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moot is ZUN's BFF now

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Is that /jp/?

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ZUN looks tired as fuck.

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Who's the cutie with the glasses next to. ZUN?

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Is that Mrs.ZUN on the left?

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It's shut you nooblord.

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It's coda who has been a mod on 4chan since day one

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Calling them best friends is a pretty bold assumption.

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Lel, I meant shut, not coda of course

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coda hasn't been a mod for years. That's clearly Censored Vagina.

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Someone post the screencap of what moot said about Touhou when /jp/ was created.

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>This is for general Japanese things/images and discussion. This [unfortunately] includes figurines, visual novels, Touhou, etc.
Moot has no right to hang out with ZUN when all he ever did was talk shit about his creation because of his normie goon pride.

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>le moot's face when NTRing tohoshits

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moot is a Jew

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>Assembled a roundtable to discuss important issues such as "wich 2D is our waifu," and "whose waifu a shit?"

Good thing I don't live in America, otherwise I would have killed moot already. I feel bad for ZUN that has to bear that annoying fucker.

Just imagine:
You're ZUN, going to a random comiket, everything is going nice, your fans give you your beer, you greet everyone. When suddenly a filthy yankee comes out, smelling like acid butter with his ugly faces and sticking with you just because you're famous, he doesn't even care, he just wants to annoy you, but you can't do nothing but smile because that fucker is pretty important and you know respect anyway.

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moot is really cute! It's nice imagining him and ZUN being friends talking about their silly adventures from earlier that day.

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You wish you were American bud.

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He had to deal with hundreds of people who wanted to touch him and make a commemorative photo of the act. Of course he's tired.

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They can't understand each other.

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I know, that's why I said imagine.

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Better yet, someone show that screencap to ZUN. He needs to know.

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>Moot has no right to hang out with ZUN when all he ever did was talk shit about his creation because of his normie goon pride.
moot is no normalfag

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can moot speak japanese?

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He's normal as fuck and has been for the past 5 years. He sold out.

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He is in a different time zone now, that may explain it.

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Hey moot

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Yeah I'm not surprised... I just doubt he is really enjoying his time.

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Nope not a word. When moot and ZUN communicate, they need a translator with them.

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Are you kidding? Yes he is. And in fact he always was a normie. All the weird shit he did was just to be oh-so-ironic and wacky. He is and always has been a goon at heart.

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It's only a 13 hour difference.

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This. He was always annoying normalscum. Its just now he is more money conscious than he used to be.

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can you elaborate on the ``goon'' terminology? An SA goon from 2003 is like a polar opposite to what it means now. Basically, even though Lowtax still runs SA, it's ruled by Social Justice Warriors and normalfags of the highest caliber. So saying moot is a goon could mean two things.

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He's almost certainly enjoying himself. This is a zany foreign adventure. Nicovideo comments are frequently obnoxious and retarded too, but if you can't read them you don't care.

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should I go back to AWA for moots panel or stay home and play video games?

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Go for some /jp/ representin'.

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Whoa he got kind of fat

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go to the panel bro

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You should go back for the 2nd and 3rd ZUN panel

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Do you want to sit through an hour of moot getting his dick struck and questions like "How did you come up with this meme?"

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SA always had asshole normies. It's just gotten more extreme. Moot is not as bad as the modern goon, but he is as bad as the assholes of old.

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The ``Israelites of 4chan'' one?

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Moot had to make 4chan because he was too normal for the ironic, not really ironic normals at SA.

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tell him to bring back visible sage

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The fuck is happening with 4chan. The font is different and the greentext seems broken.

Not to mention the image expansion seems fucked.
Is my extension broken or something? Is anyone else getting this?

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Moot made 4chan because he wanted to be an internet celeb. He forced it hard and did a lot of advertising. And when people didn't bring in their friends like he asked he would throw bitchfits and point fingers blaming everyone for his website's failure.

Just like now he insists the "lack of oc" is the cause of everything bad (all the while training staff to snuff out and eliminate oc)

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moot fails at closing tags in his announcement text. This happens pretty much every second or third announcement he makes.

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He's been to hell and back, somehow surviving the rabid autistic swarms of obese asshats dressed as his daughters. Drinking deeply ZUN, you deserve it.

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/jp/, it's about time you accepted that ZUN is having fun. He's enjoying hanging out with the fans and having a great time. He's a normal, just like moot, and the sooner you get over this, the better.

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He complained about "lack of OC" in like 2005. He would make threads and sticky them telling people to make new OC and not just use old pre-meme memes.

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I think you are mistaken tired for seething rage and being increasingly angry being surrounded with filthy gaijins who are unfit to play ZUNs games.

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Fuck off normal.
Get out of here.

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he's sick of the secondaries

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I get manic when there's about to be a big even like this
This is what I've survived for this month. Haha...

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If I was ZUN I would be very disappointed. I would expect large breasted blonde women offering me beer and blow jobs non stop, not black guys and girls that look like they were hit in the face with a shovel trying to touch me non stop.

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Wasn't there supposed to be some event about playing ZUN's FPS while he watches you and makes snarky comments? What happened to that?

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Made me lol, thanks

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Please stop using that word. It's what normals say.

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Most words that people use are also used by normals.

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That sounds like something a normal would say.

Better get geared up kid cause you are on a one way trip to NORMANDY.

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r u literally being legit with me right now u sketchy creeper?

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ZUN actually said he was having a really fun time because he was allowed to drink beer during panels, interviews, and signings while he isn't allowed to do that in Japan.

He said the only thing he was saddened about was that we weren't drinking too.

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>Better get geared up kid cause you are on a one way trip to NORMANDY

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I was going to say that, then I didn't because I thought it would make me sound normal. I'm glad I didn't do it.

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is he dead yet

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Emoticons suffice plenty. No need for images.

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But the image field is so much more expressive.

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So did anyone hire a local black guy to assassinate Mootles or even possibly ZUN?

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Please do this, at least for /jp/. It just doesn't feel right without it here.

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I always thought a hitman was more of a white man's job.

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But black guys are cheaper.

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Moot is always surrounded by an entourage. Some of them are actually bodyguards disguised as cocksucking dorks. You didn't really expect him to go around in public with 4chan people without protection did you?

The minute you brandish a women is the same minute you get triple tazed. By the way I heard his guards usually dress in darker colors.

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But clearly they don't work very well.

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*brandish a weapon
damn it

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That's how it goes. Bringing back the old days, baby.

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Actually Zun is ridiculously stressed out and having a bit of culture shock. He isn't having a terrible time but he is very not used to the way American conventions work (read:screaming morons all day and night)

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That panel was shit. You couldn't hear anything the translator was saying and only one person got to play

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Sounds like he said he's having fun getting free drinks, not the actual con festivities.

>> No.11465823

Even someone as bitter as you might be able to enjoy a convention if drunk.

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I'd let those freaks do whatever they wanted for 4 days of unlimited free beer.

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WHO /jp/ HERE?

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