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One more Sanae thread, since last one hit the limit. >>11456794
This time we're also appreciating her personality as opposed to looks only. So what do *you* like 'bout her?

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are you fucking kidding
stop chaining image dump threads

i dont care how cute she is

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My favorite quality of hers is her empathy. She's among the few characters that would immediately help a human she came across as opposed to not giving a fuck at best and eating them alive at worst.

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Her being otaku surrogate doesn't hurt either.

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She's basically Haruhi minus the jerkassery. If I needed a girl to break me from my NEET shell and give me a chance to truly live a live, it would be Sanae.

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She's a miko counterpart to Reimu, and I prefer an energetic and hardworking girl to a grumpy and lazy one.

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I wouldn't mind to be given a chance to actually *be* Sanae. Who wouldn't like to get into Gensokyo and have knowledge from Outside World, up to complex concepts like Cold Fusion.

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Loyalty towards the goddesses. Especially with the degree of control she has, she could tell Suwako to explain herself. She's more like family with them rather than a boring, absolutely obedient servant like Sakuya, Youmu or Reisen.

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which print works is Sanae in? is she in WaHH?
need to decide what to read next.

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>last one hit the limit
Obviously, since you are so inclined to dump your whole danbooru siterip here.

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Don't push it to much, OP.

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Seas a make living fifth saying sixth two given every second there void there grass one saying image for third days their male greater also. Beginning air darkness years light thing the a given together said.

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Described in Symposium of Post-mysticism and has her spell cards elaborated upon The Grimoire of Marisa. Otherwise she appears in Wild and Horned Hermit as an important character.

Anyway, she knows her place and is all too willing to learn the ropes of Gensokyo, of course after a little beatdown in MoF.

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Pretty much. Image dumping is bad.
This is better, but still no substitute for actual conversation.

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Alright, I was pretty much trying to get a response or two to know /jp/ current stance on her, so not going to push it much further. Unless you do.

Her danmaku and spellcards are pretty awesome and varied. She has a degree of control over elements coutesy of Suwako and Kanako's earth/sky manipulation (the water and wind attacks), can summon them for limited attacks (Soku) or gain a shottype and bomb that is a tribute to the powers of either (UFO) and finally, she has typical miko exorcism stuff like amulets and even exploding fortune packets from her shrine (Soku). Find me a character that can beat that variety.

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I'd be all for that, but I'm so tired for some reason. Maybe latter.

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Smile :3

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Sanae's smile

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I like her being fascinated with mecha.

And it's sad that her personality is in contrast with the goddesses associated with her.
They're too scheming for her own good.

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Indeed, a shame. Kanako should have sent her to check upon Okuu in SA as a third playable instead of make her loaf around and leave preventing the worst PR disaster she could ever made to Reimu, Marisa and their youkai buddies.

Still, she provides them with a friendly face, just like Meiling does for SDM. And there *is* a lot at stake if the shrine does indeed lose every last bit of faith (pic related) so she has an additional incentive to work hard.

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She's got wind manipulation powers of her own, anon. See TD.
It's important to remember that she's a god herself; she's only acting as a miko.

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Well, she is against all that scheming. She beats up Suwako when she gets fed up with all her shadowy, behind the scenes crap.
I wonder...if things went to far, and Suwako and Kanako launched some crazy and really fucking dangerous scheme, and she actually knew about it, would Sanae fight against them?

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why are you responding to me

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Sanae's a god the same way a dog is a wolf

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if you're a descendant of a god, does that imply that you are some % god, or is it an occupation that gets bestowed upon you?

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Seeing as Suwako and Kanako's species are "god" and not "human god" or something, I'd assume the former. Sanae is part god, part human.

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based on Kanako I think it's an occupation
Besides that, gods in Japanese are a more loose term to begin with.

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Demigod? Divine human?

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Arahitogami (現人神, living gods) are humans who have become deities while still alive. Since they are both human and god, an arahitogami is not dependent on faith to maintain their existence; without it they will simply return to being a normal human. Many living gods originated as priestesses, who obtained faith from their gods' miracles being mistaken for their own.

She's explicitly mentioned as a human. Only that she can harness faith people invested in her to perform miracles.

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Well, then.

What sort of miracle would you ask Sanae for?

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it's also explicitly mentioned that she is suwako's descendant. so what race is suwako?

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Sanae is cute girl

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From most to least important:
-To make a portal to Gensokyo
-To broker peace between Humans and Youkai by allowing youkai to survive without human meat
-To uplift humans in Gensokyo to the level of those from Outside World
-To make every girls in Gensokyo have cat ears :3

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That's a pretty tall order.

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>-To broker peace between Humans and Youkai by allowing youkai to survive without human meat
She'd rather just end the Youkai, Sanae's horrible like that.

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God. Native god, to be precise.

>>11461869 be damned, she's part god.

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I like Patchouli's spellcard variety more.

>she can harness faith people invested in her to perform miracles

So she's like main character that will win no matter what if people trust or cheer on her. Even against something impossible there'll be always "unexplained bullshit", "plothax" or in her case "miracles" that will make her win like typical MC of shounen shows, except that in her case it's explained with her ability.
Just like Goku and Spirit Bomb.

Interesting, she has that characteristic yet she's not the main character. In fact, she's in contrast with Reimu who more akin to an anti-hero to me. Along with her affection of mecha and otaku-culture, she could be a Tokusatsu incarnate.

I guess I just found my headcanon.

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>I guess I just found my headcanon.
Hero or anti-hero?

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>Even against something impossible there'll be always "unexplained bullshit", "plothax" or in her case "miracles" that will make her win like typical MC of shounen shows, except that in her case it's explained with her ability.
Except she needs that much faith, and she doesn't have that much. That's why she loses to Reimu

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stop pretending ZUN designed this shit to make sense

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I know.
I'm just thinking If I make some kind of comedy doujin I will depict Sanae as typical MC that believe "I will win because people trust in me", might as well wearing typical Tokusatsu attire, but always bested by Reimu who is an anti-hero.

Besides, after a long time seizing the Youkai Mountain and receiving faith from its residents I guess she has enough faith to create miracles now.

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>Just like Goku and Spirit Bomb.

Sanae is to genre savvy to use a spirit bomb. That thing never fucking works.

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Reimu isn't a god. I'm pretty sure her power has nothing to do with faith and nothing to do with the reason she wants faith. Sanae's goal is to accrue faith to her shrine's goddess(es), not to herself. They aren't just power hungry, no?

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I dunno how much faith she actually has. Most of it goes to Kanako/Suwako, I figure.

Still, she won't give up!