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Touhous as wives/housewives!

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I would marry Reisen so hard, man!

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Which Touhou would make the best housewife?

I think Patchouli would make the best housewife, once you've trained her.

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mom is my wife

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The ones who already have a job and work hard.

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What if I want to be housewife to nice Touhou

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Hardworking, cheerful, faithful, imaginative and always friendly. The only perfect waifu for me.

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sup new /b/

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I never understood how chocolate could end up on your face like this.

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good taste

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That face...

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That is, indeed, the word he typed out anonymous.

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Based on her devotion to Kanako and Suwako, yes, I think it's pretty accurate to consider her a trustworthy person towards people she cherishes.

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Perfect wife material. Can't be beat.

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Why are you replying to me?

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If by faithful you mean whoring herself out to gain as much 'faith' and 'followers' as possible then yesh sure.
Sanae can't live a day without at least five dicks being inserted inside her all at once.

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slut otaku pls go

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Yeah, all these doujins can't lie as they are canon, aren't they?

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Oh wow talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

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Is this the new slut thread?

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of course a maid would make the best housewife

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Well, shit. You seem almost offended by the notion of me considering Sanae to be faithful. Well, no amount of your snapping will change my opinion.

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Cleaning, cooking...


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It's funny because Sakuya was playble in DDC and Sanae wasn't.

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Yes i believe that's the joke.

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It's cute. They've never made it before so they're screwing up a lot.

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>offended by the notion of me considering Sanae to be faithful

It's like calling Reimu rich, Suika sober, Patchouli thin, Aya slow, Yukari a loli etc.
That's just contradictory to canon.

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Welp, looks like the Sakuyatards claimed this thread.

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*Looks at the bait*
Nah, you guys take it.

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>your favorite 2hu will never accidentally get chocolate on herself while preparing for you

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Whats with all this bickering, can't you all just be friends?!

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Those are Sanaefags and that's the only way they know how to defend their shit taste.

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Having fun with Reisen!

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why thank you good sir
who abusive husband here?

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Satori-sama Satori-sama,


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holy fuck i wish i was that good at JENGA

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Don't abuse the wife.

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The perfect dessert.

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Waiter, there's a 2hu in my dessert!

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i really want a cute housewife that i can call my own

you know what they say...EVERY THUG NEEDS A LADY

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But you need to keep her in line so she stops sleeping around.

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I wonder what goes through the mind of someone who hits his wife? I bet it feels really good at first since it's a fit of passion, but there has to be that crushing feeling of regret and "oh shit, what have I done" where you just have to go shit, piss, and want to throw up at the same time.

I could never do that. I don't think I have it in me to ever hit someone out of anger. I get really pissed off from time to time, but I don't think I could ever actually hit someone out of sheer rage.

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The best part is the make-up sex.

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wow, why would you have sex with make-up when you have a wife?

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That's how it would go for a decent person, yes. For an abusive asshole, though...

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I just fell out of chair and I can't stop laff

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I want Sakyua to be my wife

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I only had to hit someone I loved once and that was in self defence because he was having a psychotic episode and was trying to stab me

Despite the circumstances I still feel awful for doing it. I'd feel suicidal if I beat someone just because I was angry. This world is too violent.

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The lack of Keine in this thread upsets me.

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That's a certainly amazing meme you got there, soul brother.

Cheers, I laughed pretty hard.

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Just ignore it or you're going to make the sakuslut guy come back.

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What if she started slapping you around to make sure that you didn't get any ideas? Huh? Didn't think about that did you bub?

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i would probably ejaculate and then she would continue bullying me for being a pussy masochistic bitch with a useless cock.

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"To go as far as giving me a ring... Are you really fine with me? I'll be going to a faraway place soon... We might not be able to meet again... Eh? that doesn't matter to you? Um, shall we share one last kiss?"

You wish your waifu was that faithful.

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>I'll be going to a faraway place soon...


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That's Sanae, not Sakuslut. You can tell because she has green hair.

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I've always wondered, are Reisen's ears detachable?

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I've always wondered how hunting supplies companies acquire animal urine.

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you could also tell because she's not fucking some random guy, just in case it's a monochrome image.

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Does that really make you a decent person though?

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>where you just have to go shit, piss, and want to throw up at the same time.

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Gensokyo. They'll never meet again.

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Short girls are the best.

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Yeah. Why not?

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Nazrin is a mouse.

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It's fine, she'll fuck some random guy from the human village in exchange for faith.

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Which Touhou would be the best at cooking?
Hard mode: Not Sakuya

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Mystia, easily. And Sakuya is the shittiest cook, unless you're into cannibalism.

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> TOKYO — One in three young Japanese women wants to get married and be a full-time housewife, a government survey has showed, despite growing calls for increased female participation in the workforce.

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>One in three young Japanese women wants to get married and be a full-time housewife
They don't want to be housewives because they are faithful and loving, they want to be housewives because they want to leech off their husbands.

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I want to be a househusband

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Youmu, she's a perfect nadesico or whatever the term.
I bet Mokou is the master of grilled food

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I bet Mokou likes to keep it simple.

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She's a master chef.

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Whaaat? When was it said that Mokou's stand is popular?

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I've noticed a couple of Paru ones... They weird me out a bit.

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She's got qualities to make a dedicated and loyal wife. She's also got other qualities, but those can be dealt with carefully.

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So cute. I'm gonna die

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I like the cut of your jib, best season btw

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If a Touhou becomes your wife does that also include baby making?

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You should ask Suwako

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If you both agree with the idea, of course.

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>You'll damage yourself if you don't take care of your health!
>I-It can't be helped, so... t-today, I'll be nursing you!

>I can't think of anyone who's more suited to cook than Eiki-sama.

>Despite that she stands on a stool because she isn't so tall. So cute~

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Decent images of Remi being in the role of a housewife are so rare. It must be because such petite, unblemished and cute hands aren't used to any form of labor, of course.

So, I must admit that Youmu, Sakuya, and even Satori-chan, would make a better wife than Remilia... I bet she doesn't even know how to make scrambled eggs...

But fear not, Milady!, I would marry you even if I ended fulfilling the role of the wife as well!!, I'd eat all your failed culinary experiments!, Ojou-sama!, Ojou-sama, Marry me Ojou-sama!!!, I'll fulfill the role of a dog or a footstool as well!!, please!, even if I'm a lowly and commonplace dog, I'll do my best!!

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My love

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How come this thread's only had one picture of Youmu.

Everyone KNOWS she's the best wife.

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Just because you get married, doesn't mean you can dress so slovenly in your own home! Naked aprons are the worst.

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Short girls are moe and cute but short guys get ridiculed and made fun of. I could've been the cute short girl but noooo, i was born a guy instead.

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Well, you can still be a guy and be cute. I hope you're cute, for your sake.

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In a wife thread, almost all the pics are of 2hus in aprons and/or cooking something, but only one wedding dress. /jp/ I am disappoint.

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My dinner was too cold.

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my dinner was too scary

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my lady

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i thought that was Kogasa, and then Nazrin, and then Youmu, and then i noticed the wing.

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My version of heaven

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We're talking about wives and housewives, not brides.

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My piece of heaven

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best waifu ever

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But Ran does all the housework

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Ran a shit

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That and the fact that she tends to be pretty haughty at times. Don't think she's the type who would even be interested in a relationship.

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The side story to that was so goddamn awful.

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Forgot to add that fate will also be working against you. Not 100% sure about the mechanics of her power but I'm pretty sure that if Remi wills it strongly enough, then there's going to be some sort of subtle tweak in probability to nudge you in the particular direction that she wants.

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To what?

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There's more to a perfect waifu than cooking and aprons, and OP gave us a choice anyway.

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True, true...but weddings are only one small part of being a wife, albeit an important one. And what else besides aprons can symbolize housewives past that one glorious day?

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if her hair wasn't so fucking tall and awkward i would like that artist

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Please don't.