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S with Y!

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S? What's S? Sadism? Socks?

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Soft with Youmu.

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Smiling with Youmu!

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Shabbat with Youmu?

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Soft silky socks!

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I'm not very soft though.

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This makes me happy

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It would be interesting to have her take them off and then give one to me to put on my dick while she gives me a footjob.

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Sange with Yasha?

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I forgot "smelly".

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Smile smile!

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Youmu is a hunter!

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Snuggling with Youmu?

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sex with Yuyuko

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She's a hardcore, candystore, gimme-some-more GIRL!

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No. "Staring".

...At them feet.

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Her skin would have to be extremely hard to move at her speeds without vaporizing

Constant swordplay means her hands are rough and callused

Playing Danmaku leaves room for constant injury. She likely has scabs, scars, and bruises all over.

Her vagina is beat up and worn due to slutty and lewd behavior.

Youmu isn't the softest. I doubt she was ever soft at all.

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Staring at them feet with Youmu.

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But I hope she starts to enjoy it more.

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Still-embarrassed-at-having-her-feet-stared-at with Youmu.

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Sick with Youmu.

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I'll nurse her back to health!

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Breakfast with Youmu

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Sneezing with Yamame!

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Undressing with Yamame!

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Heh heh! BIG PENIS! Why is she on an aeroplane?

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So she basically have skin made out of some kind of biological ectoplasmic ceramic. Since she moves at very high speed it must be smooth to ensure optimal air penetration and would be made smooth by the very high friction anyway. Such a skin ensure that puny swordplay wouldn't hurt her hands and combats are very unlikely to harm her and given the amount of stress the skin must endure only to move fast it must surely heal almost perfectly in no time. As for her lewd behavior you are just jealous and lying and on a side note you can't deny you'd deep kiss a horny youmu especially with a cummy breath knowing how gay /jp/ is. She is basically a bulletproof porcelain skinned doll.

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Sleeping with the Yakumos!

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This has been happening to me far too often lately.

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Those pubes...

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Yes, spreading.

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I love her feet. Patchy's too.

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What are you trying to say?

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What a ***k.

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More feet.

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ear-cleaning with myon!

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So what you are saying is...
She is not soft.

Thank you for spending all that time agreeing with me.

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We all know she's a hardbody, this isn't news.

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I want to dirty her ears with my dick.

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Soft days
Soft nights

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Youmu's a hardbody?

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I wanna fuck Myon and make Youmu watch

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A soft day's night?

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Best taste.

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I want to ghost creampie Youmu so bad

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Youmu is.. a girl?!

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Smooth porcelaine-like skin isn't soft. Okay.

I think you definitely can ask for some autismbux, son.

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So studies show, but you should trust anyone but yourself.

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Y with S!

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Youmu with sperm? In her womb?

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>youmu with a burgeoning himecut

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Shaping with Youmu!

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Winning a bodybuilding competition with Youmu!

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Youmu has abs!

But seriously though I want to rub my schlong all over that abs.

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>Mah nigga

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I'd rub my dong all over her spinal depression.

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I want to cum inside her!

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Youmu has nice armpits too...

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Youmu has nice everything.

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>At last I came

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How suspicious. Under what circumstances did she come?

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I fucking love socks

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To the thought of a fugging a sexy man like me.

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I think she had sex with a black man behind her lover's back.

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>yfw youmu bears a black NTR baby

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It's time for Youmu to let her rip!

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>ctrl + F

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Is Youmu a shinki?

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>Busou Shinki Type Dork

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Now this is just shameful.

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This outfit is probably close to AC 100 and provides an additional flat (get it?) +10 dodge armor class. Nothing shameful to see here.

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This guy gets it.

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We all get it.

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I wanna fuck Youmu and make Myon watch

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Is he peeing inside the ghost?

>> No.11447005

I'd pretend that it's Myon that's the one in charge, looking into it and talking to it instead of Youmu all the time.

>> No.11447013

I'd pee into Myon. I wonder what it would feel like for Youmu...

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Yomu is a boy. You're gays, guys.

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Sange and Yasha?

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Get out.

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Don't care. If it makes my dick hard as a rock then you can bet I'm going to be fapping to it!

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As I release inside Youmu I want to passionately kiss Myon.

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Then I'll do the reverse. What a great torture!

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ewhat the fuck is that, a ball sack?

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Give this guy a medal

>> No.11447202

Get this guy >>>/out/

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I want to rub Youmu's cute brown feet

>> No.11447749

Youmu! Put some clothes on!

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Why *shouldn't* she be on an aeroplane, huh mister? You got somethin' against spiders on aeroplanes?!

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Yes, spiders won't join the mile high club with me. Only the bucket stewardess will.

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Yuyuko won't let her.

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Nor should she ever. It's heresy to hide a body like that.

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Heresy? Nonsense, though seeing such a cute body is plenty nice.
She really doesn't like it, though.

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What if Yuyuko made Youmu be butt naked for 3 whole days?

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That would be horrible for her. I doubt Yuyuko would do that though.

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I want to smell Youmu's feet.

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maybe she would

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Probably not. She's a jerk sometimes, but not that cruel.

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I want Yuyuko to jerk me, if you know what I mean.
Youmu would be fine too.

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For some reason Youmu threads always make me smile, your love for her is charming /jp/.

>> No.11450921

How a girl's feet smell is none of your business!

>> No.11451172

But what if I make it my business? I want to bask in Youmu's foot odor.

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I really want to have S with Y

>> No.11451200

Strawberries with Youmu?!

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Aren't humans basically gensokyo's niggers ? Reimu being the local 2PAC ?

>> No.11451262


I didn't know /jp/ was pathetic enough to be into cuckolding and neotare. Especially with niggers. Seriously. Only scums like the french or the californian do that.

>> No.11451353

S with Y means Sex with Youmu, you fucking retards. Not stawberries with Youmu, not shaping with Youmu, not sperm with Youmu. SEX WITH YOUMU!

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Why would you have sex with a boy?

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There's just something wrong with some people.

>> No.11451373

I wouldn't. I'm not a queer!

I'm just telling you guys what S with Y means!

>> No.11451375


Who would think of something that disturbing? Don't be silly.

>> No.11451386

>I'm not a queer!
You're the only one in this thread that thought of having sex with Youmu.

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Bondage does not come up often enough in these threads.

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Youmu is such a pervert.

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This Youmu is just absurd. Perversion does not suit Youmu at all.

>> No.11451438

Bitch please, she always has a giant floating sperm around her.

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It's not a sperm, it's a ghost. It doesn't even really look like a sperm. Come on.

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Her feet smell like strawberries

>> No.11451516

I want to smell them

I want to know what she's listening to

>> No.11451532

>I want to know what she's listening to
"Which touhou would you fuck?"

>> No.11451541

wow japanese is a really "decompressed" language

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>> No.11451571

She's not listening to anything, those are her thoughts.

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i need a weeb

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>> No.11451680

You can see sage again?
Since when?

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it's just a placebo

>> No.11451713

I don't see anything. Maybe it's just you. Can you see mine right now?

>> No.11451769

Can't see yours.
Can see these two, though.

I'm not the guy you were responding to, by the way.

>> No.11451946

Get on our level scrub

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Sage is the new upvote.

>> No.11451953

do you think youmu would like sitting in my basement, smoking some green, and listening to DMX with me?

>> No.11451958

I'd like to

>> No.11451975

wait can you really not see sage anymore?

now if some new guy comes to /jp/ he won't get it and think we bump threads all the time this is bad

>> No.11452030


yup, sage is invisible. this post is a sage.

if it shows up blue it's actually bumping through some fuckery (think of it as a protest against the change)

>> No.11452036

I don't think /sb/ is going to be up for a while. He's probably waiting until people stop complaining about sage. Then the only people who will be complaining about it will be us, and we are a minority.

>> No.11452039

i think /sb/ is just going to be an easier-to-ignore version of emailing moot

>> No.11452042

postan youmou in a youmu thread

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err, forgot mah youmu

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one more

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>> No.11452072


Sangue & Yasha?

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Rape with Youmu!

>> No.11452267

Youmu has cute sleeves.
I wish I was as cute as her.

>> No.11452282


>> No.11452286

It's not rape if you do it to yourself.

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Cutest Half Ghost

>> No.11455720

Youmu is a traditional Japanese woman!

>> No.11455730
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Looks kinda Corean to me with that under boob waistband.

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Guys, I need to know exactly how soft Youmu is.

>> No.11455739

0 Mohs

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File: 432 KB, 800x1117, 3d9ce61238326bc3aaff7ce90cff4391.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But that's a scale used to measure hardness.
We need one used to measure softness.

And besides, Youmu isn't a kind of ore.

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Youmu is a mineral made of crystallized softness.

>> No.11461980

Does Youmu's skin get red when she gets embarrassed?