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It's not what it looks like, really.

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Is she not wearing any pants/skirt?

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That would defeat the purpose of porn.

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She has underwear in-hand, but I'm failing to see her skirt on the ground. Does she just walk around in her underwear?

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It looks like you're evacuating the excess liquid your body has accumulated into the toilet.

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how would /jp/ handle this situation?

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Hard and fast.

Toilet thread comes to /jp/.

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whip it out

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Whip WHAT out?

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Don't you? It's your house.

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"L-lock the door!"

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I'd be too distracted playing my gameboy

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Toilet stories are so fucking great. Too bad they're so far and few between, there's only like two pages on e-hentai. I want more stuff like that one Doujinshi by Mizu Asato or the Karma Tatsurou one.

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Miya-chwan is so cute even when she is peeing

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Do most Japanese houses have western toilets or these squat shitholes?

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What does it sound like when she is on the toilet?

Nishi pshee pshee

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crazy ass techno-toilets

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I would like to believe that she moans a little and them mutters to herself about how long is taking to pee it all out.

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That was awful, anon.

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>Nishi pshee pshee
I don't get it.

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Is that toilet connected to a power outlet? What the fuck. I hope it's not some kind of electrical bladder stimulation aparatus or something crazy like that.

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No, it shoots water up in your ass.

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So it's got an enema button? Sounds useful.

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Sometimes I have fear to sit on the toilet and that something is cumming from down below the toilet, like a tentacle or animal that bites me. Having water sprayed on my ass would scare the shit out of me.

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what, I thought that was a toilet seat warmer or some shit

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That sounds pretty hot

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Why doesn't she have any pubes?

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What if it was a shy cute undine girl in your toilet trying to get you to stop leaking stinky stuff on her, but is too shy and can only reach up and timidly try to push you?

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>It's not what it looks like, really.

But it looks like you're taking a pee with your vagina.

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That would be cute indeed, but the moment where something pokes my ass from down there would make my heart stop beat after screaming like a little girl.

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Miya going to pinch off a loaf

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It's just cleaning your anus. Do you also think your shower head is a big dick cumming all over your butt? Or do you not wash your butt when showering?

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No, I have the shower head in my hand and if it would turn alive I could punch it in the face, while on sitting on the toilet my anus is defenseless.

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All this talk about your anus is giving me a stiffy. I want to put it in!

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imagine the smell :3

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what does girl pee smell like?

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Strawberries and vinegar

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Like flowers and fresh linen, because it's filtered through a vagina.

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How are toilets otaku culture?

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How aren't they?

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How about you stop trying to get every interesting thread deleted? Don't listen to this guy, janitor. He wants meta threads and nothing but meta threads.

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Woah dude, I just asked if toilets are otaku culture and you got all defensive like "Hey man get of my thread!" and it's not very friendly of you at all. I wasn't even considering reproting the thread but if you want things to go this way then...

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This isn't my thread. This is the most interesting thread in weeks though. Cute girls on toilets are wonderful, and anyone who wants to suppress the discussion of them is my enemy.

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I found this when reverse image searching http://pururin.com/gallery/1051/ma-ho-u.html