloaded the game.

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i discovered dongbang from shitposting haruhi threads on /a/

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When I went to school a teacher lend me a book about how hyperventilation can be used to treat some psychic disorders and has similiar effect than LSD. And he told me that he sometimes meats with groups that then proceed to hyperventilate together. Should have asked the teacher which 2hu he would fug.

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I got into Touhou just this May after Smooth McGroove did U.N. Owen was her? and I saw the gameplay in the video.
Which is odd because I've been on /a/ since early '05. I guess I just didn't want to enter the fanbase because I wasn't interested in shmups. Also hilarious in retrospect now that I know 2hu secondaries are everywhere.

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At least you actually played a game, you're forgiven

>> No.11506313

anyone else ever get railed by ghosting issues?
on my old laptop I was so close to simultaneously beating Mokou, Flandre, and Yukari, but I got a new comp which is super great except for shift+z+x ghosts the last key. It really put a standstill to my touhou progress for a few weeks, and now I autohotkey so that c bombs instead, but my skill has suffered.

>> No.11506391

Get a joystick.

$15 (generic as it gets): http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00973TPHA/
$15 (just as generic): http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0058F77SA
$40 (Mayflash?): http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0015PHMFU/
$60 (Hori): http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0057WDBHA/
Another $60 (Hori): http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0086CTQXG/
$170 (Sanwa): http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007SGGLZW/

Or if you can into electronics, buy the sanwa parts for like 50 buck, and build it yourself.

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I'm sure there's plenty of meat in your teacher's groups.

>> No.11507002

I was really in /f/ around 2005-2006. IOSYS flashes were posted all the time there, so it was just a matter of time before I looked up what the hell Touhou was and got into playing the games. I don't exactly like the IOSYS music, but the flashes were always entertaining.

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That's me all right. My favorite character is now Mamizou Futatsuiwa.

>> No.11507014

I have no idea how I ended up on /jp/. I have never used any other board on 4chan so I can't think how I found it.

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i was looking for porn on google then i found this pic, i really loved to fap to it, i usually fapped atleast 3~5 times a day whit it,but i had to stop because i started to faint randomly, then tried to search more about it, found 4chan then i discovered touhou, 6 years later im still here.

>> No.11507083

I just came here for pictures of trains and streets, then later on, those Fumo threads.
I'm shit at the main Touhou games, unless I sit there and force myself to try again and again and again.
I'm good with the fighters, though.

>> No.11507085

I discovered Touhou because I started browsing /jp/.

>> No.11507090

I discovered Touhou because I heard the music. It was either Bad Apple being used demoscene production or Cirno's theme in a Super Mario World hack. After that, I moved on to the porn, then the non-H doujins, then /jp/, then maybe a game or two if I can ever get around to playing them.

>> No.11507092

I discovered touhou one day when a great man said "everyone should visit jp" so i visited jp an dtherer was touhou .

>> No.11507120

nice :)

>> No.11514376

it wasn't me

>> No.11514409

It was this guy >>11514376

>> No.11514425

I discovered Touhou from gameplay screenshots.

>> No.11514463

I learned that a track from Monster Girl Quest was actually a Touhou remix (Lullaby of a Deserted Hell and Corpse Voyage). That made me curious and decided to check out about the game starting by EoSD.

Realizing that a huge chunk of the 2D girls I was stumbling upon on 4chan and the internet were actually from Touhou as I played through the games was fascinating.

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Go die in a fire.

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This guy.

>> No.11519073

I started wondering where all the Youtube Poops and TF2 videos got the amazing music they used for their remixes, so I looked it up for a bit
Soul Eater wiki mentioned how the frog bitch looked sorta like Suwako, looked it up a bit more
One of the captions on TFwiki mentioned Danmaku, I looked it up and it brought me back to Touhou
This all happened around a similar time so I just kept wanting to know more about it and looking it up and eventually I downloaded EoSD, and it was smooth sailing from there

Years ago my sister showed me Marisa Stole the Precious Thing, and I had a phase where I just listened to Bad Apple, but I didn't know they were from Touhou until way later
You should have seen my face when I was playing stage 3 of PCB, I was all, "Hey, I heard this before, I swear I did!"

>> No.11519118

This is adorable.

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Discovered touhou through 2007 /a/, played the games and loved it ever since.

>> No.11519347

Those are some highly specific experiences, there. It's almost like you either recently had them, or have some sort of eidetic memory bullshit going on.

I know which one is far more likely.

>> No.11519371

Directly through Flandre's theme in Youtube.

>> No.11523884

macky & pentell from some magazine
long time later checked wikipedia article on shmups
PCB screenshot

>> No.11524289

Same. Also, you guys sicken me.

>> No.11524866

No dude, it was recent, only last year (I still got all the search history from all of it), if it was anymore I'd have forgotten it by now, my memory's a bit aflutter.

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>> No.11525138

everything except flandre being my favorite, and her theme, i really don't like her theme

>> No.11525146

first as in first or 6th?

>> No.11525201

I found touhou thanks to danbooru....and by extension vocaloid

>> No.11525254

Lain is definitely the cutest.

>> No.11525396

I found McRoll, and didn't bother pursuing the source of it because I thought it sounded like shit.

I can't remember how, but I discovered Touhou a couple of years later and realized that Flandre's theme was a part of McRoll.

It still sounds like shit.

>> No.11525434

What Touhou themes can one like if one doesn't like UN Owen?

>> No.11525444

Never liked touhou.
I wish I could banish it to /2hu/.

>> No.11525457

I never said that others can't like it.
I just don't like it myself.

>> No.11525467

I misread that. Argh.
It's been a long time since I listened to the music. I don't have many dislikes, but U.N. Owen and a lot of the EoSD through IN tracks tend to drive me nuts after a while, generally because of the really high pitched sounds in some of them.

>> No.11525687 [DELETED] 

god fucking damit /jp/...

I was in a raid and a chest piece finally dropped for my class. When I came time to roll I got a 3.....a fucking 3

while this faggot who kept dcing and did not know how do do anything right ended up getting it...

why do I have such shit luck? why am I here? what is the point to anything?

>> No.11525697

How does it feel to have such shit taste?

>> No.11526051

Black coworker was groovin' this loud as fuck in his truck.


Didn't know what that was until I asked him about it.

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pestered parkers? A lot people think that the synths and trumpets in those games are way too loud. I love Necrofantasia, but I can see why it is disliked.

>> No.11526880

I learned of touhou back when /tg/ was still Wakfu and /touhou games/

>> No.11534056

i discovered touhou from the huge amount of hentai it has

>> No.11534428

My friend was telling me about Umineko then randomly linked me to Priere (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGGf_cgtWAw) without clearly changing the subject. A mansion with supernatural stuff and a lot of blood... I had the two confused for days...

>> No.11534431
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High five him for me. Best Touhou's stage theme.

>> No.11536642
File: 302 KB, 500x304, confession145.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11536719

I have no idea. Most likely Finnish 4koma (I am from Finalnd and they have found their ways on many finnish sites)

>> No.11536792

The Mezz / Moomar2 sent me here with their playlists

Can someone give me the link to the lyrica playlist? Some volumes are missing from the Poltergeist Mansion I someone here must have it

>> No.11536803

Found 2hus after listening to Moomar2's Lyrica playlist on youtube. First things first, I am not impressed by the board at all, secondly someone give me a download link to the whole Lyrica playlist. Its been missing volumes for some time now and the only reason I'm here is to find a complete download.

>> No.11536807

This was my portal to touhou.

>> No.11536818


Non-moonbitch printhous deserve more love

Moonbitches can go die easy.

>> No.11536831
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He'd fit right in here, I dunno why you guys gotta hate.

>> No.11536862

I know about Touhou from Bad Apple & the porn, since 2009.
And in 2012, i tried to listen to the music U.N. Owen, and damn, it's quite good.
So, I'm starting to like Touhou because of the music.
And because pof Touhou, I'm starting to like doujin music in general.

>> No.11536865

Why Do People Type Like This?

It mostly seems to be teenagers, as though they think that's standard English or something.

>> No.11537233

Why do some people on /jp/ not capitalize the beginnings of their sentences? I don't know, it's probably some stupid habit they've gotten into. at leest he aint tiping lik dis mang

>> No.11537237

Jaden is a special kind of retard.

>> No.11537242

Maybe they're German.

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File: 9 KB, 611x114, thank-you-google-translate2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Google Translate has screwy output sometimes.

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