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Do we have a current taste of the month online game we play together? World of Tanks stopped being good after it became popular and nobody plays Haven&Hearth any more.

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I'm waiting to play this http://aurakingdom.aeriagames.com/ with /jp/

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It's a funny Snake-like browsergame.
Meet me at "The JAY" (it's probably on the european server), password is "jaypee".

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The phrase is "flavor of the month"

And no, I haven't noticed goons really persistently advertising anything on multiple boards on 4chan in a while.

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>Meet me at "The JAY"
No thanks, I don’t want to play with trevorites.

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Seems shit.

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Can't find it.

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Let's go /jp/

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I want to play a porn game with /jp/

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To harass the people that play it seriously

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join /pj/

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feelio when no YRYR season three

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No one wants to play with me ;_;

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Shit game

Super shit game literally the worst

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Just join you jerk

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I sometimes really want to install Call of Duty and kill some /jp/sies in a HQ or SD match.

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No, we're not allowed to have fun together anymore

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Also I thought it was "flavour" of the month not '''taste'''' of the month.

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Habbo Hotel.

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I've got a nice game for you to play...

*whips out dick*

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It is. But OP is long gone, I betcha he just wanted to drop that off and watch a few replies before moving onto posting the next flood thread.

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I'd like to play Operation Flashpoint with /jp/

I mean nobody would probably have the discipline to finish a map but it would be fun I guess

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They have a "kawaii" gun pack with cute camo skins.

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Pool's closed! Pool's closed! LOL

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I'm still here. But there are things that can't be helped, even if I claim my innocence on an anonymous image board it won't change the fact I messed up.

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maybe archage when it comes out.
it has had some cool stuff like items taking actual space, boats, castle building

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due to AIDS


(only oldfags will get this one)

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you'll be like 30yrs old when it comes out

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are you hitting on me boy-o?

I hope i live in singapore by 30.

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Most of us graduated from video games ages ago.

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Right, because it's not like 90% of this board is about touhou and VNs.

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Yeah bro we just hit up the clubs now.

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I'm currently playing Ragnarok online 2: legend of the second

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Maybe if you keep forcing the thread it'll be accepted

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It already was accepted

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lol ok
see you in the funny archives

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How about Arma 2? It's Free-to-Play.

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Reading isn't a video game.

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get out of /jp/ mmo scum

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Pick something that isn't too heavy on GPUs please.

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It costs 12 dollars

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I wanna play war thunder with you my friends!!

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im playing ffxiv and minecraft


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For the full version. There's a free to play online version on Bohemia Interactive's website. It just lacks the campaign, and is set to lowest graphical settings by default.

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World of Tanks and TERA pretty much. Would love to play wot with jp.

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>Bohemia Interactive


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>TERA pretty much
I'm new to that.
I don't want to start off, and everyone being super strong
I just want to support cute jaypees and heal them and buff them

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They had a free lvl 58 campain cerently we should had done this a while back

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Ragnarok online 2: legend of the second

Also Cosmic Break

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Tera sucks

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why aren't you niggas playing ff15 or w/e
don't you want to play with masterrace in japan?

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But I got no stick.

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How about GTA san andreas?? its easy to pirate, fun and has low system requirements so even people with toasters can play

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you think i'm some kind of weeaboo or something? fuck off

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What do you mean by "free lvl 58 campain"?
My archer is still level 47 because I can't get over the big bump before 60.

Are any of you in the /jp/ guild?

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Let's play Ultima Online /jp/

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I was in JBCP and Hotglue on LoT but they both merged with TFT which sucks. They even let non-Elins in.

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Because I'm not paying for a game then paying to play it then paying to win.

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I'm playing with /vg/ but they are the worst kind of people.

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Hehe thats right! Us loli lovers, right /a/ro?!?!?

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We should make a company for BF4 when it comes out

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Games are fun but we shouldn't expect on anybody here hosting a game server. We should aim for f2p, low-end online game with official server if we really want to play together and hold each other hands.

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I got some company here for you...

*whips our dick*

Anyone playing WoT on eu?

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All the cool guys on NA. I had 4000 battles when I realized it and I just couldn't ass to remake. Yes, I'm on EU.

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I used to play on NA but 200 ping really sucks when you try leading your shots.

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Never really noticed to be honest. I always drive like a retard though. I get worse on the Russian server, only about 140 on NA.

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seconding this I suck at the game though

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Do any jaypees play WoW?

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I fucking love ArmA II. It's the only game I've been playing for years and haven't got tired of it. But sadly it's too niche. You have to really love military and/or simulators to enjoy it.

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Nice spoiler abuse, crossies. Head on back to /v/ please!

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I bought the latest expansion on a recent sale

Buyers' remorse

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Which WoT isn't. Guess that's why you dropped it.

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Everybody knows how to play every plane in HB already. You actually need to take effort and research how to get better.

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Thread kinda reminds me of this one internet pic of a dog with its ears and face all covered in bloated ticks.
Frigging gross shit, seriously.

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>my thread gets deleted
>mmo thread with ms paiut anime picture stays


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But it's a single player game. And it's pretty boring because the map is too big with nothing but emptiness. I prefer Vice City. Was considering buying it again because i remembered how fun it was driving on the roofs with a crossbike.

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Me too. I'd probably be better at them, too, because I'm a shitty FPS otaku. Then I'd tease them and they'd call me a big meanie, but then we'd make up and be friends.

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But life isn't so convenient. They would just hate you and you'd never see them again. That's what you get for being a big meanie.

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You are literally mad

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Yeah, that's what I do when someone bothers me. I just block him forever.

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wrong one

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I quit when MoP came out because all of my "friends" left after some whore moved in with the GL and cancelled a raid on 25 ready-and-waiting people because she personally couldn't make it and wanted some staff.

Now I have no friends and shitpost on /jp/ all day.

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But WoT is a shit game that panders to the Russkie's vain patriotism.

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I started playing pangya

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how many cookies have you baked

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79.7 quadrillion

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I don't get it. Do people play this shitty game ironically or something?

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They pretend to play it ironically but end up being actually addicted to it.

Kind of like shitposters.

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It has netplay and you can be a girl. What's there for /jp/ to hate?

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But it's not even addictive. It's just plain shitty and boring unless you've never played a basic simulation game before, and even then it's still pretty shit.

>> No.11492328

Considering it was made by some guy on /v/


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File: 34 KB, 591x639, [Zurako]_Mawaru_Penguindrum_07_The_Eggchanting_Girl_(BD_1080p_AAC)_[14AEA801].mkv_snapshot_04.06_[2013.07.14_20.14.14].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please never quote me again.

Fucking disgusting....

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Too bad crossboarder.

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File: 114 KB, 1479x1080, [Zurako]_Mawaru_Penguindrum_07_The_Eggchanting_Girl_(BD_1080p_AAC)_[14AEA801].mkv_snapshot_04.08_[2013.07.14_20.14.05].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Source on that anime?

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Where is the SICP book she's normally holding?

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(is this guy serious?)

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Shitposting is addictive.

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but that's wrong.

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I don't play online games anymore because I always end up playing with /v/ shitheads instead of my /jp/ friends.
Last one was that star wars mmo, too much social pressure to handle.

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I'll play with you. I'm a /jp/ friend.

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Ok but what game?
I have like a million games on steam and my ps3.

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Let's play something you're good at so I can whoop your ass.

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Osusume me on a good simulation game.

>> No.11492546

Lemonade Tycoon

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Eh? I don't think I'm particularly good at anything...
If you still wanna bother, steam profile is in the email field.

I'm going to bed though right now, 2sleepy.

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Are we talking mmo's only? If not, how about osu?

>> No.11492557

Kancolle. Sort of. Not really.

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PSO2, but everyone is gone because there is nothing left to do.

>> No.11492599

Isn't super hard coming out or already came out?

>> No.11492603

Let's play who's the biggest normie crossboarder on /jp/.

>> No.11492611

I think the guy already won

>> No.11492697

Maybe it will revive interest until everyone gets bores of doing things they have already done in the past 3 difficulties.

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I'm downloading the Star Wars MMO mentioned earlier, does anyone want to play with me?

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SWTOR is awful.

>> No.11492831

Я думаю я лучше знаю.

>> No.11492853

Wow, why did you have to be so blunt?
You could have just said "sorry, I don't like that game" or "I'm fine, thanks" but no you had to be a dick about it and slap that big NO in my face.
Do you get off on rejecting people?

>> No.11492949

I-is this what they shitposting otaku?


Nice name, faggot.

>> No.11492960

I wouldn't mind playing TERA with some people from jp. I'd have to start a new character, though. I only say tera because it's the one I have installed right now.

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na or eu

>> No.11492973

Sorry, I have asperger's. It can't be helped.

>> No.11492977

Why is she holding a toothbrush?

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sorry, eu here

she's singing a song about dental hygiene

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>flavor of the month

More like insistent retards who can't get over a really horrible game with even more horrible customization choices because they lack experience or will to step into other territories.

>> No.11493026

I like the game it is fun to play

>> No.11493038

Ragnarok online 2: Legend of the Second

Cosmic Break

Pso:BB on the schtack server

>> No.11493077

Don't any of you weebs play FPSes?

I don't want to try quake because I know I'd get wrecked, but I could kick your ass at something casual like CoD, though.

>> No.11493087

Are you going to jerk off over Mabinogi again?

>> No.11493103

I think it's just because one of the races is loli from the waist up.

>> No.11493108

It also has the most fun combat around!

>> No.11493115

Tribes 2/Ascend player here.
Ever got hit with a spinfusor going over 300km/h?

>> No.11493118

Loli with hips is godlike.

>> No.11493125

It's not my cup of tea.

>> No.11493132

I respect your opinion, you fucking tasteless idiot.

>> No.11493133

I know what you mean.

I like my lolis to spread their sweaty smelly anuses at me for me to lick them.

>> No.11493140

She isn't a loli if she has adult hips.

>> No.11493147

god I fucking hate what they did to annie in lol

they essentially made her look like some 30+ whore with a midget body. shot doesn't even look like a precious child

>> No.11493152

Its better if they tease you with their unkept stinky anuses.
They force their onii-chan to lick it and wake him up with it every day.

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Sweaty, moist, stinky, smelly, fleshy, juicy, quivering, spread loli anuses?

>> No.11493189

Yeah I guess.

But still irks me how little they even touched the customization lately.

This idiot...Lineage 2 was fun ages ago, it's NOT fun or refreshing now.

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Most definitely

>> No.11493196

It is though

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No, it's not.

You say that because you're really inexperienced and have to look for some excuse to call something that even Dragon Nest has been topping in Japan in recent months "best game".

Fuck your game, I have better things to do than to take care of a mangled Lineage 3.

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Does /jp/ play SS13?

It seems like the ideal game for /jp/, lots of autism, roleplay, moddability and it's free.

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File: 21 KB, 203x211, Stern Steam 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have Steam. But I only have 22 games. I'm willing to play games with any of you. As of current, I'm playing Elsword, LoL, and Phantasy Star Online 2.

Alternatively, I play Terraria, Left4Dead 2 (mods), and other multiplayer games I have.

>> No.11493243


B-..Byond. I've been browsing that site for years.. And I've not once touched SS13.

>> No.11493239

I said it has the most fun combat, not that it's the best game. You're always so silly in these threads dude.

>> No.11493250

hi okand

>> No.11493251

What byond games do you play anon? I've only played SS13.

>> No.11493258


Right now I'm trying a few things. Like NEStalgia and Tales of Judgement.

Back then, I played a lot of that one Megaman game online. The one that was like a free brawler.

>> No.11493260

I've played it. It's not a massively fun game, but it passes the time well enough...

If you can handle the high levels of autism.

>> No.11493263

You didn't even give a valid Steam link...

>> No.11493304
File: 12 KB, 153x170, misora steam 4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Ah, how rude of me!


>> No.11493357

cunt? are you a girl? a girl gamer perhaps

please be my gf

i have had it with the o gf feels and i'm ready for my first girlfriend

>> No.11493364

I could never get any of the games there to work at all. Maybe I'm just retarded

I really wanted to try that Umineko chess game

>> No.11493406

I haven't played any MMO's since the disaster that was SWTOR. I still play games on steam though. I've been playing a lot of Gmod, Arma III, Dark Souls, and Payday 2.

>> No.11493446

Still playing TERA. Will keep playing TERA until something anywhere near acceptable comes out.

I wish Mabi was still fun, but after playing it for so many years I'm bored to tears.

All of you guys that actually play TERA and want people to play with you should really post your name and server, I'm willing to help people learn and or play with people that are level 60.

>> No.11493459

I'll be your girlfriend.
I am now your girlfriend.

>> No.11493469

can you please come to my house i want to have sex now

i don't want to be a virgin any longer


>> No.11493470

I'm not a girl, but I could pretend to be one over IM for those interested in that sort of thing.

>> No.11493482

i wish mabinogi wasnt a bad game... it was fun until they changed all the combat and added pay2win stuff i cant afford

>> No.11493538

>bawww pay2win

That's like, every single MMO in the market. And I have no clue what kind of utter shit player doesn't like Dynamic Combat.

>> No.11493550

Why are video game threads acceptable, just because you play them with other /jp/ losers? They aren't /jp/ related, and they never will be. The fact that the Janitor allows these, and mobile gaming threads is just a sign of how crossboarders have polluted this board.

>> No.11493551

wot isn't pay2win

mabi is pay2win but it doesn't bother me because it's not like there's pvp/pk, so there's nothing really to win at except pvm content which is something i do at my leisure

>> No.11493555

Being a junior member of /jp/ does not give you the right to dictate /jp/ policy. Threads like these have been an accepted part of /jp/ since day 1.

>> No.11493558

You really haven't been here long if you aren't aware of the fact these threads have been going on forever.

>> No.11493568

Fuck WoT.

And yeah, I get what you mean. You can wish to see some kind of snowfight event or something though, if you even want PvP this isn't your kind of game and there are better ones at that which you are missing.

>> No.11493575


>> No.11493629

"I can't win because gold rounds". This post sums up the reality: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/287748-over-reliance-on-armor-and-why-gold-rounds-improve-player-skill/

And the credit problem, if ever there was any, has been completely killed by the new monthly missions that pay out 250k+ daily if you complete them. Never in my life have I ever given Wargaming a cent and I never will, but it hasn't given me any problems so far.

>> No.11493646

But that's not what the post says at all and you lack reading comprehension.

>> No.11493691
File: 827 KB, 2999x1414, 91fde45cf03c9b3dc2c61d66f2b73.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does /jp/ like strategy games? That's all I've been playing recently but I never have anyone to play online with.

>> No.11493741

This looks to be the next TERA, very pretty but probably boring. Wish they'd just release B&S over here.


Are you on a /jp/ guild? I've been playing on Mount Tyrannas but it's hard to get instances going and playing with randoms isn't that intresting.

>> No.11493765

I'm not a great strategist. I play like a girl.

>> No.11493774

I hate this. Not the game, but me. It looks interesting and pretty but I just can't get excited for an MMO unless I can be a loli in it. I mean, there's a furry little creature you can play as in that game but it's too furry and not that cute, I think.

>> No.11493807

I play a few. Which ones do you like?

>> No.11493830

does anyone play RS3?

>> No.11493846


O I just got it! haha LMAOrofl

>> No.11493852

I have the Total War series from Rome to Rome 2 (aside from Empire), the Men of War series, and the Wargame series. Oh, but I really like nation/city builders though I haven't played any in a while. If there's one with co-op I think that could be pretty fun. I think Sim City does but I hear that sucked.

>> No.11493863

Are you nerds going to decide to gather on a BSD/Linux friendly game one day?

>> No.11493878

I've been playing a lot of Hoi3 in MP lately. I also like Eu3/4, but I haven't played any Paradox map painting sims other than that. I played ETW and NTW hardcore when they came out but I haven't touched them since early 2011. I do like MoW series but only in netplay. I would totally play that with you if you want. Do you have Skype?

>> No.11493881

Is there some /jp/ guild in Cosmic Break?

>> No.11493913

I've always been interested in Hearts of Iron, I've almost bought it several times. And yes, I do have a Skype that I've only used until now to keep in touch with family and old friends.

>> No.11493919

There are barely any

>> No.11493933

But Rome 2 is terrible.

>> No.11493961

Heroes of Newerth works on linux.
The last game I played on linux before that was like Hopkins FBI.

>> No.11493983

Here is my Skype if you would like to play with me.

>> No.11494040
File: 479 KB, 1920x1080, 2013-09-29_00001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like to play Warframe with my friends.

>> No.11494043

you read touhou?

>> No.11494050

can I play with you?

>> No.11494054

Sure, what's your in-game name? Or a steam. Or a skype.

>> No.11494077

You're better off. We won't abandon you for women.

>> No.11494094

I played vanilla when I was young and foolish. My GL's girlfriend was such a bitch, we hated each other.

Then we befriended and turned out she was actually a pretty refreshing person who was fun to talk with.

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File: 78 KB, 800x600, con_harp_full_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wanna play this with /jp/

>> No.11494122

I don't think so.

>> No.11494121

I still want to play ECO again.
Why can't we play ECO again?
What happened to ECOchan?
And why is /jp/ playing so many mobage?

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File: 383 KB, 800x600, ss20091011_100501.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11494150

>Aeria games
>P2W cash shop
>Same weeb shit as every other Aeria/Nexon game

No thank you.

>> No.11494168

I'm sorry but they're a respectable company, as opposed to aeria games.
At least in Asia.

>> No.11494197

>respectable company
Allowing gold seller bot (probably farming bot too) in Dragon Nest open beta
respectable indeed.

>> No.11494208

Because you prefer Blizzard baning people for not using their in-game shop?

Gold sellers are part of the game.
The only annoying thing about them is the spam they do, but appart from that they provide a service.
I've never used them but I don't see why they're so bad.
It's not like someone breaks into your house and forces you to buy gold at gunpoint.
Other people buy gold? their problem for playing a game they don't enjoy.
Gold is a big fucking deal and they get an unfair advantage? stop playing shitty games.

>> No.11494222

>Gold is a big fucking deal and they get an unfair advantage? stop playing shitty games.
It's almost like people who don't respect companies who make said shitty games.

>> No.11494223

Is there anything interesting came out recently? I'm looking for something innovative which is not wow/pw/la/ro/godknowswhatelse clone. Preferably with flexible character builds, pvp oriented, or sandbox.

>> No.11494226

not until virtual reality happens

>> No.11494266

I never said they made good games, I said they were a respectable company, they're much better than netmarble.
They also publishes a few good games.

Guildwars 2 maybe?
They fucked up big time on PvP, it's really a bad DaoC clone.

I haven't seen a RvR so crappy in a long time, I think last time was Risk Your Life and it's premium-gold-pay upgraded weapon based PvP.

Alternatively you can try the independant MMO LinkRealm with its comunity of insufferable circlejerking furfags abusing their "guide" status.
If you get past them and play with internet friends it's an allright game. It's basically an UO clone in devellopement.

>with flexible character builds, pvp oriented, or sandbox.
Nobody makes good games though.
You will NEVER find a game with the emphasis on customability of character builds. Look how global agenda went from "relatively OK" in beta to utter shit after release and a few updates.

Best bet is guildwars getting actual content. Good thing they fired that faggot Izzy because almost all his decisions were shit, worst staff member along with comunity managers.

>> No.11494290

No. Your only choices there are Eve or Mabinogi.

>> No.11494293

I wish a /jp/sie could play EVE with me, sometimes it's kinda lonely out there. I could send a 21 days trial instead of the usual 14 days one. It's not very jp related though

>> No.11494294

Warsow or Quake.

>> No.11494309

I'd like to play with you but I can't really afford to pay money for it.

>> No.11494312

Yeah, but how is that related to my question? Are you trying to make some kind of point about tribes not being a casual game? I've only played Ascend, and it's shit. The older ones seemed good, though.

>> No.11494313

You can pay for game time with in-game currency, it's perfect for useless NEETs like me

>> No.11494318

I've heard about that but doesn't it require a fuckload of in-game currency? Are 21 days enough to gather the ISK needed?

>> No.11494324

how much free time you got to play it? it will also depend on what you will do to make this money, i'm willing to pay for more 30 days if you really like the game

>> No.11494335
File: 120 KB, 960x1280, f118ab36.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To be frank, I'm in employment and education and probably can't commit for more than a few hours a day, so I can understand if you're not willing to send me the trial.

>> No.11494341

If you're interested but not sure I think you should do the normal trial instead of using that guy's special trial.

>> No.11494344

Sure put your fake email here so i can send you

>> No.11494350

Does EvE have anything to do yet besides fight, or spend hours scanning for drugs&wormholes, or manage spreadsheets?

>> No.11494354


>> No.11494356

No, you can't even do cute RP because everyone is boring (robot-autistic) and character models are ugly.

>> No.11494357
File: 779 KB, 3132x2188, eve-wtd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uh.. yea i think so, not sure how much time you played but there's a shitload of things to do there

>> No.11494361
File: 17 KB, 460x288, sleepingMan_794075c[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow that sure looks f-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

>> No.11494362

Ragnarok online 2: Legend of the Second

I already put like 500 hours into this game

>> No.11494360

nice reddit-tier email, faggot.

>> No.11494364

What's so reddit about it? I don't really use that site.

>> No.11494363


>> No.11494368

That whole sheet is just fighting (the pve and pvp parts) and spreadsheet management (the mining and industry parts)

Can you paint your ships yet at least?

>> No.11494366

Thanks, I'll contact you as soon as I get in the game.

>> No.11494369
File: 341 KB, 439x349, D93R6NA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry for what?

>> No.11494374

>That whole sheet is just fighting (the pve and pvp parts)
You just listed every mmo in the market

About painting ships not yet

>> No.11494378

Since eve doens't have level for crafting, gathering and this kind of shit, people usually do them for profit and that's why spreadsheets are used, not really your average fantasy mmo but some people like it

>> No.11494396

>You just listed every mmo in the market
Like the guy below you mentioned, MMOs tend to have at least semi player involved crafting as something else to do instead of just waiting for things to be made. Also minigames of sorts sometimes exist. Maybe it's just the nature of the game. I can't really think of how Eve could make its dungeon grinding interesting and you can't do fashion stuff. I don't think I would have played Cosmic Break as mush as I did if it wasn't customizable as it was, so that kind of thing is important.

Maybe I'll just do another trial and see if it bores me to sleep again.

Is Dust 514 any good?

>> No.11494415

>Is Dust 514 any good
I downloaded that on my PS3 one day and only played it one time. BF3 or Planetside 2 are much better and I don't even like those games.

>> No.11494421

Have any of you played Blade & Soul? Is it as good as they say?

>> No.11494429

Yeah all the grinding here is usually done to make money, since you don't have to grind to get that Pvp-gear, Bg-gear etc, which is used to make more money by buying industry goods, manipulating markets or used for combat purposes.
You can also have a solar system and upgrade it in Null sec and Wormhole space but that's also implies other things

About the fashion stuff you can actually buy some stuff in the AUR store, but obviously you can't put cat ears in your character in a sci-fi themed game.
I never played Dust but i think it's what this guy said >>11494415 , you should try it if you have a PS3, it's free-to-play,

>> No.11494435 [DELETED] 

A friend has played it and she really really liked it, but when it comes down to speed of content they've been working very hard on it unlike TERAtanic, though the update speed has been disturbingly similar recently due to them working on huge stuff like 2.0 version.

Prepare yourself mentally and physically for long waits if an English version ever really launches, they will be worth it...game obviously has just started. And yes, customization is million times better than most MMOs you've probably ever played/seen so far in years, probably the deepest right now other than their other game, AION.

I also think the lack of a linear path and more of a dynamic skill tree is neat if you come from those kinds of MMOs where there are always different paths to take.

>> No.11494449 [DELETED] 

>a friend

How can you have subhumans for friends?

>> No.11494451 [DELETED] 


She's Asian, who gives a shit, I get to hear about games /jp/ hasn't even played.

Are you jealous of her?

>> No.11494454 [DELETED] 

Post pics dude

>> No.11494457 [DELETED] 

Post pictures of her anus and bare feet

>> No.11494462 [DELETED] 

>She's Asian
OMG hot. Any pics?

>> No.11494467 [DELETED] 

>She's asian

Wow, you take trying hard to the next level. Check out this guy, he doesn't even have non-Asian friends!

This guy is so otaku, only his shit is not japanese.

>> No.11494469


A man strives to get direct mastery over things either by understanding them or by compulsion. But a woman is always and everywhere driven to indirect mastery, namely through a man; all her direct mastery being limited to him alone. Therefore it lies in woman’s nature to look upon everything only as a means for winning man, and her interest in anything else is always a simulated one, a mere roundabout way to gain her ends, consisting of coquetry and pretence.

Women can't have a genuine interest in things.

>> No.11494472
File: 165 KB, 850x687, 0114e55fa920a86786087e55ee642dfd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>200 replies

>> No.11494474

Who are you quoting, epic bro?

>> No.11494475

w-who are you quoting?????

>> No.11494479
File: 254 KB, 1398x552, 1364967100481.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/jp/ trying so hard to make friends through offtopic threads

>> No.11494482


>stuttering tsainsk

>> No.11494484

rofl @ that last panel

>> No.11494515
File: 189 KB, 948x594, 1360087374766.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

needs more epic screenshots

>> No.11494536

>but obviously you can't put cat ears in your character in a sci-fi themed game.
If it were a real sci-fi game, I'd be able to get my genes spliced and grow cat ears out of my own head.

>all the grinding here is usually done to make money, since you don't have to grind to get that Pvp-gear, Bg-gear etc,
Isn't that what faction and tier 2, 3 stuff is?

>> No.11494541

Oh and how long do inactive trial accounts last? I might just try to activate the old one officially instead of waiting to be able to fly battleships again.

>> No.11494587

The only stuff you will ever need to grind would be officer modules, which you usually don't find in any market hub in the game, but it's extremely hard to find and you can lose your 2 months grind in one minute if someone else destroy your ship.

I don't think they delete trial accounts.

>> No.11495080

I've been playing GW2 for some time but after got 3 characters to max level and learned endgame content I lost the point. PvP had no progression, PVE is quite vague and gear relatively easily obtainable had no further progression. WvWvW was quite fascinating idea but still lacked in progression and was not really manageable when soloing. I'm not saying GW2 is bad though, it was one of the best mmos I played in last years but it felt like administration had no clue how to keep players in game with end game content. Maybe its changed now though.

>> No.11495277
File: 122 KB, 242x274, 1380759525458.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone want to play Path of Exile with me? It's a fun game and the art is really good.

>> No.11495295

Sorry no cute anime girls

>> No.11495299

From what I remember the Ranger is pretty cute.

>> No.11495300

I played it for a while, but I got bored because I was a tank spec character and I had no friends.

>> No.11495301

I got kind of burned out on PoE after all those season races they had during the summer. Have they added anything new/interesting to the game? In particular support gems? Wouldn't mind picking it up again if I could play with jpsies

>> No.11495311

You guys are playing EVE again? I'm still sitting here with my billions of ISK and 84mil SP spinning ships with noone (and not much time) to play with.

>> No.11495329

anyone want to make a guild on a ffxiv jp server?

>> No.11495354

It sucks, BUT, there are tons of different clothing options since there are no class restrictions on gear, so you can play as the ranger or the witch and make them look cute.

I really like the patch/improvised look most of the gear has, plus it's not like equipment matters much unless you want to go into hardcore PvP or something. There are no class restrictions on skills either so you can start as a witch and go melee if you want.

>> No.11495518
File: 122 KB, 600x800, 1266907543981.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know, I just remembered an old game, S4 league. I wonder how that's going.

>> No.11495571
File: 30 KB, 632x632, 1334011049446.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to play league or serious sam with /jp/ because /v/ is 2 rude 4 me

>> No.11495586

i will play with you later, i'll download it now

>> No.11495620


NA or EU?

>> No.11495622

it's funny because /jp/ is just as rude

>> No.11495630

Don't talk like that about Jay

>> No.11495648

we were, i was explaining some things to that other /jp/sie, i think he liked the game.. i hope so

>> No.11495650

Jokes on you, I've been playing it.

Flicker Striker is best build. Well not really but its exciting.

>> No.11495713
File: 576 KB, 900x1063, d45fcf61254a42aed9265c978191d5bf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm surprised TERA died out from /jp/. It used to quite popular here. I thought the combat was amazing enough to buy the game day one and pay the subscription. Not to mention the Elin. Jesus christ those things were a miracle from God. Cute anthropomorphic lolis? Yes please.

Anyways I quit a few months in after the cash shop since I'd have to pay even more money to dress my loli up. Thought about playing again a few times but its left a bitter taste in my mouth.

>> No.11495726

Well I'm always down if any /jp/sie wants some help, I can pretty much fly anything (not very well since I rarely leave station) so feel free to give me a call if you need backup.

>> No.11495741

I'd love to, but my computer is dead, may be another month before I get it running.

>> No.11495762

If you play in North American TERA and you have alot of free time you can get all the costumes with gold.

Also I agree with you entirely.

>> No.11495763

Yes sure, who are you in-game? We could do something later

>> No.11495784

Please stop. I remember how last ~20 levels brought me to tears when I played on the launch.
Btw did they nerfed slayers anyhow? I still recall how silly op they was.

>> No.11495801

I don't remember if they changed it but back when it was still subscription based most of the cosmetics from the cash shop couldn't be sold on the auction house.

>> No.11495928


>> No.11495940

Well, in NA TERA literally all of them can. If you'd like to come and play I'll play with you!

>> No.11495964

Im guessing everybody is on Lake of Tears?

>> No.11495996
File: 395 KB, 1024x576, 1365731782606.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw feel when I will never have the courage to play games with jayers

My brain said I'm not allowed to have friends.

>> No.11496010

You're probably being ironic but I actually feel uncomfortable after making an online friend, so I just delete it from the friend list or never log in again.

>> No.11496017

So you also have no friends online or offline?

I find that hard to believe even on /jp/.

>> No.11496022


I mean, I had one a few years ago, but I felt like he was wasting my time.

>> No.11496028
File: 1.50 MB, 1920x1080, d817c0074a748571b588cd74c272e684.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

who wargame here

>> No.11496032


I used to play ALB with /wgg/

>> No.11496033
File: 26 KB, 265x267, 458fb4d5676c0e75459c382df4663592.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11496053

I was only able to make 2 online friends in the 10+ years i've been playing online games. I added them on steam after the game we played shutdown, but I haven't logged into that in over a year now. I am seriously the worst online friend ever.

>> No.11496065

Almost every /jp/er I have ever added on some kind of messenger has done that to me.

>> No.11496075

why are /jp/ friends always so shitty?

>> No.11496084
File: 28 KB, 317x367, 1251092098156.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because /jp/ is shitty.

>> No.11496089

/jp/ is an endless pit of shittyness, misery and disperation. I don't know why anyone would want to look for friends here.

>> No.11496105


When I've made friends with people who also just happen to browse /jp/ they are quite nice and good people. However, when I have specifically tried to make friends with /jp/sies they're usually horrible people and it doesn't last long.

I just want some online friends I can discuss otaku culture with.

>> No.11496107

Someone should make a /jp/ steam group for all the friendless /jp/ers here.

The current /jp/ group may as well be /v/.

>> No.11496112

Everyone is too shy.

The only ones who would actually participate in a group are crossies and normies.

>> No.11496114
File: 223 KB, 630x840, 38719769.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because you tend to either get the shitposters, the assholes, or the extreme aspies.

The only /jp/ friend I still have, I met somewhere else on the net.

>> No.11496117

Then what do we do about the friendless /jp/ers?

Keep watching them kill themselves and do nothing?

>> No.11496120

Alas, their souls are forever lost.

>> No.11496125
File: 100 KB, 807x719, blackbestg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this thread

>> No.11496130

I remember I joined a clan in Cosmic Break before it became utter shit. Even though it seemed like everyone in the guild was pretty cool I never talked to them ever.

I don't know about other people, but whenever I join a clan it makes me feel really awkward. I always feel worried that they might not want me joining their conversations, especially if they act like they are really friendly with each other.

>> No.11496148


>> No.11496155

It's always awkward just joining a group right away. My tip is to start answering normally if a conversation happens to swing into something you're familiar with, and just do that often enough that people start to recognize you as a regular.

>> No.11496158

At least my mom isn't dead.

>> No.11496171
File: 51 KB, 282x443, 1372148248146.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11496326

Steam is garbage.

>> No.11496429

I'm still downloading Path of Exile. How do we do this?

IRC channel? Email? I don't have Steam or Skype.

>> No.11496515

I've finished downloading, do you still want to play Jay?

>> No.11496540


>> No.11496546

My download will be finished in 1 hour, please wait for me

>> No.11496560


>> No.11496567



>> No.11496587

I'd like to join in on the path of exile fun if that's okay too

>> No.11496618


I've created my character, the name is Meirr . I'm waiting for you in the first city jaypee

>> No.11496620

I'm downloading it too. I also just started playing pangya again, just to use the new cute girls.

>> No.11496724

What server are you on? It'd help if we had a chat channel too.

>> No.11496727


>> No.11496744

So how many Path of Exile friends are playing together? Do you have a steam group up?

>> No.11496748

i believe there is 3 /jp/sies now, one is still downloading i think>>11496546

>> No.11496754

I'm at 78%, almost there

>> No.11496757

Isn't that too many players?

>> No.11496770

Some players doesn't seems to have steam, i got this shitty chat thing, but it's better than nothing i guess
Room Jaypee password 333

>> No.11496773

What the fucking hell is this shit? Why not just use IRC you technology deficient retard.

>> No.11496827

I like Metro:Last light

>> No.11496863

>PvP had no progression
But it's not about progressing, it's about owning noobs with your hommies and having fights worthy of bragging about

> WvWvW [...] not really manageable when soloing
You can do quaggan camps and sentry when alone with any build, and with a few builds you can do camps. Tower and fort are trickier when alone.
You can take a tower with a good 5 man team, and even when capturing or defending a fort, a good five man team means a lot more than a 30 man unorganised zerg.

In fact, you can even win a good number 2v5 if you're with a good hommie and you've got the build for it.

That's what I liked about guildwars, it's not about the numbers and time spent grinding.

N-no thank you!

tail+ears!= anthropomorphic

>>11496429 >>11496770

You should invest in XMPP.
It's free as in freedom beer.

>> No.11496887

I am.

East Germany is the greatest country.

>> No.11496928

Oh, keep in mind I'm barely ever on so EVEMail me if you ever need me, I track my inbox.

>> No.11496975

Are you all playing path of exile yet?

>> No.11496986

There are three of them already.
I'm trying to get it to work on linux and according to the forum it's possible. Though I'm not there yet.

The three folks are on >>11496770 (one of them went to bed, so it's two guys playing and me sitting here trying to install. They aren't very talkative)

>> No.11497020

Mount Tyrannas.

>> No.11497160

Because they died so fast they couldn't recover.

>> No.11497176
File: 40 KB, 285x308, 1355975285899.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>playing games with /jp/

>> No.11497266

>But it's not about progressing, it's about owning noobs with your hommies and having fights worthy of bragging about
I dont have hommies, and I don't feel superior by randomly running and dying around CoD/CS style, actually this is worst possible type of pvp that could be, when nothing have meaning. But I'd say bringing "hommies" to jaypee would mean you troll.
>You can do quaggan camps and sentry when alone with any build, and with a few builds you can do camps. Tower and fort are trickier when alone.You can take a tower with a good 5 man team, and even when capturing or defending a fort, a good five man team means a lot more than a 30 man unorganised zerg.
At least when I played primetime was mindless zerg not even 30 man, but more like 100. Yes, occasionally you can do some running around and owning noobs when everybody is inactive, but then again it was not very meaningful or enjoyable.
TL;DR its game for people who are used to play their 2 hours after a work, and I need something I can spend up to ten hours daily.

>> No.11497366

Please /jp/. I need someone to play TERA with.

A lancer or priest would be nice.

>> No.11497370

*grabs sack*

play with this, bitch

>> No.11497396

> I don't feel superior by randomly running and dying around CoD/CS style
Yes, because anything you dont like/understand is runing around randomly. Great.
>actually this is worst possible type of pvp that could be, when nothing have meaning
I'm not going to tell you to have a different opinion, but fighting because you enjoy fighting (pvp) is a good reason to fight.
> But I'd say bringing "hommies" to jaypee would mean you troll.
Does that have ANY relevance to the discussion at hand? You're just bickering at a term soneone used, someone whose opinon you clearly dislike, and are trying to out him as "not from jaypee" and label him as a "troll" while it has nothing to do with the discussion.
>Yes, occasionally you can do some running around and owning noobs when everybody is inactive
I played during primetime, and I can tell you this: you are wrong.
Defending a fort 5 vs 60, even if it only meant slowing down the enemy, was totally possible and meaningful.
> or enjoyable.
Maybe you should do things you enjoy instead of bitching about things you don't.
> its game for people who are used to play their 2 hours after a work, and I need something I can spend up to ten hours daily.
"It's". "a" game.
You should spend those ten hours daily fixing your english. And I don't even know how anything you said would have logically led to that conclusion.
You basically said "I don't like this pvp because I don't understand its meaning and don't enjoy it the least. Therefore it's a game for people who work and not for truNEET jaypee like me"

>> No.11497414 [DELETED] 

u-u-u mad bro
d-d-do you even lift

>> No.11497459

You can't read straight, can you?
I don't like pvp because: a) it has absolutely no progression, b) because its very team based.
Defending a fort 5vs60 is likely meaningful (assuming your shard is not a piece of crap and you just getting constantly buttraped), but not very enjoyable or rewarding nonetheless.

Lastly I'm sorry for not being a native english speaker, but in all fairness I thought my opinion was pretty clear. Why I say this game is for people who play for 2 hours is because both PvP and WvW gets repetitive very fast and lacks any decent progression AND are heavily team based so you can go out with your friends for some fun, but otherwise its not suited for a long gaming sessions.

And please calm down your normalfag raging, everyone knows people here are deeply asocial and easily scared by minor oppressions.

>> No.11497510

What is the meaning of PvP in recent MMOs? Why do people do PvP? I've played a bit of TERA PvP but it seems totally meaningless (Battlegrounds). It's just more like a fun mode to hammer on people.

When I played RO, PvP was in the form of GvG where you had to defend (or attack) your castle against opposing guilds. If at the end of the GvG time you managed to keep (or capture) a castle, you had access to the castle's chests that gave random rare drops and the castle dungeon where only certain mobs spawned. The game encouraged you to play GvG and the benefits of having a castle were pretty clear.

>> No.11497546

Exactly. In mainstream MMO pvp became more of a "fun mode", although there are some half-indie projects (like darkfall, day z) which still offer full loot after death. Its a shame overall they are poorly designed.

>> No.11497568

>And please calm down your normalfag raging, everyone knows people here are deeply asocial and easily scared by minor oppressions.
Namecalling, "me = we", conformist group mentality, guilt tripping all in one sentence, and you have the guts to call me a normalfag.

>Why do people do PvP?
Because they enjoy it.
>The game encouraged you to play GvG and the benefits of having a castle were pretty clear.
That's very dumb.
Any PvP in a game that in grinding dependant (items, level) is utter shit, because it basically ends up being the guy with the better stuff wining eventhough he's a complete tard.

If you like MMO based on very powerful items that have a 0.03% chance drop and a cool skin, you shouldn't be looking at PvP oriented MMO.
PvP isn't about the destination, it's about the journey. But of course almost everyone prefers wining a match than losing one.

>I've played a bit of TERA PvP but it seems totally meaningless (Battlegrounds). It's just more like a fun mode to hammer on people.
People who like PvP don't like unfair matched, even if the unfairness was in their favour.
Nobody who really likes PvP has any fun fighting 50 vs 1, nobody.
It's all about the challenge, about becoming gradually stronger.
Just like people who enjoy starting touhou barely able to go past stage 3 on normal and end up playing it a lot to ultimately 1cc every game in lunatic no bomb no death run.

However I'm not forcing everyone to enjoy PvP. Or even enjoy the same kind of PvP as I do.
I'm just saying that it can be enjoyed for what it is, without the need of a carrot on a stick.

>> No.11497596 [DELETED] 

>Any PvP in a game that in grinding dependant (items, level) is utter shit, because it basically ends up being the guy with the better stuff wining eventhough he's a complete tard
Any PvP in a game that in reaction dependant (aiming, clicking) is utter shit because basically ends up being the guy with better reaction winning eventhough he's a complete tard.
Any PvP in a game that in tactic dependant (planing, strategy) is utter shit, because it basically ends up being the guy with the better brains winning eventhough he's a complete tard.

>However I'm not forcing everyone to enjoy PvP. Or even enjoy the same kind of PvP as I do.
Yes, because they are prefer some grinding or whatever based shit PvP, you don't like.

Go back to /v/ and have fun with your call of duty or whatever low attention span faggots enjoy now.

>> No.11497600 [DELETED] 

>Any PvP in a game that in grinding dependant (items, level) is utter shit, because it basically ends up being the guy with the better stuff wining eventhough he's a complete tard
Any PvP in a game that in reaction dependant (aiming, clicking) is utter shit because it basically ends up being the guy with better reaction winning eventhough he's a complete tard.
Any PvP in a game that in tactic dependant (planing, strategy) is utter shit, because it basically ends up being the guy with the better brains winning eventhough he's a complete tard.

>However I'm not forcing everyone to enjoy PvP. Or even enjoy the same kind of PvP as I do.
Yes, because they prefer some grinding or whatever based shit PvP you don't like.

Go back to /v/ and have fun with your call of duty or whatever low attention span faggots enjoy now.

>> No.11497602

>Any PvP in a game that in reaction dependant (aiming, clicking) is utter shit because basically ends up being the guy with better reaction winning eventhough he's a complete tard.
>Any PvP in a game that in tactic dependant (planing, strategy) is utter shit, because it basically ends up being the guy with the better brains winning eventhough he's a complete tard.
Lol wtf are you saying, shitskin? You realize that you just proved him right, don't you? Unless you seriously believe that gear should factor more than skill and strategy in PvP. You probably are retarded enough to believe that.

Anyway stop being a carebear and get good.

>> No.11497610

In addition, the fact that you can't comprehend how victory itself can be a reward (as opposed to gay drops/loot or whatever) further proves that you are just a baddie. GG no re

>> No.11497616

I like how someone is complaining about % based games and/or guild castles that have PvP as an option, then there's another guy going HURR DAS WAT PvP IS BOOT.

Did you people even play anything other than Ragnarok/Lineage and horrible clones like TERAtanic. Also, fuck no, MMOs are usually a HORRIBLE platform for PvP interaction, if you want that shit go play shit like Dota 2 and don't come back...the only exception was Ragnarok 1 and that can't be replicated so far.

>> No.11497618
File: 993 KB, 250x258, 1377197485614.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I did it! My thread was a success! It got so many replies!

But in the end we still don't have a thing to play together.

>> No.11497622


Try this!

>> No.11497623

You probably too stupid to see the point. Gear grinding is essentially same part of gameplay as skill and knowledge. Saying that you get owned because someone has better gear only says that you wanna own people since day first you come. Moreover I know no game which based purely on gear that a few items would make a major difference between players and its always combination of everything you know and have to your use. Blaming gear is the first and easiest defense of player incompetence every moron can give "lol i dont grind so he must have pwn me because of teh items, not because i suck at this game".

>> No.11497627

>In addition, the fact that you can't comprehend how victory itself can be a reward
More like you can't comprehend that for some it can't.

>> No.11497634

Sorry about that Anon.

What game did you have in mind? Is there a game you would like to play?

>> No.11497641

Some people agreed on Path of Exile some post ago.
I'm still installing it because I was too lazy to use the fast way. I'm not even sure it'll work.

>> No.11497654 [DELETED] 

>>11497600 >>11497623 >>11497627
>low attention span faggots
>You probably too stupid to see the point
> first and easiest defense of player incompetence every moron can give
>you can't comprehend
Please calm down your normalfag raging.

>> No.11497686

It makes me really sad at how good was RO at terms of freedom while being extremely grind based and having very basic combat. All that classes and builds sometimes being completely unplayable in certain situations, items weren't +5 stat but actually gave unique skills, and mid to high end gameplay required knowledge of game mechanics with its unique monsters and drops so items from weak monsters sometimes were far more desirable than those you get while leveling. Just how come non of this features made up to these days... I can only blame wow and maybe lineage for killing all diversity in today mmos.

>> No.11497697

Fuck you, I liked Lineage 2.

It's just that everyone is trying to clone it for some reason, even NCSoft itself. I find stupid that Korea hasn't gone out of the same generic Lineage clones in years.

I'll never forget some of the dungeons and world map points in that game, really neat design overall, has never been replicated either.

>> No.11497749

I had a priest with high agi. It was really fun playing with it in PVE in parties, I was the tank and the priest at the same time.

>> No.11497768

I think Monk was one of the most interesting classes I've played in an MMO. Overall, RO was a great game, shame it hasn't aged so well.

>> No.11497800

>Gear grinding
I beat you because I ran a PvE dungeon 1,000,000 times. You can beat me if you also run that dungeon 1,000,000 times.
>Skill and knowledge
I beat you because I outsmarted you. I will continue to beat you no matter what gear you have, because I am smarter.

Gee, which one is better, faggot? You obviously aren't fit for competitive games, so just keep killing those computerized mobs and stay bad. GG = Get Good

>> No.11497873 [DELETED] 

What a pretentious nooblord you are, not even bothering to pay attention to anything exceeding your MOBA/FPS brainwashed mentality. I shouldn't even bother replying, but I'm sure your /v/ friends must be missing your presence. Be a good sheep and don't make them worry.

>> No.11497887

Even after we both ran that dungeon 1,000,000 times, it would still require one of us to outplay the other to see who is the best even if we were on equal footing.

Second point, you will not always be the smarter one. You could win this battle but lose the next one. I think both views have their merits and demerits.

>> No.11497925

>My only argument is "Go back to /v/"
Lol someone is bad. Just stick to Candy Crush or Angry Birds, at least you won't lose there.

>> No.11498034

>if we were on equal footing.
Which you are not if one spent time farming and the other did not.
That's how WoW prolongs its lifespan artificially, make new gear much better than the old one with a low drop %. And there you go, you created a new, farther endgame without creating anything really new, beside a stronger item with a low chance of dropping.

That's how every item based MMO push back the endgame limit.

What is being said here, however, is that overpowered items will give someone an advantage over others who do not have it.
What one side is saying, is that being stronger simply because of an item is fucking stupid, it's your ability to fight that should determine how strong you are in a fight, not your trinket being better than the opponent's.
What the other side says is, and I quote "randomly /v/running and dying around CoD/CS style HURR /v/ MOBA/FPS brainwashed mentality sheep stupid /v/"

Super rare unique item grinding is a shitty gimmick that is only present in shitty MMO.

Good MMO like Ultima Online have resources based economy and has crafting.
Decent MMO like T4C has a limited set of named items, that aren't ridiculously rare or unique.
Shitty free MMO have upgrade based item based economy.
Shitty paying MMO have low drop rate rare/unique item based economy.

Oh, and before recommending me a MOBA like DOTA2 and looking like a fool, you should really inform yourself and recommend me stuff like Dawnspire, Rakion and maybe, but that's a big maybe, BLC.

By the way,
has Darkfall online improved much since beta?

>> No.11498111

>has Darkfall online improved much since beta?

How would I know?

>> No.11498113

I want /v/ to leave.

>> No.11498462
File: 86 KB, 266x309, 1331187144602.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any ragnarok otaku here?

>> No.11498490

I wouldn't call myself a "ragnarok otaku", but I spent my best years playing it, and it is the only MMO I've truly enjoyed.

>> No.11498517

Are you a best years otaku?

>> No.11498517,1 [INTERNAL] 

>see this shite still up
>do le shitpostan

>> No.11498517,2 [INTERNAL] 

Janitors love their video games threads.

At first it was ``japanese only m'kay guys *wink* *wink*''. Now they don't even bother.

>> No.11498517,3 [INTERNAL] 

>dis nigga
just fuck off shitposter your opinion doesnt mean anything

>> No.11498517,4 [INTERNAL] 

>Steam thread on /jp/
>372 replies

Emailing moot about the jewniturds being steamfags from /v/.

>> No.11498517,5 [INTERNAL] 

Let me add you bro

>> No.11498517,6 [INTERNAL] 

Ironic considering that you're a steamfag:

Nice profile, faggot.

>> No.11498517,7 [INTERNAL] 

I don't even use it you f*cking nerds holy shit get off my back. Look at the last played time.


>> No.11498587

It's only a way to say that I really enjoyed that part of my life. I wish there were a game where I could feel the same way.

>> No.11498646
File: 45 KB, 169x162, 1368835722332.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey guys if anyone wants to play any Steam games at all then please add me.

I've been kinda busy recently but I'm thinking it's time to make a TF2 / Dota 2 comeback!


>> No.11498646,1 [INTERNAL] 

>I don't even use it you f*cking nerds
>currently online


>> No.11498662

added :^)

>> No.11498662,1 [INTERNAL] 

Only because a certain homolord linked it.

>> No.11498662,2 [INTERNAL] 

>Type up a post that would've sent this nerd's ass straight up to the lithosphere
>You have been banned from /jp/ for posting >>11496544, a violation of Rule 1:

Fucking tired of this shit......

>> No.11498745

I'll play pretty much anything with cute, petite anime girls until I get bored

>> No.11498755

What is your boredom threshold? I don't want you quitting on me in after a week.

>> No.11498774

where da MUD's at

>> No.11498803

A month at most

>> No.11498972

Sorry I only add people with anime avatars.

>> No.11498998

Anyone playing Path of Exile right now? I'm about to finish Act 1

>> No.11499003

I am. I just finished act 1.

>> No.11499015

I'd be willing to play but nobody ever posts names so it's not like I can add you.

>> No.11499042

Where the FUCK is the NEET thread?

>> No.11499049

Can we meet up at Lioneye? I'm playing a melee witch

>> No.11499138

I haven't finished act 1 yet, but I might do later in the night or tomorrow.

>> No.11499172
File: 436 KB, 1451x935, xaoc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got into the JP XAOC beta (Xentra Alpha something something...), seems kinda generic but it does have Elin-tier thick thighs and a whole buffing system for onsen.

Only 4 classes open to try out in CB, wondering if this game came from Korea/China and if so, if anyone has played those and knows if it's any fun in the long run.

>> No.11499172,1 [INTERNAL] 

This is really starting to piss me off. I keep getting invites from fags because that other fag posted my profile and now I have 15 pending invite messages that pop up every goddamn time I log in.

I'm unironically going to drive a fork through his face.

>> No.11499172,2 [INTERNAL] 

I was going to post it on /v/ too but I got sidetracked. Feelio when too nervous to send you a request myself... Anyway Trev, would you say you're pretty steamed right now?

>> No.11499172,3 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.11499344

Anyone want to help me beat Mervil? I'm having a lot of trouble, but I got +48% item rarity so the loot should be good. I'll be waiting at Lioneye, gotta get something to eat. IGN is Armi

>> No.11499386

You need help beating the first fucking boss in the game? I don't think I want to play with you.

>> No.11499461

Don't be a dick.

>> No.11499467
File: 53 KB, 500x281, 1381021807477.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cold resist rings, have you heard of them? Fucking idiot. Kill yourself.

>> No.11499480

pls don't bully

>> No.11499488
File: 176 KB, 393x393, 1375634636762.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Next time don't be such a fucking moron begging for help like a pathetic casual loser.

>> No.11499835

I can't play Path of Exile because wine doesn't like my HD2500.
Sorry /jp/, we can't play together it seems.

>> No.11499845

HD2500? Are you poor or something? Lmao

>> No.11499888
File: 213 KB, 715x808, SIREN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well I managed to beat her anyway, and even got a unique item so everything worked out in the end.

>> No.11499949

thanks for the blog post

>> No.11500479

I would play with you if we were on the same server.

It's the thought that counts right?

>> No.11501514

W-We could all play dark souls together...

>> No.11502026

I played 300 hours last two weeks. Too bad, I got no friends to play with.

>> No.11502498


>> No.11502509

What are you testing?