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patchy is kinda cool

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the fuck is this

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Stage name.

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Niggy music a shit. Go away normie.

You are kinda negro.

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patchy whines and whimpers for black cock

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First my waifu now my 2h idol, FUCK

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A$AP Patchy

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Hip hop is protected /jp/ heritage.
NEET lyfe 4eva

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The Great Unmovable Emcee

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Let's all pour one out for the threads that didn't make it

Peace, hopefully I'll see all of my /jp/ niggaz on the other side

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Shitpostiers everywhere.

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the 2hu ya love to hate

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What kind of hippity-hop do you listen to, Patchoulli the Mage?

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the one on the right
why it makes me laugh so much

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Wiz Khalifa

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Why do niggers like nigger music? It basically a long poem bragging about how rich he is, how much stuff he has, and how many women he has sex with and how he's better than you.

Yet these impoverished niglets eat it up.

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Because they idolize that and if they could attain that it would be the pinnacle of their existence

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What's the appeal of hip hop? It sounds too much like simplistic baboon monkey tribal nigger beats to me. I wonder if its a reflection of the current state of our youth.

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Its a reflection of what goes through the minds of negroids at any given moment

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Pache is hot!

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Nah-Ledge imo

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If Patchouli had sex with a lemon and got pregnant.. .would she give birth to a Sourpatch Kid?

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Knowing nothing in life but to be legit,
don't quote me nerd cuz I ain't said shit.

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don't we all?

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nice taste poser.

-smoked weed man lol! im such a hip hopper- (quote from white kids everywhere)

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Why do patchy thread always die ;_;

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because OP is complete shit.
post the patchy has hips! one with no text.

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She can barely walk. There's no way she could do such strenuous physical activity. Maybe if she had a lung transplant.

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yeah there you go
but now you'll have to wait for this thread to expire.

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Not the same person.

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High minded music is boring.
I wanna just listen to some sick verse and feel fat beats.
Degeneracy is the future humanity needs to get in touch with its roots because modern society has destroyed a lot of what makes us human. A lot of us have forgotten how to act effortlessly according to the Dao.

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do you think monks would like viper's music?

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Do you think Laozi would be a rapper?

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SO fucking fat Disgusting Kimochi WArui

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I just got banned from /a/ for posting >>>/a/94292419

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Maybe. I remember seeing a drunken daoist warrior belt out a rap in a Chinese movie I remember watching.

But this thread is about Patchy and the mean streets of the SDM!

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Kill la Kill looks so bad.
I mean ripping of Touhou? Really?
There's a limit to lack of creativity.

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Objectively good hip hop :

Wu Tang Clan
A Tribe Called Quest
Del the Funky Homosapien

Good hip-hop that I understand if other people don't like :

Fab 5/Heltah Skeltah
The Pharcyde
Pete Rock & CL Smooth
Crooklyn Dodgers
Mos Def

Niggy shit :

Lil Wayne
Wiz Khalifa
Rick Ross

Educate yourself. Real hip-hop is true /jp/ heritage. Don't just eat the pop culture niggy trash and get the wrong idea about hip hop.

Nujabes is just Jap hip-hop. Do you like Nujabes? You'll probably like real hip-hop.

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Patchouli thread, you say?

Captcha: Armenians itoxiz

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Some others

Big L
Camp Lo
Mobb Deep

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I didn't know /jp/ was down with some of that gangster shit.

Here's more:
9th Wonder
Madlib/Quasimoto/Yesterday's New Quintet/Lootpack
De La Soul
The Roots
Pseudo Intellectuals/Pseudo Slang
Sound Providers
Lupe Fiasco's first two albums

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>De La Soul

My youkai

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Why is Patchy always a bitch in doujins?

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Maybe they take her sitting in the library for 100 years to mean she has no polite social skills?

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fuck off, normal mingling scum bucket. and take your sameposts with you back to those hellholes /mu/ or /b/.

>> No.11482443

She's not impolite, she's downright antagonistic. In every one I've read, she attacks her servants! I'm referring to the sexual doujins.

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Man, the only hip hop I know is Nujabes. I'd love to branch out into the selection you've presented but I'm afraid of being a "wangster" so to speak.

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What is /jp/'s hip hop AOTY?
Doris? Watching Movies? Yeezus? Old?

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Yeezus was all hype, Doris is p. good

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Don't act like a loud boisterous normie in public or start wearing gangsta clothes and you'll be fine.

Just like when /a/ talks about hiding your power level.

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Do I look like a muthafuckin' role model?
To a kid lookin' up ta me
life ain't nothin' but books

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So I should stop free-styling at the slightest provocation?

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I post on /jp/ for a long time and this is some of the music I like

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It's okay.

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All of your jp music is entry level as shit

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Don't worry about it. Most people don't bother about other people's music tastes except to brag about their own.

If you like Nujabes, I would suggest A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Guru's Jazzmatazz, Pseudo Slang, Sound Providers, Yesterday's New Quintet + Madlib's Shades of Blue, and Shinsight Trio. Those are all jazz-oriented.

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I didn't say I listen to a lot of /jp/ music I just post on /jp/ jerk

>> No.11482571

Thanks anon.

>> No.11482576

>I post on /jp/ for a long time and this is some of the music I like
I don't know about that, but from the looks of your post, it looks more like you just started browsing /mu/.

>> No.11482580

But there's so much good music in nipland. You need to explore it, anon!

>> No.11482593

Who cares about that? I've come into a really messed up place!

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>No Pimalation
>No Aquemini
>No The Unseen

aside from missing these ESSENTIAL albums you have some pretty good stuff.

>> No.11482618

Who are you shrexting?

That's what I call the unseen.

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Adding to objectively good list:
Jeru The Damaja
Juggaknots (clear blue skies album)

really "heavy"/"gangster":
Dead Prez
Ice Cube / NWA
Notorious BIG (Ready to Die album)
Immortal Technique

nerdy, but talented:

No category. Really love, but understand if some don't:
Mr. Lif
El-P / Company Flow
Dr. Octagon
Illogic (Celestial Clockwork album)

Actually understand the dislike:
Aesop Rock
Sage Francis

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>El-P / Company Flow
They go hard as fuck. Add Cannibal Ox to that.

>> No.11482639

Trailer http://youtu.be/zfovF1bq1xQ
Episode 1:http://youtu.be/3NrR0KTitjw

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Yeah, agreed.

Also, DJ Krush. Not a lot of rap, but really great hip-hop instrumentals. People who like nujabes would probably like DJ Krush. Also, the few vocals feature Mos Def, El-P, Mr. Lif, and Aesop Rock.

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I certainly don't want to bully you, or stifle your creative spirit, but there is a time and place for everything. The A train going home or Wendy's isn't the place for freestyle rap battles.

You might be able to get away with it in bars.

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Maybe if it was just him, but I can't understand anyone hating on Ant's productions.

>> No.11482820

Well, I do like all of those last five that I listed, but Atmosphere was never incredibly appealing to me. It's just not exactly for me, and they are too easy on women, ha. I prefer when slug is featured with other artists. Those circumstances produce some great tracks that are my favorite of his. Atmosphere does have a song about not letting people decide if hip-hop culture is for you or not. So, it makes sense that they reach beyond the normal scope and target audience. I'm listening to them again, and the beats are really just fantastic.

Man, I wish my predominately white schools would have had more people who were into freestyling and rap culture. Would have honestly been a lot more fun than all the inane talking to fill the silence.

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Can patchy/mainstream music general thread be a thing now?

>> No.11482903

Most of the music in this thread is anything but mainstream.

>> No.11483022

Nice hat.

>> No.11483050

Eminem's old shit is great


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dang fool you lucky you wrote what you wrote in that spoiler cuz you were THIS far away from getting yo ass kicked
because she is mine and mine alone

>> No.11483078

>sample image
>who u quot

>> No.11483079

fuck spoiler didnt work

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dang fool you lucky you wrote what you wrote in that spoiler cuz you were THIS far away from getting yo ass kicked
because she is mine and mine alone

>> No.11483089

Might just listen to this whole album, why the fuck not?

>> No.11483094

ok spoiler images are literally not working if ya gonna ban me ill take the ban coz i know its not my fault

>> No.11483103

well... at least it was a happy coincidence.

I don't like when they do this outside of /b/, though. Everyone has to post some bullshit thread.

:moot hate intensifies:

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tfw you start to wonder if youre really a black person when all the people in the threat of your waifu are black

>> No.11483153

>all the people in the threat of your waifu are black


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Imagine how I feel

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It's mainstream relative to the comiket and weeaboo animu opening themes /jp/ usually talks about.

>> No.11483775

Janitor. Please read the thread. Just because there's a Touhou picture in the OP doesn't mean that the thread is about Touhou or people are even discussing it. Please delete this thread because if you actually read it, you'd see that this is material that belongs in /mu/ and not /jp/.

Do your job, janitor.

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hip hop is /jp/ now
deal w/it nerd

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Hip-hop has always been /jp/

>> No.11484591

It's /jp/ related because the OP posted a 2hu you fucking shit eating crossie.

>> No.11484636

>anyone on /jp/
( ´_ゝ`)

>> No.11484637

It is kinda strange how i've heard people say japanese rap is impossible. Something to do with how the language is set up.

>> No.11484644

Japanese isn't guttural enough.

>> No.11484647

that's why every fucker in 4chan-related lastfm groups listens to all the nigger bullshit in this thread?

>> No.11484653

It is so cute when they try though.

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I would just like to pop in and thank /jp/ for all you've done for us over the years
you're best friend.

>> No.11484762

Made me think of this

>> No.11484795

Please do not bully.

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File: 64 KB, 1280x720, does this look like the face of mercy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my job is owning subhumans.

prepare yourself

>> No.11484827

Wow, patchy is suprisingly soft!

>> No.11484836

Being employed at anything is the behavior of filthy normies

get the HELL out

>> No.11485440


Again, there is a difference between niggy garbage and actual talented hip-hop.

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That's hilarious.

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Hodgy, pass me my inhaler

>> No.11486236


See >>11485574

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Ill dawg

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stfu nerd

*throws /jp/ on the ground*

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You can be a hip hop otaku. Step the fuck down, anal spelunker.

>> No.11493879

sole is good too

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File: 2.61 MB, 220x157, in tokyo metro with max misaka shirt swag.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

muh hip hop homies

>> No.11493980 [DELETED] 

Niggers ruin everything.

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j hiphop is actually really good, depending where you look


I've been really into it these past few months. I wish I could find the more obscure stuff though.

>> No.11494225

Break dancing is cool you fuccboi nerd

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A hiphop thread on /jp/ and nobody mentioned eazy mutha fuckin e yet? Come on guys.

>> No.11494252

This is the whitest thread on /jp/ right now.

>> No.11494270

スチャダラパー are classic

HALCALI is one of my favourites

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gangsta bitch patchouli thread

op is a juggalo

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I want to meet slutty Patchy.

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Please stop that.

>> No.11494376

Stop what?

>> No.11494377

It's her hip-hop name.

>> No.11494430

You don't want to have hip-hop discussion with /mu/

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Tupatch received 5 books wounds, she was taken to the Southern Gensokyo University Medical Center, where she died six days later ;_;

>> No.11494900

>Real hip-hop is true /jp/ heritage.
Stop projecting. Only /jp/ heritage in music is instrumental touhou stuff and some old Silver Forest/IOSYS denpa.

>> No.11494976

Pour one out for our magicians who ain't with us


>> No.11496020

You're projecting.

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What's better: fluffy Patchy or skinny Patchy?

>> No.11496822

Normal Patchy.

>> No.11496828

obviously patchubby

especially since in that image, the fluffy one looks reasonably normal and the skinny one looks anorexic (by today's standards).

>> No.11496837

None because Abubu is a disgusting artists.

>> No.11496859

I think because she was described as asthmatic (and sometimes portrayed as anemic as well) I always imagined her being skinny.

Then again, I can see her getting some thickness from sitting on her butt having tea and biscuits for centuries.

>> No.11497186

Company Flow - The Fire In Which You Burn feat. J-Treds and The Brewin' from the Juggaknots

The Brewin'
Settin it off HOT. probably 3 pairs of rhymes for every 2 lines and aggressively fierce from beginning to end

"...front the menace.
My words speak for themselves so feel me,
Cause on the mic I've got more presence in attendance than a class of schizophrenics"

"I remain indelible
I the Don Digital, slash, piranha morph
Alongside poor terrible surgeons, who blur comic perspectives
And wonder how to get bent, that flaming Malatov shit
Unstoppable object hits unmovable wall and space split"

try to merk off of the pile but you choked on my motherfuckin' portion,
bathe within my excrement bitch parody,
your insanity is my clarity"

BOOM selectah!

>> No.11497190
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Fat people that can't even recognize a perfectly healthy body are disgusting. Please tell me how ugly it is because you got owned in highschool about being fat lol. Girls should be cute and petite!

>> No.11497668

There's no Lupe, or Kendrick, Q, Nas, Pre 2006 Jay, Kanye, or KRIT.

0/10 shit list.

>> No.11497776

Not one mention of ASAP Rocky itt.

Do you people honestly listen to all of this boring shit or do you just pretend to to look cultured?

>> No.11497906

i'm 6'1 and 130 lbs "lol"
they are the same height in that image, so if either of them are petite then they both are. flat, lanky girls with visible ribs aren't cute.

>> No.11498184

The true hip hop otaku are too busy dropping bombs and shootin danmaku while listening to MC Breed to post

That, or we simply listen to hip hop ironically as a way to effectively troll people who consider it "nigger music"

(or both, in my case)

>> No.11498199

I hated Rocky's newest album, Ferg is better

>> No.11498394

Man I love /jp/

A few more:
Public Enemy
Big Daddy Kane
Busta Rhymes
Cypress Hill
Flipmode Squad

Some that I like but not everybody does:
Beastie Boys
Ice Cube
Westside Connection

>> No.11498407

Any turntablist otaku here?

>> No.11498412

janny confirmed for negroid

>> No.11498414

Damn I forgot Sticky Fingaz

>> No.11498669


wouldn't think to see this mentioned here

where you from?

>> No.11498850


>> No.11499057

Which Touhou would be the best krautrock artist?

>> No.11499178
File: 85 KB, 700x856, rumia_wie_meinen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11500914

Why am I so saddened now?

>> No.11506480
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Don't believe the hype

>Pre 2006 Jay
mediocre at best. only looks good from his descent into complete shit


>> No.11506517

suck my dick nigga
you ain't shit
ain't gonna fuck around wit no touhou clit

call me on ma cell nigga
i ain't tryna hide
fuck around with me nigga
shits straight suicide

I just made that up.

>> No.11506523

>Don't believe the hype
Nigga please, I was listening to Kendrick before GKMC

>mediocre at best. only looks good from his descent into complete shit
Are you really gonna sit here and say Reasonable Doubt, Vol.2, and The Black Album are mediocre?

College Dropout and Late Registration were both 10/10s, graduation was still good and so was MBDTF. Haven't listened to Yeezus though and 808's is some of the worst bullshit I've heard.

>> No.11506601

pussy money weed sall a tengu need

>> No.11506611
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Why does no one like southern gangster rap? I like their accents.

>> No.11506613


>College Dropout

Christ, you have shit taste.

>> No.11506614

does florida count as southern?

state anthem

>> No.11506615

check it the dough I collect, come through and wreck wit shit thats hectic,
style eclectic that left you neck split,
slicin cerebellum as I tell 'em,
they ain't got shit on me,
a make 'em face reality,
like they just saw their dick for the first time,
and their preheld notions crash like a falacious phallus falacy, battle me? I crackin three kraken key chain charms and use my tentacle tendrils to break off your damn legs and arms!
WHAT NYIGGA! deeper in the watery abyss than niggas from the south

>> No.11506666
File: 171 KB, 850x810, 1374970271708.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who Soulja Slim here?


>> No.11506668
File: 183 KB, 740x610, 1372525898444.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

everything is purple

>> No.11506679

Black Album is good for a spin
RD II is on par with everything else released at that time

nothing less
nothing more

>Nigga please, I was listening to Kendrick before GKMC

>> No.11506718
File: 142 KB, 695x827, 1372540532286.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she's all that i want

>> No.11506733

Patchy researching how to please a man is so cute.

>> No.11506745
File: 566 KB, 1000x707, 1372538251910.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can she please a woman

>> No.11506748

That's what tentacles are for.

>> No.11506760

Probably, if given time to research.

>> No.11506783
File: 438 KB, 1112x1600, SHADOWPLAY_005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I question that.

>> No.11506825
File: 352 KB, 600x800, 22706891.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Domestic tentacles are a much nicer variety. Better familiar material.

>> No.11506826
File: 946 KB, 900x1200, 1372532304742.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i love bad btiches thats my fucking problem

>> No.11506827

oh god that's not patchy misleading thumbnail

>> No.11506828

Oh, if they're controllable and you're absolute certain you can maintain that, without a doubt, then they can be nice.
But it's still risky. There's tons of stories of tamed tentacle beasts attacking their masters. These things are predators by nature, anon.

>> No.11506830

It fits. Remi is a much badder bitch.

>> No.11506858

I can't think of any way to meet patchy and profess my love other than acquiring the hourai elixir to walk impervious thru the SDM

someone help

>> No.11506868
File: 119 KB, 850x673, Patchy is thick!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not only would I hold Patchy's inhaler for her, but I'd help with her glucose monitoring and insulin injections. I'd also rub her bare feet.

>> No.11506964

why do people always feel the need to insult a whole race because a few people who are in it are idiots?
we are one you faggot. i dont mean in some hippy way, i mean we literally, scientifically, share the same DNA
these "niggies" are the same as you and you are the same as them. the only difference is they are stupid, but arguably so are you for thinking like that

>> No.11506967

>because a few people who are in it are idiots?
You mean a few people in it are respectable people.
However lets not get into this /pol/ shit.

>> No.11506971
File: 1.63 MB, 1920x1350, Konachan.com - 81567 patchouli_knowledge touhou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

who likes super flat?
who thinks kanye is an idiot?

>> No.11506981

Does Patchy listen to Cannibal Ox?

>> No.11507139 [DELETED] 

I just love how actual otaku topics like 2D traps and their impact and importance in OTAKU media isn't OTAKU culture but nigger music that belongs in /mu/ that has NOTHING to do with otaku or its culture is OTAKU culture.

Something tells me the moderation isn't doing the job it was assigned to do otherwise this thread would have been assblasted a week ago; since you know, there's more discussion of rap and hip hop artists (/mu/ shit) here than actual OTAKU culture.

Doesn't really make any sense and it's pretty disgusting.

>> No.11507170

I too love ALL CAPS posts.

>> No.11507459 [DELETED] 

i have been an otaku since i was dumped of the one i thought was the one in highschool.
but before that life-shattering event i was into rap music etc and was much abused for it
i feel that alot of other /jp/ers may have a simmilar story. thus it is our culture.

tl;dr you are a bully

>> No.11507478

Nope, didn't like hiphop till way after otaku interests developed

>> No.11507554

>You mean a few people in it are respectable people.
no bully pls!

>> No.11507564

>Aesop Rock
I'll accept your hate of him but I'll still hold a major grudge against you...dick.

>> No.11507574


/jp/ is a fucking joke board; what do you expect? It's about stealth shitposting. Like a shitposting gym for autistic ninjas.

>> No.11507594

Tread carefully. I'm starting to feel a little weaponized right here. I've got my hands on /jp/ lance and I can definitely feel my blood pumping.

>> No.11507604

And Janny is the overly rash ninja teacher who beat you to a pulp if you're not stealthy enough.

That actually explain why the most weaponized of all the boards is also the closest monitored. It's all to force us to become better funposters.

>> No.11507679

what the HELL are you nerds talking about

>> No.11507722

my post was a dick joke

>> No.11507739
File: 199 KB, 600x800, 1346598014383.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And all my life it's my fucking problem

>> No.11507743 [DELETED] 


>> No.11507748

How did it go?

>> No.11507801

atlanta trap music touhou mixes when

>> No.11507815

>College Dropout
>Not 10/10

Go ahead, name a bad song on the album. I dare you.

>> No.11507827

workout plan

>> No.11507991
File: 539 KB, 769x1000, 6e3058d881ad51e8ef8c50ebf58b6885.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

best thread on /jp/

>> No.11508001


Holy shit your mad haha

>> No.11508004


I've transcended music now. Everything,even Touhou music sound boring to me. I don't listen to it any more.

>> No.11508009

whoa thats whats happening to me
i just never feel like listening to music anymore, even when im not doing anything else.

>> No.11508049

Silence is the best music.

>> No.11508065

You'd like John Cage.

>> No.11508581
File: 2.73 MB, 1753x2480, 14124664.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

boredom is not transcendence.
you've heard too much but focused too little.
could it be you listened to music in background?

anyway, come back when you heard the music in a lucid dream and tell me it bored you.

>> No.11509271

Try heroin, if you don't feel that then idk what to suggest

>> No.11509555
File: 16 KB, 288x353, 1376333421602.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

eiginni and

>> No.11509602

I love when Lucid dream music persists for a short time after you've awakened. If I wasn't so out of practice I'd probably write it out.

>> No.11509746

Could use some KMD, some Danny Brown, some the Coup/Alkaholiks, Pharoe Monch, Angel Haze, El-P and maaaaaybe Das Racist.

Also MF DOOM (but only as Zen Love X), DOC and Canibus to reach Backpacker Level Alpha.

>> No.11509764

If you want more J-Hop, DJ Okawari, Blazo and DJ Krush are good.

Everybody but Krush sounds pretty close to Nujabes too.

>> No.11509777

>College Dropout and Late Registration were both 10/10s
Not at all. 8/10 if I'm being generous. Kanye is best when his mouth is shut and he's producing for other rappers.

>graduation was still good and so was MBDTF
Graduation was average. MBDTF was mediocre save for a couple decent instrumentals. Yeezus is fucking awful, don't waste your time.

Kanye isn't so much skilled at anything except being a controversial celebrity figure. In terms of production, he's decent, but his latest albums are not doing him any favors. His rhymes are lazy and his flows are meh and his production as of late (can't be sure how much is him at this point) is trend-hopping garbage.

>> No.11510198

>Yeezus is fucking awful
I dunno, Yeezus is on MBDTF's level in terms of quality and listenability I feel

>> No.11510240


>> No.11510254

Didn't say that. I like him and I think a lot of his lyrics are interesting. His style's not for everyone, but I like him.

>> No.11510307
File: 100 KB, 427x476, 24np8x4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no cannibus? smdh

>> No.11510324


except literally, scientifically, we dont.

check yourself before you wreck yourself.

>> No.11510363 [DELETED] 

is this the negroid general?

wat are you homies up 2
i just cracked open a 40 the police be patrolin tonight so imma lay low smoke some crack cocaine

>> No.11510783

Man.. Nujabes was so good.

>> No.11515531
File: 490 KB, 1000x1000, Patchy Widemukyu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Patchy's the creator!

>> No.11515549

There is no difference. The entirety of hip hop and jazz is black music.

>> No.11515704

>embracing nigger culture
/jp/ I expected better

Grow some taste you fucking faggots, very little hip hop is in anyway decent.

>> No.11515714


Fuck off, Crossie.

>> No.11515720

What the fuck, man? I just fell out of my chair because I couldn't, and still cannot, stop laughing. This is the shit. It's a big one - no, a great one.

Congratulations, man.

>> No.11515724

Please go to /pol/ if you can't appreciate other cultures and have to be racist.

>> No.11515836 [DELETED] 

/jp/ is full of shitskins
mainly spics but there are some niggers here and there
you know, the con-going "look at me I'm black but such a nerd xD" types

>> No.11515856 [DELETED] 

niggers don't have a culture

>> No.11515861

I think you are confusing us with /a/. Also, please don't bully other races.


>> No.11515866
File: 43 KB, 620x465, 241241241.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You hurt my feelings

>> No.11515887

¿Qué 2hu tendrías sexo? jajaja

>> No.11515891

/a/ is too
I think there is something to be sad about all of the inferior races into weeb shit

makes me want to stop enjoying it because it obviously attracts less than intelligent people

>> No.11515937
File: 277 KB, 600x600, 1380499661777.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who Brand Nubian here?


>> No.11515978
File: 216 KB, 640x480, Snake_Shit_by_Gynandromorph.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>/jp/ is full of shitskins

>> No.11516075

>very little hip hop is in anyway decent.
You're obviously not trying, then. Radio shit is actually the exception, not the norm, when it comes to hip-hop.

I'm glad I'm Asian because people don't give me shit for digging Japanese culture. I'm still one of the inferior Asians though.

>> No.11518020

I hate rap.
It can't compete with the soul that preceded it.

Nothing from the past 35 years has been soulful.

>> No.11518340

Action Bronson is coming to my city, tickets are worth like $30

>> No.11518374

I'm afraid of the crowds of drunken rowdy normies though. Maybe I should get drunk too.

Also is Bronson really worth $30 and a hangover?

>> No.11518411


Try Flying Lotus.

>> No.11518418

I like Eazy-E and Snoop's Doggystyle album. I can't enjoy any of Snoop's newer stuff because it's mostly pop music. I also listen to Waka Flocka ironically because I find him funny.

>> No.11518447


>> No.11518527


same thing as Kanakp I suppose

>> No.11518553


You're buthurt as hell also enjoy your 3 days faggot


>> No.11518717

"the mage" makes patchy really cool, has a professional ring to it. she's operating on a whole different level.

>> No.11518744

Have you seen waka's nard interview? He's actually a pretty nice guy.

>> No.11521101

How many mages in the house?
How many mages in the house without an ojou sama?

>> No.11521101,1 [INTERNAL] 

>hip hip
7/10 got me to reply

>> No.11521325
File: 750 KB, 262x268, 1373210751996.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What rap music do you listen to when you're doing your otaku happy dance in front of the mirror?


>> No.11522848

Usually this. It varies depending on how otaku happy I'm feeling

>> No.11527285

I don't usually do that

>> No.11527292

I would rather sing something melodic.

>> No.11527676
File: 254 KB, 980x735, patchy a gangsta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


patchy only wants ruffnecks

>> No.11527760 [DELETED] 

fucking hell nigger music is awful subhuman filth

i hate the janitor

and i hate all the 15 year olds in this thread

fuck you all

>> No.11528040

now that's what i call shitposting

>> No.11528354

I wonder if this thread will stay alive until the government collapses

>> No.11528365

Honestly, I feel that if the government defaults and the government collapses, we should all band together and then infiltrate and scam /k/ out of all of their survival goods and scary guns.

Then we could become free-wheeling gangsta maids and schoolgirls! Wouldn't that be excellent, /jp/? I mean, how else are we going to live the NEET lyfe if we can't get autismbux?

>> No.11528366

Will the Internet survive if the Government collapses?

>> No.11528376

There would still be cops, just not FBI agents.

>> No.11528377

More than just survive, it will be better for it.

>> No.11528434

The Chinese will own half of it after interest rates spike forcing many server companies into bankruptcy
All hail Brother Xi! I hope he'll let me pirate southern trap and girly animes

>> No.11532061


Are northern traps much different from the southern traps?

>> No.11532103


You just don't understand.

>> No.11532852

They pack different heat, that's for sure #rekt

>> No.11533005
File: 885 KB, 695x827, ASAP-PATCHY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like you anon

>> No.11533013

anything involving Andre 3000
A few other artist...
..J-Jay Electronica...

>> No.11533027
File: 176 KB, 283x270, YoshiChillin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ghostface/NAS da illest

>> No.11533050

Patchy: Everyone says I'm gloomy but I listen to hip hop and stuff
/jp/: m-me too

lol fags

>> No.11533056

ctrl f UGK & Triple 6

zero results. how surprising that /jp/ has shite taste.

>> No.11533431 [DELETED] 

Do we really need 20 threads of the same character????

>> No.11533467

every single one of them.

>> No.11533576
File: 48 KB, 500x500, le jp face.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this actually worth listening to?

>> No.11533593

Genius album IMO. no irony

>> No.11533606

Honestly, this is my least favorite touhou meme. I'm just tired of seeing it, really, knowing a bunch of stupid white kids behind computer screens think that their fascination with hip-hop should have something to do with their obsession with touhou.

>> No.11533613

Are you black?

>> No.11533658
File: 226 KB, 294x328, Snake in the Grass.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11533658,1 [INTERNAL] 


Why is this allowed?

>> No.11533658,2 [INTERNAL] 

Because you don't like it and everything you don't like is allowed. moot reads /ghost/ to see what everyone bitched and whines about the most and that's what gets to stay on /jp/.

lrn2 4chan

>> No.11533729

No, it's pretty bad. Anyone that claims to like it is doing so ironically.

>> No.11533807

All this hip-hop talk and nobody has mentioned The Otaku Kami?


Sometimes I listen to this album unironically just to embrace the shittiness and the untarnished joy this guy gets out of this stuff

>> No.11533837

Why I opened this thread in the first place?

>> No.11533929

Yeah. Some of the songs are pretty garbage but not all of them. Anyone who says it's "ironic" just listens to mainstream hip hop and can't understand how Viper keeps it realer than real.

>> No.11534405
File: 37 KB, 203x297, 1329876484478.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nan desu tte~?

>> No.11534405,1 [INTERNAL] 

People are bitching and whining about their right to talk about illuminati music too though.

>> No.11534405,2 [INTERNAL] 

Janitor confirmed for some social rights activist type. He keeps getting me banned for saying "normalfag" too.

>> No.11534405,3 [INTERNAL] 

Did it make you mad? Did it make you come whine about it on warosu?

Janny: 1
You: 0

None of you will ever out-troll Janny.

>> No.11534405,4 [INTERNAL] 

Does it even matter when Janny is moot's nigger? As a janitor he is perpetually trolled. There can't even be a count.

>> No.11534405,5 [INTERNAL] 

The janitor is just a shitposter with the power to delete threads. It's hard to imagine how he could actually lose.

>> No.11534766

Please do not misuse spoilers.

>> No.11534766,1 [INTERNAL] 

Crossboarder-tested, janitor approved!

>> No.11534766,2 [INTERNAL] 

Get out janny
You have no power here

>> No.11534766,3 [INTERNAL] 

you'll coward

>> No.11534766,4 [INTERNAL] 

He's right though. It's something everybody already knows but it's still worth repeating. Janitors are picked from the userbase so it's obvious they'll be the same shitters as we are. Except they have the power to enforce whetever imaginary rule they want.

>> No.11534766,5 [INTERNAL] 

Yeah I know but janitors lose all the time. Moot pretty much plainly stated that janitors are now warlords tasked with moderating their board however they see fit. If janny is a nigger then we're going to have rap threads.

But just like the rest he will eventually get tired of putting in so many hours here just to be hated by the community. He might get a gf or start doing badly in college so he'll come around less and less and then the next loser to take the job will appear.

>> No.11534766,6 [INTERNAL] 

>thinking janitors care if you hate them

lol self-importance

>> No.11534766,7 [INTERNAL] 

No. Let me tell you what a Janitor is.

A janitor is a cleaner. Nothing more, nothing less. It's the same on 4chan as it is in real life. Janitors are those people who come and clean up the messes people make. Not out of any malice or butthurt or anger, but out of concern for the general well being of the place they're tasked with cleaning.

The shitposter is like the slob who throws trash all over the ground or who grafitti tags a public wall. They HATE the guy who comes and cleans up their mess because they believe that what they've done is somehow prophetic or important. Oh, sure, they'll have their fanboys patting them on the back and saying, "Shit, yeah, nigga! Good work!" but that wall is going to be cleaned and that trash will be picked up without a single thought to who put it there or how important the person who did it believes it to be. Why? Because that wall, that park, that hallway, that bathroom is for EVERYBODY to use and regardless of how glorious you believe your steaming pile of crap in the middle of the floor may be, most folks hate its stink and want it gone.

Hence, the janitor comes in and mops it up.

What makes me smile is the way people actually get mad at the janitor for mopping up the big steaming pile of shit in the middle of the floor. Those people actually WANT steaming piles of shit all over the floor. I smile and shake my head at how pathetic that truly is. Now, this will end up being responded to with cries of "janny gtfo" or variations thereof - accusing me of either being a janitor or sucking janitor cock - but I can assure you that I am neither.

I'm just glad that it's not me who has to come in and mop up your shit. Because /jp/ shit stinks more than any 4chan shit. Weaponized shit. I'm happy to see that there are people who have enough respect and love for the board AS A WHOLE to come in and deal with some of the most vile, intolerable, ugliest, and most retarded shitposters 4chan has ever seen. And if you're proud of being one of those people, then killing yourself is no longer a choice, but an absolute obligation.

>> No.11534766,8 [INTERNAL] 

can't tell if ironic

this is the tumblr shit we attract im glad that girl 404'd herself

>> No.11534766,9 [INTERNAL] 

Nice. Except that I expect janitors to only remove shit and not on-topic threads, all while babysitting off-topic crap. You sure like your inane meta-garbage threads for example because "m-m-m-muh discussion board, the topic doesn't matter as long as there's text!".

On /jp/, you have to endure both the shitters and the janitors.

Nice shilling by the way. It's like history repeating itself.

>> No.11534766,10 [INTERNAL] 

>Moot pretty much plainly stated that janitors are now warlords tasked with moderating their board however they see fit.

>but out of concern for the general well being of the place they're tasked with cleaning.
I like this guy.

What is wrong with this thread? No, really. Its entirely civil discussion about some japanese hiphop, unfortunately a lot of western nigger crap get mixed in. The entirety of the complaints are from the Waroshit community.

Why do you bitch and complain that jenny keeps deleting completely muh off topic garbage fun threads, yet when something YOU don't like sticks around, suddenly he's a shitposter and never does his job? Its mind boggling. I don't think I could do his job if I knew about the ghost board at all, my brain would explode from all the double standards.

>> No.11534766,11 [INTERNAL] 

nobody wants to explain this shit anymore just lurk a while

>> No.11535446

west coast or east coast

>> No.11535446,1 [INTERNAL] 

>What is wrong with this thread?
I have nothing against this thread.

I'm talking about your hilarious tendency to do things you and your buddy were never asked to do, enforcing all kind of imaginary rules (especially on such a slow board as /jp/).

It's fine though. Things slightly got better recently.

>> No.11535446,2 [INTERNAL] 

>Things slightly got better recently.

Don't worry. I only have about 27 hours left until I'm unb&. The Jay must pay!

>> No.11535446,3 [INTERNAL] 

Oh boy here comes to janny accusations. Nice strawman there, janitor.

If you're waiting out your ban just to shitpost again, you're doing it wrong. Or doing it very right, I can't tell.

>> No.11535446,4 [INTERNAL] 

No imaginary rules are being enforced. Rules are enforced. You not liking the rules means absolutely nothing. If you don't like /jp/'s rules, you have to take it up with the guy who makes the rules: [email protected]

Unfortunately, you cling to the board's title as being the sole indicator of what the board is about. "Otaku Culture" is NOT a rule any more than "Weaponized /a/" is a rule.

Go read the actual rules (all of them, including the Global Rules, which apply to /jp/) and point out which ones are imaginary.

I'll wait.

>> No.11535446,5 [INTERNAL] 

this poor child believes in rules

>> No.11535446,6 [INTERNAL] 

>I'll wait.

How long?

>> No.11535446,7 [INTERNAL] 

Did you just tell him to look at the real-life rules and point out which of those is imaginary?

That's not very fair. I think you should make a more fair challenge.

>> No.11535446,8 [INTERNAL] 

>this poor child believes in rules
Did I really just read this?
Oh right, you guys like acting stupid ironically.. right?.. Its a joke right?

>> No.11535446,9 [INTERNAL] 

blah blah blah strawman, projecting, etc...

Can we go back to hip hop?

>> No.11535446,10 [INTERNAL] 

it really is a joke

the biggest joke of all is ``serious discussion'' and everyone knows it

>> No.11535446,11 [INTERNAL] 

>this poor child believes in rules

So do you. You're just too retarded to realize it. Of course, you only like the rules that protect you personally. That's pretty standard for no-life retards.

After all, you can do whatever you want because "muh freedomz!" but if some nigga steals your bike, you're all like, "OMG CALL DA COPS!!!"

Go die in all of the fires, faggot.

>> No.11535446,12 [INTERNAL] 

the thread is still there on the jay if you are inclined

>> No.11535446,13 [INTERNAL] 

I can't believe that janny fell for my off topic troll thread.

>> No.11535446,14 [INTERNAL] 

Please don't use your usual "It's not me, I'm sure moot would have done the same".

Imaginary rules such as promoting off-topic discussion because in your head text is always, automatically better than images, regardless of topic.
Trying to condense threads as much as possible, again which is hilarious on a slow board like /jp/.
Making new rules about what Otaku Culture is and is not.
This isn't Otaku Culture for example:

But programming threads, philosophy threads, and 24/7 video games generals are perfectly fine.

In before "it's harmless" argument. Why can't on-topic threads be considered as "harmless" as well?

>> No.11535446,15 [INTERNAL] 

i would take precaution such that my bike isnt stolen to begin with.

calling the cops on a stolen bike man you aint never getting that shit back maybe a stolen car but if the niggers can get away with it theyre gonna get away with it. the law doesnt protect you, the complexity does.

has nothing to do with freedom, there are rules and there are laws but they aren't arbitrarily imposed by people

delete what you like it doesnt stop the funposting. if it the funposting would have stopped. current jan isnt even as fast and thorough as the one before him who couldnt stop it either.

>> No.11535446,16 [INTERNAL] 



>> No.11535446,17 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.11535446,18 [INTERNAL] 

No wonder you don't get the concept of why low quality threads get canned.

Do you honestly think we go through janitors like toilet paper? I mean i'd think i'd have gotten my recruitment call by now if they're so desperate for help losing jannies weekly.

oh wait you must be the janitor since you know so much about them

>> No.11535446,19 [INTERNAL] 

i think we went through one around /q/ deletion / 4chan panel since moderation habits changed

maybe its because i actually post on the board LOL

>> No.11535549

east coast is the calcium and vitamins of hip hop
west coast is the protein and fibre of hip hop
southern is the trans fats and salt of hip hop

>> No.11535549,1 [INTERNAL] 

mfwwwww concept of janitor ruined in my head now that nigger from killer7 isn't as cool when he says "i'm a cleaner"
mfwwwwwwwww can't disassociate him from jp janny because ocd..........

>> No.11535551

Wu-Tang Clan
Jedi Mind Trick
Army of The Pharaohs
Non Phixion.
most underground shit

>> No.11535551,1 [INTERNAL] 

Yes yes, whenever someone questions a deletion just throw the usual low quality excuse.
Nothing linked above could be considered worthy of a deletion. Except for the off topic threads at the bottom.

And in the worse case scenario, low quality on-topic content should always take priority over off-topic nonsense.

>> No.11535551,2 [INTERNAL] 

Holy christ could you post any more like an autistic /v/irgin?

>> No.11535551,3 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.11535551,4 [INTERNAL] 

I don't think /jp/ changes staff all that much, just level of inebriation.

>> No.11535558

I would call that fairly apt...

>> No.11535558,1 [INTERNAL] 

> low quality excuse.

Global Rule 6 applies to /jp/ whether you like it or not. Janitors enforce Global Rule 6 on /jp/ (proven by the bans page).

The standard argument is "stop deleting what I like! the rules don't apply to ME!"

Janny: 1
You: 0

>> No.11535558,2 [INTERNAL] 

the secret is nobody actually cares about anything being deleted weve been at this for years

it's what makes it fun

>> No.11535558,3 [INTERNAL] 

But a person was directly attacking moot's terrible administration very aggressively in a /con/ thread for a good hour or two and moot was just calmly giving him one word replies. Didn't ban him or anything. Where is the consistency?

>> No.11535558,4 [INTERNAL] 

Global Rule 6 literally exists as the catch-all rule for when the janitors or mods want something gone, but they can't come up with a sound argument for it.

>> No.11535558,5 [INTERNAL] 

Again, friend, nothing linked above was worthy of a deletion.

Your job is to enforce rules consistently. If you think a thread about a niche japanese file sharing program is "low quality" but at the same time consider a chained mmo thread mentioning World of Tanks in the OP perfectly fine, then you are doing a shitty job.

Consistency and fairness. Something you shitters will never be able to understand.

>> No.11535558,6 [INTERNAL] 

It's moot's website. He can do whatever he wants. You can't use moot as an example of consistency.

When it comes to 4chan, moot has one rule: Do as I say, not as I do.

That rules applies to you, me, the janitors, and the mods. He makes the rules, we follow the rules. He is above the rules.

>> No.11535558,7 [INTERNAL] 

>Your job is to enforce rules consistently.
He thinks he's talking to a Janitor. #REKT

>> No.11535558,8 [INTERNAL] 

You don't get to tell anyone what their job is. The janitors work for moot, not for you. You're not that important and nobody would notice if you left 4chan forever.

>> No.11535558,9 [INTERNAL] 

but mod and aoc and q fags made the rules and nobody follows them anyway how confused are you

>> No.11535558,10 [INTERNAL] 

/jp/ had rules long before /q/
mods don't make rules without moot approval
aoc is just an annoying "have a good day /jp/" tripfag with no power

>> No.11535558,11 [INTERNAL] 

But I do. What I'm saying is that consistent and fair moderation is what moot and every sane person wants.

You can always turn it the other way around.
Janitors are not that important and nobody would notice if they left 4chan forever.
They'll just get replaced by, hopefuly, someone more understanding and less of a self-entitled shill.

>> No.11535558,12 [INTERNAL] 

and nobody ever followed them

<sane person
moot shill get out

>> No.11535558,13 [INTERNAL] 

It's a hell of a lot harder to replace a Janitor. moot held applications for 24 hours in August 2012 and the first of that bunch didn't start getting appointed until February 2013. Replacing you is a hell of a lot easier.

"nobody ever followed them" isn't a very good rallying cry. Something that was unenforceable in the past is no reflection on today's standards. There have always been rules against murder, but it was a lot harder to enforce in the 1850s so more people got away with it.

Time change. Get used to it.

>> No.11535558,14 [INTERNAL] 

it hasnt changed though we still ignore them lol its not a rallying cry im not asking anyone to ignore them im only explaining why im going to continue shitposting until you actually do have some solution for rule enforcement.

the rules are not enforceable as it is because post content lacks definition. thats why mods love generals, they are easily defined and easily moderated.

>> No.11535558,15 [INTERNAL] 

My solution to rule enforcement is to delete /jp/ entirely.

No /jp/ = No Warosu

Nothing of value lost.

>> No.11535558,16 [INTERNAL] 

this i can get behind

i would like to go back to /a/ and show them whats up but just cant justify it until we're deleted

>> No.11535558,17 [INTERNAL] 

After this whole Brigs thing I'll just move over to /cgl/ and have even more fun than I had on /jp/

>> No.11535558,18 [INTERNAL] 

>Janitors are not that important and nobody would notice if they left 4chan forever.
Its like you really weren't here during 2011

>> No.11535558,19 [INTERNAL] 

Personally i've been posting on /u/.
I get to talk about cute girls doing cute things with literally zero shitposting. I wonder if I could start a mahjong thread there under the pretense of Saki Lesbian Magic.

>> No.11535558,20 [INTERNAL] 

If you do it right and make it interesting, then you probably could.

>> No.11535558,21 [INTERNAL] 

It's best if you use the existing Saki threads instead of making a thread that's like "mahjong, oh and also saki," right?

>> No.11536157

Are you still homeless? Update your /jp/ blog

>> No.11536489

>Viper keeps it realer than real

Agreed, anyone who disagrees is a busta

>> No.11536868
File: 313 KB, 869x669, 1361489719076.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Patchys like a gorrilla injected with the strength of 80 midgets

>> No.11538468

Del? Seriously?

Del is right up there with Will Smith and Run DMC as the whitest fucking black guys in hip hop.

And MF Doom? Jesus Christ /jp/, look, here's a tip. Try listening to artists you didn't discover by watching Cartoon Network.

>> No.11538472

Fuck off with your primitive junglebunny beats.

>> No.11538481
File: 203 KB, 299x286, 1374043984235.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>impling hip hop isn't largely a creation of white and Jewish record companies

Real black music is artists like Nina Simone, Cab Calloway, and James Brown. Educate yourself, "homeboy."

>> No.11538482
File: 73 KB, 200x200, timthumb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this faggot pretending he knows music

>> No.11538487

Del the Fucking Homosexual.

>> No.11538505
File: 112 KB, 675x698, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So does that mean you dont like Hieroglyfics? And MF Doom is bad because he was featured in some adult swim cartoons.

You're kind of a faggot, anon.

This guy is pretty okay though: http://youtu.be/-7m931YcyBg

>> No.11538529

This thread is going to hit 300 posts. The new /b/ indeed

>> No.11538534 [DELETED] 

weaponized /a/ plz

>> No.11538537 [DELETED] 

More like normalized /jp/ amirite

Hip hop.... ffs

>> No.11538542 [DELETED] 

real /jp/sie hip hop nigga

>> No.11538550 [DELETED] 
File: 375 KB, 1024x768, 05630bfbb247b339ed4001792633b285085bbd89.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sages add to postcount now? what?

>> No.11538564

moot has a vendetta against all of you. He killed !bar to send you all a message, but you all neger listened.

>> No.11538569
File: 261 KB, 1000x1000, 1367538931674.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11542814

Do you have the Remi one?

>> No.11542919

I want to lick Patchy's feet and make her my wife!

>> No.11545854
File: 252 KB, 971x735, patchy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11545877

How do I get started with hip hop music?

>> No.11545883


>> No.11545988

gee i love hip hop

>> No.11545992

rap is best genre!

>> No.11545994

black people music so nice i listen to it every minute

>> No.11545996

/mu/ is good p;lace for teh rapz0rs a lot of the people in this thread are regulars there so they agree :)

>> No.11546001

just wanted to say ive been on jp for a few months and so far this thread is the best Rap Music general ever!

>> No.11546005

october 20 2013 4:53
listening to: eminem

>> No.11546009

patchey = black people music
satori = black metal/alt rock

remember for next daily dose threads :)

>> No.11546013

nothing better than sitting back with your waifu after getting home from a con and listening to MF doom while waiting for mom to finish macaroni and cheese \m/>_<\m/

>> No.11546015

>tfw dont care about touho and only came here from /mu

>> No.11546018

just brewed some mochi tea

>> No.11546020
File: 29 KB, 500x500, 1290310168253.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are you me?

>> No.11546025

thank u bros

>> No.11548060

If your favorite 2hu was a rapper, who would she be?

We already know that Patchy is Tupatch Shakouli.

I suggest Alice for Notorious A LI CE

>> No.11549626

Yuugi is Action Bronson

>> No.11550234
File: 222 KB, 366x500, 5068f8a3c6c02acc4cf6923efabd1247.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think about you when I masturbate
You can't even believe it but that's OK
On the microphone I fascinate
When I let my 3rd eye exaggerate
Freaky visions, I tell you what I see
Cold concrete scattered with dry leaves
You naked lying on the pavement
People are standing round with Lanny shoes
You can hardly move, you look sexy
All of a sudden, the streets are empty
You stand up, open your eye-lids
You in a trench coat, it's french, you look stylish
You walk in the silence, not sure what the time is
It's totally twilight, the sky is violet
An abandoned house, look ahead you see
Some open the door, yes it's me
With the meanest penis you ever seen
You on your period, with no tampon
You kneel down and get with the vibe
Your period blood has crystallized
You offer me the red crystal, it's ill
Grab hold of the mic tight, tonight's the night
The vibe is live, pump up the base
I got tentacles coming out my face
I rise into the air cut myself open
Warm blood pours down all round
I speak from the deep cut in between my thighs
You covered in blood rubbing your boobs, feeling nice
Rubbing your boobs, feeling nice
Rubbing your boobs, feeling nice
Rubbing your boobs, feeling nice
She's covered in blood rubbing your boobs, feeling nice

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