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Is there a better place in the world for a cock than Yuyuko's mouth?

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In b4 mom

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Someplace that isn't cold as a corpse.
Also someplace that isn't considered necrophilia.

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Yuyuko is for tender lovin'

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She would take good care of it

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Maybe in a blender

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I'd sure like Yuyuko's cock in my mouth.

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I was on Homestuck general today.
It was as shitty as ever.

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fantastic catch anon!

(HSG is always shitty, get used to it)

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I kind of wish there was a good place to discuss Homestuck on 4chan.
But at the same time other Homestuck fans scare me.
Is this what being a brony is like?

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dont know, im not a brony.
but discussing homestuck is never good, i can tell you've never actually really done it because it always ends in a "wait what the fuck am i saying?" moment, without exception

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I kinda want to into Homestuck, but without dealing with the fanbase.
Then again, even the author is influenced by the fanbase on progressing the story, so....

I guess I stick to 2hu.

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reimu's pits.

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Don't bother with Homestuck until it's done, at this point.
And if you really want to try it out, read Problem Sleuth first.

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intoing homestuck is dangerous and requires more time than beating a touhou game on lunatic from being a touhou virgin

progress at your own peril

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Isn't it just a game where you only read dialogue and do simple tasks?

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Homestuck is a game? I thought it was a webcomic.

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no, there's flashes, music, text in panels, logs, multiple games that involve simple exploring

why dont you try getting through it? *bait is set*

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From blowjobs to homestuck

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I told you about 4chan

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i warned you dog

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Pretty much this.
It starts a bit slow though, so I would suggest reading Problem Sleuth first.

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Wouldn't it be best buried deep inside the tight, warm, and slippery vagina of a loli? Can you imagine how absolutely satisfying it would be to not only introduce her that previously unknown pleasure normally reserved for adults, but to also give her the ultimate bodily pleasure of a cock cumming over and over inside of her little slimy loli hole? She might even be too young to become pregnant, which would make it much more thrilling. Wouldn't it be an amazing experience?

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not really considering it would hurt her

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We at /jp/ frown upon hurting others.

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Yes, that does sound good.

She would probably be crying afterwards, too. I think it would be fun to comfort her and to try to reassure her that she's a good girl and did very well and it won't hurt as much anymore.

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uiharu's asshole

it's a perfect fit

snug, warm and moist.

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Nonsense. A loli's vagina is really stretchy.

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Why does she need sunscreen when she can just keep her skin from getting hot?

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Uiharu's just an anal cocksleeve, please don't expect much from her.

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Not enough mp to use her skill throughout the whole day.