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**this pic is just a teaser, not exposing shit - will it be deleted anyway?**

happy fappin' and keep this rare thread alive

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Reisen - It's not what it looks like!

Eirin - Yes it is, hu hu hu...

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>will it be deleted anyway?
depends on the level of mod/janitor faggotry

some days threads like this go unmolested
some days they result in permban

hell, sometimes posts like THIS result in permban

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Whoever deletes it is one of those faggots that hates females.

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Why are they naked?

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in before b&

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Go back to bed, Shirou.

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Were's Tewi? I want my work-safe porn of her.

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hi newfag
they don't expose nipples or other private parts of their body, what the fuck didn't you just understand?

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marked because you asked for it

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They remind me of Sakura and Rider somehow in this pic.

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Go show them to your boss and come back telling us he approves of you watching that at work.

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Why would you browse 4chan at work anyway, asshat?

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I don't, I don't care about people posting non worksafe stuff, but don't be a hypocrit and call it worksafe.

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Who on /jp/ actually has a job?

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Da dum.

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Rare thread? We have at least 3 of these threads nightly, and these pictures are millionth-time reposts

Enjoy your unoriginality.

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Because your job is to find CP and report it to the feds?

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3 nightly.. im the one posting them all :)

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Shlicked well, came danm-... WTF, broccoli?

Silly Eirin, it's supposed to be a leek. And you call yourself a doctor?

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pssst, look closer, its a carrot.

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Why... you're right, that is a carrot.
Although still not a leek.

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Don't act surprised, /jp/. This IS Touhou we're talking about.

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ghost blowjob

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