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Name five otaku media you think all truOTAKU must consume as a rite of passage.

I'll start:
1. Baldr Sky
2. Muramasa
3. Legend of the Galactic Heroes
4. The Tale of Genji
5. Every Akira Kurosawa film

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1. K-On!
2. K-On!!
3. K-On! Movie
4. K-On! manga
5. K-On! Live!

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If you haven't watched Evangelion and are posting here I'll beat you up.

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Oishi, internet toughguy out for my blood :-)

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You must read the illustrated handscroll version of The Tale of Genji.

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1. Lucky Star
2. NGE
3. Castle in the Sky
5. Space Battleship Yamato

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1. Shrek
2. Shrek 2
3. Shrek the third
4. Shrek forever after
5. Shrek the videogame

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I'm reading Baldr Sky using machine translation. Art thou enraged my brother?

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Where's shrek Christmas?

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Never watched NGE ;_;

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Look at this face. You are truly missing out.

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As a true Shrek otaku I can tell you that Christmas specials are always bad and sadly Shrek is no exception.

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1. Muv Luv Alternative
2. Stein's;Gate
3. Baldr Sky
4. Clannad
5. Fate/Stay Night

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G senjou no maou
One piece manga
The last samurai

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Every movie with paul dano

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>Ctrl+F Milky Holmes
>0 results

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Ctrl F: Who are you quoting?

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1. Higurashi.
2. Umineko.
3. Higanbana.
4. Rose Guns Days.
5. Ōkami Kakushi.

I don't know shit about Otaku, but these will make you a better person.

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>Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
>Death Note
>Kawaii uguu~~ show of choice
After catching up to speed with at least one wof these, you are entitled to showing your OTAKU status to every friend on social sites and in real life! Remember, you aren't fat if you believe in yourself!!!

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Shrek is love. Shrek is life

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I've never watched it but I've seen most of it from still frames posted on /jp/.

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You really think Shrek is funny? I'll admit that there are excellent Shrek jokes out there, but you think simply namedropping "Shrek" and then finishing it off with the tepid "Shrek is love, Shrek is life" mantra will arouse any sense of humor in the reader?

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Get shreked bastard I won u scrubass get me bluntm 8

i hear u

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There are some very different people in this thread...

1, YU-NO
2. Cross Channel
3. Muramasa / SubaHibi
4. Revolutionary Girl Utena
5. Gachimuchi

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1. Touhou
2. exhentai
3. Nichijou
4. 2ch
5. Nichijou OVA

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1. Lets & Go
2. Beyblade
3. Yugi Oh
4. Crush Gear
5. Bakugan
And collecting all related toys

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I've never heard of most of the stuff in this thread. The only one I'm even close to qualifying for is >>11485373.

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I wish I could race Magnums with /jp/.

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5. NGE
4. Touhou
3. Utena
2. Umineko
1. Hotel

Honorary mentions: Nichijou & KanColle.
Deal with it.

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1.Kiniro Mosaic
2.To Love Ru

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Isn't Hotel that film where people pay to kill college students or something?
How does that have to do with Otaku culture?

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1. Texas Rangers
2. Highlander
3. Delta Force
4. MacGyver
5. The Way of the Dragon

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I think he meant the short manga.

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1 off bubblegum crisis 2nd is doommegalo and star jewel 1ep

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1. #
2. You
3. Only
4. Live
5. Once

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[citation needed]
How can you prove reincarnation doesn't exist?

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I think you're thinking of Hostel.

Hotel is the greatest manga of all time. Of all time.

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Popular Science had an article where some lady almost died and she said she saw heaven.

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Manga is a normalfag hobby though.
Maybe if this was a thread on truNORMAL media, it might be relevant.

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1. Sailor Moon

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I saw the same thing on tv too, also youtube

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2. Cutie Honey

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"Just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment,"

Hebrews 9:27 (New International Version)

This is the Word of the Lord.

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You thought the greatest manga of all time was the movie Hostel.

Perhaps it is you who is be of the normal?

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What if only good people go to heaven and bad people get reincarnated to relive another life

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Even if reincarnation exists, you still only live once, just in multiple vessels, unless there is a state of being in between lives that is not ``life''

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I'm not the first guy.
I've read Hotel and it was mediocre.

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3. Sakura Wars

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then we are all of us bad people.. and better for it

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1. Idolm@ster
2. Macross
3. True Love
4. Flanfly
5. Magic the Gathering

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4. Sengoku Rance

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You're projecting your normal mediocrity onto it. Normal.

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That is no Son Goku

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5. Evangelion

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1. Final Fantasy Tactics
2. Tactics Ogre

Something else? Lel

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Shrek is one of the few characters from an American movie who speaks Osaka-ben in the Japanese dub. I have not seen it, but was told by a Japanese person.

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I'm a certified Normalfag Otaku.
I think I know better than you what's normal and what isn't.

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and come back when you know what otaku means.

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1. flanfly.png at 2:00:00
2. Pre-2010 /jp/
3. At least 15 mutes from janny
4. Be banned from /jp/ for at least 10 days total
5. /prog/

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I bet he is truerOTAKU than you and you are just jealous normie OTAKU

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This is the official list. Anyone who disagrees is a falseOTAKU astroturfer.

1. At least one Touhou game
2. A H doujin purchased in person at summer Comiket
3. LoGH or Mobile Suit Gundam
4. A 07th VN or Kana Imouto
5. Tae Kim's Grammar guide or Genki I&II

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Yeah and trains are something a normalfag uses too but there are still train otaku, please learn what otaku means before continuing your usage of the Jay

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normie plz

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Takes わん と の わん。

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>2. A H doujin purchased in person at summer Comiket
That's a little too much for a truNEET like me.

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I watched it because of seeing it spammed on /jp/. Same with Raildex. Thanks for showing me cool anime /jp/. Maybe I'll get around to LotGH sometime too.

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>1. Baldr Sky

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You're not a truOTAKU until you've completed the hajj to comike

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Yeah I only watched Railgun because of that Kuroko picture

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I remember watching the Japanese dub of the first Shrek movie with a young autistic half-Japanese boy. It's true that Shrek's voice actor has a Kansai dialect and it's actually quite funny.

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I watched it because of that one .gif where Kuroku is dancing with the lewd bathing suit.

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Milky homes was fat Elly with the stache.

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Feel free to post Kurokofriends!

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does anyone else notice how the hat is on tip of the ship??

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wan pissu
fairee tale
captin harlock

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Are the later Shrek films good? I think I saw the second one but didn't like it as much, but I remember a few reviews praising it.

Also how come my cousin who is 5 or something enjoys it? He doesn't know SHIT about classic Disney films or fantasy tropes.

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Otaku literally means nerd/geek in Japanese. What the fuck is this flavor of elitism?

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>Otaku literally means nerd/geek in Japanese.

No it doesn't, crossie. Get the FUCK out.

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I did. Protip: Reading Evageeks and watching it multiple times will help you out A LOT!

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Can I just watch the remaked films or is that not enough to talk about it with people who have watched the show?

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How do you get banned for 10 days? I have done everything from bitch about Janny in any thread I come across to spamming threads I don't like or Janny is babysitting. I can't think of anything that would piss the mods off more than that.

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Are you serious? Do you only watch anime made after 2008 or something?

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The /a/ is upon us.

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Get the HECK out of my board, cross-sauce, or I'll make you.

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I posted a lewd picture once, I was banned three days. Then I made a joke and was banned three other days. It accumulates very quickly.

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I'm talking about both the movies and the show and yes, talking is good. By the way, Rebuild is NOT a series of remakes. They diverge enough starting at the second that they are a different continuity altogether!

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A few years ago I got banned for 90 days just for posting a /jp/ meme that had apparently been autofiltered to a 90 day ban just for posting it. My appeal was not accepted.

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1. Kore ga Watashi no Goshujin-sama (Manga only)
2. Yawaraka Sangokushi Tsukisase!! Ryofuko-chan
3. Rizelmine
4. Hoshi no Umi no Amuri
5. Alien 9

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Over a joke? Weird. All I have ever been banned for on /jp/ was for posting the occasional sexy pics and maybe one recommendation for making a thread about unlimited shitpost works.

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What meme was it?

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The bawson one.

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>i hear u
I'm glad we could find mutual ground.

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Seriously speaking, everyone should watch the Sonic anime movie. It's the best thing to ever come out of the Sonic franchise. It even has cute girls and silly hats so you know it's good.

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Well this is a stupid thread.

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This thread is so Trevor, it’s disgusting.

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are ya commin anta me? im gonna warn u mate i throw a mean punch an you gotta see the gutter from the inside after dat if ya try to play the funny game with me m8. never dreg a shrek m8

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Why does everyone hate the Sonic fandom on the internet? What did they do? I have been wanting to ask this for months, but nothing ever came up that I could press the question on.

>> No.11485865

Sonic fans are even worse autists than those faggots on /jp/. I mean how pathetic can you get.

>> No.11485870

the haters can't go fast.

>> No.11485881

Alright, thanks.

>> No.11485879

When I said the movie was the best, I meant compared to the other cartoons and games, not that I hated the Sonic fans.

Also the fandom is generally either
1. A bunch of furries who make 'original characters' and engage in typical do not steal drama.

2. People who engage in the Sonic(see also: Illusion, Megaman) Cycle, declaring all sonic games past CD to be shit, while being hyped for every new one and ultimately declaring it shit.

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I'm not quite sure I understand.

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i make u

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I hope it's a kansai dailect spoken really badly by a non kansai actor to correctly reproduce the shit scots accent the original shrek had.

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See the intro to this video:

>> No.11486040

The Sonic comics have been surprisingly good for what they are.

Except for that one limited special where children playing the Sonic games in real life get sucked into the game. Fuck that series so much.

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1. Boku no Pico
2. Bible Black
3. Chaos;Head (Anime)
4. Aku no Hana (Anime)
5. Fate/Stay Night (Anime)

You can go home now.

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Sonic appreciation thread

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