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How do you feel about Walfas, /jp/?
Do you have it? Do you use it? Or do you just think it's stupid?

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I like waffles

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I like water

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I liked it when he was making those short flash "animations" with those unnamed girls. Now he just uploads some random youtube videos, which is pretty meh.

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create.swf is a pox on the world that needs to be destroyed.

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It's not all that bad, some decent stuff has come from it, like Diamond in the Rough.

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I enjoyed them back in the day but they're embarrassing in hindsight. Except for pet_tenshi.swf and pet_yuuka.swf, and probably this one too.

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What if /jp/ made a good walfas video?

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I made a stupid OC self-insert in create.swf once. The worst part? I still play around with him today

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I hate those things. That whole create.swf is pretty much just used to create the most unfunny shit possible. Only those ZUN art comics are even worse.

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Long ago we had create.swf threads, but nothing good was ever created here. /jp/ has no talent, imagination or sense of humour. Every single /jp/ comics was stupid and unoriginal. And since they could not create anything good, they started spamming with Cirno STRONGEST, PADS and other old memes (they were old even then). It didn't take much time for /jp/ to start hating this spam and walfas as well.

But to be honest rest of the internet was not better than /jp/. I didn't see a single good walfas comics. There are like 10 good videos on youtube, but that's all.

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that's because only the shit parts of the fandom have been tinkering with it.
you gotta believe in yourself, anon. the creativity and humor will come.

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Oh and the mysterious gap toy in create.swf is fun too.

Did they? I remember the PADS PADS PADS PADS PADS PADS threads and variations.

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I don't get it, is this thread about waifu tulpas?

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No, you want >>>/mlp/

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MLP doesn't use the term 'waifu'.

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Why not create one? I think, it's not a crime to create one, huh?

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I just don't know what a "Walfa" is

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i don't get it, walfas used to be as untalkaboutable as KS. what happened

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moot happened.

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Nobody has given a shit about Walfas in years happened.

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No one spams walfas stuff so the heat dies down.

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It's not popular so it's OK now?

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Most of the reason that people hated it was because it was popular, so sure.

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a fresh new start for us all, anon.
especially after the panel incident.

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How is this otaku culture?

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Walfas is 2hu, 2hu is otaku.

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But wait there's more.

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This is why Walfas needs a fresh start. This shit right here. It's unacceptable.

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This thread is reaching dangerously high levels of epic Touhou humor.

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I like most of Spaztiques videos

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The flashes were founded on shitty fanon, you won't get rid of that history.

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There's always a shitty fandom for everything. Touhou itself has a shitty fandom, but look at us.

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> Touhou itself has a shitty fandom, but look at us.
If you look at /jp/ and don't see a shitty fandom you're off your rocker.

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How is /jp/ not shitty?

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I like some of walfas videos, especially parodies, but I know there's a lot of shit, especially after they're growing, more users and more videos uploaded but I avoided most of them, but I don't hate Walfas itself since it has potential and I enjoyed the good stuff.

I remember someone made their own M-1 Grand Prix, voiced by their active users and it's pretty good.

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You're off your rocker.

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I actually like Walfas. I think it's a pretty cute Western OC.
It blew my mind seeing Walfas doujins in Japan.

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Safe-for-work 69 with the dolls.

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SSiB in a nutshell

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OMG that is so creepy, never again.

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>especially after the panel incident.

what "panel incident?"

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What is walfas and why should we care?

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How's newfaggotry treating you?

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When moot told everyone on 4chan to go visit /jp/ because it's the new /b/.

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Oh. He's teasing us again.

I wonder how long we're going to be "weaponized /a/"

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Probably for the next month or so.

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Waifu goes in /a/ fucking faggot

why janny protect this thread?

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Answer the question or don't answer at all.

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needs moar eyes

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LMAOOOOOOO warrior-kun how many days left on your ban?

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He's a filthy crossie

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This one is actually funny.

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About as funny as this.

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I get it. Pretty funny.

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I think it is cute and funny

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I think the art style is very cute

I cannot comment on the actual videos or flashes themselves as I only watched a couple and found them to be unfunny garbage, and that was ages ago

Sometimes I use the walfas character designer for my /tg/ games, though, so I like it if only for that

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I thought Walfas was an artist. However you referred to Walfas as "it" and said you can "use" "it". Is Walfas a software?

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The only good thing to come out of Walfas was that "Reimu fights the bad guys of adrkness" video.

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Stop asking me that!

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The art is cute.

create.swf however is one of the worst things that have ever happened.

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Anon, you would've been cooler if you had posted the image. Please, expand your image folder and thus expand your coolness factor!

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The program is called create.swf but the people that use it don't care.

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Post the "Reimu is an undead zombie" one.

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Hey janny fuck off back /a/-2D RANDUMB where you belong filthy normie

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For a second, I read that as Waifus and wondered why the whole thread devolved into people hating Walfas.

But yeah, it's shit.

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It was hyperactive-teenager-pandering shit in 2007 and it still is to this day.

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Thank you.

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I like Walfas. People who make it are autistic but the people who hate it are typically equally so.

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I think it's some flash animation toolkit. Touhou fanwank but western in origin and used for all kinds of childish garbage.

Think Flanfly on crack.

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Walfas stopped being relevant past 2008.

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I'll admit it; I actually smiled faintly at the contents of Alice's house. I don't particularly care one way or another for the main joke, but the sight gags work well, I think.

Anyway, Walfas is just a tool, so the things made with it aren't automatically bad. However, it's an easy-to-use tool with a recognizable artstyle that makes it attractive to people with no discernible talent, meaning that a good deal of what's made is garbage.

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